Why You Should Make Your Own Juices

Are you or someone you know trying to lose weight? Losing weight involves a lot of time, efforts and dedication. Gaining weight is very easy to do for most people, but losing weight is the complete opposite. Obesity has become a huge problem in the United States. According to CDC.gov, there is about 36.5 percent of adults that are obese in the United States. A huge chunk of what determines whether you will lose weight involves what you are eating and taking in. Your calorie count and food choices can make a big difference in your weight loss. Working out alone cannot help you lose weight. Your diet is a huge factor in how much weight you lose. The less calories you take in, the more weight you lose. Getting your own juice can help you lose weight by reducing the number of calories you take in by encouraging more fruit and vegetable intake.  Drinking juice, fresh juices at that can help you lose a lot of weight. Juice has a ton of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that help speed up your metabolism, thus allowing you to gain the energy you need to burn more calories. Without the energy, it is hard for you to lose weight because you will be too tired to put in the energy that it takes to burn calories. Many people have a misconception of losing weight. People think that if they stopped eating and decrease the number of calories they can lose weight without working out. This may be true temporarily, but in the long run this is a bad idea. After losing a few pounds, starving your body, you will relapse and end up eating more than you ever have because your body is trying to compensate for its losses. It is important to make sure that you are eating right and drinking the right types of fluids to help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss.  One great way to help encourage weight loss is encouraging yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the best ways that you can lose weight because not only does it offer all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but they are extremely low in calories. Fruits and vegetables feed the mind and the body to give you the energy you need and at the same time lowering your calorie intake. According to NDTVFood.com, some juices that you can take in to lose weight include carrot juice, karela Juice, cucumber juice, amla juice, pomegranate juice, cabbage juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and bottle gourd juice. All these juices aid in weight loss by providing the body with low calorie juices that provide high fiber to help curb appetite and burn fat. Using your own cold pressed juicer is the best can help you make your own juices and receive the best benefits. This machine works better than a traditional blender for many reasons such as juices tasting fresh for over …

Tips on Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Every homeowner wants a comfortable, warm environment during winter months. However, to ensure this is the case, it is important to regularly check the home’s furnace for problems. Below are some tips about furnace installation and repair and when to call a professional.

Maintaining a Furnace or HVAC System

Simple neglect is a very common reason for furnace failure. Often, it is the sum total of all the little things that were ignored that cause a heater to fail. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that once a furnace is installed, it will do its job indefinitely. However, to ensure heating systems function properly during cold weather, they must be regularly serviced. Furnaces are subject to wear and tear just like any other appliance. Therefore, they will almost certainly malfunction if not maintained on a constant basis.


Whether a dwelling is heated by an oil or gas run furnace or a traditional HVAC system, the heater is subject to corrosion. The latter occurs over time, and only regular servicing ensures that the corrosion does not build up to a significant level that interferes with how the unit functions.

Effects of Natural Elements

The effects of natural elements, such as the impact of rain and wind on an oil or gas tank, can also lead to furnace problems. It is wise for homeowners to speak to a professional about how to reduce the impact of these factors.

Improper Installation

Improper installation techniques can lead to the premature failing of virtually any type of furnace. Anyone who suspects that a heater has been improperly installed should have another professional visit the home to determine if this is the case.

Energy Efficiency

A frequently overlooked but essential factor regarding furnace maintenance is the energy efficiency of the home itself: furnaces do not have to labor excessively during cold weather if the dwelling is properly insulated. One avenue through which to make sure a home does not lose warm air is to replace old windows and doors with units that are more energy efficient. Installing programmable thermostats, caulking drafty windows and placing weatherstrips in appropriate areas throughout the dwelling also helps to lower energy consumption and take strain off the heater.

Changing Air Filters

Regularly cleaning and changing air filters increases the longevity of most furnaces and HVAC systems and keeps them running efficiently throughout the year. Air filters should be checked every 30 days and replaced when they become visibly dirty.

It is never a good idea for a homeowner to attempt furnace installation and repair without consulting a professional. Attempting such tasks may lead to costly mistakes or even endanger those who live in the home. Instead, customers should avail themselves of the services offered by Jon Wayne Heating & Air for all their heating and cooling needs.…

Canvas Paintings For Home Decor

Canvas paintings give people tasteful options for filling their empty walls and hallways. Aside from adding color and texture, a painting can also speak much about the personality of the homeowner. It does not have to be too expensive to be able to be considered fine art. The more important thing is that the homeowner appreciates it and understands it.

