Little Bit About Grass in the Garden

We are all happy that the spring is almost here. A bit of winter is still with us but we are more likely to think about warm, sunny days and green grass in our garden. But what do we know about the grass – do we know how to take care of it to make it look stunning? Let's find out.

The most important are beginnings. There are two times when it is good to start the grass growing – one is between April and May, and the second one is between August and September. Before we seed the grass we should prepare the soil. Most when the soil is with good pH and with enough of deceay we can just dig it over and this will do.

Next thing is to choose seeds. It is worth to pay a bit of attention and time to think this matter trough – what will be the best type needed for us. The choice depends on the purpose that we have for our grassed yard. If we have children and animals the grass might be in worse condition this case we should choose a sport type of grass, if we only want the grass to look good we can decide on the park one mixture.

And not without a meaning there is a way of sowing. Popular method is to sow on the cross – first we split seeds on two parts and than we sow one part in one direction, till the end of the field and another part in different direction, crossed to the first one. After sowing we have to cover seed with soil. We can make using in example rake. In the end we water the soil checking if the flow is not to intense.

If we already have seeds sowed important is a good care. The biggest problem for all gardeners is the cutting part. There can be a lot to say on this subject. We have to have good methods, tools and spend a lot of time. The best time for cutting is in the morning and in the evening and using electrical lawn-mower and smaller, hand one that can be used in harder to get places.

First cutting should be when the grass is about 6-10 centimetres and not making it too short – the correct length should be about 4 cm. The next problem is how often the grass should be cut. It is commonly said that we should do it once a week. If we do it fewer there is a possibility that pests will appear. And we should not cut the grass when it is wet – there is a more chance to make plants sick. …

Shower Curtains Vs Shower Doors

The benefits and disadvantages of shower curtains or doors go beyond their outward appearance. While they contribute greatly to the overall look of your bathroom, they will also have an effect on the function. Some of the factors to take into consideration are your personal maintenance preferences, budget, and long term plans.

Shower curtains are affordable and easy to replace. They are available at almost all department stores and many other places. They come in a vast array of colors, textures, and styles. If you are looking to change the theme of your bathroom, the right curtain can definitely contribute to the look that you want. You can even custom make your own curtain to match the style of your bathroom fixtures.

If you want your bathroom to look neater when houseguests visit, the shower curtain can be closed to hide the bath tub or left open to show off the brilliantly gleaming porcelain. Unfortunately, curtains need to be thoroughly maintained in order to prevent mold and mildew from breeding on their surface.

When carelessly left outside of the bathtub, curtains can also drip on the floor and make a mess. They also aren’t considered to be as innovative or as fashionable in a modern bathroom as shower doors.

Studies also show that vinyl curtains that contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contain chemicals that are extremely detrimental towards human health and the environment. New vinyl curtains release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), DEHP (a suspected carcinogen), and organotins into the air. These toxins can cause headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, and damage to the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. Developing young children are especially sensitive to these chemicals.

While many major retailers have completely discontinued selling PVC curtains, some still stock them alongside non PVC alternatives. It is best to check the label or ask an employee before purchasing a shower curtain from any store.

Non-PVC curtains can be made out of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is healthier, but still made out of polycarbonate based plastic and detrimental towards the environment. Fabric curtains are an even better material. They are machine washable, so maintenance is fairly easy. Hemp is an ideal material for fabric shower curtains, for it is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Glass doors are also a good alternative to PVC curtains.

Though it is not often seen, glass doors can still be used on combination bathtub showers. There are many advantages associated with shower doors. They are usually made out of extremely sturdy glass and don’t need to be replaced for several years.

This makes up for the cost and tedium involved in replacing glass doors. They are also easy to clean and don’t attract as much mold as curtains. When they do get dirty, shower doors can be wiped down with some window cleaner and a rag. While doors aren’t as colorful or as versatile as curtains, there are still different types and style available depending on your needs and tastes.

It is strongly advised that …

Here's What Needs to Happen If You Want to Hire an Architect

Many life partners look at house plans and see things like like, but they do not seem to be altogether in one house. They may decide they need an architect. There are two trends of thought about architects. Some believe they're hugely expensive. Others do not have any idea. Neither camp speaks from experience and has only a glimmer of what architects really do.

Having a basic idea of ​​floor plans and building size is a good place to begin before calling an architect.

