Moving The 'Spirit of People'

Community volunteers join the crew of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" television show to unleash the moving spirit of unity and cooperation.

The volunteers have climbed a hill in northwest Murfreesboro, Arkansas to build a new house for the family of Dennis and Kim Collins. The demolition of the old house and the building of a new one will be featured in the popular television show. The new house will help the Collins spouses in reducing the hardship of raising six children in the tiny brick home that they currently live in.

"It's spiritual to help these families." In the business world it's all about me. The corporate world is all about the profit and the dollar, "said Toni Farmer, the wife of Eric Farmer, who owns Farmers Construction of Rogers, Ark. He added, "This is a project that is not about you. It's all about the family and teamwork. This is an entire community pulling together."

Farmers Construction of Rogers has established a partnership with RealSteel with the end of building a house for free as part of the ABC series. So far, the building of the Collins' house is the third "extreme" project of Farmers Construction. Both the Farmers Construction and the RealSteel have worked for the project without any pecuniary charge.

The "extreme" project for the Collins' family in Murfreesboro was chosen after Mitchell, the teenager son of Dennis and Kim, was nominated for the Volvo for Life Hometown Hero Award. The TV show seeks for ideas on the Volvo website and learned about Mitchell's effort to help the Arkansas Children's Hospital at Little Rock. Mitchell's stirring passion to help people is as tough as Volvo window motors that consistently provide power to make others function as well.

Mitchell was one of the five Arkansas heroes to make it as semifinalists in Volvo's annual search for heroes all across America. Mitchell was debilitated by a rare form of brain cancer when he was three years old. Fortunately, he survived but the malady left him hearing impaired and mentally impaired.

Mitchell Collins' Arkansas Children's Hospital project includes raising money to purchase supplies, toys and other items to make young cancer patients more comfortable since their condition. Arkansas Children's Hospital is where Mitchell's cancer was treated. Dennis, Mitchell's father, is also a cancer survivor.

Collins' family has taken into their tiny home the five children of a cousin who died with her husband in a car wreck in 2004. Kim did not allow her cousin's children to be separated into the system so she took them into her home. The original home of the Collins' includes three bedrooms and a bath. And there was a need to further divide the small house to make the occupants fit in.

"We're a tight-knit family," said Randy Harris, the brother of Kim who is also a carpenter, along with his father and grandmother. He was shocked at the volunteers from Murfreesboro who came to help out with the project. "I did not …

The Importance of Tree Planting

Trees have always played an important part in people’s lives, from providing shade and maintaining the beauty of the place to fruits and flowers that attract fauna! Whenever you are around trees you feel a sense of peace and calm and more importantly, protection. If you are concerned about saving the planet, then tree planting is what you should be considering on top priority. Making the most of a spacious yard around your home for planning fruiting and flowering trees, helps the property to look attractive and pricey. In spacious gardens, woody plants enhance the look when supported in visual appeal by shrubs, shorter flowering plants and bushes. For any landscape, an essential part of planning is the choice of trees.

Planting the right kind of trees in the garden is pivotal. By following a few suggestions it is possible to narrow down on the right tree types to invest in. Shape and size is very important while selecting a half or full-grown tree. Many of the trees become a permanent part of your garden and heirlooms. Big trees cannot be transported easily, so make sure you plant them at the right place in the beginning itself. Check on and plan the drainage system in the yard when the landscaping endeavor is being executed. The type of soil and selection of the right kind of trees is very essential to get the best out of the outdoor space around the home.

Undesirable results cause a loss to time, money and effort when the trees are planted in an improper way. To ensure that your plants enjoy a healthy life, space them well in the outdoor space around the home so that they get sufficient sunlight. In time, proper spacing will give you, your family as well as your guests enough shade. After a period of years, when the trees grow to their full size and branch out, trimming on regular basis is necessary. Value of your property increases with a well-maintained garden, developed with exotic trees. There are a number of real-time and online resources you can tap for assistance to source the best trees. You can shop for them online and have them delivered and even re-planted in your garden area.

