French Tapestries Add Romance To Your Home Decor

Tapestries have been around since mankind first learned how to weave. In fact, some of the earliest examples date back to the time of the ancient civilizations who created looms that could create amazing works of art that were also functional.

Of course, most experts will tell you that the very best tapestries came from France, when the very best weavers in the world – those toiling away in the manufacturings in Gobelins – created some of the most beautiful tapestries ever designed.

Many of these were influenced by the French artists of the time. Back then, it was common to take paintings, even those from relatively unknown artists of their time, and create tapestries from them.

Today, we can benefit from their passion for their work for they have preserved some of the greatest works in woven form. This is particularly true in the case of French painters, including the groundbreaking work of Francois Boucher.

Boucher was extremely versatile. While he could paint scenics and portraits, his first love was the world of enchantment. As a young artist of just 20, he won the Prix de Rome. At 31, he was a member of the Academie Royale and worked on his first commission for Versailles the following year.

A leading proponent of the Rococo style, he became the supervisor of the Gobelins manufacturer, which was to have a significant and lasting impact on the arts through Europe, from porcelain to tapestry.

His romantic themes can be found in all of his works done during this time. Though often copied, Boucher's work has been rarely equaled, except by the likes of Rubens.

Adding his French tapestries to your home instills a romantic touch that is both distinctive and sophisticated. Few artists have mastered the delicate balance between fantasy and reality as Boucher's paintings and resulting tapestries, whether it is a simple romantic scene or a pastoral landscape.

That may be one of the reasons his French tapestries are so popular today. They recall a simpler, more romantic time that many collectors and homeowners long to portray in their residences.

Since the original Boucher's are priceless, these French tapestries are a great way to portray his brilliance without busting a budget. It also lets visitors know that you not only know art, but artistry as well. While it's easy to buy a copy of his painted work, a tapestry shows that you have a love of Boucher and fine tapestries at the same time.

In the world of French tapestries, the work of Francois Boucher plays an important role. His body of work spans history, mythology, landscape, portraits and ordinary life so it's reliably easy to find a work that fits your decor and personal tastes in art.

One thing is for sure. Boucher's artistry will not only add beauty to your home, but a touch of romance and sensual intrigue that you'll love for years to come. …

Home Staging Design Information

Home staging has now become vital for anyone selling a residential property today, your home is a valuable asset and a major investment. Sellers must understand the important role that home staging plays in the selling process. By having your home staged it will be presented competitively and at its best. Prepare your home in a way that maximizes your sale or rental potential by making your home appealing and attractive to your target audience, impressing your prospective buyers. Home staging involves the procurement and placement of furniture and accessories in order to illustrate the size, opportunity, functionality and livability of a home. Professional decorators are an integral and important part of the process allowing the vision of the agent and the seller to be illustrated to the potential buyers directly without the need to rely upon abstract or imagination. Home Staging is now generally recognized as an important and necessary step towards the successful sales strategy of any home.

While do-it-yourself home staging has become popular in recent years, competitive market forces have caused the cost of talented home staging professionals to come well within the reasonable reach of the average home seller. Sellers generally believe that the cost of a professional home staging artist is far more than covered by the increased price obtained as the result of the increased interest in the home that results from proper staging.

Interior design reflects our love of design, natural surroundings, quality, value, function and comfort. Whether traditional or contemporary, rustic or urban chic, it must be enjoyed, the visual importance of great furniture, accessories, art, and those must have finishing touches. Every client has unique needs and objectives. The success is built on taking time to understand these needs and delivering a personalized solution to enhance your environment. The focus of any interior redesign service is to make the space more beautiful and functional for the people who use it.

Depending on your needs and wants, we'll either use the furniture and accessories you already own or purchase additional new furniture and accessories to breathe new life and energy into your home. Whether you need one room done or your whole home, interior redesign will create a space that will be beautiful, functional, and more balanced for you and your family.

Every project undertaken, from full service interior design for residential or commercial premises for one-day decorating consultations and event design, each underlines the belief that a well designed room starts with a solid foundation, but only becomes livable when it embrates function and the unique personality of the people who will inhabit it within every element of style.

Buyers are responding more than ever to update homes that they can move right into. Staging a home creates "perceived value", generates buzz and helps your home stand out from the competition.

