Day: March 2, 2019

Welcome Nature Indoors With Natural Wood Decor

Decorating a home with mirrors is a simple but effective way of home decoration. You can choose mirrors of different shapes. These mirrors are framed in artistically designed frames crafted with different materials such as wood, metal, etc. You can choose the one that best matches your décor.

Furniture made of natural wood is making its way into our homes This is because it has a rustic appeal. Fortunately, there are mirror frames designed using it which can match our décor.

If you appreciate the look of natural wood there are different choices of wood available to you. Some of the popular ones are Pine, Aspen, Oak and Maple for your furniture.

In order to have a common theme, you can have furniture made of the same type of wood throughout your home.

After you have the required furniture you can then start decorating your home using different decorative items. You could decorate your walls with mirrors with natural wood frames to complement your décor.

These frames are available in sleek and heavier designs to choose from. You can have different types of natural wood mirrors in different locations. Mirrors serve as more than just a reflecting surface. They beautify the location where they are placed. Additionally, they make a room bright by reflecting light. If you have a small room, you can think of mounting multiple mirrors to make your space look large.

Mirrors enhance the beauty of your living rooms, passage, etc. However, in your bedroom, it becomes almost mandatory to have a mirror to enable you to dress up.

Dressing tables are an essential part of your bedroom. A dressing table stores the necessary items needed for makeup and has a looking mirror for you to view yourself while dressing.

Selection of the dressing table is vital. The dressing table should be selected so that it merges with the interiors of the bedroom.

If you have natural wood furniture in your bedroom, you have a wide choice of wooden frame mirrors for your dressing table.

Mirrors are also an essential part of the bathroom. This is where you look at yourself every morning. You might have apprehensions about having natural wood mirrors in your bathroom. But fortunately, there are wooden frames available that add a classy, rustic look to your bathrooms.

Bring in the beauty of nature inside your home with exclusive, eco-friendly natural wood furniture. You can enhance the appearance of your indoors by placing indoor plants and decorating your walls with mirrors with exclusive matching frames to suit your style.…

The Real Estate Resurgence of Glassell Park and Highland Park

Real estate in Northeast Los Angeles has been booming for years. We hear about it on television and in the news. Rarely does a news story get published where the term “Gentrification” is used to describe areas such as Eagle Rock, Mt. Washington and Highland Park, regions where home values have spiked. Is it something homebuyers and home sellers need to know?

By definition, “to gentrify” is to improve a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. The middle class, or Bourgeoisie, is attempting to emulate upper-class standards. In the U.K., the gentry refer to people of high social position, specifically the class of people next below the nobility. Therefor the gentrification of an area is a process whereby those of lower socio-economic status are forced out of a region in order to make it more attractive to the people of higher socio-economic standing. Taking deteriorating inner city homes away from working class families to be renovated and sold to the privileged is also known as progress, or gentrification.

That is precisely what is occurring in the once run down neighborhood of Highland Park. This ongoing restorative transformation has helped to eradicate crime and strengthen the local economy. Juice bars and yogurt shops have sprung up in place of derelict Laundromats and liquor stores. Local businesses are now thriving, where the windows were once boarded up and car carcasses rusted.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Glassell Park, where police not long ago bulldozed suspected gang homes in a dramatic crackdown on crime. Soon after, investors began investing in fixing up Glassell Park’s hillside view homes and property values began to rise with new shops and restaurants appearing in direct proportion.

At one time, Eco Park stood as the poster child for gentrification in Los Angeles. This forgotten slum went through a complete metamorphosis in the 90’s, turning it into one of the most sought after areas east of downtown. With Echo Park as a model, the restoration movement has continued its march east, rehabilitating other areas, such as Highland Park and Glassell Park, with great potential.

One telltale sign of the up and coming neighborhood is what is known as the Starbucks phenomenon. If this “7-eleven” of coffee houses has chosen to plant its green lady logo on the block, you can bet your bottom dollar that the ‘Hipsters are coming’or more likely, the Hipsters have already arrived. This of course means that property values are climbing. In the historic region of Highland Park, York Boulevard is now bookended by Starbucks. Having a Starbucks on the corner is clear evidence that a moneyed community is on the rise. The values of homes for sale in Highland Park are absolutely exploding.

Another way of measuring affluence is by exploring the high volume of trendy restaurants, bars, and art galleries not to mention the cafes populated by too cool for school patrons everywhere. This enclave has become a hot spot for …

The Art of English Garden Landscaping

Each garden designer has his or her own signature style of landscaping the area. Depending on preference and style, the garden may either have a complex design with an obviously manicured landscape. Or, the garden's design may have a wild, natural look.

One of the most common designs being adapted all around the world is the English garden. English Garden landscaping combines an appealing visual blend of natural and groomed beauty. The design is simple but pleasant to the eyes. In fact, it is the design that is chosen for many public places and buildings.

As what the name follows, English garden landscaping originated in Europe. Interestingly, this style of garden landscaping was inspired by paintings that depict European landscapes. Garden designer William Kent applied the idea into gardens. There were other influential designers such as Humphrey Repton and Capability Brown who added their own ideas.

