7 Ways to Learn How to Tile a Bathroom

Learning how to tile a bathroom might not seem important, but it is. If you can do your own tile work, you'll save hundreds of dollars on the cost of a professional tile setter. Laying your own bathroom tile requires some tools and skill, but it's not too hard for the average person to learn. All you need is dedication and a little practice. If you'd like to learn how to tile a bathroom, here are a few tips to help.

1. First, figure out how many tiles you'll need for the area you'll be tiling. This is a reliably simple process – measure a tile, then figure out how many will fit in the space along the top. Then, figure out how many fit along one side, and multiply the two. Add a few more tiles than this number, however. You may break some, or have miscounted, and having extra tiles is better than running out. Plus, some additional tiles can be kept on hand if one is ever damaged. Just replace the tile with a spare, and your bathroom will look as good as new.

2. Use a tile gauge to determine where your tiles should go. You can make one on your own – it's just a piece of wood marked with the positions of the tiles. When making the gauge, lay out tiles on a flat surface with spacers between them, and line up the tile gauge with them. Mark where the tiles lie, and you'll have your very own gauge.

3. Line up the center. Draw a vertical line down the wall in the location where your middle tile will be located. This allows you to tile outwards from this point, and to have a well lined up design.

4. Start at the bottom, not the top. Lay the tiles from the bottom up, and remember to use spacers, so that each tile is even laid.

5. For straight cuts, a tile cutting jig is invaluable. It'll help you cut individual tiles to the right size to fit in your bathroom. Curved tiles will require the use of a tile cutting saw.

6. Use grout to fill all gaps. Once your tiles have set, you can remove the spacers and fill in the areas between the tiles with grout. Use a waterproof bathroom grout to keep water from being trapped between tiles.

7. Seal everything well. Use silicone caulk or acrylic caulk to seal any gaps or seams between your tile and the tub, sink, or other fixtures. Run a damp finger along a bead of caulk to seal it.

If you learn how to tile a bathroom, you'll be able to have better control over your remodeling job, plus you'll save a lot of money. So, if you'd like to develop the skills for the job, research tile in depth and talk to an experienced tile setter for more information. You could be laying your own tile soon. …

You Can not Water a Garden With an Empty Bucket

Self-Care for Women

Women who are around me hear me say this all the time – 'You can not water a garden with an empty bucket.' What does this mean to you? I use it as an illustration to get the point across that women are taking care of work and everyone else and fitting themselves into the little, tiny cracks of time that are leftover – if there are any. So how lush and gorgeous is the garden that gets watered with an empty bucket? Not! How well can you take care of the important people and tasks in your life when your energy bucket is bone dry? Not well, at least not for long. When you are considering your own energy bucket it's important to know what fills it up and what depletes it. Read on to learn the 5 questions to ask yourself so you know how to fill up your bucket.

1. What brings you joy? How much
of what you do during your day brings you joy? How often do you purposely add
joy to your life? For some, work is joy, but for most it's far from it. Make a
list of what it is that brings you joy – a child's smile, dancing, coffee with
friends, sex. Keep it handy, so if you get really overwhelmed you can have a
quick reminder. Joy puts energy in our bucket.

2. What's your natural energy
level? For a woman who is more active in her energy, having a lot of quiet down
time may actually depleted her bucket. If you think of it like a spectrum, with
naturally low energy as a 1 and naturally high energy as a 10, where do you see
yourself? Answer this question as you really are not how you want to be.

3. What
is your current pace? Now that you know your natural energy level, evaluate the
pace of your current energy output. Use the same 1 to 10 scale. Are you a
natural energy 4 going at the pace of a 9? Or are you a natural energy 9, going
at the pace of a 4? Work on getting your face oriented towards your natural
level of energy. We talk a lot about women being way to busy in our world (which
is true), but you can also get too bored. Neither extremes put energy in your

4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Does being around people
energize you or deplete you? If it energizes you then you essentially are an
extrovert. Extroverts fill their bucket by being around people. Introverts
generally recharge by being alone or with one other person. So, if you're an
introverted women who works with a lot of people all day, getting some serious
alone time will help to fill your bucket.