While appealing design is always in style, Marketing directly to your buyer demographic is achieved by knowing what not to add to the decor. When staging a home for …

Home Decor Color Schemes That Take Their Inspiration From Mother Nature

Making the decision to repaint your home is often easy in comparison to deciding what colors to use in each room. The simplest solution is to paint all the rooms a neutral color, such as white or ivory, and then add splashes of more vibrant colors through your furniture, curtains, and accessories. But let's say you'd like to take the colored-paint plunge, at least in one or two rooms, and your problem is that you do not know how to decide which colors to choose. Where do you begin? Instead of starting your search inside the paint store, try stepping outside and let Mother Nature be your guide and inspiration.

By the Beautiful Sea: Blue has been a favorite home decorating color for thousands of years, and with good reason. Blue, the color of the sky and the sea, is a calming color. But because it's a cool color it usually needs to be warmed up. Mother Nature does that at the beach, where the golden brown grains of sand provide a warm contrast to the blue waters. So if you're a lover of the sea, consider decorating a room using a combination of pale blue walls and furniture that lets the natural warm beauty of the wood shine through.

A Walk in the Woods : If your ideal way to pass a Sunday afternoon is a long walk in the park, green – another relaxing color – may be the color that's right for you. And since green leaves are very often found attached to trees, it's not surprising that just about any shade of green looks great when completed by light or dark shades of brown. Since green leaves also complement many kinds of fruit and flowers, a green and peach combination, for example, can create a vibrant garden-fresh atmosphere that is still relaxing.

Let the Sunshine In: If you're the type who wants the sun would shine 24/7, why not paint one room of your home a vibrant yellow? Yellow and blue (think of a field of daffodils dancing beneath a cloudless blue sky) is a striking combination, while a color scheme that incorporates just different shades of yellow will give you a room of pure sunshine.

A Bouquet of Color: Flowers offer a wealth of color possibilities. If you pay close attention, you'll see that you're attracted more strongly to certain colors. Perhaps you love the deep red hues of a rose, the more delicious pink of a spring blossom, the shades of purple found in a pansy or lilac, or the bright orange of a marigold. Painting all the walls of a room in a strong color will present a striking effect. If you feel it will be too striking, consider painting just one wall a strong color and painting the other walls a lighter tone or a shade of off-white.

A new paint job is a wonderful way to revitalize your home. It's also an opportunity to surround yourself with an ambience that speaks …

Home Decor For A Child's Bedroom Or Play Room

Having a baby is an extremely exciting time for everyone concerned, but where do you start with the nursery? Assuming you know what sex the baby is, then is there really only pink and blues to decorate the room? If you do not know the sex of the baby, can you only use green or creams and neutral colors? There are many things you can do to make your child's nursery unique and a room that the child will grow to love as they grow up in the room.

Redecorating a nursery into a toddler's bedroom can seem like a daunting task as well, but fear not, there are many things you can do to make the bedroom or the playroom a room that the children will never want to leave.

A baby's bedroom can be filled with such wonderful colors; it does not have to just be pink or blue. What about using fresh colors such as yellows and pale greens for the baby's nursery? These colors can be calming and relaxing as well as stylish and practical. You could paint the walls and add a paper border around the middle with a pattern on to break up the colors in the room. You could use stencils or stickers to change the look of the room. Adding pictures and frames to a wall can really make a babyís nursery look wonderful. You could also use gentle browns or creams in a babyís nursery. Not only are these colors simple and effective they are also neutral; meaning when the baby grows to a toddler, the colors can stay the same and the general theme of the room can change.

A toddler's bedroom could have even more complicated than a baby's! Find out what the child loves the most; favorite cartoon, favorite color etc, and decorate around that theme. The walls could stay the same color though; just try changing the things inside the bedroom to give it a new feel. You can now get a huge variety of character bedspreads and curtain sets; a perfect and easy way to change the general feel of the bedroom without doing anything too drastic.

Kids area rugs work well to give them something they want and a place to play on the floor with their toys. And if the rug is colorful and fun, it can also be hung on the wall. This keeps the kids rugs clean, while it's on the wall and makes the room look great. A nice way to go back and forth from wall to floor until it finds it's perfect place in your child's room.

Children can be quite fickle at times and their trends change as quickly as their moods. Try and keep the walls a general color and change everything else. Adding ornaments or stickers to the bedroom can change the look and feel of the room at minimum fuss and price.