The first thing to consider is where it is to be placed. It is obvious that a different kind of painting is more suitable for every room. It would be a good step to envision a painting in a room before deciding to purchase one. The size of the painting should coincide with the space allotted for it. For instance, it would not be a good idea to put up a huge painting in such a small space. It would lead to making the room look more cramped. Likewise, the color theme of the painting should also be considered. The overall color palette used in the specific room intended for the painting should accommodate the colors in the painting. Unless the work of art is intended to be used as an accent, the colors should not be too far from the color concept of that room.

More importantly, the specific style the room has should be complemented by the selected canvas paintings. For instance, it is very common for modern style to have neutral walls in shades of cream, white and grays. The canvas paintings can take the role of being the accent pieces in the walls. This means that against those neutral walls, paintings with bases such as reds and oranges would really stand out. At the same time, homes with a modern style need to stick to clean cut designs meaning the paintings should tone down on the curves and flourishes and stick to jagged lines and geometric shapes.…

Things That Can Transform The Kids Decor

The kind of environment in which the kid grows has a significant place in his/her life. There are many affordable and simple ideas that can turn your kids room into an incredible one. This article puts forward a few tweaks that are affordable and easy to implement in the kids’ room.

Color Patterns

The color patterns in the room make a long-lasting impression. At an early age, kids start to register some colors in their minds. So, fill the room with colorful things. Choose accessories which come in different patterns. There are many optical illusion patterns that can induce a lively environment to your kid’s room. Change them periodically to make a difference. Mix monochromatic or Multi-color things to create a contrasting décor.

Art Galleries

Displaying different kinds of creative arts will develop inquisitive thoughts in the children. Art galleries have both functional and décor advantages. They add a value to space as well as convey a message. Walls filled with adorable arts can change the environment.

Mix old and new styles

Make your kid aware of all things which you have been experiencing and he/she is going to experience. To put it in a simple way, blend the contemporary décor with traditional things.

Wall Charts

Gear up your smart one for schooling by tweaking the décor in a best possible way. Hang charts which feature fruits, vegetables, alphabets, numbers. Unveil your creativity in selecting a perfect wall chart.


Wind chimes are a part of modern décor. They develop a pleasant sound which reverberates for some time. Spare some time to create some beautiful hangings. It not only vents your creativity but also satisfies your soul.


Kids’ furniture includes Playhouses, Bunk beds, Rockers, Chairs, Recliners, and so on. Instead of leaving them in a routine manner, decorate them with thematic covers.

Playhouses are second to none in the development of the kid. They enable the kid to socialize easily and also develop decision-making ability.

Personalized Recliners with cup holders can be a nice addition to the décor. They can be placed in any room. Kids enjoy munching popcorn while watching cartoons, so bring home a Recliner with Cup Holders.

Bunk beds not only provide a sleeping option but also create a playful environment in the room. Choose a convertible Bunk bed as it comes with numerous advantages. They can be modified according to the kids’ profile.

Kids love to enjoy spending time on Rockers. Choose a Rocker which adds beauty to the place as well as retains the happiness of the kid.…

How to Protect an Interior Wood Threshold

Thresholds are sometimes unnoticeable. Not every doorway has them and those that do don’t always stand out. However, thresholds can be a nice addition to a doorway, especially if the floor at both sides is distinctively different from its neighbor and needs a separation barrier instead of abruptly meeting each other.

They can also be good for stopping drafts or preventing air, either warm or cool, from escaping or entering.

But what kind of maintenance do indoor thresholds need?

There are several things to consider such as staining, sealing with urethane, or painting. Each is a possibility but the final decision depends on you. The truth is a threshold needs some kind of coating to protect it from getting dirty, being marked up, or damaged.

If you have hard wood floors you could stain the threshold:

1. Lightly sand the threshold leveling it out on all sides.

2. Prepare stain.

3. If you want to match the color of the hard wood floor apply stain slowly in coats.

4. Once you’ve finished apply a sealer giving it several coats for extra protection.

If you want to paint the threshold:

1. Lightly sand the threshold leveling it out on all sides.

2. Prepare paint. It should be oil-based for the best shine and to be longer lasting.

3. Apply at least two coats letting it dry in between.

4. Once you’ve finished apply a sealer giving it several coats for extra protection.

If you like the wood color of the threshold you may want to leave it in its natural state. In that case you should still give it a varnish to protect from foot traffic.

