Feng Shui and Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

When considering feng shui principles in the bedroom, remember that the bedroom is a key area that we focus on when applying Feng Shui to a house. The bedroom is important as it is the place where you rest and recuperate. As such we need the feng shui of the bedroom to be calm, peaceful, restful, and supportive to one’s health.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Health and Well-Being

The health aspect is key. When analyzing a house, the priority for the remedies in the bedroom should be the health. In xuan kong terms (flying stars) this means that the people or mountain star should be supportive for the health of the person. If it is not, then the correct elemental remedy should be applied. For example, if the mountain star of 2 is present in the bedroom, then we need metal to reduce the ill effects of that star.

If you do not know about the flying stars, then you should focus on the environmental aspects of feng shui for the bedroom. Here is one point from a discussion that was very interesting. Master Larry Sang of the American Feng Shui Institute suggested that you should not have circular and rectangular furniture mixed in a bedroom as it can create discord. In fact, circular shapes promote activity and square and rectangular shapes promote stability and rest. So it is best not to have circular beds and to use more square or rectangular shapes in your areas that you are trying to achieve a peaceful and restful environment in your bedroom.

The bedroom should be a place for rest and recovery. It should be designed with peace in mind. Do not have a lot of clutter and haphazardly collected furniture, books, electronics, etc. Make it a sanctuary away from the rest of the crazy world. Use soft designs and avoid using sharp colors or patterns. Of course the great debate is whether a television should occupy the room. If it is a sha (negative influence) to getting rest, then it shouldn’t be there. Additionally, the screen should not be directly across from you as it acts as a reflective object that can create another form of sha. If you wake up and see your own movement in the screen, you might think it is someone else and get startled. As such, you should not have the TV directly across from you.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

  • Keep the bedroom clean and fresh (open the windows if need be)
  • Avoid placing the bed to a corner. Always use a flat wall behind the headboard
  • Do not place your bed under an exposed beam if at all possible. You should have a comfortable sleeping position
  • Avoid having a mirror at the foot of the bed facing the bed

Keep in mind that the bedroom should be calming and peaceful, thus you should not have a lot of work going on in the bedroom and do not keep an office in the bedroom. Avoid clutter. Keep the room peaceful and neat. Work towards supporting your own rest. Remember that the bedroom is your place for rest and recovery. Treat your bedroom with respect and thus you are respecting yourself.