Day: April 4, 2019

Garden Pergolas Can Easily Stand the Test of Time

Modernization has reached the point today where the people have broken the fetters of tradition and culture and taken the pledge to renovate everything around them and give it a beautiful and artistic structure. This belief has entered every immediate field of human interest and brought in drastic consequences some of which are pleasant while others portray the reflection of the growing malicious practices of the society.

The vexations and stress of professional life and the ongoing competition decrease the enthusiasm levels and the determination with which an individual leaves his home early in the morning and awaits the day to end to return to his home sweet home. Yes, the home is the place where you long to come back after the tedious proceedings of the day.

The place you live in relaxes you and rejuvenates you for the next day and its hectic schedule. The franks and jokes of the inmates in the house bring you back to life. Therefore the house you live in should have a setting and interior which harmonizes with your calm and serene inner being and strengthen the bonds of love and relationships.

Every part of your dwelling is the reflection of your taste and style. For instance the plants and settings in the garden in your house reflect your interest in the green world and its power to impart that freshness to the inmates of the house. The time you spend in the garden during the lovely family evenings along with your kids keep ringing in your mind. The more you spend your precious time in the garden the more you are attracted to its bewitching charm. To add to the elegance of your garden you can intensify the beauty of your ornamental plants by choosing the planter box which adds charms to your green lushes and imparts a classy look.

To add that contemporary look to your garden you can choose pergolas which support the growing plants and also imparts that roof effect to build a small cozy sitting area for the evenings or during basking the sunlight in mild winters. The pergolas which are made from Vinyl are more durable and maintenance free. The wood pergola requires extensive care and may not last the changing weather conditions, the rain and the scorching sun. Therefore the homemakers today opt for vinyl pergolas which are more classy and easy to maintain.…

The Utilitarian Charm of English Garden Design for Cottages

The English cottage garden is a style that is in re-discovery today. As in every successful revival, the new version improves on tradition with new insights and ideas. The English garden designed after the cottage style has been around for as long as there have been cottages in England. Of course, up until reliably recently, they were not considered a style of English garden design at all. It's just that their beauty caught on with the gardeners of the country after a while. People began to notice that the traditional English garden design used in poor cottages across the country really possessed a lot of excellent gardening know-how and aesthetics to hand down.

To look at the traditional English garden design for cottages, one thing is clear. The humble gardener always fills every space available in his garden with every useful plant he can get his hands on. The most useful kitchen garden plants are the ones that come first – fruit, vegetables and herbs. If blooming plants are found clinging to all kinds of places in an oddly recognizable way in the traditional English cottage, it's because these enter the garden in a supporting role – flowers and all of the herbs are always welcomed in as a way to fight pests with . And sometimes, to help supply the family medicine cabinet.Yarrow, for instance can help fight a fever.

The traditional English garden design in cottages was one of a recognizable kind of chaos. Rambling roses would be all over the house, cabbages, Larkspur, gooseberries and poppies would always line all the garden paths, and hollyhocks would go along the boundary walls. The cottage garden was always so full of color and so delightful that there was a charm there in the way everything seemed to be on top of everything else. It was the very image of domestic bliss, and it's a style that's in reval all over North America now. To do the same for your own home and garden, here's what you need to do – leave out all decorative plants, and instead, decorate with useful plants.

Begin your English garden design with an apple tree instead of the flowering crab. And plant it in a flower bed surrounded by flowers rather than out on its own. Plant those flowerbeds densely with kitchen herbs alongside of the flowers. Cabbages, carrots and other vegetables can be quite beautiful and they should not be considered alien to the theme of the garden. In an English cottage garden design, they are the theme. Give them the most prominent placing, and raise sunflowers and runner beans up their stalks. You could have a tidy layout even if you do choose an English cottage garden. The basic theme is to fill every available space and to not judge plants for being what they are. You can plant marigolds to keep rodents away, and you can plant garlic right alongside a flower bed to keep insects off. It's all about utilitarianism …