Viva Las Vegas Buffets

Please correct me if I am wrong but are not Las Vegas Buffets just the best in the
World! OK there are a few ones that are a bit how your your father (an Australian term
For so so) but I am still going to a buffet that I havn't enjoyed. This is probably why I
Have a Vegas Buffet waist line.

Here I would like to share with you my top seven favorite buffets in Las Vegas.

1. La Village Buffet as Paris hotel.

I have to say that this buffet is total class, great service and the best French cuisine I
Have ever tasted. They also have a great seafood selection and as far as I know are
The only buffet that serves Bananas Foster for dessert! With great atmosphere I give
It a 10/10

2. Spice Market Buffet at Aladdin.

This buffet has a similar feel to the buffet at paris but more fake jewels on the walls
. The food is great but I have to say the selection was not as exciting as at paris.
However it really is great value and located in the middle of some of the best
Shopping in Vegas, who can complain!

3 Todai Japanese Seafood Buffet at Aladdin.

If you love Japanese then this is the place for you. More sushi then you can poke a
Stick at! They seem to have the most fresh and best selection of sushi I have seen
In a very long time. Other buffets really could afford to learn from this great place.

4.French Market Buffet at Orleans

I really liked this buffet. It was clean with a great selection of French foods on show.
Judging by the size of some of the partrons of this place they could not either! If
You are over that way and looking for a not too expensive lunch or dinner option
Then this is place for you.

5. Village Seafood Buffet as Rio

If you love seafood then you will be in heaven! Well worth the wait for the bus ride
To Rio (you catch it a Bally's) the seafood here is the best in Vegas. The ironic thing
Is that I can not eat seafood, but I was taking my Mom out so I wanted to make sure
She had a great night. Despite not being able to eat much of the buffet, I was still
Able to leave with a more then full feeling that left me more then satisfied. By the
Way Mom says the seafood was fantastic!

6. The Buffet at Bellagio at Bellagio

For a place that is as glitzy and showy as the Bellagio I have to say I was a little
Disappointed at the fare they presented. Do not get me wrong it was all very nice but
Perhaps just not at the level you would expect of such a "high roller" establishment.
The day I was there they did have lovely duck and I had just lost $ …

Homework Organization For Students (And Their Parents)

I spend a lot of time at my seminars and workshops, on the phone and via email discussing the subject of homework organization. Actually, I spend a lot of time listening to parents complain that their children’s homework disorganization is driving everybody crazy!

Many students have such a hard time getting it together that by the time they finally sit down to do their homework, they are exhausted. No wonder they don’t want to do it! Getting organized will help alleviate exhaustion, bad attitudes, procrastination and rebelliousness.

Homework organization just makes life easier for everyone.

These are the homework organization tips that I use as a student, teacher and parent. Print this list and read it with your children. Then, post it on the fridge and refer to it often so that everybody (parents, kids, babysitters, grandparents) will be on the same organized page.

At School:

  • Write down every, single homework assignment in one place. I strongly recommend using a bound or wire notebook- definitely NOT a loose leaf binder. I don’t care how careful you are, pages will fall out, and then what? You won’t know what to do nor when to do it! A plain notebook is fine, but a datebook or calendar is the best. Some schools even provide these to students. Use it.
  • Write down homework assignments as you get them. This is mostly for older students that change classes and teachers, but it is a good habit for everyone. If the teacher says, “Oh, tonight I want you to read Chapter 4,” write that down in your notebook.
  • Write down every, single due date for a project or paper- even if you have a handout or syllabus. Handouts disappear (I think they hang out with loose socks), but you will still know what to do and when to do it if you have everything written down in your homework notebook.
  • Keep ALL of the day’s homework assignments together in one place. Don’t have a special place or page for math, another for writing, etc. You want to see everything in one spot.
  • Check your homework notebook Three (3) Times A Day: Before you leave school (or each class), double check to make certain that you have everything (books, paper, materials, etc.) that you will need later.

