Brooklyn Property Inspection Profile

When you're considering something as serious as buying some real estate, it's important to have everything in order in the sense that you do not want any unexpected surprises that will cost you money or even sour the entire deal. To that end, while it's a great idea to have a home inspector that can point out all the structural problems as well as anything else that you should know about, it's also a good idea to keep a little checklist yourself for personal reference because two sets of eyes are always better than one.

A property profile is a detailed checklist that will help you inspect and evaluate every home that you look at. You should use it as you walk through a house to form an educated opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of every house that you look at. Remember that it takes an experienced eye to see through a house that's dirty and neglected and this kind of checklist will help you to do just that. The profile can help you to see the underlying potential.

First off, look at the layout and floor plan. Take note of the special things like an unfinished attic that will be good for future renovation. Make sure to look and then check off the condition of the walls, cabinets and ceilings. Remember to mark off a special section for the appliances as well. While they can often be older in more mature homes or not top quality in newer places, they can save a first time buyer some cash in those first five years that are traditionally the most difficult. You'll want to make a profile for every home that you look at so that you can weigh the pros and cons of each to help make an informed decision in the end.

As the number of houses that you walk though increases, the pros and cons for each tend to blur together and having each home on a separate sheet will help you to tell them apart later. Spread the profiles out on a table later when you're done and then you'll be able to select those that you think warrant a second look. It's easiest if you make one master list before you start and then photo copy it so you'll have a blank template to work from as you go from house to house. Of course, some of the information will be on the listing sheet of the property, but it's still a good idea to verify that it's accurate. Make sure to take a close look-at the bottom of every listing sheet there's a disclaimer about accuracy.

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