Planned tree planting is the key to a healthy garden. Though plants and trees grow on their own, they do need a lot of care and concern initially. Mulching, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, etc. help in enhancing aesthetic value, and in turn the overall look and functionality of the garden. If you look after trees well, the future generations too get to enjoy the beauty of the flowering and fruit bearing natural wonders. Plants and trees do get affected by harsh environmental factors, so make sure you take care of them according to the impacting factors identified. Trees play a very important role in the garden landscape. Shop wisely and only after you have done your homework on the factors that will impact their growth, in your region on …

CRM Solutions Providers

CRM solutions providers are companies and individuals who provide solutions to build a good and profitable customer relationship. CRM is the abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management. In the present world, CRM has become a milestone in businesses strategies. It assists in building new business strategies which will not only improve relationship with the customer and but also also enhance the prospects of overall business. Today, CRM has become equally important to small, large, and medium business organizations.

Increase in the demand of customer relationship management (CRM) has lead to the popularity of CRM solutions providers. CRM solutions providers are broadly reclassified into two – in – house CRM solutions providers and hosted CRM solutions providers.

In-house CRM solutions providers are also known as customized CRM solutions providers and on-demand solutions providers. Generally, in-house CRM solutions providers give solutions to meet the specific needs of a company or a customer. They give business solutions to all types and sizes of companies. Based on the size of the company or organization, in-house CRM solutions providers typically take three to twelve months for the complete implementation of their program. In-house CRM solutions providers have many added advantages when compared with hosted solutions providers. In-house CRM solutions providers generally have an intimate knowledge of the legacy systems in the organization. Thus, their programs are easy to install and maintain. Typically, in-house CRM solutions providers give solutions for sales, marketing, and other services. In-house CRM solutions providers are more expensive, when compared with hosted CRM solutions providers. For example, an in-house CRM solutions provider will charge around $ 2,000 to $ 3,500 for a business service.

Hosted CRM solutions providers are better known as outsourced CMR solutions providers. This type of CRM solution providers simplifies the entire management process, and thus reduces the risk and increases the value of the businesses. Hosted CRM solutions providers have solutions for sales, marketing, and other major services.

When compared with in-house CRM solutions providers, hosted CRM solutions providers are more cost-effective. Typically, hosted CRM solutions providers will cost around $ 70 per month for a medium size business organization. Therefore, it is widely used by small and medium-sized business organizations. …

5 Steps To Amaze Your Guests With A Flower Kitty Party Theme

I never imagined that flower kitty party themes can be so simple yet amazing! To my surprise, I was showered with loads of acknowledgements from my kitty friends for my efforts which was quite overwhelming! A month ago, when I was in quest of an interesting theme that could make my kitty party memorable, I suddenly came across the “flower-theme” on the web.

Why I Chose The Flower Kitty Party Theme?

I liked the idea of throwing a fabulous party with minimum preparation. Flowers are always beautiful, anytime anywhere, so I thought it would be a great idea to turn my living room into a paradise just by decorating it with beautiful flowers. At last, the venue looked even more beautiful that what I imagined.

Why I Call It A Success?

Whenever I host a party, like any normal human being, my ultimate intention is to impress my guests and make them spend a wonderful time that they can cherish forever. And it will be a lie if I say I could not make it possible. Right from the invitation to food, my guests were extremely pleased with my efforts. I could clearly see the immense joy and delight on their faces. Some even sent me messages of appreciation after leaving, which means a lot to me!

5 Steps To Execute Your Flower Kitty Party Theme

Now that I am quite excited with the success of my party, I am dying to share with you the easy steps that you can take to organize a memorable flower-based party. Typically there are five main steps: invitation, room decor, dress code, games and food.

1. Invitation

For invitations, you can either buy the cards or make them yourself, which is even more exciting! You need a bunch of multi-colored papers, a flower-shaped cookie-cutter, glitters, stickers, crayon colors or whatever else you can think of. Make beautiful flower-shaped paper base with the cookie-cutter and then adorn it with whatever crafts you have collected. You can also leverage the creative genius in your kids to do the job.

