Day: March 4, 2019

Exterior House Painting Made Easy

Simplification of home improvement projects is very important to homeowners looking to make things go smoothly, but without sacrificing quality. Homeowners often experience frustration and headaches at a result of complicated and complex projects. Having some extra help when it comes to completing these projects may help to make the experience more more enjoyable and will even help to ensure the final product is at its very best.

Exterior house painting is one such project that many homeowners struggle with as they try to take on the project alone. Not knowing what they are doing, many homeowners get into trouble very quickly trying to do too much. They begin to feel overwhelmed by the project and wonder what they can do to make it easier. The best option for these homeowners is often to call a painting contractor. Exterior house painting is a tough home improvement project to take on with no real experience or training. Contractors have been trained in exterior painting and know how to handle problems as they arise.

In many cases, contractors will be able to avoid problems altogether, as many painters have the foresight to anticipate problems. Having a contractor taking care of the exterior house painting, homeowners can relax knowing their project is in excellent hands. Not too many people enjoy being up on a ladder in the scorching heat or blistering cold all weekend, so hiring a professional to paint the house is usually the best option. With their skill and expertise, the house will get a professional paint job and will stand out among the rest of the houses lining the block. …

18 Types of Metaphors

The first extremely obvious question is – What is this darned metaphor? Another fancy name? Well… yes and no. It is fancy, but also effective. Charged with energy. Stuffed with genius. By definition, a metaphor is a figure of speech where two entirely dissimilar words or phrases are brought together to suggest a similarity. Confused? What are examples for?

All the world’s a stage

Yes, it’s Shakespeare and he is comparing the world to a stage. You generally don’t see the world as a stage, you see it… as the world, the earth, the mother; but not a stage. That is why it’s a metaphor. Because it has brought together two entirely unrelated things and made sense with it.

That was simple. But there is no peace, here starts the rollercoaster. (bet you won’t enjoy it right now)

1. Extended or telescoping metaphor or conceit

When your metaphoric insight has developed, then you cannot restrain yourself to just one metaphor. Like –

All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players.

This extension – “Men and women are merely players” has made this an extended metaphor. The author stretched “the world” and “a stage” by introducing parts of “the world” (men and women) and “a stage” (players). Of course, it has to make sense. You can’t extend it by comparing men and women to an ipod. Sounds distasteful? Exactly.

2. Metonym

When you’ve grown tired of clichéd words and are searching desperately for a word closely related to it that has not been used to death, that word is a metonym. A new word to replace an old one. Of course, an example. The pen is mightier than the sword. This saying in itself has become clichéd, but originally the thought was otherwise. Here, the pen stands for the freedom of expression and the sword for the power of authority. Now, if you said, freedom is greater than power, nobody would have said Wow. That’s why Pen and Sword instead of freedom and power.

3. Mixed metaphor

Some of us fail to create a good metaphor; such a twisted, out of tune metaphor is called a mixed metaphor.

The waves of emotion have punctured my heart.

Can waves puncture? They do in a nonsensical world, but most of us are still sane, but widely tolerable of nonsense and that is why such nonsense is given a modest name of mixed metaphor.

OK, for info’s sake – there are two kinds of mixed metaphors: permissible mixed metaphors and impermissible mixed metaphors. Never use impermissible ones, so that leaves me to explain only permissible ones.

Permissible mixed metaphors make sense even though the parts are not directly related.

We’ve weathered plenty of storms with an iron will.

There is no connection between weathering the storms and an iron will, still it sounds right.

4. Absolute metaphor

A perfect metaphor to show craziness and confusion. In an Absolute metaphor, the metaphor actually, really, truthfully, doesn’t make sense.

She broke upon a …

Avoiding Fuel Poverty and Saving Energy by Insulating Hard-to-Heat Solid Wall Homes


Do you remember the saying “It’s the ECONOMY, stupid!”. It is a statement that has gone into political legend. But as far a global warming is concerned we need to recognise that “It’s the HOUSE, stupid”. In fact individual homes in Western Developed Nations are responsible for up to 50% of global warming – and hence climate change – problems.

Heating causes most of this because a great deal of the energy used comes from burning fossil fuels. It doesn’t matter whether this is in the home or at some remote electricity generating station. Wherever the fuel – the coal, gas, wood, oil and so on – is converted into energy it gives off carbon dioxide gas – the main “green house” gas that helps cause global warming.

In fact 25% of all the UK’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions come from household energy use, with 70% linked directly space heating and hot water.

Because the problem is so urgent the UK Government has decided this must be reduced by at least 20% by 2010. But at the same time it has committed to ending fuel poverty by 2015.

Both are tall orders.


