Day: May 4, 2019

How Can Microsoft Office 365 Help You to Increase the Profitability of Your Business?

Microsoft Office 365 offers a robust solution to enterprises enabling them to build a truly modern workplace. Tailor-made for your business needs, it enhances your business’s productivity by helping you virtually communicate and collaborate with your people at all times. From email to web apps to communication services, Office 365 brings together all of Microsoft’s productivity tools, and provides an easy and cost-effective platform for enterprises to move to the cloud.

Let us now do a detailed analysis on how Microsoft Office 365 can help enterprises in achieving optimized productivity and increased profitability for their business:

Intelligent Security

Security is an integral part of cloud services. With a 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption, no unauthorized personnel can read Office 365 applications. Microsoft continuously monitors for suspicious activity in your system and takes immediate action with a robust incident protocol in place. Office 365 has an intelligent security management system, threat protection, information protection, and identity & access management which can help enterprises save on huge additional costs arising due to data theft.

Microsoft SharePoint Online – Portal Collaboration

SharePoint Online facilitates better collaboration between your people. Employees can easily collaborate on projects, share documents, and organize all their information. Enterprises can benefit from SharePoint Online and save on costs associated with managing their own infrastructure and servers as it runs in the cloud.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online helps enterprises effectively manage their email and calendar, and provides benefits of Exchange Server 2010 with no cost and overhead expenses of deploying it in-house. The Single Item Recovery can be enabled to recover any file which has been permanently deleted from the system. Attachments up to 25 MB can be easily shared while user mailboxes up to 25 GB are supported.

Instant Messaging and Skype Connectivity

Let people know you’re available and effectively communicate with them through messages, voice and video calls. Office 365 is tailor-made for enhanced connectivity between your people. This results in optimized business productivity.


With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering a 99.9% scheduled uptime, Office 365 helps enterprises with enhanced worker productivity and ultimately saves big on costs. Backup data centers are available which transfer customers hosted by one data center to another with minimal interruption.


Upgrading all desktop systems to the latest operating system is not a feasible solutions for all enterprises. Microsoft Office 365 supports Mac, iOS, PC and android platforms, and has a comprehensive workforce management helping enterprises achieve reduced TCO across management, servicing and deployment.

Web and Mobile App Development

With Microsoft Office 365, it is possible for enterprises to build customized business apps suited for web and mobile. This can help them achieve their business goals and increase profitability.

Being a one-stop solution for numerable business concerns of enterprises, Microsoft Office 365 is an idea choice for enterprises looking to increase the profitability of their business. However, it is important for enterprises to choose only a certified Office 365 cloud solution provider having globally recognized certified consultants.…

Tips To Improve Your Garden Decor

Gardens are not just places where one grows plants and vegetables. To complement the amount of effort you put in here, you should try and improve your garden decor so that your garden looks beautiful, even without flowers. Here are some tips to help you work on it:

1) Singular focus

One way to make a difference to your garden decor is to focus on one part of the garden and build the rest around it. This can be done by building a gazebo, an arbor, a rose pillar or any statues or sculptures of interest.

2) A sense of architecture

You can provide an architectural form and a sense of style to your garden decor by adding a bit of iron gate work, elegant metal topiary forms or concrete statuary to the garden. Simple garden ornaments and artful decor contribute tremendously to the aesthetic value to your outdoor living garden spaces.

3) Adding water features – a waterfall or a fountain

Building a waterfall or a fountain can add a lot of value to your garden decor. In fact, most Japanese gardens have a water feature, and the ones without water features have something that represents water, like gray gravel or sand. If you would like to be a little innovative, you can turn your whole garden into a water garden.

4) Collect and scatter

After having collected a variety of art and ornamentation to add to your garden decor, make sure you scatter it through the landscape. Some people place topiary, sculpture or tuteur forms in distant small landscaped garden spaces for maximum viewing impact. Try and frame ornamental pieces of art with easy-growing shrubs and low-growing flowers.

