Buying a Home First Time? Here Are 10 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are going to buy a home for the first time, chances are there that you may underestimate the work involved and the efforts required. Though you may be well aware of the process, however, being new, you may ignore some important things. Before you find yourself burdened with the unexpected responsibilities of the purchase process, let’s tell you the important facts you must consider. So, here are the tips to help you make a smart purchase and execute the process seamlessly.

1. Be pre-qualified for the mortgage

Before you start looking for the home, you should get yourself pre-qualified for the mortgage. The first thing that is considered by most of the sellers is whether the buyer is having enough money for making the purchase. It would be good if you can arrange cash and if not, then you must get qualified for the mortgage.

2. Think long-term

Whether you are planning to stay in the new house for a year or for your entire life, you must think long term in both the cases. In the case, you have the plans for shifting from there after one or two years, you must focus on the community and location that whether the property would be in demand at that time or not. And in the case you have the plans to stay there for longer, you must ensure that the house is up to your expectations.

3. Finalize the area where you want to buy a house

Community and area of the house matter a lot. It not only affects the value of the house but also decides whether the demand for the property would increase in the future or not. For an instance, if you are buying a house in the area that is loading up with the residential buildings, great chances are there that the value of the house would increase in the upcoming years.

4. Enlist your preferences

Don’t let your emotions guide you while making decisions; instead, make a checklist of the things you want in your house. Divide them according to the must-haves and nice-to-have. There may be the cases when you like a house but it does not have what you are looking for. In such a case, you must avoid your emotions.

5. Estimate the total cost

Be realistic while making a cost estimation for your house. It’s normal that the costs would increase than your planned budget. So, focus on every minute thing while estimating the total cost of the house purchasing process. Some of the main costs involved are the cost of the property, real estate agent fee, paperwork cost and more. You can also seek the help of professionals for this.

6. Start looking for the houses

Once you have done the pre-qualification and cost estimation, you can finally start looking for the houses in the locality you want. Chances are there that you may need to wait for getting a good offer or you may get a …

Interior Design For Everyday Folks Like You And Me

Are you afraid that a professional interior designer will laugh at your home decor or turn their nose up at your ideas when it comes to interior design? Do you think that you need to have a college education or some sort of degree to be taken seriously when it comes to style and space as it pertains to interior design? While you might think that your tastes might not be accepted by professionals or the gurus of design, the truth might be something that surprises you.

Design is not about what you learn in a university or a classroom. Home interior design is all about creating a pleasant atmosphere that is pleasant for those that spend time in that space. It could be an office building or a bedroom. It does not really matter. You, without realizing it, have designed your own space at home probably without much thought for all the elements of design. You placed your furniture where you felt it should go and picked out colors and designs based upon what was pleasing to you. You're an interior designer without even knowing it!

Maybe you're like my wife, who has a talent and an eye for design and can do amazing things with almost nothing at all. When we were first married, spending a lot of money on home furnishings was out of the question. We took what was given to us and she made our house into a delightful home that many of our friends were amazed with. It's a gift and she had the simple desire to make our horrible little apartment a more pleasant place for us to spend our time.

My wife would find things that others were throwing away like Christmas garland and the old style Christmas tree lights and weave them into a tapestry of pure delight along with pine branches that she found in the woods close to our house. She would find old things that were discarded by our neighbors like a broken end table and she would throw a colorful blanket that we used to keep our feet warm when we were watching TV over the whole mess. A few cheaply framed pictures of our family, some candles on dished bought at the discount store and our house became a home.

You do not have to have a huge bankroll to create an appealing design in your home. Everything does not have to be new and while recycling is all the rage these days, old things can be made new with a little spit and polish. Antiques, after all, are nothing but old things that people wax nostalgic over, right? While you women do tend to have a bit more talent when it comes to this kind of creativity, us guys can gather and hunt down the materials that you require and, of course, appreciate the finished product since it's always nice to come home to a space that is as beautiful as you are.