Let’s first take a look at fuel poverty – where any household has to spend more than 10% of disposable income to make their home comfortable to live in.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) regards 21°C as being an adequate temperature for Living Rooms, and 18°C elsewhere. However, if it’s 2°C or less outside, 18% of UK homes fall way below this, recording only 16°C in their living rooms.

It 2000 AD there were over 5 million such homes in the UK, more than 3 million of which were solid wall properties – i.e. buildings that do not have cavity wall type construction..

Significantly 83% of people suffering from ‘fuel poverty’ are considered socially and economically ‘vulnerable’. That is to say older people, families with children and those who are disabled or have long-term illness occupy properties that are the most fuel inefficient.


Because many of them don’t spend enough on heating to reach even minimum comfort standards, their homes may be cold and damp – conditions associated with ill health and early deaths.

People living in rural areas often face additional problems, like no gas network, higher heat loss from detached properties, more solid wall construction, and general lack of good quality housing for those on low incomes.


In the UK over 60,000 cold-related deaths are recorded in the UK each year, some 40,000 of these in winter. Thus it is reckoned that exposure to cold is responsible for 30% more people dying than need to.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 50% or more of these ‘excess’ winter deaths, while respiratory diseases are responsible for 30% or so. Although hypothermia itself is only responsible for less than 1% of these, for every degree C below the UK winter average there are 8,000 extra deaths.

Contrast this with …

Your Very Own Custom Wall Mural

When it comes to decorating, there is really nothing quite as personal and unique as a custom wall mural. It has been my privilege to see some of the most breathtaking photos when people send them in to have made into a custom wall mural.

Certain occasions call for photographic mementos, and these memories are typically displayed proudly in frames or in the safe confines of photo albums. However, at one time or another, most people have taken a fantastic photo that would look great as a customized wallpaper mural. Once you have considered the idea and let it sink in, you realize nothing short of your very own mural will do.

When you make the gigantic leap from framed cherished picture to wall mural, you are making a big decorating statement. Your will be infusing the room with a piece of something you hold dear. The image, once contained within a frame, now creates the mood and feeling of the entire room. The room is truly one of a kind and can never be repeated. All who enter the room are allowed to step into your world and experience the beauty of your custom image. It is a satisfying feeling and there really is nothing quite like it.

Sometimes, images are personal and not intended to be displayed to just anyone. Honeymoon or vacation sunsets and memories made into a custom mural are perfect to set the mood for a master bedroom or master bathroom, for example.

One of the nice things about custom wall murals is that they do not needarily require professional grade photographs. If your digital camera is at least 6.2 mega pixels, you can produce good quality photos that will render a lovely custom mural.

So, you never know. Your digital photo library may hold the key to your next big home decoration project in the form of a custom wall mural. …

5 Tips to Keep Your Flokati Rug White, Fluffy and Clean

If you have a Flokati rug or are considering buying one, here are some tips on how to keep your Flokati rug white, fluffy and clean.

1. Take your Flokati rug outside and shake it

Giving your rug a good shake can help lift any woollen fibres which have become flattened when furniture has been placed on it or because of a lot of foot traffic. Shaking your rug will also remove a lot of dirt and dust which has become caught in the woollen fibers.

If you can get someone to help you shake the rug, that is best. Each person holds one side and shakes it vigorously. You will notice dust and dirt coming out of the rug. Keep on shaking it until all the dust and dirt appears to have gone.

If you have no-one to help you, place it on the clothes line. Peg one side of the rug to the clothes line, while you hold and shake the other side.

Try and make the effort to give it a good shake at least every month.

2. Leave your rug outside for a while, but not in the sun

After you’ve given your rug a good shake, leave it outside to air it, preferably for a few hours. This can help get out any odours and help freshen it.

Don’t leave it in the sun. Your Flokati rug is made of wool and too much sunlight can make the wool on your rug look yellow. Sun can discolour woollen items.

3. Brush your rug

Get a soft bristle brush and brush the rug. This can untangle any matted woollen fibers. Brush it from the center towards the outsides of the rug. Some of the fibers may get caught in the brush, and that is normal.

You may want to avoid vacuuming the Flokati rug, especially if you have a vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush in the head of the vacuum cleaner. The long woollen fibers can get stuck in the head of the vacuum cleaner, which isn’t good for the rug or the vacuum cleaner.

4. Lift the woollen fibers

After you’ve given your rug a good shake, and a good brush, you can lift the woollen fibres with an ordinary plastic garden rake. Make sure the rake is clean. Place the rake at the base of the woollen fibres and gently lift the wool from the bottom up.

This should be fairly easy to do after you have brushed the rug. Some of the fibers may get caught in the rake and this is fine. This won’t cause damage to your Flokati rug as it is very sturdy.

5. Washing your Flokati rug

A Flokati rug needs a good wash about once a year, depending on how dirty it gets.

If it is small, you can wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent, the same you use for woollen clothes. Do not use bleach. Place it out in …