How to Paint a Bathroom Like a Pro

DIY repairs and remodeling projects are becoming more and more common by the day. There are numerous how-to guides and videos online but even with all the tips and tricks available, you may not be armed with everything you need to know. The one thing you aren’t usually privy to would be the huge number of contractor disaster stories which are often the best-kept industry secrets. If you want to know how to paint a bathroom like a pro, learn from their mistakes!

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Knowing What to Remove

When painting a bathroom, you might be tempted to simply leave everything where it is with the hope of using a small brush to paint around the edges. This is a huge mistake and one that many professional house painters have come to regret. Not only is it almost impossible not to get paint on those towel racks and mirrors, but it is almost impossible to reach behind the toilet to get adequate wall coverage! Some painters, in an attempt to reach behind the toilet, have knocked the tank cover off, resulting in a large crack. That is a costly mistake to make! Always, if possible, remove the toilet so that you can reach the wall behind it. Switch covers and electrical outlet covers should be removed as well.

Why You Should Use Drop Cloths and Painter’s Tape

Another big contractor disaster story arises when they don’t take the time to cover the sealing compound around tubs and showers. That material is easily stained by paint and if you don’t want colored splotches in the sealant, it’s best to cover those lines with securely fastened painter’s tape. While you can usually get paint off ceramic tubs, plastic tubs and showers can be easily stained as well. To avoid any painting disasters, cover the tub or shower carefully and secure the plastic sheeting securely with painter’s tape. This is one step you should never try to avoid because it’s easier and cheaper to cover your tub than it is to have it replaced or repaired!

Avoid Slipping on Floors When Painting

For one final word of advice when painting a bathroom, always use the right kind of floor covering to avoid slipping. Not only are you in danger of getting injured but the paint bucket you are holding can spill everywhere creating a huge mess which may, or may not, be easily cleaned. Professional home painters advise that you use rosin paper instead of plastic sheeting as it is not slippery and will do the job nicely while enabling you to keep a grip.

In the end, it’s important to know what you should remove and what can be safely covered when painting a bathroom. Just remember that if you remove the toilet, it must be reseated once the job is done. However, once you get a look at that lovely paint job, you might even want to get a new water-efficient toilet to complete the new look you are after. Always know what can go wrong so that you can take steps to avoid costly mistakes. That’s the bottom line when looking to paint a bathroom like a pro.