The menace of termites

Termites are a famous class in the category of pests. Not only do they damage the crops or any wooden object, but also cause a colossal damage of property worth of a huge money. Generally thriving in dark and damp conditions, once beginning to infest, they can multiply rapidly and continue the menace. However, now the solution for this lies at your doorstep only in the form of the products of TreeBark. The article discusses further on the same and details about the best of the methods to get rid of termites all at once.

More about TreeBark

TreeBark is a South American product that works in a natural way and kills all of the termites and their dwellings at once. It also prevents their re-growth in the near future and hence is an effective tool in managing the pest infestation once and for all. It contains a compound found in the barks of the Ryania Speciosa tree found in South America that is the chief action agent of the product and works in a target-specific manner such that the other nearby surroundings do not get affected by it. This is a long lasting and effective product to keep termites off for a longer duration.

How do TreeBark works?

TreeBark has the specific ability to surpass the senses of the termites. Since the termites cannot identify the same, they get attracted towards it, ingest it and then secrete it inside of their digestive tracts. Within hours, their mouths get paralyzed and they lose the ability to have any organic matter. This soon spreads throughout the colony, becoming highly lethargic for the entire colony and eventually leading to the wiping of the entire dwelling. In the mean process, it does not affect the other harmless creatures.

Advantages of the product

TreeBark has the following advantages in its applications: –

  • It is pathogen-specific in action and attacks only the target species. Hence it is a greener solution to the pest infestation.
  • It does not harm the humans and other animals during the application process and is hence very safe to use.
  • This is readily available in the markets at cheaper prices and is hence affordable by a major chunk of people.
  • The product is very long lasting and has a long term duration of staying potent enough to control the pests.

Other services

Some of the major services of the brand include the following: –

  • The residential termite control to deal with any form of termite issues in the residential complexes. This further ensures the safety of the nearby people and does not have derogatory effects over them.
  • Commercial pest management for commercial buildings in order to keep the furniture durable for long durations.

The product has gained a lot of positive reviews from the users and hence is gaining the popularity. It is also available online, just click on and the further details can be obtained from the official website of the brand.