Dog Info – House Training Your Dog

If you are looking for dog info on house training your dog, there are a few things to know, to make the process and easy one. 

All dogs are clean creatures by nature.  They like their space and area to be clean and not soiled.  Most dogs like to know where they should urinate and defecate, regardless. If they have been taught to go on the grass and dirt, that is where they will go.

When you begin house training a place should be used that is small and enclosed area. An area in the kitchen, garage, or bathroom is a place that will work well.  If you are planning on crate training, its best for small dogs or puppies, but a larger dog, it can be to confining. 

To make house training successful, you will need to spend time with your dog in this area, by playing with him, so he or she can get more comfortable with it.  Its also best to have their feeding area and sleeping area in this area, so that they will realize this is their living quarters and they won’t soil the area that they live in.  It will take a bit of time before your dog gets the hang of it, so if he does mess, don’t punish him for that.  It takes consistency and patience.  

With your guidance and dog info, showing your dog where to go outside, he or she will eventually know where to go to the toilet.  Your dog will want to keep the sleeping area and eating area mess free.