What I did – I personally like making such things myself as I am a BIG DIY FAN. I took coloured foam sheets, cut them into flower-shaped planes and then decorated it with my collection of glitters, floral stickers and stones. I used plastic flower petals to form the text for which I received a lot of appreciation. I send the invites a week before the party to give enough time to my guests to get ready for the occasion.

2. Room Decor

Here comes my favorite segment – the room decor! I just love it as it makes me feel like I am preparing to move to some new location with a new ambiance! You can use curtains, cushion covers and tablecloths with floral prints. Beautiful flower vases, floral arts and paintings on walls are enough to decorate the venue and remember to include a tint of greenery everywhere to make things look more natural.…

Are You PPC Compliant?

If you are using PPC (Pay Per Click) to drive visitors to your website, your website needs to be PPC compliant.

PPC ad consistency is designed to captivate your visitor. When people click on your PPC ad your website will have only seconds to get then to step 2. What is step 2? Following the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) law of advertising, step 2 is interest. You already have their attention, now you have seconds to get them interested.

If you can follow these steps and get this right you can watch all the rest of the pieces of your hard work and Internet marketing strategy fall right into place.

1. Be Consistent: Your PPC ad and website headline should not be disjointed. When a visitor arrives from an ad there should a consistent message from the ad to the website headline. Put yourself in your prospect’s mind. Why did they click on your PPC ad? What are they expecting to see? What are they looking for?

2. Use descriptive language that is easy to understand and relate to your prospect as detailed and quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a coffee pot for example, which headline makes you want to read more?

New Coffee Pot Brews at Desired time


Wake Up Every Morning to the Smell of Your Favorite Coffee Wafting to Your Bedroom From the Freshly Brewed Cup That Awaits You in the Kitchen

Your headline must be in harmony with your PPC ad and cause the reader to be interested immediately. Comply with AIDA and be PPC consistent and you will reap the rewards.…

Paper Towels – Effect on the Environment

Paper towels seem like a brilliant invention. What’s more convenient than disposable towels that you don’t have to clean or use again? Just buy new ones and throw the old one away. What we may not think about when using paper towels are the extreme waste that they create, and what their effects on the environment truly are.

Paper towels were first invented as a way for medical facilities to prevent the spread of germs. In the beginning, these disposable products weren’t as popular as they are today, but that changed fast. Paper towels soon were used in households all over America, and the waste started piling up.

The Effects of Paper Towels

Paper towels, like any paper product, are made from trees. That means every time you use a disposable towel, you’re using the inside of a tree to wipe down your counters and surfaces. In your lifetime, you’ll probably use thousands and thousands of rolls, which will is the equivalent of an entire forest. Imagine a local forest that you’ve walked through being completely cut down just for paper towels!

It’s Not Just Trees That Are Being Consumed for Paper Towels

Paper towels use a whole lot more resources than just trees. First, the trees have to be grown to make the product. These might be grown on a farm, or more likely, they’re just cut down. This requires heavy machinery which uses fuel, and man power to get the job done. Those trees must then be transported to a facility to be cleaned and processed. The process will use more resources like oil, and especially water.

Next, the product will be transported to a packaging facility. From there, they will make their way to a warehouse to be distributed, then to the grocery store, then to your home. Imagine the amount of fuel used to transport these trees! This means the less disposable towels and paper products you use, the less trees will be cut down.

Paper Towels in Landfills

Landfills are filled with disposable paper products like diapers, napkins, printer paper, notebooks, tissues, and paper towels. There is no way to recycle or reuse disposable many disposable paper products like sanitary napkins and diapers (not to mention it isn’t sanitary!). What happens to these paper products? Eventually, paper products biodegrade. The amount of time that paper towels take to biodegrade varies, but typically it is about one year. The thicker the towel, the longer it will take to break down into the environment. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the paper isn’t the only thing in paper products, and also that we are using paper towels faster than they can biodegrade into the environment. We’re using our resources faster than we can replace them, and the waste is piling up even faster.