A general rule of thumb where children's bedrooms are concerned is to keep …

Vegetable Garden Stakes As Garden Gifts

Suppose you or someone you know has finished a backyard vegetable garden. And now, you decide that a gardening gift is a fitting reward for all of the hard work that was devoted to complete the vegetable garden project.

Most gardening gifts are small inexpensive items like gloves, shovels, spading fork, hoe, compost, and soil testers just to name a few. Instead of giving a tool as a gift, why not consider a garden decor item like unique handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes.

Vegetable garden stakes make the perfect garden accessory as well as garden decor gift that any backyard vegetable gardener will truly appreciate. Moreover, they make great gardening collectibles.

There is nothing more appealing than gardening at a cultured vegetable garden where all the vegetables are identified with redwood stakes. It is not only eye-catching; it is sure to be a big hit. Keep in mind, the more unique and stunning the garden stakes are, the more they will be appreciated. Although metal garden stakes are somewhat popular, there is nothing more striking than a garden marked off with handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes.

The redwood stakes should be made from two pieces, a redwood block and a REPLACEABLE round 1/4-inch birch wood dowel (used for the stick).

The block is made from high quality finished redwood and it is sanded to a smooth finish. The redwood block measures: 1-3 / 8-inches wide x 4-inches long x 3/8-inches thick.

A colorful image of the vegetable along with the vegetable name is transferred to the redwood block. The block is then treated with several layers of varnish to protect it from the sun and weather. For example, the block for the carrot garden stake has a beautiful image of a bunch of carrots, along with the vegetable name of CARROTS.

The replaceable 1/4-inch round wood dowels are available at most home hardware centers and they usually come in lengths of three and four feet. This allows you to cut the dowels to the exact length that you want. The most popular lengths for the dowel-stakes are between twelve and eighteen inches.

You can use a hand-held pencil sharpener to slightly bevel the ends of the 1/4-inch dowel. The beveled ends make it much easier to insert the dowel into the redwood block and your garden.

So, when you are looking to give a garden gift that will be treasured for years to come, consider giving a unique handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes. These stakes are not only attractive, they will give the recipient many years of enjoyment when they gaze out over their garden. …

Interior Design: How To Create Moods With Colour And Canvas Art

Do you struggle when choosing appropriate colour schemes for your home or workspace?

Do you lack confidence choosing artwork that you like but that still compliments your decor?

Don’t panic. Follow some simple guidelines to choosing colour combinations and matching canvas art, and you’ll be well on the way to creating the perfect ambience for your room.

The 3 Golden Rules for colour in your home

  • Understand the psychology of colour – different hues stimulate different emotional responses
  • Be bold, take risks and experiment with colour combinations
  • Make your boldest statement with carefully chosen accessories or canvas art

We are surrounded by colour references: “a red rag to a bull”, “green with envy”, “in the pink”. The psychology of colour and how colour affects human behaviour is evident in every walk of life. Hospital rooms, classrooms, fast food restaurants and offices are painted in colours to influence the behaviour and mood of the people who use these spaces. Even the products on the shelves of your local supermarket have been packaged in colours carefully chosen to attract your attention, reinforce brand values and encourage you to buy. Colour has the ability to affect our emotions, to influence the world adjacent to it and to coordinate or clash with monumental effect.

We all have an instinctive understanding of the psychological effects that colour has on us. Think about the rooms in your house and how the psychological effect of colour will help or hinder how you feel.

Colouring your Home

Living room?The living room represents many things to many people so virtually any colour will work here, depending on what you hope the result will foster. If you want a sanctuary after a hard day at the office, go for blues and greens. Pinks and soft blues are soothing, and violets great for meditation.

Kitchen?Avoid red in the hottest room in the house; use greens for a cooling atmosphere. Going for orange (a hunger stimulant) or yellow (proven to encourage creativity) would be a wise choice. Blue suppresses hunger so avoid.

Dining Room?Yellows are not so good for the digestion, while blue is and would be ideal for a soothing dining experience. Oranges and reds make for lively mealtime discussions and add warmth to a drafty or relatively unused room.

Bedroom?Again, forget yellow. It’s far too emotionally demanding and doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep. If you like yellow, balance with blue, mauve or violet to ensure a refreshing wake-up. Flesh tones, pinks, reds and oranges support romance. Black, although sophisticated, is unlikely to lead to love.

