Giving Your House Garden a New Look

Have you thought of cleaning the house or giving the garden a new look, these are activities which can potentially generate a lot of waste as you will have to dump a lot of damaged materials. If it's a new look you want your house to have then it obvious that lots of things will be dumped. You can be sure the old things like the tables, doors and other unused things will have to go out.

This really makes it a difficult job especially if you have a lot to throw away. How do you get these things out of the house? Do you get a skip to do the cleaning or you take the pain to take them yourself.

Getting a skip to do this work comes with a lot of rewards, but most importantly they have enough space to cater for any amount of waste. So you do not have to carry them on your own on several trips. Once the skip is hired to do this job, you save time and energy and, it really cool when it really a large waste.

It really does not matter the lager amount of waste you will want to dispose, you will surely find a skip that will be able to carry it for you. All that must be done is to get out the waste into them at the set time then a track will come for it.

But if your thinking skip has no negative side then read this, it is some times very expensive to hire. Particularly if you are not able to host it on, your own compound or garden. Again because it is very often put on your grass or in your garden you will find it hard working in the garden area if you planned to.

For people who are not operating commercially. It free and that is what is great about using the local tip. And you do not really have to go germ skip when your waste is not much. In that case you can do, it yourself to save some capital.

But it becomes a problem when you do not leave closer to this facility and also if you have a significantly huge waste to clear. In this condition you have to go on several trips and that is certainly time-consuming.

But at the end it really depends on the individual and the load of waste he or she has to dump. If you have a much smaller waste, then you can do the cleaning yourself but if it is that much then hiring the skip will not be a bad option. …

RI Child Visitation – The Annual Feud Over Christmas Visitation

Will a Judge of The Rhode Island Family Court order that a child should wake up and open the Christmas presents every year on Christmas morning at the house where the child resides?


Almost every judge in Rhode Island Family Court believes that the partiesshould alternate Christmas evening / Christmas Morning Visitation so that both parents have the opportunity to enjoy the children on Christmas Evening and Christmas morning. The judges have heard the usual arguments a million times before.

The argument is as simple as: “The child should wake up in his or her house every year to open the presents on Christmas morning.”

However, Rhode Island Family Court Judges usually believe that both parents have parental rights and should be able to enjoy the child on such a special day The parent with physical custody/ physical placement does not automatically get to have the child on Christmas evening and Christmas morning!

If the parties cannot reach a settlement, the judge will normally order the following Schedule. The normal schedule for the Christmas Holiday is that one parent will have Christmas evening until between 11:00am to 2:00pm Christmas day and the other parent will have Christmas day from 11:00am to 2:00pm overnight on Christmas night. The partieswill alternate that schedule on a year to year basis.

Emotional arguments typically will not work in RI Family Court. There are hundreds of these disputes before the Rhode Island Family Court in a given year and Judges must be consistent and fair and must respect the parental rights of the non custodial parent (the parent with visitation rights).

(I have the word “visitation” because it suggests that the non custodial parent is a “visitor” in his/her child’s life. I prefer using “Parenting time”)

Don’t expect that your case will be different from the thousands of cases that come before the Family Court on this issue. Don’t waste too much money in Lawyers / Attorneys fees fighting about this issue since everyone knows the question and everyone knows the answer!

There is an argument that is made over and over again in Rhode Island Family Court which essentially opines that “young children” should be able to wake up at their house and open the presents at their house. To the people who make this argument “Their house” means the house of the parent who has physical custody/ physical placement of the minor child.

This doctrine is rejected by most Family Court Judges who see the issue as a matter of fairness to alternate the holiday. However, some judges may look sympathetically on this argument since Christmas is a very special moment for 4, 5, 6.and 7 year old children.

In the event that there is an existing order regarding Christmas visits then the party seeking to alter the visits must show a change in circumstances to change the designated schedule.