1. Lightly sand the threshold leveling it out on all sides.

2. Prepare oil-based varnish.

3. Apply at least two coats letting it dry in between.

Finally add some caulking around the edges of the threshold to prevent dirt from getting caught in any open spaces. After all, the threshold will be crossed by many feet carrying all kinds of gook that may just stick around if given the chance.…

Interior Design Business Secrets – 5 Tips to Tame the Paper Tiger, Stay Organized, and Make Money

Working with design professionals on their businesses, it seems too many are operating off of random piles, post-it notes, and a chaotic office. Organization saves precious time, creates greater confidence in your business, and allows you to always know exactly your success position. There are simple, proven techniques for getting and staying on top of the paper tiger.

Mastering Client Files

Each file folder should be clearly marked with the clients name, address, and phone contact, email also. To make it truly easy use project management folders, available at any office supply resource. These provide a chart that you can log your client visits and progress on the face of the folder. Keep all job receipts, samples, product tear sheets, and client notes in the file folder. When a job is complete, move the folder to inactive but follow up regularly!

Organizing Business Receipts

Non-client related receipts, such as those for marketing, office supplies, auto expense, insurance, employee meals and more must be filed monthly if not weekly. Simply you can use either an accordion file folder, or if (as mine do) you have far too many, then use 6×9 manila envelopes in a file drawer and label each clearly with the category of expense and the year. You can then easily deliver these to your bookkeeper or accountant in time for tax preparation and financials annually as well as quarterly.

Conquering Purchase Orders

While if you are truly on top of your game, you will do all of this electronically, it is very difficult to avoid paper from vendors! So print out a copy of each order, keep it in a three-ring binder with dividers by month, staple all relevant paperwork to each order. This makes it easy to track and follow up. Be sure to record the name and date of anyone you have spoken with regarding the order on the original P.O. In addition for quick reference you can keep a log book of all orders including the date, the PO number, the vendor, the goods ordered, expected due date, and date received. Old fashioned, but it works, yes you can do this in an excel spread sheet also! For ultimate ease, I make my own PO numbers, they are sequential, but I include the client’s initials before every number.

Tracking Your Time

Yes, most of us work at least on a partial or full hourly basis whether consulting, creating, designing, coaching or project management. You’ll make more money with a daily log than a once a week or once a month mental download. Create either an excel spread sheet in your laptop or PDA or on a green columnar pad and keep it in your car. Assign values to the time being spent (down the left side), is it consulting, resourcing, design, space planning, installation, project management? Assign project names across the top and then record dates and hours. The increment you work in is up to you, some do 15 minutes, others 30 minutes or …

Surreal Art Like That Done By Joan Miro Can Be Perfect Nursery Decor

The work of Joan Miro has been referred to as having childlike organic forms, though not exactly childlike in form his images none the less have a huge amount of appeal thanks to their organic yet flat and solid nature. Because of their colorful and solid composition such works of art can make good decoration for your nursery, and would defiantly make such a room unique among those of children. Such paintings as his however need a frame unless your walls are a neutral color as one of their primary compositional powers comes from the internal color scheme and so can be detracted from by external colors.

For many the idea of using such surreal art as wall art for kids seems strange however pictures do not necessary need to add a story to add interest. The Painting “Daybreak Tagesanbruch” is a strongly composed picture of green, red, yellow, and blue who’s flat simplicity makes it both easy to examine and fascinating as a design element. Like a little creature standing between the worlds of dawn and night as the sun on rising this painting has a strange energy that could fit very will in any child’s room.

The “Melancholic Singer” like the painting “Daybreak Tagesanbruch” is a multicolored series of shapes, however it has a larger area that could be considered a sort of odd negative space in which the paint of the picture can dance like a wild flock of birds. One of Miro’s more interesting paintings “The Melancholic Singer” typifies the type of imagery normally associated with the painter, a strong work of art its power lays in the its unique way of moving across the page, a form of movement that would add energy to any nursery décor.

“Lune Verte” like the “Melancholic Singer” dances across the page as a series of broken images coming to overwhelm the negative space that is so much larger then they are with pure energy. However in this picture the solid flat images normally associated with Miro’s work have help from what is perhaps one of the few times he truly did what a small child would do. This painting is dominated by yellow scribbles that circles over his many flat organic forms. The sheer energy of this painting helps the viewers to see how much fun Miro had painting it, like any child has just placing color on a canvas, yet unlike most children one can see how firmly Miro plans or at least understands the composition of his paintings and how such things move the viewers eyes around the canvas. It is this skill that makes Miro a great painter, the ability to.

