Dress Up Your Windows With Custom Window Boxes and Window Planters

There are a lot of ways to add vibrancy and colors to your outdoor. In times, when you feel that you have to do something to alter the look of your place, do not hesitate to do so. Try to add some additional and inspiring structural components to your windows such as Custom window boxes, flowerboxes, hanging baskets and window planters.

Customized Window Boxes

Is not it convenient to have your garden just outside the window of your kitchen? Why bother to go out when you can actually create your own loved garden where fresh vegetables can grow. Customized window boxes give you the benefit of growing your own plants while giving your windows a unique appeal to everyone.


Mostly, houses with big windows need texture to look more attractive from the outside. It usually appears bland and boring if windows are just lazily open without any interesting accessories or fanciful decorations on it. A flowerbox can be added to give drama and to overshadow those big and wide windows in your house. You can never go wrong with a flowerbox since it is bold enough to cover up what is missing in your dull windows.

Hanging Baskets

We are often focused on how to furnish the indoor of our house that we tend to take for granted the patio or gazebos of our own house. From the furniture, elaborate wall decors and elegant home embellishments that we use on our living room are sometimes too chic to be compared from those on the outside decorations. Have you ever thought that the first impressions of guests or passersby depend on how your gardens or patios look like? Make every corner of your house as exciting as you want it to be. Add hanging baskets all over your place. You can have these hanging baskets on you garden to add beauty to what is expected from it.

Window Planters

A quick way to soften a wall is to add window planters with blooming flowers planted on it. Look for plants that can stand the heat of the sun and still continue to lush all year round. The plants that you need to choose should match the character of window planters that are weather resistant and perfect to be placed outdoors. …

Home Owners Beware – Home Improvement Scammers Are Alive and Well!

As a homeowner, you're liable for everything that happens on your property, including uninsured injuries to your contractor's crew. You want your contractor covered six ways from Sunday to protect your interests.

If the contractor can not provide proof of insurance and proof of Workman's Compensation coverage, look for a different contractor.

Ask for References

Ask the contractor to provide references – people you can talk to about the work the contractor has performed. A professional will have a long list of satisfied customers happy to share their success stories. The fly-by-nights will not, unless they give you the number of their second cousin once removed.

Call the references and ask them about the work the contractor performed. Was it done quickly? On time? Any glitches? Any surprises? Did they clean up after the work was done? You get the idea. Of course, remember, no contractor is going to give you the telephone number of a dissatisfied customer, but you might pick up a few warning signs from previous customers – things like "They started work each morning at 6:00 or" They left coffee cups and cigarette butts all over my yard. " Okay, not the end of the world, but an indication of the quality of service you're likely to receive.

He or she may be a skilled craftsperson, but if s / he lacks people skills or a sense of customer service, you may be left with a great job and a bad feeling about the way it was completed. It's a judgment call, but something worth considering.

Ask to See Examples of the Contractor's Work

Again, the good ones will be proud to strut their stuff and show you just how good they are. Of course, it's illegally that total strangers will want you walking through their homes checking the newly-installed electrical outlets. However, a general contractor, a driveway contractor, a painting company or landscaper should be able to provide addresses of homes where work has been completed to the homeowner's satisfaction. Drive by and have a look.

Get at least three estimates. Another common sense tip, but some words of warning.

Do not need to go with the low-ball estimate. Use it as one more piece of information. If the lowest is also the most professional and has a pile of references, fine. The thing is, you may spend a few more dollars to get the best quality work, but the money will soon be forgotten. The work will not.

Another cautionary note: if two of the estimates are close and one is much higher or much lower, the odd one should be eliminated. The contractor either missed the project parameters (which will cost you more money) or he's low-balling the estimate, only to 'discover' unseen damage that'll cost you plenty.

Review your insurance policies at least once a year. Reading over an insurance policy has all the appeal of a trip to the dentist. Okay, it's not fun – but it is necessary to protect …

Finding the Perfect RV – Part One – What Kind of Camper Are You?

Are you a Full time, Seasonal, Weekender?

This is part of a series of articles from my Perfect RV series. Each article describes one aspect of finding the perfect RV for you at this time. Your needs will change as you grow into the RV. Overtime you will need more or less sleeping space, your amenities will change, your transportation will change and your desires will change. This is the first article in the series.

Full time stationary

Full timing by a loose definition is considered living in their RV or recreational vehicle as their home. Many people choose to live in recreational vehicles as a cheaper way of living. Their recreational vehicle is stationary and seldom moves.

There are many benefits to living in a RV. Chores around the house are less time consuming, the costs are less, the upkeep is less and the cost of ownership is less. RV owners have the same tax benefits as homeowners or what we call the Stick and Brick owners.