Often the best thing to do is negotiate. Judges will often ask the aprties to attempt mediation to resolve their holiday visitation …

How to Get Your Finances In Order Before You Buy a House

You have made that all-important decision to buy a house. Your dream is finally close to becoming a reality. Once the decision is made, the real work begins. It is imperative to get your finances in order.

Pay Down Your Debt

When you begin the process of looking for a lender, you will find that most want your total debt to be no more than 38% to 40% of your gross income.

For example, your income is $ 3000 a month, and then the bank figures your total debt can be $ 1240 a month. If you already have $ 1000 in debt, you will only have $ 240 left over for mortgage payments. By paying off credit cards and car loans, you will greatly reduce this number an increase your borrowing power.

Begin with the highest interest items first, normally credit cards. Then move onto car loans and lastly, student loans.

It is always a good idea to get into the habit of paying off your credit cards completely each month and never carry a balance. Few things can kill the dream of homeowners quicker than credit card debt.

If you are finding this difficult to do, then follow the rule of pay yourself first. That means, take 20% of your pay check to pay for something you really want or to put into savings. In this case, it is making a credit card payment.

If you take care of everything else first, you may never have enough to pay down your credit card debt.

Get the Down Payment Together

If you do not already have a savings account, get one now. If you find it hard to save money, use the pay-yourself-first technique. Every time you get a paycheck, put a pre-established percentage into your savings account and then make sure you leave it alone while your down payment accumulates.

Even have a separate savings account for your down payment will allow you to see what you are accumulating towards your dream of homeownership. You will be surprised at how fast the balance grows if you pay yourself from every pay check.

A large down payment is the key to loan qualification, especially if you want to qualify for a larger home loan.

Clean Up Your Credit Report

Good credit not only helps you qualify for a loan to begin with, you get a better deal when you do get the loan.

Lenders will look at your credit report.Bad credit does not mean you will not get the loan, it just means you will have a much higher interest rate and you will be required to pay a much larger down payment than someone with a good credit score.

Credit Report vs. Credit Score

Did you know that your credit report and your credit score are two different things? Your credit report is a list of thing like your credit card and bank accounts, outstanding loans and you payment history. Your credit score is a rating of how …

Thoughts on Home Accents

You can express home accents in thousands of ways. Picture frames, quilts, clocks, candles, and mirrors-are what makes a house a home. All these things added together can give your home the personal touch. You can get good ideas on the personal Touches you can add to your home by going through the various home décor options.

It is not necessary that interior design must be purely decorative. You can find a host of items that are not merely functional but also stylish. You can enhance the look and feel of your room by including unique shower curtains and clocks. You can also select from a range of ceiling fans that come in various styles and colors to cool yourself in summer. You can make the ceiling fan itself serve as decorative pieces by choosing them in various styles such as one in an ornate, baroque style etc.

Glass can also add elegance to your home by acting as a design element. You can use glass accents and mirrors to enhance the overall beauty of your home. You can also have a single large mirror by the doorway which can be an accent element for foyer. There are other varieties other than mirrors that can be chosen for this purpose.

There are a host of other home accessories which can add to your personal taste and style. You can have pictures and picture frames which come in a variety of colors and styles. You can select the perfect frames and other unique pieces of art work to compliment your pictures. You can have these pictures included in the focal point in your room or have it on a dry wall surface. Here the area is soft and inserting a hook is fairly easy. Once you are finished with the painting, paneling and wall paper you can consider some wall hangings such as prints, framed photographs or original paintings.

You can also include some unique antique pieces or decorative items and place them in some spots where it will be visible to guests. But having too many items in the living room area is also not advisable as it will bring a cluttered appearance to the room. Selecting a few small items that are unique and appealing to the eye will enhance the beauty of the living room space and make it stand apart from the rest. You can keep these small tips in mind while thinking of home improvement or a change in home décor. …

How To Make Gourd Bird Houses In 9 Easy Steps

Bird houses can be a great way to attract birds to your yard and if you want a unique natural look, the gourd bird houses may be the way to go. The first thing that comes into mind when it comes to creating bird houses is to find the perfect gourd. This can certainly help in saving effort and money.