5. How are you maintaining your
machine? Not your car, your computer, or even your IPod – but, your body! Your
body is a big part of …

A Solution to Feminine Hygiene Disposal

More and more public restrooms are being outfitted with restroom sanitation equipment. This type of equipment includes things such as automated toilet flushers, sanitary floor mats, and automatic faucets just to name a few. This proactive effort is encouraging to see because the general public is now more aware of what they can do when looking to avoid germs – especially those in public restrooms.

One specific area in the restroom that needs more promotion is feminine hygiene disposal. Too many schools, offices and other public restroom facilities currently do not offer the ideal disposal services. Typically the disposal service involves a special trash can, and must be emptied by an employee on a daily basis. The problem with this approach is twofold. First, many females are afraid to open the container with their hand for fear of touching an unsanitary product. This results in our second problem which is plumbing blockage that is associated with the flushing of sanitary products.

Avoiding Contact

Avoiding contact with any type of unsanitary feminine product should be the focus of any female restroom patron. In order to provide the best solution, some facility owners and building managers are turning to professional feminine hygiene disposal services. This helps with the following:

· Decreases the amount of cross-infection and exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

· Biodegradable E-Cards placed inside the units inhibit bacterial growth and eliminate odor.

· No more open or overflowing containers in the bathroom.

· Decreased plumbing issues as a result of the flushing of sanitary products.

· Eliminate the need to change the liners daily. This decreases the amount of labor and cleaning costs.

When Problems Arise

When problems arise in public restrooms it can be a frustrating experience because many of the problems could have been avoided. When there is not an adequate way to dispose of feminine hygiene products, many females make a decision that typically results in costly repairs. Did you know that companies spend thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs each year when tampons swell and clog pipes? Having the right disposal equipment in public restrooms can save organizations thousands of dollars annually. It is also important to note that many elect to use an abundant amount of toilet paper to wrap used tampons and pads. This type of consumption can be cost over time.

What You Can Do

If your school or office does not offer a clean and safe way to dispose of your waste waste, talk to your boss, facility manager or the building owner about utilizing the proper equipment. Educating them on the advantages of this type of technology will help them understand that providing a better solution is not only responsible and more hygienic, but can also help cut cost annually. …

The Best Selling Chandeliers – Luxurious Home Decor

The chandelier is an elegant piece of furniture usually used for lighting. From designer lighting chandeliers as well as hanging chandeliers without lights, to Alabaster chandelier lamps. There are crystal chandeliers that add an incredibly alluring appearance in any home, hotel foyer, church, theater, convention hall, ballroom, etc.

When many people redecorate their homes they make small changes – but these small changes nonetheless can sometimes transform the look of a room all on their own. A chandelier is one of those types of home accessories – however practical, or strictly decorative that can make such a noticeable difference. Similar to the key role in design that a shower curtain plays in bathroom décor, the lighting in any room can be key to its overall ambiance.

In Victorian, Elizabethan as well as other various antique designs, chandeliers can look spectacular in your home. Imagine such a chandelier in your dining room, living room or even in your bedroom. There is a glamorous touch (however subtle or elaborate it may be depending on the design of your chandelier) that a chandelier will add to your home décor.

Some of the more modern, custom designed, or abstract chandeliers will provide a much more difficult to categorize and yet beautiful ambiance which is elegant in a very modern or perhaps more artistic way. It is a wonderful idea to check out the virtual endless amount of possibilities you could add to accessorize your own home. Especially if a room needs lighting anyway, it may be a great idea to consider a chandelier for your own home.

Some people have modern chandeliers that hang like some small versions of a typical halogen lamp upside down, ie facing the floor instead of the ceiling. These chandeliers use with less powerful light bulbs, and can suit motifs ranging from the most black and white modern décor to a rustic designed office or living room. Of course, such lights in the design of chandeliers are arguably variations on a theme.

