Cat Beds – How to Choose The Right One

Cats love comfort. How do you get comfortable when it's time to sleep? You jump in your bed, right? So, why is it your feline friend does not have a bed of its own. Cats sleep the majority of the day so they really need a comfortable place to rest their head and body. The other benefit of cat beds is that cats like security. They like to have their own space where they know they are safe and will be left undisturbed. That's exactly what cat beds offer them.

Before you select just any bed for your cat, you may need to do a little observation of your pet. Not all cats will like all bed styles. Is your cat a ground cat or a climber? Some cats are perfectly comfortable kicking back on the ground floor. For them, a floor bed may do the trick. Other cats, meanwhile, feel more safe and comfortable if they are off he ground and can look down at the world. For these cats, you should look for one of a variety of perching cat beds. If you have dogs or small children in the house, you may want to stick with the higher beds to give the cat somewhere it will not be regularly annoyed.

Next, make sure the bed fits the cat. Cats come in varying sizes, and so do cat beds. If you have a large tabby, make sure you hunt for a larger bed instead of making him feel scrunched up to fit. He likely will just skip the bed alike and look for something that is a little more comfortable, like your bed or furniture. Likewise, cats like to feel like they're in a hiding spot, so you do not want to give them a bed that is so large they get lost in it.

You need cat beds that are washable. Cats shed. They get sick. You do not want your cat to keep sleeping in a bed with germs, dirt and grime in it. They may get sick again. If you select a cat bed that is completely washable, or at least has a washable cover, you can toss it in the machine and offer your pet a clean space to rest. If you notice your cat is no longer sleeping in its bed, it may be because it needs a cleaning. Cats are clean animals and like their space to be as well.

Once you bring cat beds home, put them near the other cat toys. Your cat will appreciate the convenience. With cat beds near their scratching posts, food and water bowls and liter box, they will understand this whole area is their personal space.

One final note: If you have more than one cat, do not expect them to all share one cat bed, even if it's a big one. Cats like to have their own territory. If you are making them share that space, you are going against their instinct and you will end up with one cat using the cat bed and the others finding somewhere else to sleep.