Gourds can be easily found or grown in the garden. Gourds are distinctly identified by their eye-catching colors and markings. They can even be said to resemble alien forms. This happens especially during the late summer and they can be very entertaining to the eyes.

Gourds will usually be something that have to be intentionally grown. To grow one, certain steps have to be taken and regular tending must be done. Apply fertilizer in the soil where you plan to plant the gourd. For a plant grown in the space of the garden, a half dozen seeds should be placed. Then follow properly the directions in the seed packet. Thereafter, the plant should be regularly watered and the fertilizer reapplied every month. For creating bird houses, a large gourd has to be cultured. This type normally takes 130 days to mature.

Turning the Gourd into a Bird House

Once you have the right gourd at hand, it can be easily crafted to make a good bird house that you can put in your yard or garden space to attract the birds.

Working with the gourd is relatively easy. It is just like working with the wood. However, doing so will require some tasks to be fulfilled. These steps are necessary to make a bird house successfully out of the gourd.

1. Put hot water with soap in a pail. Get the gourds and soak them. When at least 30 minutes have passed, take out the gourd and clean it.

2. Cleaning the gourd will require the use of a scrub. Do this until the gourd is entirely clean. Just take into account the possibility of discolorations in the gourd. This will not normally take off so do not fret over the stains.

Dry the gourds after cleaning.

3. Select the treated gourds that have the right length for your bird house. a diameter of 8 to 14 inches will be proper enough.

4. Make sure that the walls of the gourds are properly measured so as to make it most comfortable for the birds. It should be at least quarter of an inch thick so as not to make the bird house too warm.

5. Next detail to work on is the hole for the birds to enter. Most of the gourd bird houses are created for martin birds. A hole of two and a half inch are typically sufficient for the martins to enter into.

Drill a hole also at the bottom of the cage for the drainage system.

6. Clean out the insides of the gourd. Scrape out the seeds inside. You can also pour water inside to …

69 MPH Windstorm (and Rain) Leaves a Family in Turmoil

Life a thief in the night, everything went dark and unseen at 11:47 pm Thursday (12-14-06).

I was in the middle of writing an article when it happened. A house that was well lit and humming within minutes took on the feeling of a damp, pitch black cave.

We were advised that a horrific windstorm was coming with rain, and we reacted like most people do: Gee, I wonder if our power will go out? Did we look for flashlights? No. Did we think about water and provisions in case of a real disaster (that would be an earthquake in the middle of a horrific windstorm with rain)? No.

We continued with our usual routine, that is, until the howling wind took out a tree or telephone pole somewhere near, and, bam (like Emeril says on the Food Channel), the lights failed. No wonder.

What hit Western Washington in the Great Pacific Northwest was winds up to 69 mph at nearby McChord Air Force Base and the Defense Department's sprawling Fort Lewis Army Base, home of I Corps, the military's answer to instant readiness for an attack on our country's West Coast .

It was McChord AFB, you may recall, that flew nearly every GI that went to Southeast Asia during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict. Our area remains a military stronghold that grows year by year as other military installations are being shut down.

This windstorm was a doozy, like Snoopy sitting atop his dog house in the famous Peanuts cartoon strip writing the beginning of his novel, "It was a dark and stormy night."

The house around the corner had a giant, old growth evergreen come crashing down into the bedroom. The house next door to it had another giant evergreen collapse into its front door entry and through the center of the house. In another community a house was literally spilled in half by a powerful evergreen.

We are a half block from Wonderwood Park, the largest city park in Lacey, a city of 32,000+ that is on the grow as cities go. In our upstairs bedroom we could hear the "boom" of a transformer exploding in the night, much like the Army soldiers from Fort Lewis sending off rounds from a 120-millimeter howitzer at the Yelm firing range many miles down the road (a common sound in Lacey).

When we heard the crack of trees in the nearby park breaking, it was all too scary so we picked up our bedding and headed downstairs to the basement rec room. It seemed like a good move to take the lower ground in this case rather than the higher ground, which is usually better in life. Our house is surrounded by giant evergreens.