Bathroom?If bathroom hogging is a problem in your house, strong reds, oranges or greens (colours scientifically proven to increase the perception of time passing) are a must. For a more soothing atmosphere go for blues, turquoises and watery greens – all of which have a fresh quality inductive to hygiene. Pink, the most sexual colour, supports positive body images so work well here.

And don’t be shy to …

Homeowners Often Express Their Style With Their Bathroom Basins

Very often owners are proud of how their homes are presented to their family and friends and they go to trouble to make sure everything is beautiful, in place and representative of who they are.

They pay attention to all aspects of decor in their home, also to the bathroom; some prefer a semi recessed basin above all others. Among many choices for bathrooms, this will often suit a more modern look and feel in the bathroom and is likely to be fitted by those who prefer maximising their bathroom space.

It does not jut out that far to encroach upon space in even small areas, but enough to make vanity space accessible and easy for smaller children to use since the taps are somewhat closer than is the case with other types of basins. This helps to keep the bathroom floors clean since the user does not have to reach far and cause unnecessary splashing.

The semi recessed basin is often favoured by those who like a trendy, modern look and will be found in bathrooms where style, design and look are important. Many owners of homes are very particular about how their homes and every room – also the bathroom – should look. So, to fit in nicely with a contemporary, modern look, this basin is one of the popular options for many.

Many designers feel there is a certain timeless quality to this specific type of basin and will therefore recommend it to a cross range of clients. It can look good in an older type bathroom, and equally up to the minute in a modern setting with lots of emphasis on glass and mirrors, for instance.

The semi recessed basin has certain practical features and uses too. Because it does not cover the whole counter top or vanity area it is possible to position it in such a way that it fits on a fairly thin countertop as opposed to other basins that are fitted in the middle of the surface.

It makes accessibility easier, especially for the young ones in the family. Very often homeowners enjoy shopping for their own basins and accessories for the bathroom; they also love some DIY which saves time and money. But, unless you really know what you are doing, it may be better to call in a good builder or specialist to fit this type of basin for you.

When you choose the semi recessed basin for one or more bathrooms in your home or businesses such as hotels, guest houses or other overnight facilities, for instance, you will have a choice of materials too. Some are ceramic, others made of glass such as those preferred in modern bathrooms and others of steel. It all depends what works best for you and your specific circumstances and look in your home.

Often a basin is chosen to be the centre piece in terms of the decor for people’s bathrooms. Therefore they think of practicality, but also of the aesthetic effect …

Using Tuscan Decor in Your Kitchen

It does not matter whether you are an expert chef or if you simply use your kitchen to microwave ready meals, it is thought that the kitchen is one of the main rooms which we spend our time in. This means that when it comes to decorating, the kitchen is often a high priority. A particular design which is being more frequently used in the kitchen these days is Tuscan style decorating and it can look really warm and homely if done properly.

Why Should You Use Tuscan Decor in Your Kitchen?

Tuscan style decorating allows the kitchen to look warm and inviting. Taking its inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, Tuscan decor can help bring out the creativity or all artists and writers and it provides the perfect backdrop for entertainment. One of the bets things about Tuscan style decorating is the fact that it is extremely easy to achieve it.

How to Achieve a Tuscan Theme in the Kitchen

I order to achieve a Tuscan style design within the kitchen; you need to think about what a Tuscan design actually is. It comes straight from Italy and due to its climate; the look of the kitchen should be warm and inviting. You want something which still looks inviting and warm despite the fact that it is raining outside. This is not as hard to achieve as you may imagine and if you have the money there are so many changes which you can make, including making the windows bigger to let in more natural light.

Classical art is what mainly inspires the Tuscan theme and an excellent material to use in the kitchen to make use of this is marble. Marble offers a timeless look which is really smooth to touch. Gold accessories and brass ornaments can also go really well and it is the accessories which really help to finish off the whole Tuscan look. The reason that these types of metals are regularly used with Tuscan style decorating is because they were used by the artists during the Italian Renaissance.

Tuscan kitchens tend to be clutter free because the families are excellent at cooking and they love to have the whole family helping out in the kitchen. With a lot of clutter this would just not be possible so try to make sure that when you are designing the kitchen that you use as man organization tools as you can. You should also try and make it open plan too as this will really help to add a family type atmosphere to the kitchen.