At Home:

  • Before you start doing your homework, look at your notebook and make sure that you are doing the right assignment, the right page, etc.
  • Before you put everything away, take one more quick look. Did you do everything? Good!
  • Make a decision about where you will put your completed homework: into a binder pocket, a special homework folder, etc. You may decide to have a color-coded folder for each class. If you choose to use folders, I strongly recommend using 3-hole punched folders and keeping them together in a 3-ring binder. Whatever you choose, stick to it! Don’t put your homework in your a binder today, a folder tomorrow… And, never, ever fold your homework into a

Following A Plant Based Diet Is Easy With Home Gardens

Many people today are turning to a plant-based diet as an alternative to diets too rich in saturated meat products, junk food, and highly processed foods. In some cases, it involves spending more time in the produce section of your local grocery store, looking for fruits and vegetables that are grown organically and spending extra money on them.

You can follow a great plant-based diet in an even better way while growing your fruits and vegetables in your own home garden. If you live in an apartment, you can start a container garden in front of a sunny window. If you have a plot of land to turn into a garden you can go big with a garden filled with healthy fruits and vegetables. You can grow almost anything in a small garden so you have the spring, summer and fall to eat off your own land.

Vegetables Easily Grown At Home

Tomatoes lend themselves well to container gardening and can grow like wild in the good earth of your back yard. They grow and ripen all season long so you can pick what you need for sandwiches, salads, snacks, fresh sauces and even for juicing.

You can grow your own peas or beans in a container or in your backyard garden. They are rich in phytonutrients that have their maximum potency if you simply pick what you need and eat them as soon as possible; you have the greatest amount of healthy phytonutrients and antioxidants in the food shortly after picking them.

Peppers, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and greens like Kale are great options for a home garden and allow you to reach for healthy and super fresh produce all summer long and into the fall.

Your Home Garden

If you decide to have a back yard home garden, you need to decide if you want to grow organic foods or not. Organic gardening is the best possible choice because the food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. This means no harmful chemicals exist with the food you pick and you can even eat them straight out of the garden without having to wash them extensively.

Grow a wide variety of foods that become ripe at different times of the season:

Radishes, for example, take only a few weeks to become edible and, after pulling them up, you have room to grow a row of something else. Most people grow tomatoes and some people grow carrots, lettuce, and potatoes.

Both potatoes and squash need the entire summer to become available for eating so all you need to do is to keep them weed-free and watch them grow. In the early autumn or late summer, you can dig up the potatoes and harvest the squash. These types of produce can be kept at room temperature or in a cool place for many months so you have instant winter eating from vegetables you grew in the summer.

Lettuce and other greens can be grown and harvested all summer long for the …

Tumble Dryers and Spin Dryer Machines – Which is Superior?

Many decades ago, people needed a way of drying their clothes in a more efficient manner than doing it manually and having to wait for the sun to shine. Drying clothes as an enormous task that can cost a person many hours per day.

In recent decades, drying machines have entered the scene and they are here to make our lives easier. There are a lot of different kinds on the market. They come in condensing and vented form, but also in tumbling and spinning form.

The key difference between a spinner and a tumbler is the way in which they dry clothes. The spinner will rapidly spin around clothes and force the water out of them by using centrifugal force. A tumbler heats its interior and uses the heat to make clothes dry.

The advantage that a spinner has over a tumbler, is that it uses hardly any electricity in comparison to the tumbler. The tumbling machine is known to be one of the most energy thirsty household appliances known to man. It uses much energy to heat up its interior.

The advantage that a tumbler has over a dryer, is that it can do its job much faster than the spinner. This is because all the heat that it generates does a really great job at getting water out wet clothes. It takes longer with centrifugal force.

It’s possible to combine these dryers’ advantages by first spinning your laundry and then tumbling it. By taking it for a 5 minute spin, you take so much water out of the clothes, that you will cut the upcoming tumbling time in half. This saves you much electricity.

More and more people are choosing a spin dryer over a tumble dryer because it’s so much cheaper. Of course, if you’ve got money to burn then you might as well go with a tumbler. They’re much faster and many people like the feeling of wearing warm clothes.

If you ever decide to go out and purchase a spinner, then get the one with the most rotations. The faster your clothes spin around, the sooner they’ll be dry. Go with a spinner that does more than 3000 rotations per minute for the best results.…

Modern Landscape Design

Modern landscape design is the usage of many materials that are available locally or abroad. As for most contractors, the fusion between East and West have been a more popular choice for new homeowners when it comes to creating a garden or patio. Sometimes, the more surreal the design tends to be better, which would not sacrifice the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasymmetry that would not be too difficult for the homeowner to walk around the garden.