About 4 am Friday morning, the cement floor felt no softer since the carpeting and cushioning from our living room futon. The wind seemed to have died down something, so we headed back upstairs to sleep, but it was certainly …

Planning Your Interior Decoration

As our homes are an important part of the world around us, most of us try to have beautiful and exotic items in our homes to make it more enjoyable to live in. There are various factors to keep in mind while planning your interior decoration as homes are not just made of a roof and four walls. When you talk of home décor, it encompasses several things such as designs, materials and themes.

While planning your home decor project, you can choose a specific theme for every room or one theme for the entire home. You can beautify a house in such a way that each room is decorated with styles of different countries that you have visited. You can bring the authentic look by including art and furniture from each of those countries visited.

Before embarking on the home improvement project, you have to be clear of your needs. You must also take into account your personal likes and dislikes while planning for a home decoration. You can decide from a range of themes such as Victorian to more contemporary themes that suit both the urban and modern lifestyle.

One of the modern home décor ideas is the use of bamboo which is becoming popular nowadays. As bamboo is both beautiful and eco-friendly, it has many advantages that has made it the desired choice for home interior decoration. With the use of bamboo you can convert your home into a paradise of peace and harmony. You can also choose this material because of its sheer versatility. This material can be used in almost anything starting from floorings to even curtains! You must remember that non-toxic glue must be used for sealing the sheets while decorating your home interior.

Bamboo curtains can also be bought cheaply from all over the world and can match with the flooring with convenience. Bamboo flooring can also enhance the ambience of the place, but you must make sure to keep the space clutter free. You should choose slightly muted colors for this theme. In case you are interested in adding more color to the space, you can opt from a range of cushions and rugs that make excellent floor decor additions.

You can also add a nice painting of a color that matches the home décor accessories and a couple of flowers to add some freshness to the room.…

The Joy of Living

Life is beautiful on its own. I realize this after I translated the short story Good Luck and Best Wishes from Chinese into English.

In the story, people live a primitive life with few modern belongings in a far-off mountainous area; however, they enjoy life enormously. A bowl of fermented spirits, a flowery bun, colorful strings, spices, scented pouches, and longing for love and marriage bring them great joy of living.

Mom teaches her teen daughter how to hold a needle and how to use a thimble to sew flowered cloth into the shape of a heart to make a scented pouch, and how to spread aromatic spices to make the scented pouch bulge. The girl savors the pleasure of using a thimble to push a needle, the pleasure of pulling a needle through a cloth, and the pleasure of joining two pieces of cloth together.

Dad teaches his young boy to pound the spices in a mortar with a stone pestle, but spices jump out mischievously. Through pounding and pounding, the boy finally can make the spices turn compliant and burst into flowers, which satisfies him. As he pounds the pestle up and down, the house becomes filled with the aroma.

The atmosphere is aromatic and mystic and the practice means more than itself. The teenagers feel that it is something beautiful and worth expecting. The implication of sex education is evasive, beautiful and healthy.

On Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month), the young boys and young girls climb onto mountaintop to collect Chinese spicy mugwort plants, they feel like harvesting good luck and best wishes for the entire year. They enjoy being young, being together, being pure and being in love.

The story doesn’t provide a specific time setting nor a particular place. There is nothing to do with politics. It is simply an ode to life. Living is meaningful and beautiful by itself. It doesn’t take much to be happy.

Good Luck and Best Wishes, authored by Wenbin Guo, is included in the short story collection Street Wizards and Other New Folklore, one volume of 21st Century Chinese Literature, which presents a kaleidoscope of Chinese folk customs and provides a view of the multifaceted and living China.

