The Best Places to Find Frameless Glass Fittings

Frameless glass fittings and fixtures are becoming increasingly popular in office spaces, homes and shops. The versatility and design potential of these unique fittings make them a visually stunning addition to any room and interior or exterior of a building. Whether you want glass room dividers, doors, balustrades or canopies; you want to ensure that your glass is durable and beautifully designed to fit in with your current design aesthetic. As a result, it helps to find glass fittings from reputable companies. Consequently, there are a few things to bear in mind when searching for the best places to find frameless glass fixtures and achieve a superior result.

Commercial and Domestic – Whether you want a small glass door or a large scale glass staircase, it helps to find frameless glass specialists that have experience working with similar projects. Look for architectural glass experts that have worked on both commercial and domestic applications to ensure your receive a high quality fitting that is suited to your industry or building.

Bespoke Service – When it comes to frameless glass designs, everyone has a slightly different idea of what they want to achieve from their ultra modern and functional fittings. As a result, it helps to use a bespoke architectural metal and glass specialist that can tailor a project to meet your exact requirements and take on board your personal aesthetic visions.

CAD Drawings – When you are in the planning stages of creating a visually stunning and modern glass fitting, it can be hard to visualise the end result until it is completed and by that time it may not be exactly what you envisaged. Look for a company that offers CAD drawings to give you an insight into the finished product before production has even begun and give you a chance to change the aspects that you are not entirely happy with.