The Road To the White House

As we approach these off year elections, the fever of discontent is rabid among the voters
As a Newsweek poll asked are you satisfied with the way the country's going? 65% answered, no 29% answered yes they were satisfied. The fortunes for the Republicans look rough, but the public does not view the Democrats much better. If they expect to capitalize and build on it they must produce results and quickly! The people view both parties as self interested and disconnected from the people.

A man from Missouri ran for President in 1948 a poll of fifty newspaper editors nationwide came back zero for election and fifty against. Factions in his own party asked him for the good of the party to step down, the party ever split three ways making the chances of election even more remote. Everyone was certain he did not stand a chance except one, himself. "Except for the reward of service" he told the Secretary of State "I find little satisfaction in being President." He further claimed his sister "No man in his right mind would ever wish to be President if they knew what it entailed."

So except for the reward of service why would he fight for a job he did not like? Sometimes he had a chip on his shoulder, a farmer without a college education he was a failed small businessman, Entering the army as a corporal he left a captain, with one superior officer reading his performance reports commented "get him in here, hell no ones that good "but according to the men that served under him he was that good. So why did he do it? In his own words, He felt it was his duty to "get into the fight and help stem the tide of reaction. that prosperity actually began at the top and would trickle down in due time to benefit all the people. "

He began his campaign speech by stating what he thought the country needed, he told the speechwriters what to write and if he did not like it he told them to change it for he was his own campaign adviser, he did not have a spin room or a focus group. The liberals in the party had abandoned him the conservatives had formed their own party. He called for National Health Insurance; he wanted to raise the minimum wage not by a nickel or a dime but by more than 55% he called for a poor mans tax cut. "Our first goal" he said
"is to secure fully the essential human rights of our citizens." This was 1948 his position
was not considered astute it had already caused a split in his party yet he continued.

"Not all groups are free to live and work where they please or to improve their conditions of life by their own efforts. Not all groups enjoy the full privileges of citizenship …
The federal government has a clear duty to see that the constitutional …

A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Who doesn’t like birthdays when it comes once in a year. Be it a party, be it food/drinks, be it games/activities- one enjoys the day like never before. Other than that it involves expenditure too which needs to be planned in a certain way. The ultimate aim is to make the people happy so that they shower their blessings of health/ wealth/love unto you. And age is just a number, when a child grows, his maturity also grows.

1) A great cake: It is the most attractive part which will be kept in the centre. Everyone would love to taste it when it gets cut and be divided. It can be made according to the theme for example you put red theme or pink theme. That’ll be great when it will match the dresses. It could be prepared from the local bakery or home-made too. A better cake denotes another year added to person’s life.

2) Food/menu: What is that, that will mouth-water the people’s tastebuds. Punjabi or Chinese cuisine, continental or Indian, or Thai. Will there be soups, salads, seasonal cooked vegetables etc. Just ponder over it and let the party be memorable. Like marriage the arrangements could be made and waiters could be there to serve it. A special chef could be hired that will suffice all the requirements and satisfy the gluttony. Wasted food can be discarded.

3) Gathering: Decide on how many people you want to call and take care of their sitting arrangements. They will all mingle up while you can play the music behind. Tambola also can be planned just to engage whom you have called. People should not be more or less than the one which you can’t handle. Choose carefully!

4) Introvert nature: Only those kids can talk to each other and be involved when they’re asked to mingle with each other personalities. These are type A personalities who are confident enough to grasp and understand the human behaviour. Push them to have a conversation with each other. They will talk about family, habits, experiences, their positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses, insecurities etc. Let them have their own time to make interesting talks/gossips with each other.

5) Games: games like musical chairs, lemon on spoon, little games and dancing damsel can be played just to engage the children whom you’ve called. Chits game can be played where everyone would be asked to share their best experiences of life till yet. Just make sure everything is clean and available. Washroom is clean and has good soap just to avoid germs.

So you did you best in organizing the party, just to end it you can give return gifts and let it be dolls, keychains, pens, laughing Buddha etc. Other option could be to give the party at a hill station like on mountains away from homes, changing of place/ changing of weather could be a nice idea to spend time with children and their friends.…

What Not to Say When Selling High End Interior Design Jobs

If you think that selling a high-end client or job means that you need to sell harder, you are wrong.

