Day: April 8, 2019

Surviving the South Beach Diet Phase One

The South Beach Diet is not a short term diet or a "fad" diet where you'll see quick results and then gain all of your weight back. It's a way of changing how you eat for your entire life. However, as with any change there's a period of adjustment that will be hard for you. In the South Beach Diet, that period of adjustment is Phase One, in which you'll need to take two weeks to learn how to remove all of the harmful carbohydrates and fats from your diet. This will include a lot of foods that you love, such as fatty cuts of meat, whole milk, all alcohol, all sweets and just about any kind of starch that you've come to love! Phase One is hard, but once you're over it you'll be healthier (and thinner) for years to come. The key, of course, is surviving the hard part, Phase One. Here are some tips to get you through the South Beach Diet Phase One.

Start a Countdown: By the end of Phase One, you probably will not even crave bad carbohydrates or fats any longer, but during the first days or week, you will. Instead of thinking that this is how you'll be eating for the rest of your life, count the days down until the end of your two weeks. If you're thinking that the end of the two weeks means you can eat something that you love, it will be easier for you to put the candy bar down instead of eating it. And once you get to the end? You will not want that candy bar anyway!

Keep Bad Food Out of the House: Even if you're the only one in your house doing the South Beach Diet, everyone else will have to pitch in and help you out for the first two weeks by not having "bad" food there to tempt you. Before you start the South Beach Diet, get rid of ALL of the bad types of food from your house (particularly sweets, sodas and starches, which do the most damage). If you have a bag of candy in the cupboard, it will be a hundred times harder to resist eating it than if you have to leave your home and go to the grocery store to buy candy when you're starting to crave it. Set yourself up for success by having no sweets or any kinds of "forbidden" phase one foods in the house during the first two weeks.

Have a Support System: You're going to need help to survive Phase One. This does not just mean people who will make sure there's not bad food in the house. It also means people who will listen to you when you're struggling, and, most importantly, who will hold you accountable for what you eat each day. In a best case scenario, you'll have a buddy who you're doing the diet with and you can be each other's support system. If you're flying …

Hotel Options in Tulsa

Tulsa is the second largest city of Oklahoma, USA. The city was considered to be the oil depot of the world, and nowadays features the two famous art museums, professional opera and ballet companies, and the art deco in the line of architecture. Aside from this, Tulsa has emerged in terms of modern finance and technology.

With its increasing population, the government is looking to meet the rising demands for accommodations. This is the hotel options here are many and varied. Luxurious and cheap hotels alike are built to suit their guests' needs accordingly. Listed here are some of the recommended ones.

Hotel Ambassador

Hotel Ambassador in Tulsa offers a luxurious and supreme comfort with its Italian Renaissance setting. The hotel is located at the center of the city, providing its guests a welcome refuge from the noise of the city. Enjoy shopping in different boutiques, experience a romantic getaway, or host events such as meetings, weddings, and other occasions. It is near the downtown, historical landmarks, and major transportation.

Hotel Ambassador features cozy and spacious non-smoking rooms and grand suites, adorned with classic designs and modern amenities. It comprises 7 rooms in each floor where guests can feel more of their own homes rather than hotel. Everything is already set for everyone's convenience.

Room bathrooms are a touch of classic Italian and made of marble. Furniture pieces are all elegantly crafted. Bed pillows have triple sheets for added comfort. All rooms come with wireless internet access, two lined telephone units with data ports and voice mail.

The hotel also caters to group events such as meetings, conferences, seminars and even weddings with its Chalkboard Restaurant. It can accommodate up to 70 people. In addition, there are also elegant private conference rooms that can hold smaller meetings and private retreats. Chalkboard Restaurant offers their famous dishes such as beef wellington and porterhouse pork chop, best taken with their extensive wine list.

Hotel Savoy Tulsa

Hotel Savoy Tulsa is located at the heart of the Tulsa downtown. This hotel caters to almost all sorts of people such as businessmen, group of families and friends who choose to have a relaxing vacation. Less than luxurious, Hotel Savoy provides their guests their individual needs, making their stay comfortable and satisfying. Those who have experienced staying have regulars of Hotel Savoy.

