Packing and Boxing When Moving Home or Office

When you are moving your house or your office, there are many factors to consider. First, you must determine the amount of time that you have to move. When is this move supposed to take place? If you have several months before the event, the circumances surrounding your move will be different. If this is a sudden move and you only have a few weeks or even days, there will be much haste to your planning.

Another factor to consider is the distance of the move. Are you moving across town, across the state, across the country or even to another country? The distance to your new location makes a big difference in how your items will be transported and what you need to do to get them there.

A third factor to consider when moving your house or office is how much equipment you have and how much space you will have at your new concessions. Is your office only one small room or does it encompass several offices including an office for a secretary, supply room, etc.? Is your house a three bedroom house with living room, den, family room and two bathrooms? Or is it a one bedroom apartment with a single bathroom?

The amount of stuff you have indicates how many boxes you need as well as other moving supplies. Moving boxes are expensive so if you have any advance notice of your move, it is best to start collecting free boxes early from stores around town. Advertise on free classifieds online asking for moving boxes. People always have boxes to give away and will be glad to give them to you if you offer to come and pick them up. Mass merchandising stores such as Wal-Mart or Target have scheduled deliveries on specific days of the week. Make sure you are there that day after unloading time to grab up all the empty boxes. Unless you have a large vehicle to transport the boxes as they are, you will most likely have to break them down and then put them back together when it's time to move. It makes it much easier to store them that way. All you need is some packaging tape to put them back together and then seal them for the move.

When packing up your house or office, a good rule of thumb is to pack up one room at a time. Label each box with the name of that room so the contents are easier to find later. For example, all boxes for the kitchen should be labeled "kitchen." Instruct the movers, either professional or friends or family to place these boxes in the correct room at the new location. If your old home has a living room and a family room and your new home only has a living room, label the contents for where you want them to go instead. The best way to make the move of your home or office successful is to remain organized and calm. You'll get to your new location with the relief of having the move completely behind you.