6 Essential Tools That Every Home Should Have

It’s one thing to have a nice house to live in, but keeping that house nice to live in is another thing all together. Your house, or your apartment, plays one of the most vital roles in your life. It keeps you safe from the natural elements, such as the cold rain, freezing snow falls, and from the miserable heat of those hot misty days. The house is your place to groom and bath yourself, a place to prepare and eat good meals to nourish yourself, a place to enjoy the company of your intimate ones in privacy, and the house is a place to just simply retreat from the world and rest. Truly, there’s no place like home!

The home that you live in, unfortunately, isn’t just a simple self-sustaining box! Rather, and just about every home, is actually an intricate building structure. On the outside, you’ve got bricks, and external paneling, and heavy-duty fixtures engineered to withstand the harsh beatings of elements. On the inside, you’ve got some pretty heavy doors being held up by tiny little screws, light fixtures seemingly suspended in midair as they hang from the center of the ceiling. The icing on the cake? You actually have another section of the home, which is usually invisible to the eye, simply because this layer is the internal segments of the home. Behind the walls, you’ve got miles of electrical wires that intricately twists, turn, fold, overlap, run around and throughout the entire home! You even got water pipes, and pipes that shuttle gases around, and even air ducts that allow a flow of air to move throughout the home. It is so safe to say, that a home isn’t just a home. But, a home is actually, well… a home!

All of the different systems of the house coexist and function harmoniously, around the clock, to provide you with a place to call home. But, as they perform their work unto you, the master of the house, they sometimes fall ill. It is your job to take good care of the systems of the house that fall ill. You must become your house’s doctor! Many sicknesses of the house are quite common, and very easy to treat. But, you won’t be able to treat any household condition, if you don’t have the proper tools or resources to do so. Let’s take a look at 6 essential tools now.

The Ladder

A ladder is such a simple tool! Yet, without it, seemingly easy projects, like changing a light bulb, can prove to become nearly impossible!

The ladder is easily one of the most overlooked essential household maintenance tools. This is probably because it tends to be quite bulky and rather odd, and there just doesn’t’ seem to be a natural place to keep it. But, ladders come in many different shapes and sizes, and a thin six-foot ladder could easily fit snug into a small utility closet.

Many people have fallen to the ground, and some terrible accidents have happened, all because a simple ladder wasn’t available. People have stood on top of boxes stacked up high on each other, and people have stood on chairs, and some people have even climbed up on tables to reach high places. But, can you believe that some people have even gone so far as to stand on top of the shoulders of other people!? Sounds like they’ve been watching way too many cartoons or circus acts, right?

There is no feasible substitute for the ladder. This is an inexpensive tool to acquire, and it is widely available at just about any hardware store. Don’t place yourself in danger by attempting to perform a household job without the proper tools in hand. If you don’t already have a ladder, and you have a reasonable size home, you should make it your business to pick you up one today. Because, you need to be prepared to tackle high places when the need arises.

5 Gallon Bucket

A large bucket may not seem like such a big deal to you. After all, it doesn’t do anything. There are no Mechanical parts, no fancy bells or whistles, and no cool lights to consider here.

But, the bucket can prove to be truly invaluable in certain situations. Especially when you have got a leak from the floor above you, or if you are attempting to repair a pipe or drain that carries water. You’re gonna want that bucket to capture the water for you, indeed.

Heavy Duty Grey Tape

See, tape is a sticky thing! Sticking to you, sticking to me, and sticking to just about anything that you want stuck together! The tape roll’s role is so simple, yet so classic. Just about anyone can use tape, too.

How practical, or useful, can tape actually be, though? The tape is not meant to be a permanent fix to anything, but it serves as a sort of band aide. That’s why, most of the time, you’re gonna need a strong hold. Tapes come in many different sizes and strengths. One common type of tape is the gray tape! This type of tape is dark silver-grey color and has a strong hold to it.