Money does …

The Best of Golden Triangle Tours-Agra

On the banks of the Yamuna River, Agra is a medieval city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Sultan Sikandar Lodi was founded the city in 1506. The city features many Moghul wonders, many of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are the major tourist-pullers in India, since making it the best of the Golden Triangle Tours – Agra, Delhi and Jaipur.

Agra is located 27.18 ° N 78.02 ° E on the bank of river Yamuna. On the north it is borders Mathura, on the south it is bounded by Dhaulpur, on the east by Firozabad, and on the west by Bharatpur.

Agra was one of the most authoritative cities under the Mughals, it witnessed a lot of monumental activities. Babar, the founder of the Mughal dynasty placed the first formal Persian garden, Aram Bagh on the banks of Yamuna. His grandson Akbar raised the towering Red Fort makes the city a center for learning arts, commerce and religion. Akbar also built Fatehpur Sikri. Jahangir had a fascination for gardens and laid many gardens inside the Red Fort or Laal Kila. Shah Jahan brave Agra its most prized monument, The Taj Mahal, in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, in 1643.

Golden triangle tours includes three places Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi agra and jaipur tours forms a triangle as per their physical and geographic location in India, that's why it is called Golden triangle tours.

Places of Interest

-Taj Mahal

One of the most famous buildings in the world and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Closed for visitors every Friday.

-Agra Fort

It is a dominant structure built by Akbar in 1565. At one time it was the palace of Shah Jehan who reworked extensively with marble and pietra dura inlay. The main buildings in the fort include the Pearl Mosque, the Diwan-e-Am and Diwan-e-Khas, Jehangir's Palace, Khaas Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and Musamman Burj.

-Fatehpur Sikri

It is 35 km away from Agra, primary built for military by Akbar. There are many eggs inside Fatehpur Sikri.

-Itmad-Ud-Daulah's Tomb – The Baby Taj

Nur Jehan built this monument for her father Ghias-ud-Din Beg, the Chief Minister of Emperor Jahangir. It resembles The Taj in many respects.

-Jama Masjid

It is a large mosque in memory of Princess Jahanara Begum. Built in 1648, notable for absence of minarets and unusual dome.

-Chini Ka Rauza

It is tomb dedicated to Allama Afzel Khal Mullah, the prime minister of Shah Jehan.

-Sikandra – Akbar's tomb

It is the mosque of Akbar and reflects the complementeness of its personality. The vast, carved, red-ochre sandstone tomb is set inside a lush garden.

Tip for Tourists

The best time to visit Agra is on weekdays as weekends get crowded and getting into Taj Mahal becoming a tedious job.

From Delhi, the capital of India, there are hundreds of travel operators who will guide the tourists to Agra. There are several trains …

Three of the Best Manufacturers of Bathroom Sinks and Faucets and What They Offer You

When you are buying fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, you are definitely spoiled for choice, as there are so many different manufacturers out there offering great products in wildly different styles. If it's sinks and faucets you are in the market for, you can find matching sets, or pick one of each that you like to make a unique pick-and-mix. Here are some of the best manufacturers of bathroom sinks and faucets to help you make up your mind.

A company that offers a huge range of all sorts of bathroom fixtures and accessories, Kohler has a long history of excellent products and customer support. They are also responsible for many big innovations, such as the one piece built in bathtub. Some of their best bathroom sinks and faucets include their Devonshire, Caxton and Fairfax lines. They are stocked by most major bathroom retailers all over the country.

American Standard
With their illustrious history of almost 130 years, American Standard have been the number one choice of consumers and professionals due to their dedication to top quality products and innovation. With a huge range of contemporary and classic styles, they will suit every bathroom and make it shine! Some of their best known lines include Town Square, Dazzle and Colony Soft.

Price Pfister
With 100 years of experience behind them, you would expect Price Pfister to deliver only the best, and you would be right. With Price Pfister faucets designed to stand up to the rigorous usage of daily application without weakening or breaking, they offer faucets to suit every price range, so even if you're on a budget you can get your hands on something great. They also offer a special warranty guarantee that their products are free from defects for life. …

Composting is Living in Harmony with Nature

It is that time of year when the leaves will soon begin to fall. If you prefer to not allow the leaves to naturally decompose on the earth then what can you do with them? Instead of filling bag after bag and setting them on the curve to head out to the landfill is there an alternative?