Learning about price per square foot in the local area should narrow down the choices for size. Searching house plan magazines and plan rooms should help develop room location and size preferences.

Next, pull these items together.

If the ideal plan does not exist, it may be time to speak with an architect. Before you call the architect, first make a sketch that both agree satisfies needs and wishes. Here's what the architect wants to see: outside dimensions of the house, size of each room, and if there's a second floor, make a list of rooms and rough sizes to go with the first floor. Note the outside finish of the house, ie, brick, stucco, lapped siding, etc .. Will you want a fireplace? Will you need closed-in garage or a carport? Make as many decisions as possible now as you look through plans.

When you speak with the architect be clear about what you want in the way of services.

Architects have an exhaustive list of services, and you will be charged for them. If you want the full treatment, ask the architect what is considered a full range of services and the fee attached to each. For instance, the architect can assist with a site plan, which shows where the house is located and the orientation. If the only interest is in acquiring a set of plans, have the architect explain what that means, and what services are performed in that process. Understand also exactly what you will receive when the architect has finished designing the plans.

How architects structure their fees.

An architect can charge several ways for services. Depending on the range of services, it may rely on price per square foot or a percentage of the construction costs. With fewer services, there are other choices: phased fee structure involves an up-front fee, a design fee, and a drawing fee. An hourly fee may be more suitable; the architect provides a log to show time spent in preparing all drawings submitted to the home owner, either they are approved or not. In most instances, architects will present the finished drawings on a DVD or flash drive. The owner should be prepared to have the drawings printed. The blueprint company will charge a set-up fee, and then charge a price per page for each set of drawings.

It will be more expensive for an architect to assist with plans. The question is whether it is worth the price to achieve the results owners …

Weight Loss – Obesity, Diets and Holistic Health

Diets are defined in the traditional sense of following a specific eating plan for weight loss / obesity.

Sure, following any of the hundreds of plans that have been promoted in the last few decades may result in some weight loss, but the benefits typically do not last.

Sadly, there is no magic bullet. No, not even those prescription medications that are common these days. Sure, they may result in shedding some pounds, but I've been observing nasty side effects in people that use them, and without lifestyle changes are made, the pounds will come back.

The average American keeps getting heavier, especially children, and the new miracle diets keep coming, and the average American keeps getting heavier, especially children, and …

I suspect you get my point.

But wait, I have this diet that works and I offer a guarantee and … Gotcha! Sorry, there are no simple, miracle solutions / plans. There was never any and there never will be.

I am happy to report that what does work for weight management, always has and always will work, is this: careful food selections, self control, occasional splurging (yahoo!), Acceptance of how God made you, and eating slower, smaller more Numerous meals.

This is the holistic approach and it's what I advocate.

Why do not you see this type eating advice advertised on TV or in magazines anywhere? It's because nobody makes any money when you do it. Surprise! In fact, many people will make less money when you follow a healthy holistic eating lifestyle, sometimes doctors because you will likely be ill less often.

Please become aware that the media and it's advertisers are becoming increasingly talented at getting and keeping our attention, particularly when it comes to our physical appearance. They place pictures of beautiful people with gleaming muscles (they are oiled), rippling six pack abdomens (they are airbrushed or do dozens of sit-ups immediately before the picture is taken), or even yet the people are taking steroid type drugs to enhance Their physiques. These "models" are not representative of we typical humans. You and I need to be wise to this, even though we enjoy looking.

Also, be wary of some of the food products, their claims, and what's in them.

The top 10 deceiving "healthy" foods that lead to weight gain and other health problems:

– margarine, because it lacks the essential oils necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system.

– artificial sweeteners, because they contribute to inflammation

– soy, because it can mimics the hormone estrogen

– most granola bars, because they contain excess sugar

– most dehydrated fruits, because they have added sugar

– most juices, because they lack pulp and contain excess added sugars

– whole grain products, because many people have hidden gluten allergies

– commercially grown apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, and imported grapes because they are the top 5 most chemically treated produce and contain toxins.

– all orange juice, because it is well known to increase inflammation

– commercially …

Moving – Packing Tips for Large, Small and Awkward Items

Most movers are so happy to finally arrive in their new home that they are able to overlook chipped dinner plates or a scratch on the dining room table. But there’s no reason your household goods should become casualties of the move. With a little care and planning your household goods will both arrive in mint condition.

Following are packing tips to consider when packing large items, packing small items and packing awkward items.

