Day: April 14, 2019

How To Clean A Bathroom and Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor?

If you're anything like me, you probably find that, no matter how much you want it to be clean most of all, it's the bathroom you least enjoy cleaning, and the first chore you'd love to teach your kids is how to clean a bathroom. Without question, it's one of the least desirable things to do, and learning how to clean a bathroom well in the shortest time is not one of our main goals for today, no matter how much it can benefit us down the road.

However, by taking the time needed to learn a few tricks, you really can make it easier and faster. For instance, consider how you may use a number of different cleaning agents in your bathroom, some of which you may not use elsewhere in your home. So, what if you just have a place in your bathroom to keep these products. Anything you need, whether for getting after mildew or soap scum, will be right there waiting for you.

In order to figure out how to clean a bathroom best, it may sound trivial, but it's important to plan things out. The first thing to do is start by removing all clothes and towels and things out of the way so you can pick up and get things in order. If there are throw rugs you plan to clean, get them out now too.

One of the top tips I teach when showing people how to clean a bathroom best is to get the shower area done. Chances are, it will be the hardest thing you have to clean, so knocking it off your to-do list will really help. You have the choice of either getting after it with elbow grease, or else using a spray foam cleaner that will allow you to coat the shower and tub and walk away for a bit. This can make it a bit nicer and save some energy for later.

When advising folks on how to clean a bathroom efficiently, I always prompt them to move on to the mirrors at this point. These will not be fun, but you should see a big change, and the results with give you the encouragement to move on! You should be able to actually see in the mirror now, and just nod with approval at your hard work, enjoy the fruits of your labor momentarily, and prepare to move on. From there, why not glance down and hit the faucet handles? If you want, you can use any cleaner that is suitable for use in your kitchen countertop areas. If you have shelves in the vicinity, known them out as well, since learning how to clean a bathroom properly hinges on efficiency.

If you've taken my advice on how to clean a bathroom methodically this way, you really should not have much left between the toilet. It's a good idea to swab the inside of the toilet bowl with a cleaning brush. You may want a different …

Pergola, Ramada Or Gazebo – What’s the Difference?

If you are in the process of designing your yard and landscaping, you are probably looking at outdoor structures. These options can provide shade, entertaining space and general ambiance to your property. However, if you have begun to look at your options, it’s likely that you are a bit confused. Should you chose a pergola, ramada or gazebo? What’s the difference between these choices and which will best meet your needs? There are some distinctions that you can recognize in order to help you make a more informed decision.


Traditionally, a ramada was a structure erected to provide shade, usually roofed over with brush or branches. An open walkway or porch was also known as a ramada. In modern construction, however, a ramada is a structure used to provide shade, with a fully covered roof. It usually matches they style and material of the home.

A ramada is ideal for an outdoor space that is designed to be an extension of the living environment. Because of the sturdy structure, it is easy to include details such as a fireplace or barbecue area. Some homeowners include an outdoor wet bar in their ramada and make it a full featured entertaining area. Brick and stone details are common in the design as well.


Throughout history, a classic pergola was designated as an outdoor structure with an open roof. It was usually supported by columns or similar architectural details. Pergolas are designed to accommodate creeping or vine like vegetation. Modern pergolas remain at much the same specifications. An open roof, often made with a wood trellis, is placed atop columns or posts.

Pergolas are ideal for homeowners who appreciate an open, airy feel and wish to incorporate vegetation in their entertaining area. Planting pots look lovely next to each column. Vine plants can grow up the sturdy poles and begin to make a home in the open trellis work of the roof structure. If you do intend to utilize your pergola in this classic setup, be sure that your contractor uses materials that are designed for the strain of plant growth. A pergola that won’t be used for planting can be made with less durable materials and still last. However, for supporting plant growth, go with the best quality possible.


The gazebo is probably the most recognized outdoor structure that is used in landscaping designs. Gazebos are usually built in more circular geometric shapes. In years past, the name of gazebo was given to an open building that took advantage of a view, or a summerhouse. For this reason, gazebos are often found on hills, wooded clearings, or next to a beach view. Today, any outdoor structure with at least five sides is designated as a gazebo. Most often, a hexagonal shape is used. The roof is most often fully covered and vaulted.