Some of the designs that have been displayed utilizes the full effect of a small waterfall using piles of rock, along with a foliage of exotic plants that surrounds the front. Stacked stones are another great way when it comes to landscapes, especially when it comes to certain areas where trees are located. Flagstone steps are also a novel when it comes to creating a patio with an available table and chairs for the purpose of relaxation. For most designs, they even find a way to make swimming pools even more attractive using flagstones and a small waterfall to complete the effect.

The initial design for modern landscapes would require a large enough investment; most preferably those who wish to start building a house with a good size of land. Not so much of a requirement, most contractors would recommend starting off with what they have in terms of property size before choosing a theme and calculating the costs for labor and materials. References can be found just about anywhere these days, ranging from a few films, television and even the Internet, where most of them do offer their services. Construction may take several days depending on the size, of course, while the more simpler ones, like flagstone steps that follows to a brick patio with a nearby pergola are considered as a bit cheaper.

The steps needed are often to most obvious when it comes to modern landscapes, as it requires a building permit, considering the alterations needed that does not affect the plot of land. Materials like rocks, wood and even metal can not be replaced with cheaper alternatives, as it only undermines the original purpose. As such, some of the landscapes seen have been from those who can really afford it and others from public parks like the ones in Boston and New York. …

The Advantages of Cloud CRM Software Over On Premise CRM Solutions

Any business today that wants to survive, much less thrive, needs to employ effective CRM software if its business deals with customers. It does not matter if your business is new or very established, you need to have customers to drive your business; and you need effective and efficient customer relationship management solutions to help you as it is impossible to please your customers all the time on your own.

A good CRM solution is able to adjust to your business style and requirements; it allows your business to grow and the system grows together with you.

You can consider xCRM or On-Premise solutions depending on your user size, access, deployment and required features to boost your business.

Cloud-Based CRM Software

A cloud-based CRM is a popular solution where you can have both the application and the data accessible on the web quickly. This is also a good choice if you are new to solutions; CRM solution allows you the simplicity of working a application to confirm the best features applicable to your business before you move on an on-premise solution.

On-premise CRM Solution

An on-promise CRM solution is a best value, low cost full-featured that can be tailor to fit your business requirements. With an in-house database on your business and customers, you get better control over your system with faster Web access.

Advantages of cloud-based over on-premise CRM

However, for a small or simple business, CRM solutions offer more advantages over on-premise solutions. The former gives you the peace of mind in migration to an on-premise solution later with its flexibility. There are little differences in the technical requirements and no data loss on your migration from your system to an on-premise system.

One of the advantages of cloud-based over on-premise solutions is the need to set up a firm IT infrastructure with in-house IT support and resources for an on-premise solution while cloud-based CRM solution requires only a simple IT infrastructure with little IT support and customization. Integration requirements for a solution are very basic unlike the on-premise CRM solution.

A new set up with on-premise solution may find it difficult to integrate the necessary security or controls on its simple and new processes and small quantum of data; since, a CRM system is the better choice as no specialized data structures are required until your business processes expand with your data.

Another advantage of the cloud-based CRM solution is that it caters for consistent IT operating expenses on a monthly basis or lower IT systems capital expenditure whereas the on-premise system requires a sizable budget to cover for the larger start-up capital investment and other costs to be paid upfront. …

Suggested Careers For Myers Briggs Test Personality Types

During times of a major economic downturn many people decide to change their career. Usually a major career change will require that you go back to school. Going back to school can be a tough decision especially if you have already started your career. To help decide which career type you should follow we have created a list of careers that are best suited for each of the 16 Myers Briggs personality types.


Military, business administrators, managers, police/detective work, judges, financial officers, teachers, sales representatives, government workers, insurance agents, underwriters, nursing administrators, trade and technical teachers, mafia dons. Natural leaders, they work best when they are in charge and enforcing the rules.


Business executives, administrators and managers, accountants, police, detectives, judges, lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, computer programmers, systems analysts, computer specialists, auditors, electricians, math teachers, mechanical engineers, steelworkers, technicians, militia members. Similar to the ESTJ, they have a knack for detail and memorization, but work more behind the scenes instead of up front as a leader.


Home economics, nursing, teaching, administrators, child care, family practice physician, clergy, office managers, counselers, social workers, bookkeeping, accounting, secretaries, organization

leaders, dental assistants, homemakers, radiological technologists, receptionists, religious educators, speech pathologists.. They do best in jobs where they can apply their natural warmth at building relationships with other people.