Packing Large Items:

  • Tie bed frames together with tape or rope then label the pieces so they are easy to reassemble.
  • Fill drawers with clothes or fragile, well-wrapped items. Cover them with a blanket or with furniture pads and rope securely.
  • Remove table legs, pad and tie together. Put nuts and bolts in a bag and tape them underneath the tabletop.
  • Empty, defrost and drain the refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher. Clean the interiors and put accessories in bags. Stuff towels between washer sides to prevent rotating and tape down any moveable parts. Cover with blankets and tie.
  • Use the original packaging for computers, televisions and electronics, or buy electronic-specific boxes.

Packing Small Items:

  • Put your microwave, VCR and other small appliances into boxes and cushion with wadded paper.
  • Pack books flat in small cartons, alternating bindings. Try to keep each box under 30 lbs.
  • Pack hanging items, such as clothing and drapes, in wardrobe boxes. Leave small items in drawers.
  • Wrap fragile collectibles in bubble wrap and tape them securely.
  • Pack CD’s upright and cushion with them newspaper.
  • Stack pots and pans and cushion with them paper.
  • Place any kitchen items you will need immediately in a separate box and label appropriately so you know which one to unpack first.
  • Wrap dishes individually in bubble wrap and never stack them flat. Pack plates on saucers on edges and place cups and bowls around them.

Packing Awkward Items:

  • Wrap chair arms and legs with bubble wrap. Place slipcovers on chairs or buy chair bags for protection.
  • Loosen the handlebars from bicycles and turn them sideways. Cover chains and pedals to keep grease off other items.
  • Wrap small items, such as mirrors and artwork, in newsprint and pack in mirror boxes. Cover larger pieces with cardboard, tape them securely and stand them along the sides of the truck or inside wardrobe boxes.
  • Disassemble heavy lawn furniture. Put nuts and bolts in a bag and tie together.
  • Roll up rugs and secure with rope or tape.
  • Place plants in plastic bags with air holes then in boxes. Water them before you leave.
  • Wrap sharp edges of tools and use plenty of cushioning to prevent injury. Tape long-handled tools together and place smaller ones in boxes.
  • Empty gasoline from all tanks of lawnmowers and edgers and check for oil leaks.
  • Use medium-sized boxes for garage and attic items, such as spray paints, brushes and car waxes. Throw away oily rags or anything combustible.
  • Keep pets in a pet carrier up front with you. Ask your vet for suggestions on how

Bathroom Light Fixtures Add Elegance To Your Room

As the lighting in your bathroom can enhance the overall appearance of the room, you will want bathroom light fixtures that will add a nice touch.

There are many types of light fixtures available, so you have a good range of choices from which you can find the style that will look the best, coordinate well with the décor of your bathroom, and suit your own personal tastes. Light fixtures are for more than holding light bulbs – they are a decorative asset in themselves. Whatever your preference is toward something that will stand out and be quite noticeable, brightly polished, or if you prefer understated elegance, there is one that is perfect for you and will seem almost custom-made for your bathroom.

Think Safety First

Safety is an all-important factor when selecting light fixtures. While some are made of plastic, these are generally not the most desirable choice in the long-run. Painted or varnished light fixtures can also present drawbacks, especially if they are not heat-resistant. If your taste runs towards ceramic fixtures, it is essential to know in advance that neither the material itself nor the coloring contains lead. Many ceramic glazes do contain lead, so it is strongly advised to not use these particular products.


When you are considering what types of light fixtures you want to have in your bathroom, it is also a good idea to think about where they will be placed. For example, if your bathroom has wall paper, it is best to not position light bulbs too closely to it. Allowed 100-watt lights to come in close contact with wall paper can cause damage and permanent marks on your walls.

In addition to the safety factor, two other important factors to think about when you are planning to purchase light fixtures include how secure the fixtures will stay in place and how easy it will be to change your light bulbs when it is necessary to do so. Regardless of what specific types of lights you may have, fixtures that can be secured with screws are generally prefer to those which are meant to be attached with suction cups or adhesives. In addition to the moisture in a bathroom, the heat from regular light bulbs will usually cause the latter to not remain in place very long.

Easy Bulb Replacement

As any type of light will need to be replaced, some more frequently than others, having fixtures that will make it relatively easy to do this is beneficial. If you have ever had the experience of a light bulb breaking while you were trying to remove it, you know why this can be an issue. Light sockets, globes, and attachments should be as convenient as they are nice to look at.