Living in rural areas most my life there was never any question as to what to do with leaves, yard waste or kitchen scraps. It was just part of the natural process to allow the leaves and yard waste to go back into the earth. Kitchen scraps were often taken out to the wildlife or composted. It never really occurred to me how important this was until a couple years ago when I found myself in an urban living situation. It seemed that I Could no longer give back to Mother Earth in the same way. People raked their yards and bagged up the leaves to send to the dump.

There is an alternative you know, even for the urbanites. Of course there are many rural folks who may not be taking advantage of the benefits either. These are the benefits of composting. Composting is the natural process of decaying organic matter and using the modified material for fertilizing. Composting is natural. Mother Nature has her own system of composting that we can learn from. By not living in harmony with nature we upset natures balance.

By beginning to compost our kitchen scraps and yard waste we can help enrich the soil, help keep nature in balance and have an amazing free organic fertilizer for gardens, flower beds, trees and lawns. When the natural balance of your soil is healthy this helps pests to stay away from the plants and they become healthier too. You can garden organically without using chemical fertilizers, growth enhancers and "stay away bug" dusts. You will also be saving space in the landfill because the organic waste will be converted into something so useful.

Even people in apartments or various urban living situations can compost. The benefits are huge. The kitchen scraps that you will add are raw fruit and veggies, egg shells, coffee grinds and tea bags. You want to keep meats, fats, pastas and cooked food out of your compost making to keep it in balance. You can also add outdoor leaves, lawn clippings and plant cuttings that have not gone to seed.

You can learn more about composting at your local library or the internet. There are a variety of different styles of composting crocks or compost buckets that can be used in your kitchen to contain the scraps until you are ready to add them to your outdoor compost pile. Some are stylish and others are simple buckets with a lid and carbon filters to contain the smell. You can add the scraps every few days or so to the outdoor pile.

For the outdoors you will need a compost bin or spinning composter …

Interior Design – Why Choose LED Lighting

When planning a new design for your home, considerable time is usually spent on decisions relating to the colour scheme, furniture and flooring. What is often over-looked is the lighting, not the light fittings, but where light is being generated and how this will affect the overall look and feel of the interior.

Obtaining natural light through windows or skylights is the most favourable option. Natural light is pure white, so shows other colours without distortion and it also brings natural warmth. Natural light is also free, so making the most of this resource can help to reduce energy costs in the long term. Whilst highly desirable, natural light isn’t always available, especially through winter months when the daylight hours are shorter, so other solutions need to be installed. In general homes on modern housing developments are built in close proximity to each other, so they can cause more shadows and effectively steal natural light sources from each other.

When planning where to position artificial light sources you need to consider the overall effect that will be created. Ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps and spot lights are available in a full range of sizes, styles and colours, each of which will create a specific look. The choice of lighting will influence the mood of the interior, as well as impacting on how other features in the space are viewed.

Light is a functional design consideration, so it needs to be bright in areas where it is important that you can see clearly, such as in the kitchen or study. In areas, such as the living room or bedrooms, a subtle, diffused lighting solution can create a relaxed feeling, with floor or table lamps used to provide additional lighting for activities such as reading. Spot lights can be great for making a statement as it will draw the eye to a particular area, such as where a piece of art is hung on the wall. Most interiors can be enhanced by a combination of clever lighting solutions.

Some light fittings can be incorporated into other furniture and therefore hidden from site. This technique is employed in many contemporary homes, as the light itself is the design feature, rather than the lamp. Whatever lighting you select, most will be suitable for LED light bulbs. Whilst LED lighting has a much higher initial cost, the long term performance makes them a cost effective and environmentally sensitive option.