Kent got his influence from old European culture. Repton wanted a garden that would look like beautiful places in the English countryside. On the other hand, Brown wanted flowering plants to be placed right next to a structure. This was an idea that has been lingering in his mind but was not implemented by gardeners at that time.

Traditional English Garden landscaping lines lines that curve and wind around the area. This is quite evident in the garden's winding pathways. The points of interest in the garden are marked and emphasized by things such as benches and statues.

Also, English garden landscaping is characterized by a huge assortment of plants. The large amount of plants gives the garden a natural feel, although it is obvious that the plants are taken care of and pruned regularly.

A lot of parks and places make use of pure English garden landscaping. These places include the majestic gardens in famous places such as Castle Howard, Stourhead, Blenheim Palace, Stowe and Rousham House. The gardens in these places give the viewer an idea of ​​how these places might look like a long time ago.

With the advent of minimalism and other recent gardening styles, the popularity of English garden landscaping had declined a little bit. Most of today's gardens that still use this design of landscaping are affected with a smattering of Chinese garden style, making it less distinct than the original design.

But without a doubt, English garden landscaping remains one of the most famous and influential garden designs in the world. …

The Infertile Mormon

A couple of months ago, we were at my parents’ house getting ready for Christmas dinner when one of my nieces comes running down the stairs crying because of something my crazy son had done. So, I called him down and asked what had happened. His reply was, “Well, I guess I gotta tell you the truth because, ya know Jesus? Ya, well he knows everything anyway.” He continued on with throwing himself under the bus.

My point in telling you this is that when I received the invitation to speak today I really struggled at first as to which direction and approach to take this. Through lots and lots of prayer, I just kept feeling like I just needed to be me. Just share my story. No holds bars. I kept thinking, I’ve gotta liken my situation to someone in the scriptures, like Alma or Sarah and Hagar or something. But I just felt uncertain about it. Still frustrated, I called my speaking partner to get a feel as to the direction we should go. And, you know what she said to me? She said, “People come from all over not to hear about Alma. We know about Alma. We want to know about you.” And it’s funny because those exact words of “just tell about you” kept coming to me while writing this. So that’s what you get. The raw, awful truth that’s me. I’ve decided not to sugar coat the story and just give you me. Because ya know Jesus, ya well He knows everything.

So, as I child I never had any reason to doubt that one day I was going to be a mother when I grew up. Like most of you, I played with my dolls all the time. I babysat after school, weekends and all summer long. I watched my sisters for my parents. My mom even told me once that I took the role so seriously that I would even try to take over her disciplinarian role.

So, when I found myself struggling with fertility issues at the beginning of our newly married life, it was pretty devastating at first. Especially being LDS – everyone has a ton of kids and they have them pretty quickly. At this point, we had only been married about a year but people began asking my husband and I when we were going to have a baby. (as if it were their business.) This questions make me really defensive and at times even angry. I tried really hard to answer their question really lighthearted but inside, that darn question from others would literally hurt.

Well, time went on and year after year we still had no baby. I felt my body was betraying me because after all, this was my calling in life, was it not? We are told to multiply and replenish the earth, right? This was a righteous desire, right? So, why were we finding this commandment so hard to keep – and actually …

What You Need to Know When Building a New Home

So you’re thinking about building your own home…

It’s a great idea, because you can get a lot closer to what you really want when you build rather than buy. But there are some critical things to be aware of, in order to keep risks and surprises to a minimum, and end up getting the home you want. We’ve compiled this helpful guide from a number of industry sources and our own experience. We hope it gives you a good introduction.

1. How important is it to choose the right builder?

Your new home is going to be one of the most important investments you will ever make both financially and emotionally. You want to get the design and construction right so that it suits both your present and future needs and lifestyle. There are a lot of builders out there prepared to build you a house but which one is the right one? Which one will turn your dream into reality? Follow the steps in this information pack and you will be several steps closer to fulfilling your dream.

2. Your role in the process

Before beginning the design the following needs to be conveyed to the designer:

o Your budget

o The size of the house to be designed – including room numbers, their locations and functions

o Facade type including exterior finishes for walls (e.g. rendered, face brick) and the roof type and finish (e.g. tiled, metal)

o Individual design features that you would like

o Specific details like ceiling heights, window sizes, and bathroom and kitchen fittings.

o The time frame. Note that plans have to be submitted to various authorities and this may take longer than expected. Build this into the construction time frame.

3. The designer’s role in the process

When using an architect, building designer or engineer the charge for designing the house will be in addition to the construction costs. When using a builder who provides a design service as part of the package the design is factored into the price. This will have some bearing on the amount of time that can be spent in working with you on the design. Consider this as well when selecting who designs your home.

Designers must be up to date with the following:

o Latest legislation

o New building trends

o Environmental and energy considerations like insulation, water saving, building materials and energy saving systems like solar power and solar water heating

They should also be able to advise you on the most appropriate house orientation in relation to the sun and prevailing winds. They should also be able to advise you on how best to make use of a site’s topography.

For example it is often better to build a house on a sloping site that makes use of the shape of the site rather than bringing in a bulldozer to reshape the site. Earthworks can be expensive.

At your first meeting with a designer you need to assess whether they will be …