Day: January 5, 2019

Creative and Useful Ideas For Home and Garden

Spring is in the air! Take advantage of the resources at hand and make the most of the creative and useful ideas for Home and Garden that are available online, in books and libraries and give your home a sprightly look.

Try rummaging in your own home

If you are on a budget, use whatever materials you have at home before going out and buying anything. Make an inventory of discarded, fished dried twigs and flowers which could look new with a fresh coat of paint or just soap and water. Mix these with a few fresh twigs or flowers and arrange them in attractive bowls. Enhance your window treatment by just changing the drapes with colors that reflect the season. Re-arrange objects and centerpieces and notice how a little re-arrangement projects a newer look. Change furniture around and bring out the patio armchairs. Revive neglected garden furniture with a coat of polish or paint if you are one of those who love pottering around in the garden.

Spring-clean and make do with clutter

Use this opportunity to get rid of stuff that has piled up in attics and closets. Empty out closets and wardrobes and air them out. Check out the garage area and make a checklist. Do away with leaky hoses, faucets etc. which can not be used anymore. Cash in on useful ideas for home and garden and learn how to re-use or repair certain items. Rugs and mats, tucked away in winter, provide a refreshing change when vacuum cleaned and aired out. Set aside in storage all items earmarked for yard sales in the neighborhood or in your own back yard.

Make your home and garden come alive

Make your garden beautiful this spring. Spruce up a big garden with colorful nectar-rich flowers and birdbaths or water fountains. Hummingbirds and butterflies make a bee-line for these in summer and depending on where you live, certain species like the oriole, black jay and red robins, to name a few, grace your garden with frequent visits. It is worthwhile to employ a designer for landscaping the area available. Take advantage of their useful home and garden ideas for a transformed look. A small garden can also have a walkway or driveway adorned on both sides with shrubs or pretty flowers. Garden statues are available in all home stores. Use these as accessories. Fill up window boxes with seasonal flowers and hang flowering baskets on your patio. …

Planning Home Remodeling With a House Painting Contractor

When considering taking on expansive remodeling projects, homeowners should always realize the importance of planning and researching their many projects before they begin. Especially with larger projects such as exterior painting, planning can help to save a good deal of time and money. Considering all of their options and knowing exactly what they should expect when performing the work, homeowners that plan ahead often finish easier and with much better results than those that do not.

Hiring a professional, such as a house painting contractor, to handle larger, more complex projects can help to ensure that things keep moving nicely. A smooth remodeling project is always a source of joy for homeowners who always look to avoid the hassle that plagues those that do not plan, or make the wrong decisions when remodeling. Taking on the complicated projects themselves with no real experience or training is one such mistake that many homeowners make. Hiring a house painting contractor to handle the painting is usually the best move, as most homeowners do not know the first thing about exterior painting.

When considering hiring a house painting contractor, a homeowner should consider how much they would be able to help the project. With more complicated projects, their expertise will help to avoid problems and resolve them if they do arise. This can help to avoid costly delays and frustrating errors that plague some job sites. With a professional approach, contractors often provide the very best service, so homeowners would be crazy not to consider hiring their services. …

Adirondack Chairs: Incorporating Them in Your Interior Design

Upon hearing the words “Adirondack chairs,” most individuals probably think about relaxing times at coastal locations. Certainly, Adirondack furniture was initially designed for such exterior spaces, but that’s no reason to limit yourself to this application. More and more designers are bringing Adirondack chairs and other furniture indoors, for these reasons:

1. It is strong and sturdy. Adirondack chairs are low to the ground and nearly impossible to knock over – meaning that they’re the perfect seat for all ages. And this furniture is so strong that it can last for generations, assuming it receives the correct maintenance.

2. It isn’t too pricey, especially compared to traditional indoor furniture. It’s rare to find an entire living room set for under than a thousand bucks. On the other hand, you can find an entire set of Adirondack furniture for less than you would otherwise pay for a single couch. (Keep your eyes peeled for end-of-season sales in late summer and early fall.)

Bonus: with this furniture you may not have to buy as many pieces, since you can use the wide armrests on these chairs rather than buying separate side tables.

3. It can stand up to pets and kids, and it cleans up fast. Adirondack furniture can seem like a godsend for those with children, pets and generally messy family members. Kitty’s clawing and Fido’s chewing are no match for the sturdy construction of Adirondack chairs. And even the messiest kids can’t do much permanent damage to a set of this furniture – just get out the soap and water, or sand down and re-stain spots with stubborn stains.

4. Most interior design styles are complimented by this furniture. These chairs feature smooth, simple lines that flatter most d├ęcor styles. If you have a modern theme going in your living room, a set of simple white Adirondack chairs would suit your space well. Throw in some pale yellow paint, a flowery stencil pattern, and a couple of wide-brimmed straw hats and the same set of Adirondack furniture would look great in a French country-style setting. Because this furniture can be endlessly customized with paint and stains, it’s a snap to adapt to any style.

Interior Design Tips for Adirondack Furniture

1. Positioning tips: Repetition and Symmetry. The simple, understated style of these chairs is complimented by symmetry and repetition. One excellent way to arrange Adirondack furniture indoors is to place four chairs in two pairs, facing each other. This organization scheme will encourage conversation while elevating the style of any room.

2. Seek out fire-resistant materials. Fire-retardant Adirondack chairs and tables will help protect your family.

3. Add comfortable accessories. Fluffy pillows, blankets, seat covers, and other accessories can make your Adirondack chairs feel luxuriously comfortable.

4. Liberally apply felt pads. Adirondack chairs will scratch wood floors unless you place felt pads on the bottom of each chair leg.

5. Consider recycled plastic chairs. Adirondack furniture is no longer limited to wood. Today’s manufacturers also offer Adirondack furniture made out …