5) Correct use of planters and containers

For an elegant garden decor, you may need to carefully choose the planters and containers to hold your plants. Many kinds of containers are available, the popular ones being made of concrete, fiber stone, fiberglass and plastic. For earth tones, you might choose terracotta. Correct use of planters can also add height, shape and life to your garden.

6) Lighting

Lighting up a garden nicely also enhances the garden decor. Other than lighting up the pathway in your garden, you can also light up a specific tree by focusing light beams on it. Make sure you keep safety concerns in mind for lighting options.

7) Define your place – use varieties of height

Garden ornamentation will define garden spaces. Taller garden decor and sculpture can create pleasant and sprawling visual architecture in small spaces. Always try and place taller plants towards the back of the garden. Try and use varieties of height to beautify your garden.

8) Block what you do not like

Block a part of the garden with climbers like ivy or vines if you do not like the way it looks. A trellis or obelisk can also be combined with the climbers to block the view. It will only end up enhancing your garden decor. You can also add a …

Get Ready For Guests

The holidays are coming up fast and for most of us that means various guests who probably have not set foot across your threshold since last year.

Whether your guests are coming just for the day or will be overnight visitors, this handy holiday home checklist will help make your space as inviting and comfortable for your visitors as possible.

* Make sure all pathways and the drive are as free as they possibly can from ice and snow. Taking Grandma to the emergency room because you did not have time to grit or to make that phone call to get your driveway plowed is hard an auspicious start to the holidays.
* Another big safety precaution is to ensure all of your outdoor lighting actually works and gives off enough light that people will not be tripping over strange objects as they try to navigate their way to your front door.
* Establish a spot to gather everyone's cold weather armor (coats, hats, scarves, boots) once they are inside. If your coat closet is not big enough to accommodate it all consider designating a certain room as a cloakroom instead. You may also want to invest in a nice new doormat so that the amount of mud being tracked across your clean carpet is kept to a bare minimum.

Living Room

* Schedule a professional carpet cleaning before your guests arrive. Not only will your carpets look better but a newly cleaned carpet smells great too.
* Take the time to actually clean your windows – or hire someone else to do it for you – so that all those outdoor decorations you spent hours are actually able to be approved from indoors.


* Make sure you give your bathrooms a good one over before the guests arrive. If the grout is really grimmy take out a toothbrush and clean it up with just a little hot water and dish soap.
* Apart from having a number of guest towels on hand in the bathroom, buy a few "emergency" supplies from the dollar store to give out to guests who may have forgotten to bring some of their overnight essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes and certain other personal care items.


* The modern kitchen is often the real hub of holiday entertainment and social activity. Clear the clutter off the counter tops and encourage everyone to mingle by placing a few snacks and drinks out on a kitchen counter top or kitchen island.
* Make sure all your appliances work, especially those little ones you rarely use like that neat cappuccino thingy or the toaster. Although it may a little too late to go out shopping for a new stove, if your microwave has seen better days now is a great time to retire it and replace it with a newer, more energy efficient model.

Guest Bedrooms

* Clear out plenty of closet space so that your guests can actually hang their clothes up because no one …

Community Gardens Aid in Building Strong Communities

Gardening is one of those activities that is great for a person with a green thumb and those who want a fun and exciting hobby to pass the time; but that doesn’t mean you have to toil away alone at it. Gardening is a great way to meet new people and create a fantastic way to spend time and see positive results.

Communities all across the United States have developed gardens that are run and maintained by volunteers. They can be a small garden in an apartment complex or a large garden in a public park, size doesn’t matter, it’s all about the message they send. A community garden’s message is different from community to community but ultimately renowned scholar, Marshal McLuhan, said it best; “The medium is the message,” and in this case that medium is gardening. Gardening can help guide at-risk youth stay out of trouble, provide seniors with a hobby that keeps them active, and help teenagers and adults become teachers and learn in a practical hands-on environment all while building a positive centerpiece that communities can take pride in.