Interior decorators, designers, nurses, administrators, managers, secretaries, child care/early childhood development, social work, counselors, paralegals, clergy, office managers, shopkeepers,

bookkeepers, homemakers, gardeners, clerical supervisors, curators, family practice physicians, health service workers, librarians, medical technologists, typists. Tradition-oriented and down-to-earth, they do best in jobs where they can help people achieve their goals, or where structure is needed.


Sales representatives, marketers, police, detectives, paramedics, medical technicians, computer technicians, computer technical support, entrepreneurs, comedians, agents, race car drivers,

firefighters, military, loan sharks, con men, auditors, carpenters, craft workers, farmers, laborers, service workers, transportation operatives. They have a gift for reacting to and solving immediate problems, and persuading other people.


Police, detectives, forensic pathologists, computer programmers, system analysts, computer specialists, engineers, carpenters, mechanics, pilots, drivers, athletes, entrepreneurs, firefighters,

paramedics, construction workers, dental hygienists, electrical engineers, farmers, military, probation officers, steelworkers, transportation operatives, hit men. With the ability to stay calm

under pressure, they excel in any job which requires immediate action.


Actors, painters, comedians, adult entertainers, sales representatives, teachers, counselors, social workers, child care, fashion designers, interior decorators, consultants, photographers,

musicians, human resources managers, clerical supervisors, coaches, factory supervisors, food service workers, receptionists, recreation workers, religious educators, respiratory therapists.. Optimistic and fun-loving, their enthusiasm is great for motivating others.


Artists, musicians, composers, designers, child care workers, social workers, counselers, teachers, veterinarians, forest rangers, naturalists, bookkeepers, carpenters, personal service workers,

clerical supervisors, secretaries, dental and medical staffers, waiters and waitresses, chefs, nurses, mechanics, physical therapists, x-ray technicians. They tend to do well in the arts, as well as helping others and working with people.


Teachers, consultants, psychiatrists, social workers, counselers, clergy, sales representative, human resources, managers, events coordinators, politicians, diplomats, writers, …

Home Made Vacations

Who told you that a great vacation is hundreds of miles away? Who told you that a good time gotta cost a lot of money? Who told you that you can’t have a luxurious vacation without booking a flight, securing hotel reservations, getting a car rental, or packing up a suitcase? Because that’s all lies! You can do it! The magic word? STAYCATION!

But, what is a staycation, anyway?

Umm… I’m so glad you asked, Mr. Bear! Because, boy have I got some honey for you!

A staycation is simply a home vacation! That’s right! Instead of taking the girl to the country, we’re gonna bring the country to the girl! Right in the living room too!

Don’t you know that the possibilities are truly endless!

You can go camping, right in the living room! We can sleep in the woods, right from the back bedroom! We can even make the entire sun disappear by covering every single window and door crack up with dark bags and tape! We can sit around a makeshift fire in our little campsite (using a ceramic heater) and enjoy marshmallow smores!

Or, we can turn the house into a luxury vacation home! We can hang fancy drapes up around the house, and breakout our finest dish wear! Let’s get fancy! Cover the table with a nice-looking tablecloth and get some accent candles to match it!

We can literally go anywhere in the world simply by dressing the house up accordingly! We only need a little bit of creativity.

The key to a great staycation is being in the spirit and having the right type of focus in place. We gotta make up our minds that we are going to play by the rules, and we are going to commit to having a good old time!

Get the furniture out of the way. If we’re going for an outdoor thing, then we want to get rid of as much furniture as possible. But, where would we put everything?

Well, if you have an extra room, we can move everything to that one single room and then close it off. We should disassemble things like the end tables and the furniture that comes apart easily. We don’t need to disassemble the entertainment center, but we can just drape a thick cloth over it instead.

We want to have as much open space as we can.

It’s best to create a schedule to follow, because without this, then we will be tempted to get back into our regular home routine. We should consider closing off the kitchen too. We want the house to feel different and out of the normal setting.

If we are going for an upscale staycation, then we would instead work to fancy the house up a bit.

We should consider moving a few pieces around too. Because, this would add to the change of feeling in the house.

