Clean and Dirty Button Dishwasher Magnets

Have you ever put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher thinking they were clean only to discover the dishes were not clean after all? Now what do you do? It would be nice if there were some way to stop guessing whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. Now there is! A Button Clean and Dirty Dishwasher Magnet.

A simple yet very effective solution is to use a Clean and Dirty Button Dishwasher Magnet! This unique kitchen décor accessory will save you time and frustration many times over. It will eliminate all of the confusion of whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. The handy button dishwasher magnet simplifies and eliminates the frustration from the daily dish washing routine. A quick glance at the button magnet, tells you if the doses have been washed or not.

If your dishwasher door is magnetic you want a button with a full strong magnet back (button magnet). However, if your dishwasher is not magnetic you can use a button with a Velcro back and this will stick to any surface.

Most button dishwasher magnets are round and are available in sizes from two to three inches. The high quality image is mounted on a sturdy metal casing and a sheet of UV / Mylar protects the image. The back of the metal button either has has a full-size magnet or Velcro (surfaces not magnetic) is affixed to the back.

How Do Button Dishwasher Magnets Work?

The magnets are easy and fun to use. Simply place a clean and dirty dishwasher magnet on the front of your dishwasher door. When the dish washing cycle starts rotate or spin the magnet and with the word CLEAN on top. After you unload the dishes, rotate or spin the button magnet with DIRTY on the top to get ready for the next load of dirty dishes.

Most dishwasher magnets are made from vinyl or metal buttons. Which is better? If you want the magnet to simply be a décor item to display then a vinyl magnet will suffice. If you intend to physically use the magnet each time you wash dishes then consider the button dishwasher magnet. The button magnet is far superior to vinyl because of its rigid all metal construction. Button Magnets will last a lifetime of handling, turning, spinning and washing. Vinyl magnets start fraying around the edges after just a few months of handling. Another desirable aspect of button dishwasher magnets is that they look better and integrate well into the kitchen décor. More simply put, they are classy!

Purchasing a Button Dishwasher Magnet …

When purchasing a button dishwasher magnet check to make sure that the magnet on the back is full-sized and strong otherwise the vibration from the dishwasher can make it fall off. Another thing to watch out for is to make sure the image is sharp and crystal clear. In addition, the image should be protected with clear Mylar for easy cleaning with a damp sponge.

Clean and Dirty Button Dishwasher Magnets make great kitchen décor gifts and gift accessories, and collectors love them too. Now there is a simple and fun way to stop the dishwasher confusion.

Now you can stop the dishwasher confusion with a simple and fun button clean and dirty dishwasher magnet! The button magnets are available with a full magnetic back, or a Velcro back for dishwashers that are not magnetic.