Bath Sink Drain Installation: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Proper installation is the key for your bathroom sink drain to function well in the long run. As the time goes by, the pipes and drains will loosen and leak. Based on this fact, it is recommended that you perform proper installation to ensure durability. Additionally, you should also use high quality parts and materials. You also need to make sure that you also avoid mistakes in the installation process. Otherwise, your bath sink drain will not work properly and early leakage may also occur. Here are some common installation mistakes that you should avoid:

1. When installing the drains, you have to be sure that the connections are fastened tightly. However, don’t tighten the connections too securely since it can cause cracking and strain. It can also cause warping, which will allow water to pass through. Most people fasten the connections too tightly and cracking happens afterwards. You should also check the washers since they have the task to close air leakage on the pipe.

2. Sometimes, people don’t really pay attention to the materials used to manufacture the parts when installing bathroom sink drain. Stainless steel is the recommended material since it offers more durability than any other materials. If you buy the drain set separately, do check if the other parts are also made of stainless steel.

3. Don’t pour cleaning fluids that contain strong acids into the drains since they can cause corrosion. Otherwise, corrosive acids can cause your drain to leak in the future.

4. Don’t cut the plastic pipes too long or too short. If the pipes are too long, they will overlap and tend to be out of alignment. When you cut the pipes too short, it will cause water to seep out and the drains will gradually leak.

5. You should clean your bathroom sink drains regularly if you expect them to work properly. You don’t need to disassemble the drains when cleaning but you can do it if regular cleaning is not performed. Make sure that you also don’t use hazardous cleaning materials since they will only damage the drains. Hot water is the right cleaning medium since it will prevent serious clogging.

6. Cracking and leaking will still happen even if you perform regular maintenance. Therefore, performing the necessary precautions during and after installation is essential. Hence, the sink drains can last longer. If you find that the drains eventually start to leak, replacing them altogether is the best solution. It is because replacing some parts for short term use will only cost you more money in the future.…

Keep Up With the Trends in an Appropriately Designed Bathroom for 2018

The intimacies of the bathroom activities at home call for more attention to the facilities and layout. Remember the early morning rushing, children bathing and the relaxed after work sessions in the tub. The family needs to feel good in there. Perhaps a refurbishment or updating is required to create a pleasant aura, complete with all the action that is needed. Check out a few trends coming your way in 2018.

Few tips on ornate brass fittings

Brass and gold belong to the 1980s but is being preferred nowadays. Perhaps you remember those days three decades and more ago. The truth is that tastes and fashions must return in a cyclic manner. The brass fittings now may not be as bold as they once were, a little muted perhaps. Brass does create that fancy effect to create a grand ambience. The brass blends well with the wooden countertops. Black and white floor tiles would provide a striking fun contrast.

Tiles designed as fish scales

They are also called mermaid tile designs and are getting popular now. This handy pattern fits in well wherever you wish to install it, but appears very attractive in bathrooms. You would love that quirky effect as an attractive accent wall or shower surrounds. Among several attractive shades, the aqua tint would remind of the ocean theme.

Circular mirrors

That expansive space promoted by large mirrors would get more dramatic with round vanity mirrors. The bathroom certainly acquires a contemporary feel with such an easy installation, the bigger the better.

Live plants around is a trend

The trendy live plants around the shower commenced in 2017 and continue into 2018. Use the imagination, spruce and freshen up the area with a few live green plants and not fake flowers! You certainly won’t forget about watering them. Certain plants purify the atmosphere and choose and place them wisely.

Consider a unicolor set up

The monochromatic appearance has eternal appeal and is getting hot in 2018. Black and white could occur in several tones. Vintage or modern, arrange black and white accordingly. B/W could be lavish besides being industrial and could get as classy as you wish. Don’t forget the ambiance created by the round mirror, the brass fixtures and a crystal chandelier perhaps.

Manage the space carefully and avoid making the bathroom too crowded. Wall installations of mirrors and cabinets would help manage space in congested bathrooms.…

Going 'Green' with Environmentally-Friendly Home Improvement Products

Over the last few years, buying environment friendly products for the home has become an increasingly important consideration for homeowners looking to make "green" improvements to their living space. To address this growing need, products such as flooring, lighting and paneling, as well as materials like paint and varnish are now readily available for virtually every remodeling project and every room in the house.

