Day: April 7, 2019

Why You Should Have Large House Address Numbers

It's not difficult to find my house because the house address numbers on my home are large and very easy to see. Of course, that does not mean that everyone can find me and that no one would find me if I did not have these. Anyways, your house should have these displayed where they are easy to read so that your friends can find your house and you can also protect your family.

A person who wants to find your house will find house address numbers very helpful. These numbers are important for the delivery person who has to find your home when you order in food. However, they sometimes still can not find me and have to call to see where I am even with the large house address numbers that I have on my front porch.

You should help the delivery person find your house if you want packages delivered to you on time. Mailpersons that are familiar with your home can sometimes have substitutes that can find it hard to find your home. You have no one to blame but yourself if your mail does not seem to get you in a timely fashion because you do not have numbers on your house.

It is very important to have large house address numbers on your home so that emergency services can find you in cases of emergency. If someone has had an accident or a heart attack in your home, then it might not be so easy for the EMTs to find you. Anyone can find you when you call with an emergency if your house address numbers are visible. Otherwise, you might have to stand outside to wave them down.

You can easily find house address numbers and you will not spend a lot of money to get them. The best kind to purchase might be the kind that is nailed on. Your house address numbers will be securely affixed to a porch post or to the siding if you get this kind of houses numbers.

You have to make sure that they are secure and that they are protected from the weather if you get the adhesive type. You have to keep an eye on them to make sure they are still there. You should also make sure they are lit by your outside light so that someone can easily find your house at night. …

House Keeping 101: Part 1 – The Kitchen

Baring the possibility of a Frat Party, your house did not get into such a state of disarray overnight. It is pointless to think that it will instantly become neat and tidy overnight. Looking at the entire picture, it may seem a little daunting or even overwhelming. This series will help you tackle the mess and clutter, one step at a time. It will focus on one area of ​​the house at a time, giving small tasks for you to complete in each area, until you have established a routine to keeping your house clean and tidy at all times.

Let's get started well? The first place we are going to focus on is the kitchen. This is where food is prepared for yourself and your family. If left in a constant mess, you could run the risk of making your family sick, not to mention the infestation of pests, such as cockroaches and mice.

Do not go in with the intention of completely turning the place upside-down and transforming it in an hour. Usually, this ends with you starting the job only to find that you become overwhelmed with the task you have set yourself, giving up before hitting the halfway mark. We are going to do something different this time … starting small, and continue on from there, until the kitchen is neat and tidy.

You are going to spend 15 minutes on each task, nothing more; nothing less. Once you have completed the first task, take a break before continuing or moving to the next task.

Task 1: Washing the Dishes

1. Clear the Sink: Before you start to wash any dishes, you will need to have an area that you can place the clean dishes. Pile all the dishes on a nearby counter; then give the sink and drainer a good scrub.

2. Wash Up: Now that you have a clear area, you can start to wash up. Remember to wear gloves, use HOT water and a decent dishwashing liquid. If there are more dishes than you have space for, do as many as you can; then soak some of the remaining dishes.

3. Drying & Putting Dishes Away: If you've finished or run out of room to place clean dishes you have two choices … a) let the dishes drip dry or b) dry the dishes yourself. If you still have time on the 15 minute limit, you are more then welcome to start drying the dishes.
If you have more washing up to do and you still have some time left, you may continue to wash up. If you have run out of time you may continue so you can complete the task. Try not to get into the habit of going over the 15 minute task limit, you may start to overburden yourself.

4. Clear the Sink: If you chose to dry the dishes yourself, clean the sink and drainer so that it is clean for the next time you wash up.