Tips on Decorating a Cabin Home

Rustic, cozy, and welcoming are words that are commonly used to describe cabin-style homes. However, for those who are more accustomed to city dwelling or more contemporary styles, decorating a cabin home can present some design challenges. After all, one does not want the decor pieces chosen to be a mismatch to the bare bones of the home.


In a cabin home, you can never go wrong with earth tones and colors taken from nature. Deep greens, rich browns, and dark reds are always good colors for a cabin home. While you can have splashes of bright or pastel colors, a cabin looks best when the main decor colors used are best to communicate the rustic, natural pace of life that occurs when you are at the cabin. However, use caution with browns. With all of the natural wood, using too much brown in decor pieces and furniture will give your cabin home an uninspiring appearance.

Decor Pieces

Cabin style lends itself to decor pieces that are whimsical and unusual. This is where you can display antlers, oil lamps, and antiques. For artwork, you will want to choose things that focus on the the natural world. Landscapes and still life paintings that feature natural views and objects like pine cones, acorns, or woodland animals are perfect choices for the cabin. You may also want to add in conversation pieces. Something like a national parks map with all the locations which you have visited marked can be an interesting display. Make your cabin your own by accenting the decor with found items like a collection of glass bottles, oil lamps, pine cones, or some other interesting objects.


Natural and comfortable are two words that should describe furniture pieces in a cabin home. This is not the place where you can have modern furniture, nor do you want to use ornate pieces. Cabin furniture should feature lots of natural wood and simple lines. These pieces should invite you to relax, be yourself, and enjoy life. This is the place where you can put practical, simple furnishings on which you can actually put your feet.

Sofas should be simple as well, but overstuffed ones can work too. Typically, choosing furnishings in plaids and neutral solids will work. Bedding also benefits from simple patterns and lines and earth tone colors.

Take Advantage of the View

If your cabin home has a spectacular view, don’t obscure it with mini-blinds. Replace blinds with curtains that can be pulled back to check out what is going on outdoors. Alternatively, shades that can be raised and lowered will give privacy when you need it without blocking natural light when they are raised.

Don’t Go Too Masculine

With all of the earth tones and exposed wood, it’s easy to go overboard and have the house be too masculine. Be sure to soften the appearance of your cabin home by adding a few softer touches. A nubby rug, a cozy throw, and some soft sheers at the window can provide some much needed contrast to the masculine touches in a cabin home.