LED lighting has excellent light emission efficiency, 10W of LED lighting is equivalent to 70-80W in a standard light bulb, so you gain more light using less energy. As energy bills continue to rise at a considerable rate, using less energy every time you switch the light on will soon add up to provide you with a return on your initial investment in LED lighting. Although it’s no match for natural light, LEDs also provide better light than standard light bulbs, as they rate higher on the CRI (colour rendering index).

LED lighting last much longer …

RTA Kitchen Cabinets – Save Serious Cash With RTA Cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets, or (ready to assemble) are one of the cheaper kinds you can get, for the obvious reason that you do not have to pay for the labor of assembling them. You can very often get high quality cabinets that would cost you a lot of money for much cheaper prices.

The materials for RTA kitchen cabinets are the same quality, but you can get them for a fraction of the price of buying them pre-made, quite a savings. Most of the time, they are simple to build, although there are exceptions, of course.

Usually, you will get everything you need to build them right in the box it comes with, and then all you need is a good screwdriver and you will be all set.

Again, as I stated, some are easier to build than others, and the best way of telling this is to simply type in the kind you are considering buying, plus reviews or something similar, and see what past customers say about their experiences with those RTA kitchen cabinets.

In other words, if you are at all experienced at assembling things, you should have no trouble with RTA kitchen cabinets, and it's something I would highly recommend you invest in, since you are going to have your cabinets for a long time, and therefore you want the best quality possible.

Where can you find these RTA kitchen cabinets? If you've read any of my other articles, you know I'm a big advocate of buying online.

So many people sacrifice all the money they would be saving online simply because they are afraid of buying at unsecured websites where their credit card information could be stolen, but as long as you stick with quality sites you'll be safe .

Also, you will be saving lots money online because many times, online stores do not have physical locations, meaning they have lower overhead and therefore can pass those savings on to you with their RTA kitchen cabinets. …

Some Points To Consider When Making A Private Library Interior Design

When you wish to have a private library within your home, it will make for a
welcome addition and it can serve a number of purposes that can make your life
more interesting and you can use your private library as a retreat from others,
and once ensconced within the walls. You can focus your mind on things in which
you are very much interested in. It can also help you can enrich your knowledge
and this important area of ​​your home would be further improved if you devote
your time in having a proper library interior design to make the place more
comfortable, useful and also functional.

Balance Solitude With Functionality

The advantage of a proper library interior
design is that you can find the right balance between solitude and
functionality where you can grow your knowledge and also become self-enriched.
To begin with, your library interior design may require deciding on the type of
library you wish to have and then each person can think of different different
things that need to be incorporated and which depends on how each person wants
to use the library.

The library interior design can allow for your private library to double as a
part office so that it would be necessary to have place for desks that are big
enough for your computer and files. Some people might prefer t to cater for a
study where they can sit in private and read without being disturbed which means
including comfortable chairs and also having a lot of shelf space where you can
store your complete collection of books. Still others may require to accommodate
a place where some form of craft can take place, or they may want to play games,
or which are suited for your other interests such as collecting stamps or even
coins which would require having big table space so that they can work well with
their particular activities.

Next, your library interior design should
take into account the atmosphere that the library should exude, and it can be
anything that you prefer with some people opting for dimly lit libraries while
others may want dark tones accompanied by lighting that can be adjusted to fit
in with certain needs. Still others may want a vibrant atmosphere which would
require light shades and also bright lights. What is most important when
considering the various factors that will need to be addressed is that you
have a clear picture of what you want and that you devote all your energies into
achieving the end result. It may mean wanting fun to be highlighted in the
design, or solitude and work-friendly designs, or maybe just somewhere that you
can simply put up your feet and relax in.

You can choose from all the available options and be sure that you will have
just as rewarding a time making your library interior design as you get with the
end result. …

Tip on Getting Pregnant

What can you do to increase your chances to get pregnant? In this article ‘Tip on getting pregnant’ we will provide you with some tips that may enhance your chances to conceive.

