5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe Inside The House

Canines are truly curious beings that even when in the safety of a home, they still find trouble. They love to bite and chew just about anything that comes their way which is their way of exploring the world around them. However, most of the things inside the house are not edible and biting as well as chewing can be harmful to a dog’s health. To keep your furry friend safe inside the house, follow these simple dog safety tips:

Keep cupboards closed at all times

One of the most dangerous items that your pet can come across with in your home are household cleaners. Whether they are placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, cleaners contain plenty of toxic substances that can poison your dog and cause serious complications to his health. Remember to keep cupboards closed at all times – use child proof locks if your dog knows your way around them. Better yet, keep the harmful cleaners out of your dog’s reach by placing them on high shelves.

Train your dog to keep away from electric cords

Electric cords are another threat to pets who live inside the house. Unfortunately, somewhat they are tempting to canines, especially puppies. Aside from going through the hassle of replacing a chewed-on cord (again!), cords can cause electrical shock or burns to pets. Keep your cords in bundles and out of reach from your furry friends as possible and teach them that chewing on anything electrical is a no-no.

Make your garage pet-friendly

The garage is another area in the home where dangerous chemicals for the car or for the yard are stored. For example, dogs are attracted to the sweetness of antifreeze but can be lethal to them when consumed. Keep these chemicals on high shelves if your dog spends time in the garage.

Know which house plants are dangerous to dogs

Holly and Easter Lily are holiday plants that can be poisonous to canines, among others. Do some research about pet-friendly house plants to place in your home if you have pets running around.

Keep the garbage out of reach

Pets have this habit of going through the garbage – sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes because they’re looking for food. Keep garbage bins out of reach from pets. Also make sure that your dog has daily scheduled feedings that keep his hunger at bay throughout the day to keep him from looking for food from other places.

Follow these easy dog safety tips to keep your pet healthy and happy inside your home!