Whether your taste is towards an intricate filigree design or a basic stainless steel, the appearance of the room will be enhanced by your choice of this item. When you have considered safety and convenience as the main factors, the …

Tips on Golf

Golf is a competitive sport, and a very famous recreational activity played by people of different ages and with different ability. Golf retains its players throughout their lifetime, unlike any other sport. Golfers in their eighties claim to be physically and mentally fit. Golf strengthens the shoulders as well as the back, and helps to maintain spine rotation, which is necessary for healthy back.

There are many golf tips which are very useful for those who need to gather more information about the sport.

Basic golf tips

A proper grip on the golf stick reduces the tendency to slice. A good grip keeps the club head square at impact and keep the shaft from turning in your hands. Try for a relaxed and comfortable feel. A tight grip will hinder your rhythm and release.

Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing in order to develop a simple, comfortable and effective grip. Make sure that you are comfortable with your grip. It is important to develop a neutral grip during the swing. Every golfer has different types of swings and grips.

Golf is usually regarded as a gentle aerobic activity that does not require superb fitness to play. To reduce the risk of an injury, a reasonable level of fitness is necessary. A certain level of stamina and flexibility also enhances the performance and enjoyment. Each of the four phases of golf swing (take away or back swing, acceleration or down swing, impact and follow through) imposes stress on specific areas of the body, particularly the wrists, lower back, and outside of the elbow.

Stretching exercises for the back, upper body and legs improve flexibility and reduce the injuries caused by rotational stresses. Strength training and flexibility must involve both sides of the body as the golf swing tends to develop one side of the body more than the other. Normally, right handed golfers suffer more injuries down the left side of the body.

Do and don’ts

There are certain golf improvement tips which you should be aware of. These tips will certainly improve your knowledge about the game. Never grip the club too tightly. Tight grips inhibit a smooth swing and follow through. Always keep the grips on the club in a good condition as worn grips will force you to hold the club too tightly. When you are learning about the grip for the first time, keep a club around the house and practice gripping and re-gripping the club for a few minutes. Remember to keep the arms relaxed and the fingers secure.

There are many sites which could offer you the golf instruction tips on the internet. If you are a true lover of the game then go and learn about the game as much as you can.…

Relationship Spring Cleaning

History does not belong in a relationship that is present

My friend, Jack Rafferty, the famous Man-Woman Coach, used to say "do not clean the clean" referring of course to relationship. What he meant by that was once you have gotten angry, argued, and "effectively deal with" something that happened that hurt your feelings, be done with it. Do not keep bringing it up like dirty laundry. Once you have forgiven someone for something, it's history. . The conflict, resistance to new concepts, stored resentment and revenge for old hurts, that happens in most relationships relating back to those three words "effectively deal with", which unfortunately in most cases, is not what happens.

For most couples, the barometer for intimate relationships is sex. If your sex life is hot and exciting and fun, chances are you have a pretty clean relationship. When there is trouble in the bedroom, usually it's an indication that there are a lot of cobwebs and dirt stuck in the corners of your intimate relationship and that you or your partner have shut down some avenues of communication.

What do I mean?

Let's say your partner does not show up for a date with you. You manage to get through the evening and get home to find him / her home, relaxing, having absolutely forgotten that he / she was to have met you somewhere. You get into a heated argument about his / her lack of consideration and a lot of I'm sorry's are exchanged.

Was that effectively dealing with the situation? Hardly.

The resentment still exists on both sides. What do I mean both sides? Well, this is my theory. The person who did not show up was already carrying resentment and unconsciously, carried out revenge in a passive aggressive manner by missing the appointment. The person who got stuck up never got satisfaction in the resolution and now carries his / her own resentment, which will surface again at another time. This couple does not have a clean relationship.

Payback goes on in every relationship at some time or another. It is comparable to the accumulation of junk in your house. Just as spring cleaning gets rid of dust bunnies under the bed and cobwebs behind the bookcases, periodic cleansing sessions in your relationships will restore freshness and vitality to your love. Few couples understand this or know what to do about it. Some religious organizations have retreats for married couples where they do some of the work I am about to suggest, however, the catastrophic divorce rate in our country indicates that very little of this kind of work is attempted or completed by married couples. Even highly enlightened, aware couples require some nudging to maintain the level of squeaky clean communication that I am referring to.