For 12 years we were full time stationary campers. We lived and worked from our RV or held full time jobs in the local community. Daisy was a legal secretary and I was a database administrator for Nokia with responsibilities for a worldwide SQL Server network. You had sold our house and the recreational vehicle became our home. With an income of over $100,000 a year, I don’t think we qualified as trailer trash. In fact we met many people who were professionals that had decided to live this lifestyle including lawyers and doctors.

Full time Traveler

The common thought when people say they are full timers is someone that travels around the country living full time in a recreational vehicle. These folks have all the benefits of the stationary recreational vehicle owners and the freedom to move when and where they want.

There are some added costs to traveling full time and that is the cost of fuel and maintenance. Many full timers that travel also tend to stay in one spot for several weeks or even months before moving on. You are full time travelers now, starting our new journey in June 2014. We spend about 3 weeks per location and then move on to a new campground when our time is up. This last winter we spent in FL moving every couple of weeks. It was the most enjoyable winter I have ever had.

Snow Birds

A snow bird is someone who travels to warmer weather in the winter and cooler weather in the summer. They may have a house in both locations, may live in an RV in one and a house in the other, or stay in an RV year round. Many retirees are snow birds traveling to FL in the winter months.


Seasonal campers are usually people that are still working but love the camping lifestyle and have a recreational vehicle placed on a campsite full time, but only use it on weekends or holidays. …

3 Tips On House Repairs

Many people are worried and get stressed out with the maintenance work that needs to be done inside the home. There are lots of things to be addressed and people get confused on where they should start from. They are unable to decide which section of the house requires more attention. Let us start with the plumbing section. If you are suspecting any water leakages or pipeline damages then a good option is to call plumbing experts or a plumbing contractor. They can be the best choice to fix all of your house water damages before the problem becomes worse. Try to contact them as soon as possible in order to start the first procedure of your house maintenance.

Beside this, there are other areas to cover. Here are some of the following much-needed repairs that you must consider before it gets worse.

Repairing the roof damages:

Often, many houses have the problem of roof leakage. This problem is quite common and creates a lot of nuisance especially after the heavy rain falls. If your house has the same problem then it is best to address this issue as soon as possible. If this problem is not addressed in time, it can damage the entire roof top and there is a possibility that the walls of your house will receive some cracks and fissures.

To avoid these weird consequences, it is better if you repair the roof tops urgently. You can do it on your own by purchasing the materials to plaster the damaged part of the roof. If you find the damage more serious, you can always call the labor experts to fix the problem. The leaked area should be plastered properly otherwise there is a chance that the leakage will occur again. Try to get good quality cement so that the damage does not come back again.

Repairing the wire section:

There are many instances when the main wire section of the house has some flaws inside. This can provoke a house fire if the wiring is not done properly. It is best to fix the problem urgently so you do not have any further complications. Just call the expert electrician, because he can give good advice on how to improve the wiring and update the wrongly placed wires. Once the wires are properly set, you can relax knowing the wiring is safe and it is not a fire hazard.

Repairing the walls:

Once you have fixed the main areas of your house, now you can look forward to repair the wall section. Walls are the borders of your house and they should be repaired in order to keep the good impression alive for the visitors.

Just inspect each wall for any cracks or fissures. If you find any such damage, use a thin plaster to cover the gaps or cracks. Once the plaster is dried, you can start repainting the walls. You can use this opportunity to change the wall color to update the look of the …

Home Insurance UK – Protector Of Homes

One the dreams that people had in all ages and which still exists is to have a house for themselves. Indeed, it can be termed as one big dream that everyone who is engaged in any profession has. It was there in every time, though less people had the resources to fulfill their dreams. Things, however, have undergone a complete transformation and today there is a large number of people who have the capacity to purchase or get a house constructed for themselves.

There are several reasons for this newly accepted status by people. None so important however, as the emergence of several utility services which are aimed at benefiting people. Thanks to them, acquiring lone for the purpose of making or purchasing a house becomes very easy. However, if after purchasing or constructing a house one thinks that his worries are over then one is sadly mistaken, for the trouble has just started. After the house has come into existence the next step is to protect it against all possible threats that can harm it. This is where home insurance UK comes into play and ensures that one is spared from the pains of arranging for money for the repair of house in case it undergoes any damage.

Home insurance is a complete security package giving security against such viable threats like lighting, floods, burglary and several other natural and man made threat which can cause considerable damage to the house. However, to gain maximum from home insurance one would do well to take care of a few things. First of all one must ensure that the policy comes to life as soon as it is signed, secondly one must find out the threats that one is protected from, also one must see to it that his house is priced fairly. In addition to all this one must also ensure that one does not default on monthly premiums as well as never furnishing any wrong information to the insurance company as acts like these can lead to the cancellation of the policy.

If precautions like these are taken then one can be rest assured that Home Insurance UK would go a long way in protecting your home from all possible threats. …

Tips to Clean Bathroom Water Damage

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas to suffer from repeated water abuse and have a high risk for water damage, but the cost and damage can be cut down with a few easy steps on how to handle water damage.