Overall a Tuscan style kitchen is not hard to achieve and you can make little changes if you do not have the money to make larger ones; either way you will create a more inviting atmosphere. You can finish off the look with real Italian cooking utensils and small gold colored accessories too. …

Principles of Cowboy Home Decor

Coming under different names – western, rustic, or cowboy home decor – this interior design style creates a very different look, both comfortable and rural. The cowboy home decor uses a lot of little details, sometimes very unusual, to recreate a different era, but you can be assured that most of these things are simple and easy to find.


Natural materials like metal, rock, wood, and leather, traditionally used in the West make essential essential part of the corn cowboy home decor. Furniture in this style is usually made in a larger scale and without any fancy or fussy detail. There is plenty of log furniture, twig and branch furniture, and mission style furnishings.


As with any theme, especially cowboy home decor, color is of the utmost importance to achieve the total look. The wood tenders to be honey colored and the metals should be black. Accent colors are usually a terra cotta, brick red, navy, or forest green, mixed with a neutral background of creams, grays, and tans such as found in a western style fabric or wall hanging.


The choice of fabrics should fall on tough types. Leather is perfect for cowboy home decor, as well as anything rough, textured, and tactile. Suede, wool tweed, birch bark, denim, fur, and even saddle blankets can be used to add the cowboy theme to a room.


There is no question that a motif is necessary when completing the cowboy home decor. They can include any type of animals such as deer, cattle, bear, moose, or fish. Antlers are extremely popular as well as a wall hanging or a chandelier, but look for a more creative use for them to be unique. You could make any of these items into a candelabrum, candle holder, or even a place to hang up coats according to your personal preference.

Other motifs include outdoor scenes such as fishing, riding, hunting, lakes, rivers, pine cones, oak trees, wildflowers, and grasses. The cowboy home decor is all about bringing the outside in, so do it as much as you can without being overwhelmed. Luckily this is one of the decors when more is better.

Cowboy home decor is good not only for your home, but also cabin or barn. It will add a comfortable feel, and can cost you almost nothing. You can use anything – from horseshoe sconces and twig framed mirrors to old jeans, dried flowers, and quilts. Use your creativity, and enjoy the fun of decorating your dwelling in such a limitless way. …

Designer Toilet Seats

A Customized toilet seat color and design can help to solidify the feeling of a bathroom's appearance, and surprisingly toilet lids come in a very large assortment of different colors, patterns, and finishes. You can keep stuff extremely plain, or you can really enhance your bathroom with an unexpected color or design.

The most popular color by far lead off with the time-honored white. A designer toilet seat color and construction will assist to lay out the tone of your bathroom's decor, and you may be surprised to discover that toilet seats come in a very intense variety of unusual colors, designs, and finishes. You may wish to leave stuff extremely unexciting, or you could really dapper your bathroom extremely with an unanticipated design or construction

The most popular coloring of toilet seats starts out with the time-honored white. The color White is always effective for a toilet seat because it accompanies everything, and if you're the type of individual who really does not feel that toilets need to get additional attention drawn to them, white is the direction to go. If you're prepping a dwelling for sale, you will want to use white since potential buyers prefer to be able to see the house with potential for their own decorative expressive style. When you have some kind of fancy designing, it may take away from the buyers ability to picture how they would beautify the bathroom.

Another front-runner colorings for toilet lids is black. Black seats are being utilized increasingly more as an accent color in home beautifying, so this should not be a surprise. Plus, it's not uncommon to discover a black toilet in many home these days, and a black lid or a seat with some black in it's construction can appear so much better with a black toilet. Examine the Comfort toilet Seat Deluxe Molded Wood Seat in black.

Pink is still a favored seat color, and works very good in women bathrooms or a bathroom that's more female is expressive style. If you have a girl who's incredibly girly, and has her own bathroom, pink can be a perfect color to choose. Or when you have his and hers bathroom's, you could beautify "her" side shades of pink, adding a pink toilet lid for the crowning feminine affect. The Premium Ginsey Classique Pink Rose Padded Soft Toilet Seat are ideal.

But do not forget that designer toilet seats come in all varieties of colors. The most favorite color may always be white, black and pink, beige colors are extremely fashionable as well, you can also find a designer toilet seat in green, blue, violet, lavender, and yellow also. Whatever accommodates your expressive style.

A Wood finish designer toilet seats look fantastic in bathroom's which are naturalistic in their designing. Wood grain can ad many extremely warm feeling to any room, and may ad a unique accent to bathroom's which have lots of plant and wood like material in them, or to a bathroom with a …