While scholars sit and debate that famous quote, that’s not what this article is about. We want to put the focus on how community gardens aid in building strong communities and how a greenhouse kit can help those gardens operate year round. Community gardens are an excellent addition to any community.

A community garden provides a place for hands-on education for people of all ages and helps to establish leaders and teachers. Community gardens are often found, but not limited to, lower income neighborhoods where children may be at a higher risk for dangerous behaviors. In the garden they can learn not only horticulture skills but life skills including healthy nutritional habits, teamwork, responsibility and finally practical skills; as they can be taught cooking skills using the fresh produce being grown in the garden.

While some states have a year round outdoor growing season that is not true for all the states and that is where a greenhouse kit becomes so valuable. If at-risk youth are able to continue maintaining the garden inside even a small hobby greenhouse, they will continue to learn and help them avoid those high-risk situations that they may otherwise find themselves in.

Greenhouse kits are often very affordable and are a great way to increase the attractiveness of the garden and the surrounding community. A hobby greenhouse kit is a great focal point for the garden and can help increase the sense of pride and accomplishment of the volunteers who have worked hard to create a welcome and inviting place for anyone to enjoy.

There is also the secondary benefit of the produce that is grown in community gardens. Often that produce is sold at local markets to help raise funds for new projects in the garden, or it is used to teach the garden volunteers how to cook and utilize fresh produce, or donated to local shelters to help feed those …

Signs and Symptoms of a Cheating Spouse Or Partner

The signs and symptoms of a wayward spouse or partner can be either very subtle and hard to detect, or obvious and brazen.

1. Your Spouse suddenly takes keen interest in new music, whereas he/she has never shown an interest in before.

2. You notice your spouse or significant other making comments about a movie, You know you did not watch together; such as “Yeah, that was awesome” or “That movie sucked big time”, “Oh, I love the part when….”

3. Your man who has a disdain for doing laundry, suddenly loves doing his own laundry- with that said, he also seems to time his laundry duties soon after he arrives home.

4. The classic lipstick on the collar or other parts of his shirt. Pay attention also to unexplained glitter.

5. Another obvious red flag is the smell of another man’s or woman’s cologne or perfume on clothing, or hair.

6. Techniques and styles of sex suddenly become extremely different and foreign to you. I am talking way out of the norm here. You may find yourself in positions you had never done together before, or be asked to do things which was never requested of you before.

7. Sex itself can take unexpected turns regarding frequency. Your wayward spouse may suddenly request more sex than your normal routine, or drastically decline in wanting it at all.

8. Your partner’s mood has changed. You notice that he/she is now easily tempered, quick to snap or may pick fights with you deliberately to justify leaving the house to “Take a drive to think”.

9. You may notice that they suddenly keep their cell phones on silent and strapped to their bodies at all times; whereas before, the phone was kept on ringer and placed securely and easily within reach somewhere within a room in the home.

10. You may notice the cell phone going AWOL altogether. He/she may be locking the cell phone in the car altogether and not bringing it into the home at all.

11. Cell phone bills stop coming to the house altogether. When you look up the bill online, you see a pattern of the same number/ numbers being called.

12. You had access to the cell phone bill online, but the password suddenly has changed.

13. Household duties and chores become neglected. You notice your partner spending more time on the Internet or literally lazing around the couch with no interest with the upkeep of the house. He/ she is in a fog-like state, thinking about the other person.

14. Time spent with family also declines. Interest in weekend activities with yourself and the kids, attendance to children’s sports games, time spent alone with you such as date nights, etc….become greatly diminished.

15. More and more sudden and unexplained “Business Trips” keep popping up on the agenda.

16. You notice your significant other taking a drastic new interest on his or her appearance. You may notice a vast amount of new clothing, new colognes or …