Chemicals in Paper Towels

Paper towels aren’t exactly just trees. To increase absorbency, they’ve been subjected to dioxins and other ingredients (the process isn’t disclosed on the roll of paper towels). They are also …

5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe Inside The House

Canines are truly curious beings that even when in the safety of a home, they still find trouble. They love to bite and chew just about anything that comes their way which is their way of exploring the world around them. However, most of the things inside the house are not edible and biting as well as chewing can be harmful to a dog’s health. To keep your furry friend safe inside the house, follow these simple dog safety tips:

Keep cupboards closed at all times

One of the most dangerous items that your pet can come across with in your home are household cleaners. Whether they are placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, cleaners contain plenty of toxic substances that can poison your dog and cause serious complications to his health. Remember to keep cupboards closed at all times – use child proof locks if your dog knows your way around them. Better yet, keep the harmful cleaners out of your dog’s reach by placing them on high shelves.

Train your dog to keep away from electric cords

Electric cords are another threat to pets who live inside the house. Unfortunately, somewhat they are tempting to canines, especially puppies. Aside from going through the hassle of replacing a chewed-on cord (again!), cords can cause electrical shock or burns to pets. Keep your cords in bundles and out of reach from your furry friends as possible and teach them that chewing on anything electrical is a no-no.

Make your garage pet-friendly

The garage is another area in the home where dangerous chemicals for the car or for the yard are stored. For example, dogs are attracted to the sweetness of antifreeze but can be lethal to them when consumed. Keep these chemicals on high shelves if your dog spends time in the garage.

Know which house plants are dangerous to dogs

Holly and Easter Lily are holiday plants that can be poisonous to canines, among others. Do some research about pet-friendly house plants to place in your home if you have pets running around.

Keep the garbage out of reach

Pets have this habit of going through the garbage – sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes because they’re looking for food. Keep garbage bins out of reach from pets. Also make sure that your dog has daily scheduled feedings that keep his hunger at bay throughout the day to keep him from looking for food from other places.

Follow these easy dog safety tips to keep your pet healthy and happy inside your home!…

Anatomy of a Grass Plant

The grass plant has taken millions of years to get to the stage it is at now. In early times grazing herbivores used it as a primary food source. Grass plants that great close to the ground and developed crowns went on to survive and flourish. Today's turf grass has evolved from these early survivors. Almost all homeowners receive enjoyment from their lawns. Very few of us really takes the time to examine the grass plant up close, by doing so we would be astounded by its complexity and characteristics.

The primary growth in a grass plant grows from a ground hugging point known as the crown. By mowing at a height above the crown you ensure the plants survival. Many times during a spring clean up, the crew will damage the crown causing devastating results if the damage occurs during active growth. Shoot and roots originate from the crown. The root system is utilized by the plant to hold it in place, as well as being the primary means of acquisiting nutrients and water from the soil. By developing leaves and stems above ground the plant takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide in a process known as photosynthesis. First to appear from the crown is the primary shoot. It produces a leaf and a stem. Each leaf has a blade and a sheath. The sheath wraps itself around the blade to protect it, while the blade continues to grow upwards. Where the blade and sheath meet is known as the collar. In the interior of the collar is a ring of hairs known as the ligules. Ear shaped lobes known as auricles are found at the end of the ligule. Grass identification uses the different sizes, and shapes of the auricles and ligules to categorize individual cultivars of grass.

Additional shoots originating from the crown are known as tillers. Tillers aid in making your lawn thick and lush. By encouraging a thick, lush lawn you go a long way in stopping weed growth, insect infestation, and damage by turf diseases. Kentucky Bluegrass, which is a common cultivar in our area, spreads by creeping stems underground known as rhizomes. As the rhizome continues to grow it will create additional plants that are capable of sustaining themselves by producing their own roots and shoots. By taking the time to understand the basic structures of your grass and how different grasses reproduce, you will be on your way to creating a lush, thick weed free lawn. …

Band of Brothers – Easy Company in Normandy

The hit television mini series Band of Brothers, followed soldiers from Easy Company from their initial training to the end of World War 2 in Germany. These men and many thousands more from the 82nd and 101st Airborne, would drop into Normandy before the allied beach invasion on June 6th 1944.