It’s interesting to note that although Miro’s most powerful compositions do seem to be the broken dances across negative space, this is not necessarily his most common form of painting composition. His painting “Compositions” though in color and style choice is much like the two previously mentioned paintings it is much more solid, as it …

Gift Wrapping – The Do's and Don'ts of Tasteful Gift Decor

I have wrapped too many gifts – namely, gift baskets – to remember. I consider myself an expert. Whether you do or not is beside the point. Listen up. Here are the tips of the sophisticated gift trade …

DO use clear, clean cello when wrapping gift baskets or a grouping of smaller gifts.

DO NOT use reindeer-adorned cello or any of its tasteless cousins. It's the equivalent of your spinster aunt or grade one teacher's red cable-knit sweater with snowman appliqué.

DO use lavish, beautiful wired ribbon. It can turn a simple bar of elegant soap or even just a tin of hard candies into a memorable token gift or hostess gift.

DO NOT use that tacky thin ribbon that you curl with scissors. You want to elevate, not cheapen your already cheap gift.

DO use gold and silver accents, in moderation , for holiday season gifts.

DO NOT assume more gold and silver equals better. It equals tacky. If you were trying to compete with drug store gift baskets, you would have just bought one there.

DO use bold color. Think hot pink, lime green, turquoise. Paired with chocolate brown, it's very of the moment.

DO NOT think bold color means heather green and navy with maroon trim. That's like realtor speak for 'designer upgrades' on 1970's homes updated in the 80's and on the market today.

DO pair black and white. Say, crisp black paper with white ribbon. It is clean and classic.

DO NOT use black and white newspaper to wrap your gifts. I tried that during a particularly thrifty Christmas season, and my mother would not even put my gifts under the tree.

DO use variations of the same shade. Say, pale green tissue, a lime green bag, and a darker green accent. Alternatively, pair beautiful products with packaging elements that echo one another (ie a tin of loose leaf tea with olive green label paired with a milled soap in lime green box.) This balanced pairing is seamless and adds a touch of controlled luxury.

DO NOT compile an assortment of mismatched, cheap products with similar packaging in an attempt to duplicate this idea. Quality always wins. Better to have two select items, than twenty toss-away ones.

DO put some love into your creation. Trite yes, but that's really what makes it special. …

Celtic Hair Styles, Grooming Decor and Hygiene

A lot of people have asked me about Celtic hair styles for both men and women. They want to know about everyday lives and how they looked.

Celtic Soap – The Romans noted that the Celts were very particular about bathing and grooming habits. They smelled great, as they we know they washed their hands and faces with soap in the morning, as well as bathed fully with soap in the evening. Afterwards they applied oil with scented herbs on their skin. In the Brehon laws there is clear descriptions as to when the elite ‘security’ warriors have to bath as well as foster children’s brats had to be washed every other day. A brat was a kind of cloak Almost ritualistic in belief. It is said that it is the Celts who introduced soap to the Romans who used the oil and sticks to scrape off their dirt previously.

Celtic Hands – In Ireland, the hierarchy persons had to have their fingernails kept well-groomed. The warriors were considered hierarchy and would be shamed if he kept his nails ragged. Women sometimes dyed their nails crimson as we see from the story of Deirdre who makes a statement that crimsoning her nails refers to joyous occasions and thus she will no longer do this when some boys die.

Celtic Facial and Body Hair & Makeup – Make Celts were sometimes with or without a beard or moustache, depended on the tribe and position. Some soldiers and lower class Celts had moustaches, often curled up at the ends, but without the beard up to the medieval period. The beards were often forked – Irish artwork very few others show an unforked beard, and instead with a square cut to the bottom. Other beard styles show one single long beard on chin, sometimes with a square cut to the bottom.

Prominent persons were either clean-shaven or had both a beard and a moustache. The moustache later became know to the aristocracy and worn alone, which carried through to the medieval period. Diodorus of Sicily – “Nobles shave their cheeks, but they let the moustache grow until it covers the mouth.” As said there are several tribes so this all depends on the area. Caesar noted that the Celts shaved their bodies except for the head and upper lip.

In the myths we can see many things they did, but one must read through the many to find these gems. For example – Berry juice, would sometimes be used for ladies eyebrows black. Irish missionary monks were also known to paint or dye their eyelids black. The cheeks were reddened using a plant called ‘ruam’ — could be alder berries but it is unknown. It is not clear whether both men & women reddened their cheeks.

Celtic Hair was long according to Cesar and a few other sources by the free classes and for both men and women – Irish artwork.

Warriors, on the other hand – (Roman sculpture of the ‘dying Gaul’ …