Day: January 8, 2019

Scenting A Mood

Setting a mood takes careful planning, from the lighting in the room to the colors you have chosen and the accessories you use. Scented candles can make all the difference in the world when it comes to transforming your living space into an exotic escape.

From tapers to tea lights and gels to jars, scented candles come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to match any room and any mood. Here are just a few examples of what scented candles can do.

The Warmth of Home

The smells of home-baked goodness can transport anyone back in time to the days of their childhood, when mom had a hot apple pie in the oven or a batch of fresh cookies waiting. Somehow these smells invoke a sense of safety and security.

Place candles around your house spotted like French vanilla, warm cinnamon, brown sugar, and candied apples to inspire those same feelings of home.

An Ocean Escape

Allow your imagination to carry you off to a tropical destination by scinging your rooms with the aromas of coconut, pineapple, mango, watermelon, and citrus. Before you can help it, you will be humming Bob Marley tunes in your head.

A Garden Getaway

The elegance of photographed candles not only can fill your home with the sweet smells of nature, but your garden escape can be enhanced by them as well. Whether you want to bathe your patio in decadent candlelight or prefer to bring the smells of your favorite garden into the indoors, you can find decorated candles that will perfectly mimic your favorite flora and fauna.

Immerse yourself in rich fern scents, or wild jasmine. Take a walk through the woods surrounded by the smell of oak, pine, wild moss, and clover leaves.

Or sit in a sunny garden filled with honeysuckle, hydrangea, freesia, orchid, and lilac. Combine the scents with those of fresh fruit such as citrus, and you will have a melody of invigorating scents to ignite your senses.

The Romantic Interlude

The soft glow of candles enhanced by bewitching aromas sets the stage for your most intimate moments. Bask in the glow of rich musk and patchouli, cloves, rose petals, and the more understated yet equally intriguing sandalwood. The indulgence of such sensual aromas is intoxicating.

Freshen the Nursery

There are a variety of candles specifically designed to eliminate odors. A strategically placed candle near the changing table or diaper disposal may just do the trick to keep the baby's room smelling fresh and new.

You can even enhance the wondrous scent of baby powder with candles that smell just like the real thing.


Some scents are just good for your physical and mental well-being. Eucalyptus, mint, and sage are not only refreshing for your mind, but can help cleanse your sinuses as well. Use these scented candles to help rid yourself of allergy symptoms or to clear your head when you have a cold.

Candle Sense

When deciding where to place your candles, or how …

Cabinet Door Hinges – A Kitchen Essential

So you've decided to give your kitchen a facelift. You've decided on a paint color, picked out a new counter top and are re-facing your cabinets. Heck you might even throw in a new fridge or range.

Once you've decided on the big items like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops it is important not to forget the little things that make your kitchen complete. Cabinet hardware can make or break the look you just sent so much money to achieve.

For example if you want a sleek and modern kitchen you would not want a traditional cabinet door hinges or decorative hinges that will take away from the streamlined look you worked so hard to achieve. You also want yours to match your knobs and pulls in finish and style.

Hinges come in a seemingly endless variety of styles, sizes and shapes. But if you know the basics you will able to find the right ones for your project in a flash. Do not worry about whether the hinge is labeled left or right handed. All this means is what side of the door you are hanging the hinges on, but all you need to do is flip them over and you can use them on the other side. You may also be unsure of what size of hinge you need. As long as it is proportional to the size of the door you need not worry. Hinges are extremely strong. In fact they are generally eight to ten times stronger than the job they are called on to do.

When it comes to cabinet door hinges the right ones depend on the type of door you have. Basically there are three types of doors lipped, overlay and flush. The lipped door is one in which a lip has been cut completely around the door. The overlay door is cut larger than the opening so that its edges rest on the door frame. Flush doors sit inside the frame with their faces flush inside it. Each type of door dictates different types of hinges.

Pivot hinges, one of the most popular styles, are designed for overlay doors. One hinge is mounted on top the other on the bottom with portions of each screwed into the frame resulting in a perceived hinge.

Butterfly hinges are really decorative butt hinges that when fully opened have the look of a butterfly. They are used only on flush doors and add a decorative touch. If you want your cabinets to close by themselves which is always popular you need a spring loaded cabinet hinge. So called because they have a tiny spring inside that when released closes the door by itself. As versatile as they are popular they can be used on all three types of doors.