However, seeing these new modern creations may open your eyes to different designs you would never have considered. You may consider lights or décor that are such variations on the general idea of ​​hanging lights and decorative chandeliers when you discover the possibilities that can make such a difference in virtually any room of your home.

Some people find the picture perfect chandelier for their homes among the wide variety of merchandise available now. However, some people find certain chandeliers almost perfect – but not quite. These people sometimes design and customize their own chandeliers exactly to fit their overall home design, décor, or motif. The most common home décor motif that would include a chandelier supports a dramatic and elegant look. …

Three of the Best Manufacturers of Bathroom Sinks and Faucets and What They Offer You

When you are buying fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, you are definitely spoiled for choice, as there are so many different manufacturers out there offering great products in wildly different styles. If it's sinks and faucets you are in the market for, you can find matching sets, or pick one of each that you like to make a unique pick-and-mix. Here are some of the best manufacturers of bathroom sinks and faucets to help you make up your mind.

A company that offers a huge range of all sorts of bathroom fixtures and accessories, Kohler has a long history of excellent products and customer support. They are also responsible for many big innovations, such as the one piece built in bathtub. Some of their best bathroom sinks and faucets include their Devonshire, Caxton and Fairfax lines. They are stocked by most major bathroom retailers all over the country.

American Standard
With their illustrious history of almost 130 years, American Standard have been the number one choice of consumers and professionals due to their dedication to top quality products and innovation. With a huge range of contemporary and classic styles, they will suit every bathroom and make it shine! Some of their best known lines include Town Square, Dazzle and Colony Soft.

Price Pfister
With 100 years of experience behind them, you would expect Price Pfister to deliver only the best, and you would be right. With Price Pfister faucets designed to stand up to the rigorous usage of daily application without weakening or breaking, they offer faucets to suit every price range, so even if you're on a budget you can get your hands on something great. They also offer a special warranty guarantee that their products are free from defects for life. …

Tip on Getting Pregnant

What can you do to increase your chances to get pregnant? In this article ‘Tip on getting pregnant’ we will provide you with some tips that may enhance your chances to conceive.

Tip on getting pregnant #1: Preconception checkup

Set up a meeting with your general practitioner to do a preconception checkup. Discussing your medical past and current situation allows your doctor to give you some tips or help you out in case of more serious matters. Also talk with your practitioner about supplements. Especially folic acid is important because it reduces the chance of specific birth defects (for example anencphaly or spina bifida). It is advisable to take this well before you start trying to conceive. When you make an appointment for a checkup try to get the last appointment of the day. In this way your doctor has all the time to answer your questions.

Tip on getting pregnant #2: Quit smoking, drinking and drugs

It is generally known that smoking, drinking and drugs are not beneficial for the overall health. These habits also have a negative influence on fertility of as well men as women. They do not only affect your infertility but also the health of the unborn baby. Smoking, drinking or doing drugs may lead to miscarriages, low birth weight and premature birth.

Research shows that too much caffeine can also reduce your ability to get pregnant. So it may be wise to stop consuming caffeine containing products.

Tip on getting pregnant # 3: Healthy weight

This tip on getting pregnant includes that as well overweight as underweight lower the chances of getting pregnant. This can be measured with the Body Mass Index (BMI). A healthy weight is within a BMI of 20 and 30. When your BMI is lower or higher then this range it may lower your chances on getting pregnant.

Tip on getting pregnant # 4: Know when you ovulate

Approximately every 28 days a woman has her menstrual cycle. It is really important to understand this cycle as it will tell you when you have the highest chance to conceive. The first day of the cycle starts with the first day of your period. In general the ovulation will take place at the 14th day of your cycle and from that moment up till 72 hours you have your most fertile moment. Some women have a shorter or longer cycle so you have to find out how your cycle exactly works. You may use an ovulation prediction kit.

A change in your cervical mucus will tell you also when your ovulation takes place. Around your ovulation the mucus will become more thin and watery. Another sign is a one sided twinge of pain.