Numerous States have now also adopted legislation that limits the use of products that contain harmful fumes or chemicals. The good thing about this is, other than the obvious Green benefits, that many of the products that adhere to the new legislation are also becoming more affordable and are there more more likely to be found on the shelves in our local hardware and home improvement stores.

See The Light! And Still Save on Energy Bills

It's no secret that energy prices have soared and if you are planning a home improvement project, one of the simplest ways you can protect the environment – as well as save money – is to use less electricity.

Lighting and major appliances consume the most electricity; simply by switching to fluorescent bulbs, you can save up to 30% a year on your electricity bills. You can save a noticeable amount of money on your lighting costs by painting walls a lighter color, thus distributing light more effortlessly as well as making rooms appear brighter.

Leaking ducts can account for a surprising amount of wasted energy – up to 30%. If you are planning to caulk around ducts, vents and windows be sure to use a product that complies with recent regulations concerning the use of less VOCs in its manufacture. These are volatile organic compounds which contain pollutants that damage the ozone layer, and also contribute to producing smog.

Paint may be your biggest cause of concern if you are planning a home improvement project. Read the small print on the tin to make sure it complies with VOC standards – almost 30 brands are now readily available. Typically, lighter colors of paint tend to contain fewer VOCs.

Tip-Top Countertops

Kitchen countertops are an area where it is possible to help the environment. A recent innovation is a countertop made entirely of recycled paper and water-based resin. You can also install countertops made of paper and cement so that the production involves no quarrying that damages the land.

The bathroom is one of the most important areas where you can help protect the environment. Around 75% of all water used in the home is used by the bathroom shower, toilet and sink combined. Low flow or adjustable showerheads are easy to install and a dual flush toilet – offering a full or half-flush – can potentially lower a typical water bill by up to $ 75 a year. An estimated 4 trillion gallons of water would be saved every year in the United States if every household installed a dual flush toilet.

The Japanese are well known for their …

Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

If you are in doubt about the kind of flooring you want for your bathroom, take a minute to glance through the current trends. Bathroom floors are usually done in ceramic or vinyl tiles. Some people use linoleum. If you have a good budget, you can go in for marble or granite flooring.

Some different bathroom floor tiles ideas include tiling your bathroom with tiles made of cork, bamboo or hardwood. Cork flooring gives your bathroom a different texture. They are easy to maintain and stays warm even in winter. If you choose to do the bathroom tile using cork, add some potted plants and use fixtures with a metal finish to give a cool and natural look.

If you like wooden floors, go in for hardwood floors. They look stylish and elegant when combined with accessories like potted plants, mirrors and bathroom rugs. However, they require extensive maintenance. Bamboo flooring is also a good idea. It is cheaper and requires less maintenance though it adds the same natural and cool look to the room.

Another one the good bathroom floor tiles ideas is to use pebbled tiles. They come in different textures and styles. These tiles give the bathroom and cool and natural look. Combine them with chrome fixtures, potted plants and mirrors to give your bathroom an elegant look.

Metal tiles are one of the more innovative bathroom floor tiles ideas. These tiles are made using bronze, copper, brass etc and come in different kinds of finishes like smooth, silky or brushed finish. These styles suit modern and contemporary bathrooms.

You can also use bathroom tiles made of stone or mosaic. Stone flooring may be more expensive but they last long. Mosaic tiles are made using glass, old tiles, pebbles etc and add texture and color to the bathroom.

One of the more practical bathroom floor tiles ideas involves using concrete tiles. They are durable, low maintenance and come in different colors and textures. They also give good grip and prevent one from slipping.