The very first thing that should be obvious is to find the water shut off valve and turn it off to prevent further damage if you're suffering broken pipes. There should be a handle behind the toilet if that is the source of the leak, otherwise, you will have to find the shut off valve for the entire house. Removing the water is something you will have to address immediately before mold can set in; shop vacs, towels, even a shovel and bucket are all helpful if the water is excessive.

A more thorough drying is required after the still water is removed by wiping down the walls, paneling and fixtures. Mold is a serious risk so it is important to do this as quickly and thoroughly as possible and finish ventilating by opening windows, turning on fans and getting as much airflow in the area as you can. While waiting for the area to dry, you may use the time to launder rugs, towels or other fabrics before they start to mildew.

If there is any dirt or debris after the area's dry, be sure to use one-time-use rags, industrial bags, gloves and boots to clean before sanitizing. Once the rubris is gone, make sure that you have proper ventilation in the room and use a mixture of bleach and water to go over every surface (floors, walls, ceiling and fixtures) to completely sanitize. Once fumes are gone, you may thoroughly clean the bathroom with regular bathroom cleaners and go through the room with special attention to any wood and anything touching the floor. After you've completed these steps, if you have any question about mold developing or start to see signs, immediately call a water damage expert to check the area professionally. …

Clean and Brighten Your House Floors

If you think about it, people everywhere are almost always doing something about their homes. You yourself buy new curtains or maybe add more cushions or throw pillows. You also polish the vases or even bring in new plants. Maybe you also have rearranged the seating and hang new picturesque paintings. Not only that you might also have repainted the walls or even varnished tables. Your head is swimming with ideas and you plan on spending the weekend on a total remodeling project. You are envisioning a total new look for your house: neat, sleek and very modern.

Time constraints though may dampen your plans not to mention the huge cost of remodeling a house. What you do not realize is that a house can undergo a very drastic change just by hiring carpet cleaning services boca. If you want to brighten your precious house, you might as well have a major cleaning project instead of shelling out money just for the concept of having a total new look? Think very long and hard of the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing a major remodeling.

This exercise may convince you of a common mistake homeowners make and this is not realizing that cleanliness can totally change the look and brighten up a room. We get so preoccupied with the latest house accessories, fabrics and their colors, that we lose sleep over the size and quality of furniture and fixtures but we overlook the fact that dust and dirt over time can dull the ambience of your house. We forget that we have to conduct a major cleaning project such as tile and grout cleaning services in order to notice that the house looks to have a new look with just bright and neat floors.

Creating a mood that is fit for your sense of style does not have to be expensive and stressful. You do not have to purchase the latest accessories or worse have your house under a total makeover. If you have floors such as marble, all you need to do is simply brighten them by hiring people who have been doing house clean-up services thus giving your floors a new and cleaner look. You do not have to bother drooling over expensive furniture and fixtures because you feel that your house is outdated. All you need to do is clean your house free from all the old dust and stains and hire professionals such as commercial marble restoration [http://www.thecolorkinginc.com/commercial-marble-restoration] in boca. …

Apartment Sofas – Comfortable Living

If you are planning to move in another place or you just moved in, it is vital for you to choose the right furniture that fits your home. There are times when people do not carry along their appliances and old belongings because they are too bulky for their new found apartment. In this case, you need apartment sofas that are easy to carry and come with stylish features and designs. Buying apartment sofas are not hard; You just got to have a particular idea on what type, design, and size you want for a sofa. There are ways to look for one, here are some helpful tips you can use:

1. Since there are different types of sofas, you need to determine the functions of a sofa in your new home. If you want a sofa that will be functional, you will need a sleeper sofa so you will not buy for a separate sofa and bed anymore. This will enable you to save a lot of money in the long run too. Before buying one, you need to measure the size of the space where you want to place your sofa so that you can refer to the size taken when you shop for one.
2. You also need to look for apartment a sofa that matches the color and theme of your house. It will be odd looking if you buy one that looks awkward on the color and design of your apartment without you want to be unique and you can carry it too. What you can do is to put some pillows on it that comes in a variety of colors.
3. You should be aware of materials used in some sofas; There are cheap materials that can cause allergy to kids if you have kids with you. You should only buy from shops and brands that are reliable.
4. Before buying one, you should try the sofa first, if you feel comfortable, you should scrutinize first before buying one.
5. You also need to check the fabric if it is itchy or not. There are also sofas that have damages so you should also check because you might buy a damaged one without being aware.