Here is a suggestion for a process that can be used to clean house.

Relationship Spring Cleaning.

  1. Reserve a weekend where the two of you can be alone and undisturbed for 48 hours.
  2. You can

A Review of the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC Treadmill

I love walking, especially out doors, but there are times in winter when it’s just too darn cold. So, recently I bought the Sportcraft TX 5.0 RC Treadmill. Here’s my review and why I’m glad I bought it.

It’s great that I can now enjoy a good walk workout in the comfort of my own home and the features of the Sportcraft TX5 treadmill are really good. I talk about the best ones below.

Out of all the features of the Sportcraft treadmill, the best one is that it can easily go from its horizontal walking position to a vertical position so I can easily store it: I live in a small town house so space is an issue for me. Mind you, the Sportcraft machine does look quite stylish so leaving it set up and on display won’t embarrass a style-conscious person.

The display panel that comes with the Sportcraft TX5 is fantastic as it gives me lots of information. Not only does it show the miles and steps I’ve walked; it also shows the calories, heart rate, time and speed. There’s a quick mode button that lets me change the speed as well; It’s real easy, you just use the “+” or “-” signs to slowly increase or decrease speed in increments of one tenth of a mile.

Although it is a cheap machine, I’ve found I can also use it for running, though I have to admit I don’t run on it all that much. When I do run, I find the remote control to be very useful as it allows me to easily change speed without touching the display panel.

I’m a bit of a safety nut and one reason I’d put off buying a treadmill was because I was afraid I’d fall off – I had visions of my legs and arms being mangled. But, the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC has banished those fears. It comes with a safety cord that attaches to you and a sensor on the panel so if you should fall or slip, and the cord is not connected to the sensor, it stops automatically.

What I liked, and my husband loved, was the low price of the machine at just under $250. My husband found setting up the Sportcraft treadmill a breeze. The manual that came with it was easy to follow.

If you are looking for a treadmill, I would highly recommend the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC Treadmill. My husband doesn’t use it though as he’s an ardent runner; it isn’t really suitable if you take running seriously. But, for walkers like my self I think it works just great.

My review of the Sportcraft treadmill is a little short; I’ve just mentioned the things I liked most about it. The display console of the machine is just about right, the remote control makes operating the treadmill easy and I really like the safety cord. To date, I’ve had hassle free walking on this machine and am getting the workout I …

The Road To the White House

As we approach these off year elections, the fever of discontent is rabid among the voters
As a Newsweek poll asked are you satisfied with the way the country's going? 65% answered, no 29% answered yes they were satisfied. The fortunes for the Republicans look rough, but the public does not view the Democrats much better. If they expect to capitalize and build on it they must produce results and quickly! The people view both parties as self interested and disconnected from the people.

A man from Missouri ran for President in 1948 a poll of fifty newspaper editors nationwide came back zero for election and fifty against. Factions in his own party asked him for the good of the party to step down, the party ever split three ways making the chances of election even more remote. Everyone was certain he did not stand a chance except one, himself. "Except for the reward of service" he told the Secretary of State "I find little satisfaction in being President." He further claimed his sister "No man in his right mind would ever wish to be President if they knew what it entailed."

So except for the reward of service why would he fight for a job he did not like? Sometimes he had a chip on his shoulder, a farmer without a college education he was a failed small businessman, Entering the army as a corporal he left a captain, with one superior officer reading his performance reports commented "get him in here, hell no ones that good "but according to the men that served under him he was that good. So why did he do it? In his own words, He felt it was his duty to "get into the fight and help stem the tide of reaction. that prosperity actually began at the top and would trickle down in due time to benefit all the people. "

He began his campaign speech by stating what he thought the country needed, he told the speechwriters what to write and if he did not like it he told them to change it for he was his own campaign adviser, he did not have a spin room or a focus group. The liberals in the party had abandoned him the conservatives had formed their own party. He called for National Health Insurance; he wanted to raise the minimum wage not by a nickel or a dime but by more than 55% he called for a poor mans tax cut. "Our first goal" he said
"is to secure fully the essential human rights of our citizens." This was 1948 his position
was not considered astute it had already caused a split in his party yet he continued.

"Not all groups are free to live and work where they please or to improve their conditions of life by their own efforts. Not all groups enjoy the full privileges of citizenship …
The federal government has a clear duty to see that the constitutional …