It is up to you to let your imagination flow and choose flooring that best suits your bathroom.…

Just The Other Day, I Was Called to the ER

Late one night (about 3:00 am), I was on patrol in West Germany, a year before the wall came down. I was making my checks of the local businesses like the Imbiss and kellerbar at the edge of town, when I was asked to respond to the Emergency Room. I was supposed to meet with the charge nurse about a "Request for Assistance". Upon arrival I discovered that the ER was almost empty. There were no patients in the waiting room and no hospital staff around, the place seemed to be deserted. I walked past the reception area and down the hall. As I passed one empty exam room after another, I began to get nervous. My pace slowed down, I started takingberate breaths, I became aware of my noisy foot steps, and I found myself reaching for the gun on my hip. Just then I heard voices from the bathroom back in the waiting room. I quickly turned around and shuffled down the hallway to the bathroom adjacent to the door that I had entered into minutes before. I stepped inside the room only to find the Charge Nurse, LPN, Janitor, Physician's Assistant, a male patient, and the Ambulance Driver, all hovering over a small cat on the floor.

The cat had been run over by a car and was brought to the ER by the patient who had found it on the side of the road. I was not sure what to do, but I knew that the poor thing was suffering. The Doctor came in and looked at the cat and examined it in the best way he knew how. He said that he could feel internal bleeding and that the cat would probably die in the next few hours. It was having trouble breathing and it was obviously in a lot of pain. We all talked about what needed to be done, nobody wanted it to suffer, but there was nothing else to be done. The patient was almost hysterical as he continued to watch the cat work harder and harder to breathe. By the end of the night we were all pretty sure that he was the one who hit the cat in the first place, but none of us had the heart to mention it out loud.

After about 30 minutes the Nurse suggested that we "put it to sleep". The doctor agreed, and said that he could inject the cat with enough Morphine to euthanize it, but how he would explain the missing narcotics. There were inventories, prescription logs, and protocols that had to be followed. We looked around the room at each other for several minutes and watched in silence as the cat continued to suffer. Then the doctor looked at the Charge Nurse and said "I'm sorry. I can not prescribe Narcotics to a Cat … I just can not." Then the Nurse looked up and said "What about to one of us …"?

Five minutes later the cat was at …

Important Interior Design Options for the Home

It can prove quite depressing to have a dull home. If you have a problem making the best out of your home, you can consider hiring interior design services. Designing a space requires some sense of expertise. Therefore, the process can prove overwhelming for many people. As you consider ways of transforming your space into a more attractive place, you will discover different options that you may need to commit yourself to. Furthermore, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. The possibilities of furniture are mind-boggling, while the choices are endless.

Tips to consider

Before making the decision to purchase furniture, get a theme, placement or color, you need to determine the area of the space you want decorated. If this is your first experience in decorating, you may need to start small – say from the living room, followed by the kitchen and bathroom and finally to the bedrooms. This will give you the opportunity to concentrate in a single area of the house at a time. You can consider measuring the floor diagonals, the perimeter walls and the measurements from the ceiling to the floor and record your finding in a notebook or binder.

Getting the measurements right will play an important role in helping you get items that fit perfectly in the available space. Therefore, you will not have to incur unnecessary cost returning pieces of furniture that fail to fit in the space. Interior design firms come handy in recommending the best outfit. They will save you the trouble of ending up with a design that falls short of your expectations. Some of the factors considered by professional interior designers include:

· Proper color scheming

When decorating the home, the designer ensures the colors enhance the appearance of the home. Considering that colors affect our perceptions, they ensure the colors chosen offer an appealing and cozy look to the house. Most of the times, they will avoid bright colors for the bedroom. Instead, they choose neutral, pastel and warm color schemes for the bedroom décor.

· Wall décor

Furnishings on the wall provide a spending and unique look to the house. Catchy pictures, stylish wallpapers and colorful wall coverings provide a fabulous outcome in addition to creating an impressive interior environment.

· Flooring

The quality of the floor contributes a great deal to the appearance of the home décor. Ceramic tiles, marble, laminate flooring and vinyl are recommended for brightening up the bathroom and the kitchen. On the other hand, wood and carpet helps to transform the living room into an attractive place to be in.…

Sexy Body Language Tips for the First Date

You are on your first date with your dreamdate. Sexual body language signals to tell you they are hot for you. Tips on flirting for the successful dating game.

1: Gazing adoringly. When associated to someone, we all have problems moving our gaze. Even when the object of our lust has ceased speaking, the lustful stare is still happening. To be a little provocative, use this to your advantage, and during a pause in conversation, keep your eyes on your date to the silent count of five. Conversely, the more often your date blinks, the more nervous they are.