Be sure to turn off and unplug all TV’s if we’re going the outdoor thing. …

Skin Care – Taking Care of the Biggest Organ You've Got

What do you look at every day, weights around 7 pounds, and how it changes over time can determine how you feel about yourself as a person? This extremely powerful seven pound wonder can stretch and fold; wrinkle and bend and still retain its original character. It's self repairing and completely replace itself every 28 or so days and its outgoing condition can literally attract or repel other people.

It's your skin – the single largest organ on your body and the most vulnerable to ravages of time.

As an organ, like the liver, kidneys or the heart, the best way to maintain its continued health is to do preventative care and provide the skin proper nutrition. This is a fundamental concept that is coming into advertising vogue with some mid-level consumer grade products. Most people, simply because it's your skin do not see it in the same way they do internal organs but the secret to great skin is outer nutrition in the same way that inner nutrition is basis for continued well being and together they are the keys to preventive health care. The general skin care market is roughly valued at around $ 30 billion a year (general, teen, sun / lip care and anti-aging) and all of us are customers. So as a good customer you want to make sure how to evaluate what will work to get the best value for yourself.

Outer Nutrition and You Given a $ 30 billion market, 6 billion people and all the variations in climate, diet and pressures, where do you start to find the right products for you? Throw out everything in your bathroom and start over? Outer Nutrition is about supplying the largest organ in your body with the nutrition it craves. Using this concept, always look for products that stress their vitamin and mineral content. Your skin requires and you can get great results by looking for products that are rich in:  

Vitamin A

  • helps regulate skin growth
  • improves skin moisture content
  • helps reverse signs of premature aging

Vitamin C

  • helps your skin produce collagen
  • Promotes firm skin tone
  • supports your skin's immune system

Vitamin E

  • protects skin moisture
  • smoothes skin surface
  • helps reduce inflation

Skin types Skin is amazing – it not only protects the skeletal and internal tissues but it has evolved into specialized skin types with distinct properties to protect diverse areas of the body. Take a look in the mirror at your face and neck to get a clear picture. The skin around your eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead are all different and require different types of care. Each "type" of skin ages and feels the effects of stress, pollution, etc. differently. The skin on your lips is the same as on your hand and feet, it's not similar to your eyes. This is why one moisturizer or one type of any skin care simply does not work. The classic example is the area from the bottom of the chin through …

Winter Is Coming – And So Is the Mould

As the pending Southern Hemisphere winter knocks on our doorstep we are faced with many minor headaches throughout our properties; but none are more annoying than the build up of mould in bathrooms and laundries.

Last season was an exceptionally cold winter for us and the amount of heavily built up mould that I saw in bathrooms and laundries was at monumental levels. The crazy thing, it doesn’t have to be! There are a few simple tricks to keeping mould from taking over your bathroom and potentially damaging paintwork (which could create bond issues for tenants) and more importantly health.

Mould removal should be part of any cleaning routine and must be kept in check to reduce its likelihood for growth. After 10 years in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, one thing I have had a lot of experience with is mould; we used to get mould in everything, and I mean everything. If you are old enough to remember back to VHS video tapes, even they would get mould in them.

So, what to do about controlling mould during the coming winter? – If you have a bathroom fan, make sure you use it. Always turn on the bathroom fan while you shower and be sure to leave it run long enough after you have finished to help moisture leave the bathroom.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have the good old IXL Tastic (heat, fan, and light) make sure you have it on, the heater globes will help keep the moisture build up to a minimum while the fan will carry out the obvious work.

If you only have a window, then be sure to make sure to open it a little. I know the thought of this is not much fun in 2 degree weather, but its paramount to keep the moisture build up from steam to a minimum – this of course goes for laundries too, especially while running dryers. Another good idea while running a dryer is to make sure the laundry door is open, it will not only allow for ventilation but assist in keeping the home warmer.

Finally, if (and when, as you won’t always be able to keep mould at bay) have a spray bottle of bleach, not the expensive stuff, but the simple homebrand bleach. It costs near nothing and a few short and sharp squirts on the affected area will generally kill the mould in its tracks. No need to spray and scrub, just squirt on and leave, ideally when the area is dry, not just after a shower as it will dilute and be less effective.

These simple tricks should help you survive the mould attack that has become so prevalent during long and chilly winters.

It’s also worth noting that as a tenant you may very likely become responsible for any damage caused by mould. If not controlled and left unchecked, mould can eat through paintwork and even the walls. So control any mould that is …