Once you have found the right type of hinges for your cabinets you get to have fun choosing the finish to match your other hardware. After all, no kitchen is complete without cabinet door hinges and …

Growing Perfect Tomatoes

Growing the Tomato

Planting and gardening in the proper moon phase is only a part of the formula to growing great tomato plants. To grow perfect tomatoes remember that the tomato plant is only ready and willing to deliver if you give it the full range of conditions that it requires.

Moon phase gardening is only a part of this cycle of growth. Once you have followed the lunar planting cycle, the continued hardiness of each logo plant will be determined by the basic requirements outlined below.

Soil: The most important factor in the growth of tomato plants. Roots breathe the way you do. Deprived of air, roots, or portions of roots die of suffocation. Make sure soil is loose and friable, permitting good drainage for your tomato plants.

Water: Neither too much, nor too little. Too much water can drown tomato plant roots, especially if soil is heavy. Too little water can stop tomato production.

Nutrients: The daily requirements of tomato plants for nutrients is small, but that amount should be available when the plant needs it. Always follow package or bottle directions of the fertilizer that you use for best results as you grow your tomato plants.

Maintenance of the Tomato Garden

To produce a bumper crop of tomatoes you will need to monitor their progress through the growing cycle. The following points are critical to growing the perfect logo.

Sunlight: To a plant, light is life. Sunlight is used by the leaves to convert raw materials into useable plant food, and provides the energy required for photosynthesis. The logo should have 8 hours of continuous sunlight, but can get along with less. However the less sun that the plants receive the more it will negatively affect their rate of growth and production.

Temperature: Most tomatoes need night temperatures between 55 ° and 75 ° to set fruit. But there are varieties that will set fruit at lower and higher temperatures. Read the planting and growing tips found on your seed pack or plant tray.

Protection of leaves and roots: Leaves and roots need protection from temperature extremes, strong winds, birds and beasts, weed competition, and pests and diseases. But if you've satisfied the first five requirements, the plant is in a good position to protect itself from any damager, and will require much less protection from the gardener.

Growing the best tomatoes

You do not have to be a horticulturist to grow tomatoes or to put the basic rules of plant growth together. It seems to us that what trips up many are tower of tomatoes is a lack of concern with one or another of the needs of the plant. Actually, these fundamentals are one fundamental; all must act in unison.

You can go into the garden, look at a tomato plant, and decide that it needs more fertilizer. Fine-but you should bear in mind that fertilizing, the nature of the soil in which the tomato vine is planted, and your watering habits are all interdependent. …

Interest Rates and Housing Market

Interest rates are the effective cost of borrowing money. In the UK, the base rate (repo rate) is set by the Bank of England, Monetary Policy Committee. In the US, interest rates are set by the federal reserve.

Central Banks typically set interest rates in order to try an meet an inflation target. In the UK this inflation target is CPI = 2% +/- 1. Basically this means that if inflation is forecast to rise above the target the Bank will raise interest rates in order to reduce spending in the economy and therefore moderate inflationary pressures.

How Interest Rates affect the Housing Market

1. Increased Mortgage Payments. An increase in interest rates will increase monthly payments on a variable mortgage. A quarter point rise on a £ 140,000 mortgage can increase monthly payments by upto £ 30 per month.

2. Demand for Housing. Sustained Rise in Interest rates will affect the affordability of paying a mortgage. As interest rates rise, buying a house becomes less attractive and therefore demand falls. This can lead to falling house prices. Eg in 1992 interest rates rose to 15% causing house prices to collapse in the UK.

Why Rising Interest rates may not cause House prices to Fall.

1. Time Lags. If you have a house and mortgage a rise in interest rates is absolutely to make you sell your house, unless it becomes very serious. Usually a rise in interest rates will not reduce demand straight away, it can take upto 18 months to have the full effect.

2. Confidence. If confidence is high, people may respond to rising interest rates by continuing to spend money. This leads to a fall in the savings ratio and demand for housing does not fall.

3. Other Factors that affect Housing Market. Interest rates are an important factor, however, it depends on basic supply and demand analysis. If there are severe supply contracts (like in the UK) house prices may continue to rise, even though interest rates are higher.
4. Real interest rates. It is important to bear in mind that it is real interest rates, which affect the affordability of housing. If interest rates are 10% but inflation is 9% the real interest rate is only 1%. This means that despite interest rates seem high, in practice the real cost of borrowing is quite low.

