Designing and Planning for a Commercial Kitchen

Accordingly, there has been a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment products viz., commercial refrigeration, chapati making a machine, pantry, display counters, storage compartments. There will also be leaps and bounds of improvement in Bar Equipment. As we all know there has been a new technology used for washing dishes i.e., dishwashing equipment. If we take for example Bakery and Confectionery there will be equipment made with high-grade materials for food display counter and the glass display counter and more which are highly in demand. These types of equipment are made with high-grade raw materials and with a use of high-technology end machines.

The kitchen equipment varieties do not have the limit as the customers have extensive ideas which are required to improve the environment of the kitchen for the safety of the master chefs and their staffs. So, accordingly, there will be new equipment in the market regularly, which will ease out the difficulties of the faced in the kitchen. The products are acknowledged for their specifications, which can also be customized to meet clients requirements as said earlier. The experts work to fulfill the needs to ensure that products are delivered according to the client’s requirements.

When we say commercial kitchen equipment a large variety of equipment does exist in that bracket which is used for cooking purpose which from stoves to fryers, chapati making equipment to shawarma machine. A client can choose oven from a wide rage of ovens which suits his kitchen. Normally stoves are available with a single burner, double burner, triple burner and four burners. These burners are measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit). It is the measurement of heat generated by the burner to make the cooking fast. Most of the cases triple burner or four burners are used in commercial kitchens. Now a large variety of fryers, chapati making equipment, dosa pans also into existence for hotels, Tiffen centers, and canteen. These products are used widely in commercial kitchens and a very good return on investment as it makes cooking fast and convenient.

When it comes to refrigeration equipment which is an important part of commercial kitchen equipment there are different types. Apart for normal refrigerators, there are glass door refrigerators, counter refrigerators and pantry- fridge and, most commonly found in commercial refrigerations. The users can easily choose a large number of models that would cater their requirements and their kitchen in the proper way.

Safety is the most important thing to be taken in the kitchen. The commercial kitchen always should make use of exhaust to prevent oil and other spice sticking on to the walls and ceilings and furniture in the kitchen. Apart, from that, every second fresh flow of air is required as the high burner stoves tend to burn the air and the smoke may settle in the kitchen which is hazardous. To make the best use of an exhaust fan to release fume outside a well built through the chimney is required.