Suggestions for Golf Themed Wedding Favors

In the recent years, more and more people are into personalizing almost everything. From small personal items to big social events, almost everything is being customized according to one’s style or interest. Weddings are a great example of this. Apart from the traditional weddings, there are many wedding themes that reflect the couple’s personality, styles and interests.

For people who seem to be married to golf first, before even meeting their spouse, golf plays an integral part of their lives. Also, especially for couples who met each other on golf tourneys or have gotten to know each other better by playing the sport, golf then becomes so dear to them that the wedding becomes a golf themed wedding.

In every detail of the wedding, this can be mostly seen and felt through the images, activities and other things that reflect golf. In the wedding favors, you can incorporate golf themes as well by choosing the following favor suggestions:

– Golf Pen & Envelope Opener Set – As golf players are generally businessmen or affluent people, this practical favor will truly be useful everyday.

– Personalized Golf Towel – By giving this classic and favorite favor a unique twist, personalized towels will surely be appreciated.

– Golf Bag Wedding Favor Key Chain – Nothing says ‘I love golf!’ more than a golf bag shaped key chain.

– Chocolate Golf Bag – A truly delectable treat for people who breathe, sleep, and well, literally, eat golf.

– Golf Cookie Wedding Favors – Another great and more affordable yummy treat for your special guests.

– Golf Luggage Tag – Golf enthusiasts are also travel enthusiasts. This luggage tag is fit for your guests who will indeed travel to places.

– Golf Ball Wine Stopper – It’s not everyday you get to use a wine stopper that is shaped like a golf ball. This unique practical gift will truly impress your discerning guests.

– Personalized Golf Balls – With your wedding details printed on the ball, these personalized item makes for a great decor.

– Golf Ball Candles – It’s golf everywhere and even candles are uniquely shaped as golf balls.

Personalizing a wedding is not just trendy, but it shows that you are willing to share your personal moments with your guests as well. Golf themed favors are available in local bridal stores and on online favors stores. When purchasing, it is important that you come up with a list of the people you will be giving favors to, whether all guests, couples or families, so you get to order just the exact quantity, but order a few extras for those unexpected guests as well.

A golf themed wedding is fun, unique and truly enjoyable especially if most guests are golf enthusiasts as well. What is important is that you get to express your style and share your love for the sport with special people in your lives as well.