Window Covers – Energize Your Home

Window shutters can be made to match both custom and fashionable interior decor. It can be fixed in any room. Window covers provide effective and sufficient insulation. It blocks the harmful ultra violet rays entering the house. It can control the bright sunlight that comes inside the house. Windows look pleasant with window covers.

During Queen Elizabeth times window shutters were used to close the lower portion of the window. It was made with solid boards. It allows fresh air and light into the room. When not in use it was folded and kept as decorative wall panels. Late in 19th century it was used as a decorative piece.

Window covers add value to the house with their timeless stylishness. These shutters were always in trend. When planning to redo the interior of the house, it is worth to upgrade the windows with plantation shutters. These shutters give an exclusive look for the house and add up its artistic appearance.

It is a real challenge for the interior decorators to use these shutters to dress sliding glass doors. They are ideal for homes with kids and pets. It is more durable and gives a perfect look for the house in place of French doors.

Plantation shutters that provide endless utility are available in wood and in vinyl. These shutters are available in different price range to suit the customers' need. Vinyl shutters are less expensive and it can be made to look like wood shutters. It comes in different design, size and color to suit different needs. Customized window shutters of your own design, color and louver size can be made to blend your interior decoration. Shutters can be made in unique shapes like angles and arches to give an elite look. Window shutters can be installed either by you or by the supplier.

While ordering for customized plantation shutters insure on the following points:
o Quality premium finish
o Use quality wood like Red Alder
o Color to blend with your interior decor
o Use water reducible polish and acrylic latex for vibrant colors and stain finish.

Synthetic shutters are also available. The maintenance of this shutter is easy and it is highly durable and lightweight. Synthetic shutters are best for using in kitchen and bathrooms, as it is non-toxic, water resistant and fire retardant. Synthetic shutters can be given wood finish to synch with the traditional interior decor. Synthetic shutters are gaining popularity due to the above advantages.