2: Hands. Clenched fists, tightly knited hands or hands pressed against the mouth indicate nervousness and tension. Worse still, is if their hands are holding up their head as this shows total boredom, or they are about to collapse with fatigue or alcohol. Anxious people tend to
Hold their own hands or fidget with objects on the table. Hands placed openly with palms facing up on the table indicate a more relaxed open person. If you are terribly nervous, try having your hands loosely clasped on the table, as this gives off better vibes than gripping your fingers together or folding your arms. Placing your hands on your chest while speaking makes you appear lively and truthful.

3: Volume of speech. If they consider you their equivalent, their tone will not be too high or too low. Very loud voices tend to belong to dominant personalities and very soft veer to the meek.

4: Subconscious autoerotic touching. Sexy thinking leads us to subconsciously touch ourselves, for several reasons. Firstly, to gain attention to various body parts. Guys and girls will both stroke their lips and girls will rub their upper arms, thighs, hips and waists. Secondly, we touch ourselves to tease the other. Thirdly, when sexually excited, blood is rushing around engorging extemities, making everything supersensitive. Touching ourselves then feels good.

5: Mouth. A very strong sexual body language gesture is when your date starts to eat, drink or smoke faster. Thinking about sex gets you touching your mouth. Putting things in your mouth can aggravate that you are interested sexually. Girls lick ice cream cones, play with spoons and suck their fingers.

6: Her Hair. Interested girls will start playing with their hair. Fluffing her hair, stroking her hair, and the strongest of all, the flick of the hair, are all body language signals of availability or flirting. However, if she should start to hide behind her hair she is showing disinterest.

7: Fiddling Guys. As guys become more sexually excited they start to give off their own flirting signals. These can include rubbing his nose, playing with his tie, sliding rings over fingers, and fiddling with loose coins in his pocket. Adjusting his hair is a sign that he is wanting to look good for you.

8: Checking out your butt. If you catch your date checking out your butt when you leave the table to visit the bar …

Monophobia: Treatments for Monophobia

Monophobia is an irrational fear of being alone. There are a lot of people who don’t like to be alone but not a lot who actually suffer from monophobia. In order for your fear to reach a level of being a phobia there need to be physical symptoms involved. If there are physical symptoms you are going to want to know what your treatment options are so that you can get over your monophobia.

Monophobia is not the same as being uncomfortable on your own, it only occurs if you have panic attacks when you are left alone. Therefore any treatment for the condition is going to require that the panic attacks be addressed. Therefore almost any treatment option will include lessons on how to control your breathing so that you can avoid panic attacks or get them under control when they do happen. This is an important first step before you move on to the actual treatment of monophobia.

The most common treatment that will be used to treat monophobia is psychotherapy. This will involve talking to a therapist to find the root cause of your fear. This can be a very effective way of treating monophobia but it can be a slow process as it will likely take many months to get at the underlying issue and figure out how to address them. This is why most therapists combine psychotherapy with other treatments that will help you in the short term.

The most common of the treatments that is usually combined with psychotherapy is a program to desensitize the patient. This will require that the patient be left alone for short periods of time so that they can face their fear and get used to being alone. As the therapy progresses the patient will be left alone for longer and longer periods until they reach the point where they can be left alone most of the time. This will not completely get rid of the fear but it will allow people to at least control it so that they are able to function in a normal setting.

Another common treatment that is widely used for monophobia is hypnosis. Hypnosis has a long history of helping people to deal with phobias so it is no surprise that it will work here as well. Basically while you are hypnotized they hypnotist will convince you that you are not afraid of being alone. Again this is not a cure but rather a short term fix that will help you to function.

One last option that your therapist may consider to help treat monophobia is medication. Usually the medication will be to address the anxiety that you feel when you are alone. This is an approach that therapists normally only use as a last resort. This is because they don’t want you to become dependent on the medication. The medication does not deal with the phobia but rather with the symptoms so it is only effective if it is used in conjunction …

69 MPH Windstorm (and Rain) Leaves a Family in Turmoil

Life a thief in the night, everything went dark and unseen at 11:47 pm Thursday (12-14-06).

I was in the middle of writing an article when it happened. A house that was well lit and humming within minutes took on the feeling of a damp, pitch black cave.