The truth is, I find that it is actually easier to sell high-end clients than lower-end ones. Why would that be? High-end clients already know that they can not solve the problem on their own, yet they have the financial resources to hire someone to do it and they are accredited to searching for the solution.

Now, high-end clients are not going to just come running saying "help me, help me!" They need to know that their investment is going to pay off as a great experience, as well as a beautiful design solution.

Remember you must ask thoughtful questions to unforgettable important and telling information that will let you know if this potential high-end client is a good "fit" with you and your individual style of working. While you are listening you must decide is whether or not you want to work with them.

I enjoy taking my time to get to know this type of client, working on setting up a sense of connection, understanding and intimacy in the development of our relationship. I let my prospect client know that I am interested in them, and that I value them and their opinions. After all, I am interested in a long-term relationship

So, knowing WHAT to say and WHEN to say it is not hard. Once you know these tips you can apply them to any conversation where you want to have a positive exit.

So to help you succeed at putting high-end design jobs in your portfolio, here are 3 simple tips that can easily increase your creative opportunities and add big dollars to your bank account. When you follow these steps you will be able to charge higher fees, honestly and comfortably, just like I do.

1) Do not jump into selling immediately.

Your potential client is sophisticated. They suspect that you do need to sell this job and they are going to be wary. So, do not do it! Stop and take a big breath, and relax. Put your focus on developing the relationship with this client, find out who they are and how to connect with them. After all, you want this to be a long-term relationship not a one shot deal. Take your time and ask concerned and focused questions about what they have been struggling with and are unable to solve on their own. Do not jump into "I can fix this mode," keep listening.

2) Do not jump into explaining the cost of your services too soon.

Your client will undoughtly ask about the cost of services early on in your conversation. This is where you need to, again, curb your desire to immediately leap in and help. Say instead, "I would be happy to talk about the cost of design services. You need to discover, in depth, what the design problem is and what difficulties it is causing, before talking …

Does Your Pet’s Hair Affect Your HVAC System?

Does Your Pet’s Hair Affect Your HVAC System?

There are several things you can do to improve the health of your air conditioner. There are a lot of threats in your home that can decrease the effectiveness of your air conditioner, clog it, slow down its function, and even break it down over time. One of the most commonly faced threats to your air conditioner is pet dander. The pets we love and adore have thick coats with coarse hair, which is perfect for clogging up your heating and air conditioning system.

Here, we will explain how to handle the amount of pet hair and dander in your home to ensure that your pet’s natural habits, and their hair, does not negatively affect the quality of your HVAC system, and how simple steps can protect it for many years to come.

Air Borne Allergens and Your Pet’s Dander

The reason a large percentage of the population has an allergy to furry pets is because of their dander. Dander is made up of microscopic pathogens that infiltrate the nasal passages and cause the symptoms we experience in an allergic reaction. When pets shed their fur, dander sticks to the individual hair shafts and travel along with it until it can break free from the hair. Both the pet dander, and the pet hair can be pulled into your HVAC system.

Since dander is microscopic, not all pet dander is caught in your air conditioner’s filter. This leaves it free to float around in your home and be recirculated through your home continuously. Over time, this can make your allergies unbearable.

Solving the Airborne Pet Dander Problem

Even though your HVAC system is capable of transporting pet dander through your home, it can easily become a strong ally in the fight against allergies. Your heating and air conditioning system is the respiratory system of your home. It pulls air from inside your home through the primary intake vent and pulls it through the air filter that you have chosen to install, adjust the temperature of the air, and circulates it back into your home. By choosing the right air filter, you can ensure that the allergens plaguing your family are filtered out and trapped instead of recirculating them back through your home.

If your air filter is clogged, dirty, or low-quality, your air conditioner will struggle to filter the air. A clogged filter restricts the air flow from the primary intake vent, which puts added stress on the various components, reducing the life of your system. It can also increase your electric usage dramatically. There are several things you can do to effectively reduce the amount of strain placed on your HVAC system, but the two most important steps you can take are vacuuming regularly and changing your filters often.

Vacuuming your home regularly to remove pet hair and dander in your household fabrics can reduce your family’s allergies and reduce the strain on your HVAC system. Less pet hair in your …

The Laura Mostaghel Home and Interior Decor Collection

At a time when Western Europe and the superb collectibles one might find there are accessible only to the well-to-do, avid collectors don’t want to give up beautiful art because their currency has less value abroad. That’s one reason – admittedly a very small one – collectors should consider buying the work of American artists.

