Day: May 10, 2019

How to Start a Community Garden

After years of over-industrialization and economic hardship, many inner city communities are undergoing a Renaissance of sorts. Urban dwellers are reclaiming their neighborhoods, supporting local businesses and courting responsible development. Part of this movement is the inclusion of community gardens. Increasing urban green space not only infuses the community with natural beauty, but it can reverse ecological damage, improve property values, and impart a sense of community and connectedness.

The following is a quick 10 step guide to starting your own community garden using ecologically sound methods.

  1. No Man is an Island – Organize a Community Garden Group
    A group as small as 3 can start a community garden, but – in general – the more individuals you involve, the more the community will support the project. With permission, post notices in local coffee shops and business windows. Invite neighbors, local tenants, business owners and the like. Utilize existing organizations and civic groups. Some great volunteer resources include neighborhood centers, youth groups, schools, seniors groups, congregations, homeless shelters and even rehabilitation / treatment centers. Look for folks invested in the community and looking to make a difference.
  2. Get Organized – Determine the Project’s Leadership and Scope
    Determine who will lead / plan the initiative. This should be a group of 3 to 5 people who have the organization skills, time and enthusiasm to make the project a success. They will be responsible for fund-raising, scheduling, delegation, construction planning and overall communication, so they should be up to the task at hand. The leaders should also organize collective meetings where the project scope is hammered out.
  3. Define Who You Are – What Kind of Community Garden Will You Create?
    Determine the type of garden the community requires. Should it be a vegetable or flower garden? Perhaps a combination of both? What purpose does the garden serve? Is it purely a beautification project? Or should it be a place to teach children about sustainable agriculture? Will it be organic? If it produces foodstuff, who should benefit from the harvests? Next, brainstorm ideas for fund-raising and set rules for the garden’s use and participation.
  4. Take Root – Choose a Garden Site
    Contact your local municipal planners about possible sites. Visit each site and determine the best location. Some things to consider when you visit a site include sunshine exposure, water access, and soil quality. I recommend testing the soil for prohibitive levels of pollution. Once you decide on a location, find out who owns the land. Will they allow your community garden team to lease for at least three years? (Often they will for virtually nothing… especially if the prospective garden space is adjacent to an income-generating building – as a garden almost always enhances the building’s attractiveness.) Lastly, find out if public liability insurance will be necessary.
  5. Find Your Strength – Identify What Resources the Neighborhood Has At Your Disposal
    Contact local horticultural societies and see if they can provide information on the best plants for the region and garden conditions. Call

Utilizing House Cleaning Help in Your Building

You always think that simply because you own a little business, and not a worldwide company, that you do not have need for taking a janitor to handle your building custodial necessities. However, this is not true. Anybody who possesses a business knows that there's a lot to do that that additional chore of custodial will usually be the wheat that bends the bull's back. Should not you charter someone to do those things instead?

You can find a great deal of janitorial offices out there that are extremely willing to run over and keep your building good and clean. But that is not all, they commonly provide wonderful discounts and deals to small offices, to get them to try their services. This will probably be a day of free custodial, a monthly discount, or maybe even a flat cost if you sign-up for a longer amount of days. It will be a tremendous manner to get the cleaning you demand, for a cost that you will give.

Just envision the things you can do with that extra time. You can calculate out the payment plans for the coming calendar month, go over employee performances, work out a new commercializing strategy, or even discover a new way to expand your business. In the end, you would have the comfort of knowing your building is immaculate and winning, having been put into the hands of someone with years of experience in commercial cleaning. You will just take all of those chores off of the list and focus on what is really critical: running your business.

So there you have it, a full summary on why you bought to be hiring custodians and housecleaning services for your building. If you are not taking advantage of this kind of service then you really should be by now.

Do not blow another moment custodial when you can be handling your company. employ a commercial cleaner today. …

Office Decor With Style and Memories

It may seem like you spend most of your life at work sitting in your office. If this is the case for you then adding some nice office décor may be in order. You can add some nice touches with a few items or do a complete makeover. I'll show you some wonderful ways to make your office décor true joy.

Bring Your Family To Work

If you have kids and a wife or other family members that brings a smile to your face you should invest in some nice picture frames and show case them in your office décor. You may even think about having some of the photos enlarged to make some nice wall hanging of your family.

Have You Visited Any Place Special?

If you have taken a vacation that bought you real joy in the past then you should consider developing an office décor theme that enhances those memories. Try recreating a look and feel of a certain place you stayed to keep you focused as to why you work so hard to enjoy the good things in life.

Many people use their office as a show case for all the famous events and people they have been associated with. If you have some great photos or memorabilia you may enjoy displaying these in your office.

If you have a larger office you may want to think about making your office decor into an executive style office with a couch and matching furniture. You can find some very stylish office décor ideas online. You may be able to make some good purchases on eBay or other online auctions an save some big money on more expensive items. …