Tip on getting pregnant #1: Preconception checkup

Set up a meeting with your general practitioner to do a preconception checkup. Discussing your medical past and current situation allows your doctor to give you some tips or help you out in case of more serious matters. Also talk with your practitioner about supplements. Especially folic acid is important because it reduces the chance of specific birth defects (for example anencphaly or spina bifida). It is advisable to take this well before you start trying to conceive. When you make an appointment for a checkup try to get the last appointment of the day. In this way your doctor has all the time to answer your questions.

Tip on getting pregnant #2: Quit smoking, drinking and drugs

It is generally known that smoking, drinking and drugs are not beneficial for the overall health. These habits also have a negative influence on fertility of as well men as women. They do not only affect your infertility but also the health of the unborn baby. Smoking, drinking or doing drugs may lead to miscarriages, low birth weight and premature birth.

Research shows that too much caffeine can also reduce your ability to get pregnant. So it may be wise to stop consuming caffeine containing products.

Tip on getting pregnant # 3: Healthy weight

This tip on getting pregnant includes that as well overweight as underweight lower the chances of getting pregnant. This can be measured with the Body Mass Index (BMI). A healthy weight is within a BMI of 20 and 30. When your BMI is lower or higher then this range it may lower your chances on getting pregnant.

Tip on getting pregnant # 4: Know when you ovulate

Approximately every 28 days a woman has her menstrual cycle. It is really important to understand this cycle as it will tell you when you have the highest chance to conceive. The first day of the cycle starts with the first day of your period. In general the ovulation will take place at the 14th day of your cycle and from that moment up till 72 hours you have your most fertile moment. Some women have a shorter or longer cycle so you have to find out how your cycle exactly works. You may use an ovulation prediction kit.

A change in your cervical mucus will tell you also when your ovulation takes place. Around your ovulation the mucus will become more thin and watery. Another sign is a one sided twinge of pain.

The moment your ovulation occurred you have the highest chance to get pregnant. Experts say to have intercourse every 48 hours around your ovulation in order to enhance your chances to conceive. Start 5 days before your ovulation starts. If you do it more often or …

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

More and more today, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. No longer just the place where food is stored and prepared, it has become the focal point of home life. Kitchens used to be closed off from the rest of the house with walls and doors. Today, however, both in new homes and in remodeled older style homes, you can see into the kitchen from the living room, the family room, or both. Since the kitchen is constantly on view, kitchen decorating is an important part of home decor.

Some kitchens are treated as completely separate areas in plain view. Others are carefully decorated to blend in with adjoining spaces. In both cases, kitchen wall treatments are key to decorating this busy room. Paint continues to be a popular choice, but the range of "kitchen" colors has exploded. Cornflower blue, butter yellow, bright reds and vivid greens are commonly used as a base for French country or Tuscan kitchen decorating themes. Wallpaper options run the gamut from contemporary designs to Americana. In addition, slate, saltillo and ceramic tiles once used exclusively on floors are being used on walls to add texture and visual interest.

Part of decorating a kitchen is creating an organized space. Whether you have a specific decorating theme or not, you'll want to give some thought to which kitchen accessories stay on the countertop and which are hidden in cupboards and drawers. Many cooks find a tall cylindrical container to hold frequently used cooking utensils that keeps them from frantically rummaging through drawers. Appliances that get regular use, such as toasters and electric can openers are a good choice for countertop position, although most can be mounted under high cupboards.

Major appliance manufacturers recognize that their merchandise is a major visual element in any kitchen. Instead of just offering a choice between white, black, harvest gold or green, they produce an amazing range of "looks." From gleaming stainless steel, to retro 1950's look to standard white, you can choose refrigerators and stoves that blend with your kitchen decor. Some manufacturers can even help you match your appliances to your countertops for a seamless look.

As in any room in the house, it's the little touches that pull your kitchen's look together. Choose a "punch" color (usually contrasting to your walls) for window treatments and a throw rug. A tiled sink backsplash in this shade will add an extra bit of pizazz. Do not be afraid to add ornaments to the walls of your kitchen. Framed family photos, or even a collection of cookie cutters will add personality and warmth. …