Day: May 6, 2019

Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Make Your Day Easier and More Efficient

Regardless of what ever task you are doing in your home or in your office chances are there are some nice handy tips to make it a bit easier. Here are some tips to help you out should you ever run across these same scenarios.

Do you own some silver and it looks tarnished? Do not fear nor go out and buy some expensive cleaner. A solution is as close as your bathroom sink in the form of your toothpaste. Take your toothpaste and rub it on your silver. If you have an old soft bristle toothbrush available, it will help speed this process up. Using the toothbrush, scrub your silver with the toothpaste and then rinse and of course dry with a soft cloth. Your silver will be shining in no time.

Are you moving some furniture around in your house? Afraid you might scratch the hardwood floors? Take some of your socks, (sports tube socks work best) and put them on the legs of your furniture. The socks help prevent or reduce any scratching that may occur. Of course if your socks have holes in them, there is not much I can say.

Did the kids decide to use the nice wallpaper in your dining room as their personal canvass for their crayon adventures? Not to worry. Add some rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and then gently wipe the cray marks away. Make sure you do not use too much alcohol and of course it is best to open a window in the room since the rubbing alcohol can have a strong odor.

Do you go camping with the family? Before you put away those sleeping bags do not forget to add a dryer sheet inside. The dryer sheet will help keep the sleeping bag stay fresh and smell like new when you go to use it the next time.

Get your snow shovel ready for next winter (or this winter if it is up you) by waxing it up. That's right. Apply a coat of wax on your shovel. It helps reduce that heavy wet snow from sticking to it, which makes your job easier.

Do not throw away those plastic gallon milk containers. You can cut them in half with a utility knife, drill five "" holes in the bottom for drainage and use them to pot plants as garden starters. You can also use 2 liter soda bottles and yogurt cups to make a great plant starter.

Finally, before you put those newspapers in your recycle bin, if you are about to mail a package you can shred the newspaper and use it as packing material. It's free, well almost free, you paid fifty cents to have delivered, and lightweight. It will help cushion the blows your package will receive along the way during shipment and when it finally arrives at the other end the person can simply recycle it with the box you shipped your package in. …

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Men

In men, testosterone is the hormone responsible for turning a boy into a man. It causes changes in the body such as voice deepening and hair growth in various areas of the body. The production of testosterone is essential and can play a role in many developmental and sexual processes. If your body is not producing the correct amount, it can lead to a variety of symptoms. If you do have low levels of testosterone, there are treatments for it such as getting hormone therapy for men at reputable facilities like Below are some signs that may indicate low testosterone.

Lower Sex Drive

One of the first signs that men notice with low testosterone is a lack of sex drive. While most men will experience a small drop in their libido as they get older, a drastic reduction in sex drive could be an indication of your testosterone being too low, especially in younger men.

Hair Loss

Loss of hair is usually caused by genetics. However, if you notice that your hair loss is happening at a fast pace, it could be a side effect of your low testosterone levels. The hair loss can happen in other areas of your body aside from your head.

Less Energy

Many men suffering from low levels of testosterone will find they have chronic fatigue and a lack of energy. If you are getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and still feeling tired all of the time, you may need to get your levels checked.

Loss Of Bone And Muscle Mass

Testosterone has an important role in the production of muscle and bone mass. If you find you are losing muscle mass but still keeping your muscle function and strength, it could be low-t levels. When your levels get too low, you might end up suffering from a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a result of losing bone density and can increase your risk of bone breaks and fractures.

These are just a few of the more common signs and symptoms resulting in low levels of testosterone. The best thing to do is get your levels checked by a reputable doctor. For those that have lower levels of testosterone, there are ways to get those levels back up again.…

Cheap New York City Hotels

New York City also known as the City of New York or just New York is the most happening city in the United States of America. It is one of the best places on this earth that you should certainly visit. From amazing nightlife, excellent shopping centers to fine looking architecture and cool restaurants, this place has something for every one. Even your kids would enjoy this place because it has various theme and adventure parks which are sure to keep them spellbound.

Even if you are on a budget travel to this city, you need not worry because there are various cheap and discount hotels in this city which would surely make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.

1. Ameritania Hotel
This is standard budget boutique hotel which is conveniently located at at 54th and Seventh Avenue and is just minutes away from the Ed Sullivan Theater. There are more than 250 rooms here which are all stylishly furnished and decorated with modern furniture. In this hotel you can also find a relaxing lobby and a lounge. The hotel features air conditioning, a hair dryer, and a hair dryer.

2. Chelsea Star Hotel
Chelsea Star Hotel is located in Madison Square Garden and contains 42 well furnished rooms. Here you can find very economic budget rooms with different themes like Madame Butterfly, Shakespeare, Betty Boop and Cher. Each room has a flat-screen TV, well done art work and mahogany furniture with private bathrooms. It is very suitable for international visitors traveling on budget. The hotel provides the guests a reasonably priced meal each morning and some entertainment programs are also held weekly.

3. Gershwin Hotel
The hotel is located very near to the Empire State Building, just off Fifth Avenue. The hotel has 133 rooms and is very suitable for European and Asian guests. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and you can also find dormitory accommodations here. The facilities are not very high class but hotel is very well maintained and clean. The hotel also provides a Wi-Fi service and an indoor heated pool for the entertainment of the guests. In the rooms you have an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, internet access, coffee and tea maker and a color TV.

4. The Marcel
The Marcel is a small hotel which offers a secure and comfortable environment to families on very affordable rates. Here you can find Wi-Fi service and also an indoor heated pool for the relaxation of the guests. The staff members are friendly and the amenities offered by the hotel authorities are good. Some of the amenities offered here include fine dinner and lunch facility, well furnished rooms with attached bathrooms, refrigerator, and color television and internet access.

These are some of the best cheap hotels located in New York City. …