Personalized House Signs – A Great Addition For Your Exterior Decor!

Need to add an extra little touch to that place of residence? One answer….house signs! It is like the cherry on a cake and is a great addition to your lawn and/or garden decor (right beside that cute, little hummingbird feeder).

These days people are becoming more conscious about the look and feel of the interiors and exteriors of their homes. One method that’s becoming increasingly popular is through the use of personalized house signage. Custom made home signs are usually designed to contain at least the last name (surname) along with a meaningful graphic and in many cases a civic number. Computer technology has made it possible for sign makers to design to a clients specific needs which means that adding an actual photograph is easily integrated into the design. For example, some may want to include a photo of their pet, or some other important item that has specific value or interest which helps for further customization. It makes the sign …”You”.

When shopping for a house sign always look for a product made of a high density, weather proof PVC plastic material which is made especially for outdoor use. The advantage of course is the durability factor against all types of weather conditions to avoid splitting or cracking that wooden signs tend to be subject to. Carved or painted signs are a good option but I would recommend a printed image adhered to a sign backing. The reason being that usually if a detail such as a civic number needs to be changed a year or two down the road a print is much easier and cheaper to replace (just unstick the previous and stick another one on). Another reason is that the print allows for greater customization.

Printing is usually done on a special water proof, vinyl material that stands up for years against sun fade and weathering. A special lamination is also applied to give added protection.

House signs are also great gift ideas for those people who have everything else!