The hotel was built in 1930 and was fully renovated in 2001 with the state-of-the-art facilities for their guests' security and privacy as well. It has a very colorful and modern designs and furnishings for a pleasant stay. They also provide facilities for handicapped. Cool breeze is preferred than fans when windows are opened.

The seven suites have a luxury of a full kitchen, separate bedrooms with shared bathrooms, living room, wireless Internet access, microwave, cook top, oven, refrigerator, coffeemakers, ceiling fans and alarm clocks.

The suites are adorned with French antiques and unique accessories. Each has feather pillows, silk bedsheets and linens, central heat and air conditioning unit, security system, full-stock refrigerator, …

4 Types of Prefab Homes

The range of prefab homes continues to grow. They are built using an assembly line type of construction and mostly seen as a low-cost alternative to the standard bricks and mortar home. Here are a few of the different types of prefab homes:


The modular home is built in multiple parts in a factory environment and later transported to its permanent place of residence. Once it arrives at the building site, the individual parts are put together to create a structurally sound home. The individual modules are fully outfitted in the factory with things like stairs, closets, doors, electrical points, and plumbing. Everything is already in place for the parts to be assembled.

The construction period for the modular home from initial order to being able to move in is in the region of 3 to 4 months.


The panelized home is built in a lot more parts compared to the modular home. For instance, these homes are built one panel or wall at a time. Once the panels are prepared they are moved to the place of residence to complete the construction. Plus, the individual panels are not completely finished in the factory and will require extra work like installing flooring, stairs, cabinetry and painting on-site.

Even though the panelized home is built in a lot more parts than the modular homes, the total time before it is ready to use is similar at about 4 months. In general, the main structural panels take about one week to put up, and the interior fit out takes a further month or more.


The pre-cut home is much like a kit home like the dome homes or log cabin kits. The parts for the home are precisely cut in a factory and shipped to the build site for the construction to take place. Many of these kits are designed to be self build and practical for the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer.

The kit is packed with all materials and step-by-step instructions to make it easier to put together. However, they can also be constructed with the help of a general contractor. The build time for the pre-cut home is in the region of 4 to 5 months.

Shipping container

The shipping container home is basically a refurbished steel shipping container that has been converted into a usable home. They are easily pieced together or stacked to create the quite creative and funky designs. They give a strong and sturdy build, but not yet as popular as other choices and have more building restrictions in place.…

How to Sell Your House Fast Yourself

Selling your house fast can be challenging in these times. It is tricky and almost impossible in some parts of the country to sell property quickly. In today’s markets, your property should be impressive to attract the buyers. Well, you can take follow the below given tips to sell your house fast.

Take a look of your house inside out and make a list of repairs that need to be done before you sell it. Replace any dripping faucets, leaking pipes, torn window screens, damaged decking and more.

Organize your closets and cabinets because the buyers are here to see the maximum potential of your house in terms of everything including storage. Remove away any extra belongings and even the extra furniture for the time being. In addition, get rid of any clutter from your house. It will help make your home look extra spacious and orderly. Your house should look like a magazine layout, organized and glossy, if you are serious about selling it fast.

Next thing is make your house thoroughly clean before any prospective buyer comes to view your house. A clean house is sure to make a lasting impression in the minds of people who are coming for the first time. Clean all the windows, window panes, dust the furniture, remove cobwebs, wax the floors, and clean the shower gout and more. If it needs paint, go for it. When you show your home, everything should be spotlessly clean.

Pay special attention to the entrance area of your house since an attractive entrance will help your sell your house fast. Make the porches and walkways clean; place some pots with flowers near the entrance to make it beautiful. Also, make sure that hardware on the door is polished and doorbell rings. The foyer should be well-lit, clean, attractive and comfortable.

To uplift the mood and make it brighter, make sure that is well-lit on all sides, open the drapes and curtains. Also, make sure that there is no bad smell doing rounds in your house when the buyers make a visit. It is better to use a lightly scented air freshener or some fresh aroma coming from kitchen.