I would like to tell you about the work of one of America’s most outstanding and fastest-rising artists, Laura Mostaghel. Her complete catalog is in itself a work of art. She produces memorable oil paintings as well as hand-made and -crafted works that will grace any home in your choice of

Paintings – Vases and Tile Murals

Watercolors – Jewelry Pins

Giclées – Ceramic Boxes

Prints – Etchings

Her exquisite pieces are well-known to the rich and famous – household names long-known for their taste in fine art including Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Tony Blair, and Princes Charles and William – as well as to connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful things.

While many of Laura’s original oils on canvas carry prices commensurate with their beauty and originality, she has also made many of these exquisite works available as giclées at prices affordable to most collectors. Some of these beautiful paintings in the glicée format are available in signed and numbered limited editions on acid free archival paper. Many artists will create a series from a canvas painting onto canvas. Laura chooses, instead, to keep her editions on paper so all canvas paintings are originals and any series will be on paper. However, the paper is 30.5 lb. Somerset Velvet coated cotton duck, cold press/acid free in museum white. Collectors will want to know that this paper has almost as much cotton as regular canvas fabric and will thus retain its intensity of the paints just as well as canvas that is primed and UV protected.

These will of course be somewhat more expensive but will in years to come be revered by collectors.

Laura’s tile murals and vases are readily identifiable as unique to her studio for their use of bold, vivid colors and strong lines in contrast with soft, light areas depicted in clear glaze. These pieces are fired four times in a kiln in order to create a rich, harmonious effect for them.

Her exquisite, hand-painted collectible series of decorative art boxes depicting women in colorful interiors, cats, and florals are wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Each box is an original like no other and is trimmed and accented in 22 karat gold. These boxes are also kiln-fired four separate times to achieve the quality that defines Laura’s art.

Often you will see that a piece you greatly desired has already been sold. By special arrangement with Laura we can help you overcome this disappointment.

Since all originals are by definition unique, you cannot obtain a copy. You can, however, request Laura to create a similar piece for you. This means in effect the subject, themes, …

Wine Or Silver Wedding Favors Enhance Decor

With the new tradition of thanking one's guests with wedding favors for attending one's ceremony and reception, there is now an inexpensive method of enhancing the theme or décor. Wine or silver wedding favors will make lovely thank you gifts for the guests, giving each one a treasured memento of the day. These small items make wonderful decorations at the reception, and even better keepsakes the guests will cherish to remind them of this special day.

There are many different wine wedding favors from which to choose. One could give champagne bubbly bubble bath, or a set of beach themed wine charms in the shape of shells, starfish, or miniature dolphins. All of these are silver and make lovely keepsakes for guests to treasure. There are also bottle stoppers and bottle openings decorated to fit any possible theme choice.

There are also many different silver wedding favors to match any theme that will enhance the décor, adding a touch of elegance to the reception. One example would be a charming "Love" chrome letter opener. This little treasure comes in a cute pillow box and is not only beautiful, but it is useful to anyone who ever opens mail. Every time it is used, it will bring back happy memories of the special day. Another gorgeous and useful item is a butterfly bookmark with a silk tassel, or even a silver cross bookmark with tassel. It is really simple to locate silver wedding favors that will add a touch of elegance to the proceedings and make wonderful gifts for the guests.

Shopping for wedding favors does not need to be a major hardship. Couples can relax in their own homes and shop online. These little items make some of the least expensive decorations one could find for a wedding.

Online shopping for wine or silver wedding favors can save a lot of money when compared to shopping in a local bridal shop. The reasons are differences in overhead that can drive prices up at the local level, and global competition for websites that will drive prices down to the minimum sustainable level. Online shopping is also much more convenient because couples do not have to schedule shopping trips when stores are open.

Online shopping is just better all around than trying to take off work to go to a local store that will charge inflated prices to cover their overhead and pay them handsomely because they have no real competition. With better hours to shop, the peace of mind of not having a pushy salesperson looking over one's shoulder, and paying lower prices, there is no need to ever shop in a local bridal shop again when looking Wine or silver wedding favors. …