We were advised that a horrific windstorm was coming with rain, and we reacted like most people do: Gee, I wonder if our power will go out? Did we look for flashlights? No. Did we think about water and provisions in case of a real disaster (that would be an earthquake in the middle of a horrific windstorm with rain)? No.

We continued with our usual routine, that is, until the howling wind took out a tree or telephone pole somewhere near, and, bam (like Emeril says on the Food Channel), the lights failed. No wonder.

What hit Western Washington in the Great Pacific Northwest was winds up to 69 mph at nearby McChord Air Force Base and the Defense Department's sprawling Fort Lewis Army Base, home of I Corps, the military's answer to instant readiness for an attack on our country's West Coast .

It was McChord AFB, you may recall, that flew nearly every GI that went to Southeast Asia during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict. Our area remains a military stronghold that grows year by year as other military installations are being shut down.

This windstorm was a doozy, like Snoopy sitting atop his dog house in the famous Peanuts cartoon strip writing the beginning of his novel, "It was a dark and stormy night."

The house around the corner had a giant, old growth evergreen come crashing down into the bedroom. The house next door to it had another giant evergreen collapse into its front door entry and through the center of the house. In another community a house was literally spilled in half by a powerful evergreen.

We are a half block from Wonderwood Park, the largest city park in Lacey, a city of 32,000+ that is on the grow as cities go. In our upstairs bedroom we could hear the "boom" of a transformer exploding in the night, much like the Army soldiers from Fort Lewis sending off rounds from a 120-millimeter howitzer at the Yelm firing range many miles down the road (a common sound in Lacey).

When we heard the crack of trees in the nearby park breaking, it was all too scary so we picked up our bedding and headed downstairs to the basement rec room. It seemed like a good move to take the lower ground in this case rather than the higher ground, which is usually better in life. Our house is surrounded by giant evergreens.

About 4 am Friday morning, the cement floor felt no softer since the carpeting and cushioning from our living room futon. The wind seemed to have died down something, so we headed back upstairs to sleep, but it was certainly …

Making Her Valentine's Day Special One Step at a Time

When you want her to know she fills your soul, makes you a better person and that words fall short in expressing your undying love, the overwhelming feelings can sometimes leave you without any good ideas for your Valentine's Day. But there is hope in delivering a satisfying, personal and romantic Valentine's Day tailored just for her if you plan ahead and do it all one step at a time.

Step One: Determining Her Wants and Needs

The first step to creating an amazing Valentine's Day for the special woman in your life, is knowing who she is and what she needs. Does she prefer to be active on a day off? Is she more relaxed and prefers to lounge? What types of things does she need in her life right now? A pedicure? A massage? A new movie that was just released on DVD? That necklace she's been talking about?
You should even try to think of things she may have told you about, like where she used to go to get away when she needed to be alone.

Step Two: Combination Needs with Location

Now that you've taken some time to really think about who your lover is and what she needs this Valentine's Day, choosing a location should not be so difficult.

If she's active and used to love getting away out in the country, take her to the zoo for a quiet picnic for two and some animal sight seeing. If she prefers to lounge around and has fond memories of cuddling by the fireplace, set up a love nest with blankets, pillows and mattress pillows in the loft or living room. Consider a portable DVD player as a gift to make your hide-away evening amazing with some romantic films and a backpack full of snacks, sandwiches and of course, chocolate.

Maybe your partner is a very busy woman, however, and has expressed a strong desire to be kept up in life. These women usually usually work very hard while trying to juggle a home and children. For this kind of Valentine's Day need, I would suggest taking Valentine's Day off, seeing the lovely woman off to work, hiring a housekeeper and asking grandma to come get the kids. This leaves you with ample time to plan reservations at an elegant restaurant or an indoor picnic near the fireplace or television. You could also have a hot bath ready for the moment she steps in the door, complete with red rose petals floating gently atop the water, bath oil already mixed in and lovely, aromatic candles lit about the clean bathroom. This is an excellent precursor to a simplistic but tasty dinner like the ones listed at the end of this article.

For those men who love the woman with a wild or unpredictable streak, choosing a location may be more difficult. Which is why you are the kind of man who should not make reservations too far in advance. Choose two locations which do not …