When selecting a gazebo, it’s still a good idea to take advantage of a lovely view. A gazebo sits well in a more traditional landscaping, with a …

Great Herbs With AeroGarden – Easy Indoor Container Gardening With AeroGarden

Herb indoor container gardening is growing in popularity, and is made especially easily with the use of an aero garden. Not only are herbs nutritious and tasty foods, they are also grown for their beauty and wonderful aroma. The growing of a herbal garden requires minimal effort to maintain, and in return, provides you with nature's reward.

Indoor container gardening of herbs requires only the amount of space you want to give it, containers, nutrients, soil and water. You will need to purchase containers which are slightly larger than those provided by nurseries. Transplant into larger containers once the plants have stabilized and are growing well. Six inch terracotta pots with good drainage are preferred. Different herbs should be planed in separate pots to avoid some possible taste transference between plants. Use potting soil from a greenhouse, place pots facing a southern or western direction. Greenhouse staff will be able to give you advice about choosing fertilizer, as well as points and information for proper growing of your herbs. Keep the soil damp, and do not over water. An aero garden is another way of cultivating herbs. Aero gardening is a soil free method of growing plants which delivers the right amount of air, water, light and nutrients to your garden.

Indoor container gardening provides you with not only beauty, but also with a constant supply of herbs once they are ready to harvest. The aero garden will hasten the growing period, and will produce a longer harvesting time. You will be able to prepare great tasting and healthy meals with herbs you grow yourself. Basil is not only a beautiful plant, it will also add flavor to tomatoes and meat dishes. Egg dishes, salads and sauces will benefit from the addition of chives. Mint is easy to grow, and will enhance lemonade, and make great mint jelly. Thyme and sage are used with chicken, turkey and sausages. Probably the best smelling herb is lavender, often used in candles, soaps and lotions. There are many other herbs, and many other combinations too numerous to mention in this article.

Indoor container gardening is also cost effective since it is less expensive to grow your own instead of purchasing your herbs at the market. Fresh herbs from the grocery are pricey, and will often wilt after purchase. Shoppers will opt for the dried variety, but unfortunately, this product will not provide you with the nutritional value and flavor the fresh herbs provide. An aero garden can provide you with a fresh supply of your favorite herbs which can grow faster, with more nutritional value, and with a longer harvesting period, without the mess of working with soil.

You will be rewarded with great herbs when you choose indoor container gardening. Do explore other methods, such as aero gardening, an easy, clean, and quick way of growing your plants. All will provide you with what you had hoped for and more. Enjoy! …

Zillow Takes Aim at Small Investors

This is a little different type of article than I typically write but I found this interesting and wanted to share. A few months ago, Zillow announced its Instant Offers program, which basically allows sellers to get offers on their homes within two days from institutional investors. These investors are highly qualified buyers and close with all cash within a week. At this time, Zillow claims that it is not offering this service to broker deals and charge commissions; it is doing it to fill a need in the industry. They claim that it is actually encouraging sellers to use agents, not vise versa.

Many agents are upset. In fact, according to a recent survey, 87 percent of Realtors think that Zillow is trying to become a broker and eliminate agents. Some agents, however, are excited about this shift and want to work more closely with Zillow.

If you have not heard, this is how the Instant Offers program is working in two test markets. A home seller completes an online questionnaire. From there, Zillow passes this information onto a small group of institutional investors who are buying houses in that market and to a qualified Realtor. The Realtor is tasked with providing a detailed comparable market analysis while the investors are tasked with submitting offers. Within just a few days, the sellers should have multiple cash offers and a CMA to compare the offers to. They then decide to go ahead and accept one of the offers where they can work with an agent to help with the transaction, or they can close the transaction without the help of an agent, or they can choose not to accept the offer and sell the house in a more traditional manner. This could include listing with an agent.

There have been several agents that claim to have received a large amount of seller leads under the new program. They submit the CMA and then are encouraged to follow up to try to get the listing.

I don’t see this as a bad thing for agents. Zillow is not charging any fees to the borrowers or the investors for this service, and claims that it is not interested in creating a brokerage or charging commissions. They generate revenue from ads and selling leads, not houses. Although many agents feel this could change because Zillow is not a profitable company. Entering the brokerage business could be a new profit center. I don’t see it that way, at least not yet. I see this more as a marketing ploy to attract seller leads for agents.

Although I am not concerned Zillow will take over the agent’s job, nor do I see this as a big threat to investors, I could see how one could view it that way. Zillow’s mission with the Instant Offers program is to capture every lead from distressed sellers it can and turn them over to cash buyers or their “pay to play” agents, virtually eliminating the small rehab investor. …