Living in an apartment is not an excuse for you not to take care of your home. There are lots of people these days who are actually renting an apartment because they find it more economic than buying a new home. Although it is hard to live in a house that you do not really own, the fun of living away from your family needs to be enjoyed too at times. You need to be very responsible and one way to do that is to choose your furniture and appliances. The demands for apartment sofas are higher these days because of so many people that are leasing. Transforming your unit to a nice home can be very relaxing and harmonious too. You should work on some things that will …

Outdoor Lighting – Create Wonderful Visual Effects with Illumination

Most present day homes use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for lighting purposes although there are a large number of homes that also use traditional tube lights and incandescent bulbs. In earlier days, candles and oil lamps were used for lighting purposes. Three popular methods of outdoor lighting are down lighting, up lighting and front lighting. Of all these three methods, down lighting is the most common one. In down lighting, light fixtures are recessed into the ceiling of a house or building. Up lighting is used in environments that require uniform general illumination and minimum amount of glare. A front lighting arrangement makes the subjects look flat with no visible shadows.

There are different forms of lightings like alcove, sconce and soffit. In alcove form, an indirect up lighting is provided into the area to be illuminated. A soffit is used for wall decoration purposes while a sconce is used for lighting the objects that are on the topside of a room. Different variants of light fixtures are available in the markets now days. While some fixtures are plain and simple, others may be some piece of art in them.

Most common types are accent, task and general lighting. Accent lighting is mainly decorative and is used to illuminate plants and other elements of landscapes. Task lighting is a concentrated form of lighting and is commonly used for reading & material inspection purposes. A general lighting is used for outdoor places like parking lots and pedestrian crossings that require less illumination. One should take measures to protect his lighting equipment from fire and other natural disasters. One should follow the specifications and installation instructions of manufacturers to avoid any accident during fixation of lighting equipment.

Creating a good lighting design requires complex planning. One has to take various factors into account while creating a design for a lighting appliance like energy requirement and its aesthetic impact on the surroundings. Complex lighting design may require elaborate mathematical modeling. Large areas with irregular floor plans may require special softwares for their illumination. These softwares generate a number of contour charts that show the effect of lighting on the area under consideration. Zonal Cavity Method is commonly used to calculate the effect of light reflected from the walls and ceiling of a room on the overall illumination of the room.

Proper lighting is a key element of home furnishings and interior designing. Outdoor lighting may be affected to a great extent due to various factors like lamp burnout, dirt accumulation on fixtures and aging of lamps. Lighting appliances are an integral part of any home decor course. One should make conscious efforts to optimize the use of electrical power in one's house. One should make maximum use of natural and sky lights in his rooms. These days, digital lighting are extensively used in motor vehicles. Such lighting is controlled by a computer. One can get a pattern of colors by the use of these lights. One should use quartz halogen lighting for outdoor …

The Exploitation of Sober Houses

To any person with a soul, it may sound like a good plan: permitting recouping addicts to stay together in one property, pay back his or her rent with welfare, and improve their lives again. To the cold-hearted exploitative landlord, it appears like a good strategy, too: get a significant group of men and women together with each other in a house, manipulate social services money, and earn rental money while doing it. The dispute concerning sober homes on Long Island rages on, with individuals on each of these sides of the issue yelling foul. Whether sober houses are a good strategy or cold-hearted exploitation, the struggle is going to be resolved in one arena: the New York Courts.

Property manager exploitation? In theory, it's a very good concept: get recovering addicts, transfer these people from low-income communities filled with temptations to a lot more well-off secure locations, and supply them a space to call home. On the other hand, some individuals view the procedure as a cause for concern.

Individuals in more wealthy neighborhoods complain that the over populated sober homes could decrease property values. Some people describe a "frat house" loaded with bad occupants, and an environment which "ruins the area," exposing innocent small children to "undesirables." Property managers have been charged with profiteering from the Social Security system, and it's very easy to set up a sober house without having a recovery program, then sit back and obtain rent money that's essentially guaranteed by Social Security.

Help for recouping adults. On the flip side of the coin, many defend the dear opportunity that sober properties supply for recovering addicts. Making a true atmosphere of anticipation and recovery, an effectively managed social house really does allow individuals a chance to recover and build a brand new life. By eradicating people from "the old community," full of the same dangerous buddies, lousy influences, and night clubs, an individual in recovery has a legitimate chance to move forward.

A fresh start; is not that what actually every recovering addict wants? Most people say that sober homes give a true benefit in that sense. Sober homes offer someone new friends, peers, and influences; all with the same goal: recovery. A sense of teamwork is established, permitting a better chance of living addiction free for an extended stretch of time.

Are they lousy residents? No; they're good people, and they're improving their lives. Just about every good carton has a number poor eggs. Sober houses are a wonderful concept, though a handy of shady property managers may have or can be exploiting the system for a selfish gain. If you think your are in a sober house situation where the property owner, tenant, or neighbor has crossed the line, then you need a legal representative. The best advice may be to speak to a landlord tenant lawyer who's familiar with these types of cases. …