These men were tasked with destroying key strategic locations and disrupting German lines of communication. They were also required to shield Utah and Omaha landing beaches from an enemy counter attack from Cherbourg.

Cherbourg, located at the northern tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, was occupied by German troops from the 709th Infantry Division. Formed in 1941, this division was made up of many foreign nationals; many of whom decided to join the German Wehrmacht rather than face persecution from their own countries. The average age of this division was considered old compared to the thousands of young Americans who would land on the beaches on D-day. In certain areas within the Cotentin Peninsula, the German resistance was considered weaker than other parts of Normandy. Speculation suggests that this may have been a result of the less than fanatic foreigners within the 709th. It may also have been due to lack of combat experience for most of the soldiers involved.

After the parachute drop on the morning of June 6th, many of the soldiers from both the 82nd and 101st landed way off their drop zone targets. As a result, it took sometime to regroup and form scratch units to start the Normandy invasion. Many men were killed before landing or drowned in the many areas flooded by the Germans.

Later that morning, the beach invasion started. Utah Beach, the westernmost point for Operation Overlord, was captured very quickly by the allies with less than 200 men killed. This operation was considered an almost perfect success.

The push in land from Utah to Carentan was being held up by the shelling from a German Battery position at Brecourt Manor. Easy Company was ordered to disable this position to assist the landing of men and supplies on the beach.

As depicted in Band of Brothers, the assault at Brecourt Manor was a textbook display of tactics. The four Howitzers were disabled and many of the Germans manning the battery were killed. For his leadership in this attack, Lieutenant Richard Winters was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross Medal. This would be the start of his rise through the ranks; ending the war as a Major.

Carentan was the next location shown in the series and Lieutenant Winters and his men would witness fierce fighting in capturing this strategic town. This town was of great importance to both sides as it was the link between Utah and Omaha beaches. Standing between the Americans and Carentan were elite German paratroopers. They would be formidable opposition to the allies and many men were lost in the house to house fighting.

All these years after the invasion, Normandy pays homage to those brave men who …

French Country Or French Provincial – What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between French Country decor and French Provincial decor or even Country French decorating? Let’s take a look.

In the past, the general style of rural France was known as French Provincial – the name being associated with Provence, where rural life had remained relatively unchanged with its rustic textures, rich colors and almost primitive furnishings, all inspired by the beautiful country side. By association all of rural France was referred to as Provincial.

But there’s more to the French country side other than rural Provence. France is a huge country and further up north the summers are mild and the winters are cold, unlike the warm southern region of Provence.

The landscape and play of natural light is also vastly different between north and south (and east and west). Traveling northwards you will find paler colors echoing the northern skies, in total contrast to the strong and vibrant colors of the sunny south. These natural differences influence color and style between the regions. Furthermore, historical and regional influences vary throughout the country.

Besides regional influences, country society too had its influence – ranking homes as either a manor, gentleman’s home or middle class home, with the status of these homes being way above the simple farmhouse or cottage. A manor could belong to an aspiring merchant, or perhaps be an owner’s country retreat away from the city.

It was only natural that Chateau style living would filter down to these homes. Here the basic furniture of the peasant farmer would meet the refined embellishments of the chateau; therefore the interior of these country homes would be quite different to the interior of a working farmhouse nearby.

French Country refers to the style and colors of all France’s rural regions, from vibrant and sunny Provence in the south, to calm and cool Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the north. From country manor to farm cottage. A casual style with a subtle crossover – where the beauty and simplicity of rustic France meets the refined living of the French chateau.

Even though regions differ in style, color and texture, all have the same traditional values uniting them as one. It is not only a style but a lifestyle. Here are a few examples:

  • Love and respect for time honored traditions and craftsmanship
  • Genuine love of the countryside and its natural materials
  • Re-inventing instead of discarding
  • Sophisticated simplicity
  • Harmony, scale and balance

In conclusion, today the name French Country is a ‘catch all’ decor term for all the rural regions of France, incorporating both the rustic farm and the more refined manor style – including the term French Provincial or Country French.…