Even after doing all these efforts, you are not able to sell house quickly within the period you want, it is best to contact cash house buyers. These legitimate companies buy houses and other properties in any condition and at any location.…

Creating Your Personal Contemporary Home Decor

The contemporary home décor look is achievable easily by going for a theme that uses clean lines to represent modern elements. Another good thing about contemporary home décor is that it does not require heavy decoration or richly engraved furniture. There is a huge misconception that getting a contemporary look can be difficult and expensive. In truth, you just need to know what you want to make a well rounded theme. You must remember that the goal of all contemporary themes is to make the room or house look modern, clean, and refreshing. Asian themes are the best because they make great use of clean lines and rarely on a minimal amount of decoration.

When you are planning a contemporary look for your house you must take into account things like shape, area, and color of the surroundings. These are the three basic elements that serve as the foundation for all home décor themes. As long as you start with these you are on safe ground. Things get even easier because contemporary design relationships on simplicity rather than artistry. This means that you are not going for an over the top art look but a simple look that ties on clean lines that may be complemented by a few simply geometric shapes and a few decorations.

Contemporary design relies on neutral colors like white, black, or beige. This automatically restricts your color choice and avoids confusing by throwing the whole spectrum up for choice. Of course, there is always the option of adding a dash of a bolder color, just to make something eye catching as long as it does not dominate the simplicity of a contemporary theme. You can use purples or reds and other bright colors minimally to achieve a great result. If you use more than one color than consult a color balancing chart to make sure you choose complementary colors and not ones that clash. So a few bright colored pillows in an otherwise neutral room will help create an exciting look.

Home décor is also about intelligent use of space. In most non-contemporary designs a blank space is seen as an error that must be fixed but in contemporary design even a blank space has equal design potential. The simplicity and freshness of clean lines is lost when there are no breathing spaces between decorations. While decorations are essential to avoid a completely barren look they must be used with caution to avoid being overdone.

Once you are done with color and space you must also focus on texture. Textures can take various forms like a rug, throw pillows, a single vase, and so on. If you intend to shop for contemporary home décor furniture then make sure you only choose items that are made of simple wood or metal and use natural fabrics. The main thing to avoid is antique furniture, floral patterns, and anything that may be considered frilly.

Contemporary design is one of the easiest ways to add a very personal touch …

Live Forex Trading Room – Don’t Be Next in Line at the Forex Slaughter House!

I never though I needed a live Forex trading room. When I first tried to learn how to trade Forex, I tried to learn on my own. Besides, I spent 15 years as a personal financial planner and thought I could do it on my own. I thought I was doing everything right. I started off with a demo account and was doing pretty good. Sure, I read a few e-books and attended a couple of webinars and even bought a $59.00 course. I didn’t even realize I had no real idea what I was doing until reality set in. It was like getting hit by a Mack truck. I opened a live account and started getting slaughtered. Every time a put on a trade it started to feel like I was next in line at the Forex Slaughter factory.

After a couple of months of torture a realized I needed to practice what I had been preaching for the last 15 years. That was, education first. With the proper education comes knowledge and then confidence. I bought quality, reputable Forex courses and attended a live Forex trading room. That’s when everything changed in my Forex career.

Learning from an experienced, professional Forex day trader in a live Forex trading room is the best route you could take if you are serious about becoming a full time forex day trader. If your concerned about the cost then consider the potential losses you will have or continue to have if you don’t get the proper training. Befor you know it, your account could be down $1000.00 or $2,000.00 in a matter of a few trades. Take that two thousand dollars and put it towards your education and learn in a live Forex trading room. You can also recoup those funds while your trading together in the live room with the professional trader.Imagine being a fly on the wall in a live Forex trading room.

You will be able to watch, learn and trade from a seasoned professional Forex trader in a real time live market. You’ll be able to interact and ask questions. You’ll also be able to see the exact entries and exits under all market conditions with the luxury of an explanation as to why the trade was entered and exited. The goal in a live Forex trading room is to educate you so that eventually you can take trades on your own without any assistance. In my opinion, there is no better way to learn how to be a successful Forex trader then learning it in a live Forex trading room and experiencing real time education during live market hours.

Breakdown of What to Expect in a Live Forex Trading Room

1. Each trading session, the Forex teachers will do a pre market analysis

2. Trading During Live Sessions with other Full Time Traders

3. Develop your trading skills in a safe, non-threatening environment

4. Learn trade with other experienced and like-minded traders

5. Learn to Trade Low …