Five Ways to Boost the Appeal of a Home You Want to Sell

Most people who put their home up for sale want to sell it as quickly as possible for the highest possible price. The chances of a quick sell are higher if a home has a lot of features that will appeal to most buyers. Look at five things you can do to make your home more appealing to potential buyers who are taking a tour.

Brightening Up a Dark Hallway with Paint

Do you have a hallway in your home that needs brightening up? If so, this can be accomplished by painting the walls in a lighter color. For instance, if the hallway walls are brown or dark green, change their color to a beige or even a bright white. You’ll be surprised how much a light shade of paint can brighten up a dark hallway.

Replacing Dark Carpet

A floor of dark carpeting can make an entire room seem dark and uninviting. If you have a bedroom, living room or study with dark carpeting, replace it with carpet in a pastel color. A new floor of bright pastel blue or green carpeting is sure to be appreciated by potential buyers touring through your home.

Repainting Baseboards

Checkout the baseboards in the rooms of your home. Are they bright white? If not, give them a new coat of bright white paint. This is a simple thing to do, but bright white baseboards can bring instant vibrancy to any colors in the room. Even though you are only painting the baseboards and not the walls, be sure to put down dropcloths. These Trimaco products will protect your hardwood or carpeted floors from spilled or splashed paint while you make your way around the border of the room.

Making the Most of the Natural Light

Look at the windows in your home. Do you have dark curtains on them? If you do, replace them with white curtains that filter the natural light. This gives any room an airy atmosphere allowing potential buyers to let their imaginations start to work on how they would furnish the room if they owned your home.

Put New Fixtures in the Bathroom

If the faucet in your bathroom is an older model, put in an updated, modern one. The faucets and sink are the first things a potential buyer sees as they peek into the bathroom of a home. Seeing a gleaming sink faucet will give them an instant favorable impression of your bathroom.
Lastly, with just a few adjustments to the décor you can make your place extra appealing, so a new family can appreciate your home as much as you do.