Wenbin Guo, born in 1966 in Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, now is a chair of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Yinchuan City and vice Chair of Ningxia Writer’s Association. Good Luck and Best Wishes has won the People’s Literature Prize and other awards in China.…

6 Excellent Techniques on How to House Train Your Dog Before He Floods Your House With Urine

When you buy a new dog and bring her home, you have to prepare to house train her or she will eventually tear up your house. Many people have no idea of the importance of learning how to house train their dogs. A well trained dog knows when and where to go use the bathroom, keep schedules given by the owner and many other benefits. Here are 6 super tricks on how to house train your dog.

Step 1. The best time to begin to apply these tips and to start training your dog is when she is between the ages of 8-12 weeks old.

Step 2. Experts in the dog training area suggest implementing a crate in your dogs training process. A crate resembles a cage with see through bars and a locking door. It looks like a jail, but it should not be treated as such. Rather it should be made delightful for your dog to enter it. Make it cozy for her. Never keep her in the cage for over 2 hours at a time unless sleeping.

Step 3. Dogs do not relieve themselves in areas that they consider their domain. Once they make their crate their domain, they will never urinate in or around it. So make sure you lead your dog continually to the proper place where she can go to the bathroom.

Step 4.  Always leave the house through the same door every time when in the presence of your dog. Now when you do this, your dog will scratch at that door when she needs to go outside to use the bathroom in the future.

Step 5. Try to take your dog out to use the bathroom around the same time each and every day. Your dog will now train herself to hold her bladder until that appointed time that you have set.

Step 6. If your not-yet-housebroken dog is used to roaming freely around the house, look for clues that tell you he needs to go. Your dog may suddenly put his nose down and sniff the ground intently. He may begin to circle an area. Or, he may stare at the door with an intense look on his face. Signs like these tell you to drop what you’re doing and get that dog out of the house. If you catch your dog doing his business inside (and only if you catch him – not after you discover he has already committed the crime), rush over and stop him by grasping his collar, pulling up on it, and saying, “NO” in a deep, stern voice.

Follow these how to house train your dog tips and you will be better off. I wish you the best.…

Building On A Difficult Terrain

Adjusting the house to the landscape is the first task to be solved when building on difficult terrain. If your block of land has slopes up to 20% – it's rather regular terrain. The difficulties start to appear on slopes that are steeper than that.

Main problems can be divided into 3 categories:

1) Some additional research to determine the danger of dirt slipping down should be done

2) The foundations and plumbing will require some additional work

3) Some additional work to level the soil might be necessary

And of course any of above translates into additional expenses.

If the allotment is in a real danger of soil slip, for example the soil has a steep rocky slope underneath and gets lots of rainfall or has ground water – it makes no sense to build on it.

However, if that's not the case, then building on steep slope might produce very interesting output. History has many examples of people, who had to deal with difficult conditions, created the most magnificent structures, some of which we can still see in these days. They include the Machu Picchu city in Peru, great castles of Europe, Svan's watchtowers in high mountains of Georgia, and fort Metsada in Israel.

To make the idea of ​​building on difficult terrain a reality, several things need to fall together:

1) The wish to build on this particular block of land and the ability to finance the process

2) A talented architect and engineer who can fit the house into the relief while making it secure, safe and sound

3) Qualified builders who can implement everything according to the plans

So what are the advantages of building on a slope? First, nothing compares to the panoramic view from your terrace. Also, it is possible to create several levels: the garage on the upper level, the bedrooms and living areas below and the back yard and garden on the lowest level. The best thing about this setting is that the road and the driveway – with all the noise and the dust – are left on top, while the house is located below. More of the house is now exposed to the sun light. The garden can have many picturesque features such as little terraces, steps, miniature walls, cozy spots.

The whole presence of the house is improved, as this unique facade is created. The interior of the house benefit from larger windows and various open staircases, they look "weightless" and mix in harmony with the nature.

Another issue to address is the soundness of the house built on a slope. In many ways it depends on the soil underneath the foundations. If the soil is mostly sand or mud, then it makes sense to create terraced foundations, made of concrete bands and retaining walls, anchored in the soil.

If the foundations are to be built on rocks, concrete piles are better. The necessary diameter of a pile for 2 -3 level house is 35 – 40 cm, …