The moment your ovulation occurred you have the highest chance to get pregnant. Experts say to have intercourse every 48 hours around your ovulation in order to enhance your chances to conceive. Start 5 days before your ovulation starts. If you do it more often or …

Home Remodeling Ideas for Your Home Improvement

Home Remodeling ideas:

Home Remodeling may take place anywhere in home from roof to foundation like adding a wall, cabinet fixing, Wall paintings, Replacements and sink repair, Bathroom renovation and many more. To improve the value of your home and for happy living hire a remodeling contractor or try yourself. The most important point is that ideas of remodeling are only limited by the uniqueness of the house owners. One of the best options to make a bore looking house into the latest modern and fresh looking home is possible by Remodeling and redesigning only.


Home painting is very easiest and inexpensive watching for the exterior and interior of the house. Painting can provide a fresh look of our home by painting interior and exteriors. Most probably home owners are encourages to find out professional re-models that they supply suitable paints samples and references of their work. Actually Home painting is best option for updating rooms in our homes and by doing our self or hiring a professional and also it will save money and valuable time when time to paint a home or room along with getting better look and live with happy.


Old faucets Replacement, programmable thermostats installing, benefit from new cost-effective lighting and insulate our house correctly to reap the benefits of green energy.


One of the most important usability equipment inside a kitchen and bathroom are sinks. And if together with the use and utility, they provide charm, style and decor to your kitchen / bath room and enrich its appearance.

Bathroom Renovation:

The number one bathroom renovation rule is cleanliness. One of the first decisions you are going to have to make is whether to do the job yourself or hire a contractor to do the renovating. Think this out, thoroughly evaluate and weight the time, money and experience factors that will greatly affect your bath restoration project.

Home Remodeling is very hectic task but it is thrilling and enjoyable to live in our homes after remodeling. There are more companies providing with a high range of services from roof to foundation. …

What Kinds Of Showers Are Available For A Small Bathroom

You have a small bathroom and you want to install a shower in it but what options are there available in order for you to achieve this.

Whilst many people enjoy having a bath and being able on the odd occasion to lay in it and have along relaxing soak most people now opt for the quicker option of having a shower. Not only are they quick and refreshing but because they use less water than a bath they are more economical.

When considering having a shower installed in such a small bathroom many people are put off before they start as they think that they do not have enough space to play with in order to get the best possible out of such a confined space.

The first thing you consider is removing the bath and replace this with a shower stall instead. However, the problem with this choice is that you won’t be able to have a bath anymore. Although this might suit the kind of life you are leading now, you will need to think about what you might need in a few years time or should you decide to move home and sell your property. A lot of people when looking to buy a home would like to have the option of being able to have either a shower or a bath, plus not having a bath could actually cause the value of your property to drop.

However an option that more and more people look at doing when they have a small bathroom is to install a shower over the bath. Not only is this a much easier option if there is no other alternative for you to add a shower but it saves a lot on remodeling costs and this is something that should be considered. You will need to replace the taps on the bath with a set that has an integral showerhead and you will also need to include a shower curtain or splashguard in order to protect the area around the bath.

Another alternative is to have a wet room installed. But this is not only difficult but is quite an ambitious solution to having a shower installed in a small bathroom. Not only will you need to carry out extensive modifications to the bathroom but in all events it is quite an expensive option to choose. The benefit of this type of shower is that it enables you to place the shower almost anywhere you want even in the smallest of bathrooms as long as you have ample space. Unfortunately the downside to this type of shower is that everything within the room will get wet whenever you take a shower and this kind of shower should be thought about seriously prior to make any decisions on choosing this option.

The final type of shower you could install is a curved quadrant shower cubicle which allows you to get even the smallest shower cubicle into a confined space and is …

Design Approaches To Accessorizing The Victorian Decorating Style

To give your Victorian decorating style a professional decorating approach, you might want to add various decorative items. Focus on using frilly and ornate decorative accessories which add to the fancy and ornate style of the olden days. Plan for wall art, pillows and knick-knacks to really add zip to your Victorian home.