If a picture frame breaks, a little tape could be the fix. A window needs to be held up? A little tape could do that too! The application of tape is only limited by your imagination. That, and of course, a little bit of sensible reasoning. I mean, you probably shouldn’t use tape to fix a leaky faucet. You definitely shouldn’t use tape to repair your showerhead either!

High Powered Flash Light

A High-Powered Flash Light is another essential tool. Face it, our world is very visual. But, what do we need for our eyes to work? Yes, we need light!

It’s never a question of if the lights will go out, because they will! They always do. So, it’s a question of when will they go out? But, the more important question is, will you be ready when they do go out?

Having a flash light on deck can truly enable you to function in the dark.

Moving around in the dark can be extremely dangerous. You can trip over something and really hurt yourself so bad. You can break your arm, or your leg. You can bust your face wide open and if this does happen in a black out of the entire town, this situation can become a double emergency. Not only that, your injuries can be life threatening.

Be sensible here. There’s no need to convince you that you should have a light source onboard just in case you lose the lights. Flash lights are not expensive, they are widely available, and so there is no good reason not to have one in your storage closet right now.

Heavy Duty Work Gloves

With all the fixing you’ve been doing around the house, did you ever consider what your most important tool is? Your hands! That’s right! Because, without these little fellas, you wouldn’t be able to use those other tools. Therefore, you should take proper measure to keep your hands safe.

You can damage your fingers, or your entire hand, if you are not careful when you work. One way of being careful, is to ensure that you always have a heavy-duty pair of work gloves available at all times.

Put your work gloves on when you’re working. Just like you should wear your helmet when you are riding your bike, you should wear working gloves when you’re… well… working!

Another great advantage of being equipped with the resources to address the most common household issues, is having a greater independence. You don’t have to be dependent upon calling or waiting for someone else to do the job, because you can do it yourself. Plus, you will save so much money too! How much do you think the local carpenter would charge you to come to your house and replace your blown light bulb? If she even comes out at all, it could probably cost you a ridiculous amount of money.

This is worth mentioning. No amount of money is worth your life, or your health. If there is a household job that you do not feel comfortable doing, or you are unsure about, then you should stop! Don’t continue. Call someone over to help you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple task or not. It doesn’t matter if you must pay or not. What matters is that you are able to get the job done, properly and safely.

Always place your own safety first. Electrical wiring jobs, gas line jobs, appliance repairs, and roofing jobs, to name a few, should be left to the professionals only. These areas require special tools and specialized knowledge. That’s why the last tool I am going to mention is your little book of contacts of contractors!

Contacts Of Contractors

Face it! Sometimes, some jobs can be bigger than what we can handle. That means, we gotta call in the big guns!

Always have a list of contacts of professional contractors on deck! Because, the home can be quite a complex thing to keep up with. There are building codes, and plumbing codes, and material changes to keep up with and to adhere to. Understand that these building codes, and fire department codes, all serve the purpose of keeping you safe and sound. Waste-Pipes are shaped a certain way to prevent dangerous deadly gases from coming back up into your home. Wiring and electrical codes are set in place to allow high voltages of electricity to flow into your home without causing fire or electrocution. These are just to name a few.

It is so important that you don’t make alterations to your home that would violate any of these building or fire codes. Understand that those rules and regulations are not there to try to boss you around or to dictate how to run and operate your home. Rather, those codes and regulations were set in place by professionals in the trade to protect you and your home. What would be the sense of having a place to live if its gonna blow up or fall apart and collapse because of an insult to sound engineering principals?

So again, make sure you have a list of contacts for contractors who can work on your house and provide that professional touch, when you need it.

When you got these 6 essential tools on board, you will put your mind at ease, because you will know that the house will be taken care of, and everyone will be safe and sound and so happy in the end!


Make sure you thank your house for the wonderful job it does for you each and every day! Kiss the doors, hug the walls, and pat the floor and tell them that you love them so much!