Factors that determine effects of interest rates on Housing Market

5. Types of Mortgages. Rising interest rates are having a big impact on America because of the high% of sub prime mortgages. This means that many homeowners have obtained a mortgage by borrowing a high percentage of their disposable income. In other countries, where mortgage lending is stricter, many homeowners would have been unable to get such adverse mortgages. Therefore rising interest rates can make the difference between being able to afford mortgage payments and defaults.

6. In the UK rising house prices mean that more first time buyers are borrowing upto 5 or 6 times income. Therefore, mortgage …

Decorate Roll Up Shades to Add Beauty to Rooms

Homeowners often install roll up shades when they first move in because they're an easy, affordable way to cover windows. However, just because they're inexpensive and convenient does not mean that roll up shades have to be dull.

Since most roll up shades are made of vinyl or cloth, they can be easily decorated using fabric markers, acrylic craft paint, ribbons, stencils or fabric cut-outs. Most roll up shades are white or some light neutral such as ivory, cream or beige. Think of this kind of shade as a blank canvas for your creativity. Even if you've installed colored shades, there's still plenty of opportunity to turn that open space into a work of art.

When choosing paint, spend some time planning the look you want. Whatever colors you might choose, it's important to complement the room's décor – unless you've given your teen-ager free rein to decorate his or her roll up shades as desired. Then be ready for some glaring colors and outlandish effects. (You might even want to set some ground rules about potentially offensive designs before your start).

For decorating purposes, the shade should be unrolled and held down using some type of clean, heavy weights. Without you plan to work in abstract, it's a good idea to pencil in the design before using paint or markers. The choice of design is up to you, so do not be shy; let your imagination roam freely.

Stencils can be a big help if you're not good at drawing. You could try a plant motif for a living room, fish or seashells for the bathroom, or blocks and teddy bears for a baby's room. Children especially like the chance to choose stencils for the shades in their rooms.

Put a finishing touch on your decorated roll up shade by attaching ribbons or fabric to the edges using fabric glue on cloth or spray adhesive on vinyl. Once the design is dry, you can hang your new creation with pride. …

Home Improvement Tools and Materials

Tools are essential with home improvement projects. And if you are inspiring to be a certified do-it-yourselfer, you have to familiarize with the tools of the trade and the materials that are best suited for your projects. You need a range of basic tools while working around the house wherever the work involves repair, remodeling, redecorating or construction of an additional wing or room.

The tools you will use will most likely depend on the kind job you intend to undertake and the kind of materials you plan to use. If you are planning to construct an additional room of wooden materials, you will need tools best suited for wood works. If the additional room is concrete then you need a different set of tools. In any case, if your intention is not to see a carpenter ever again around your house you'll need more than a couple of things. You'll need tools for floors, ceilings, walls and cabinet. Perhaps if you are inclined to go into plumbing and electrical you will need other tools appropriate for such jobs.

Carpentry Tools

For carpentry you'll need a few. But do not forget the work bench. The quality of work bench you construct is the initial gauge of how you'll fare in home improvement projects.

o Measuring tools. A tape measure will do but a combination square will provide other uses such as determine the "squareness" of a joint. It is also useful when you are using handheld circular saws. It can be adjusted to measure heights as well as depth.

o Handsaws. Easy to use, handy, and do not need electrical power, that, cheap.

o The Electric Drill. A versatile tool, it drill holes, sands and grinds, drives screws home, and even stirs paint. A tool you can not do without

o Hammers and screwdrivers.

o Random Orbital Sander. This is a one-handed tool that is convenient and driven by an electric motor. It is used to speed up sanding rough surfaces or for fine finish due to its circular random motion.

o Planes. The esthetic tool in the carpenter's kit. There are three distinct planes: the jack plane used for taking off rough surfaces of the board, the short smoothing plane, used to even up the irregular marks made by the jack plane and the fore plane, used to straighten edges of finished surfaces and boards .

Organic Materials for the most common parts of the house

Now let's go to materials that are now getting a lot of attention among home improvement practitioners for being environmentally friendly and cost effective.

o Organic based-paints are environmental friendly and do not emit pungent odor.

o Wall materials: You can also use transparent glass tiles, formaldehyde-free panels made from agricultural wastes and man-made stone products.

o Counters and Vanities. Glues are going natural and glues from soy are gradually replacing formaldehyde sealants and adhesives in furniture plywood. For cabinets and floors recycled lumber are available for you. Even stone and tile counters …