Wall art is a fabulous way to add appealing charm to your walls, but most folks do not know the proper way to hang them. When hanging art, think like a gallery and put the middle of the piece at eye level. If you are hanging a grouping of items on the wall, then come up with the design by laying them on the floor first to come up with how they look most pleasant. Providing master paintings in gold gilt frames in groups will work well to add an interesting element to the Victorian decorating style.

Another thing you could employ to add charm to your décor is decorative pillows. You can come up with a use for pillows in every room even the kitchen and bathroom. Adding pillows in the bathroom is one option a lot of folks do not think of but you can quickly place one on the hamper or in shelves or racks with towels. Displaying decorative pillows stacked at the headboard of your bed should lend a great professional look. Pillows are wonderful for those who can not spend a lot because placing them with your existing living room furniture should help give it a Victorian home decorating allure without having to spend money on new furniture. Pillows which have fringe and buttons will help finialize your room design.

Try adding candelabras dripping with prisms, crystal and sterling silver, or roses in vases for more of a feeling of the olden days. Select accessories that mirror a common theme that enhances your room decor. Do not stray to far from your theme or you will end up with a non definite design approach.

Knick Knacks can really provide an intriguing look to any design, no matter what the design approach. To pull together your Victorian home decorating, think of using accessories with a fancy and ornate allure. For a decorative touch try Hand painted china in a curio cabinet or placing porcelain figurines on display shelves. This is where you can really make the home design your own by acquiring knick knacks which reflect your individual style. If you do not have much cash, you should try shopping at the local flea markets and garage sales where you can find fascinating knick knacks for little money.

Accessorizing your Victorian decorating style with mahogany and marble furniture, and fancy metal accessories can help add charm. You should be sure, however, that you do not go out buying things wily nily or you might end up with a disorganized mess. You will need to be sure your accessories in the ideal scale to each other so you need to be aware of the …

Mirror Demister: For A Pleasant Bathroom Experience

If you have ever felt the need for mirror demister, it shows your taste for class and elegance. And surprisingly, you are not the only one who has inclining towards such mirrors. It is often said, choice of a mirror does represent an individual's taste. Not many people know how to get this amazing looking fantastic item for their house. That is the reason you will find most of these people wandering and heading towards a wrong direction. By the time they realize their mistake, it is too late for them to recuperate.

Again there is a lot of people who simply can not forget nightmarish experience that they had encountered when they made a brave attempt to give shape to their dreams. There are scores of people from this category who can be seen running pillar to post to get their requisite information which they could easily gather in cool comforts of their home.

So, next time you think of demister mirrors, remember – it is just a matter of few seconds before you can collect a massive amount of data for your purpose. All that is expected of you is making some good use of internet. Have you heard of a phenomenon called 'search engine and its use'? For those of you who have not, it will be a pleasant surprise for you to know that giving this information is very easy with this method. You will need to log to a search engine. When you reach the search engine page, try to identify a search box. It is the place where you have to clearly write down your query. It's always a wise practice to write down your query in clear terms so that it matches your parameters. Once you are done with writing a question, all that you have to do is to press the 'enter' key in your keyboard. Now, within seconds you will be welcomed with a list of websites that will talk about numerous websites.

It has been observed that it's always been a healthy practice to scrutinize few of these websites. To start with, you can select few websites randomly. Then, you must scrutinize its contents so that you end up having an understanding of a product. It is always suggested to stick to certain procedure while looking for these details. Greater importance should be given to points like, what is the price of these mirrors, what raw materials are used in making them, what are the other varieties and designs of these mirrors, etc.

Where you have decided to take bathroom mirror demister, it will be prudent if you can cultivate a habit of deriving data from two or more sources so that you can judge applicability of prices. This way you will come to know if you are charged more for same product that is being offered in less price by someone else. When you do this, it will save you from future nights. …