Day: January 1, 2019

General Home Improvement Information

When you think of home improvement things like new windows or finishing your foundation comes to mind first. This is the time of the year when pre-seasoning air conditioning sales start and that is home improvement as well.

How about the outside of your home? What kind of shape is it in? Let's take a look at how you can improve your home by improving how it looks on the outside. You may call it spring cleaning the outside of your home.

– You should get started by taking a look at the general appearance. You've heard the Jeff Foxworthy joke; "you might be a redneck if your green refrigerator in the front yard has an extension cord running across the yard up to the house."

How about moving it to the backyard, or better yet putting it on the porch or something. This goes for anything that makes the outside of your home look trashy.

– Pick up the trash; rake up the leaves that have built up in the corners of the yard and around the house. Make it look clean.

– What kind of shape is your yard in? You can power rake the grass. Then aureate it. Lastly put down some quality fertilizer to green it up and kill crab grass and other weeds. You may have to spend a little time pulling a few weeds. If you keep on them you can always have a yard full of nice grass and no weeds.

– Touch up paint in areas of the house that look worn. How long has it been since you painted your home? Maybe it is time to do that or hire someone to do it for you.

You can paint a fence and really spruce up the outside. On natural wood power wash it and stain it a natural color to save the wear and tear on the fence and make it look new.

– If your car has been leaking oil on the driveway get some good concrete cleaner and clean it up. You should put a board or cardboard down under where you park your car.

– Plant some flowers around the driveway or in your yard to give it some color. You can buy a few planters and put multi colors and different types of flowers in them and put them by the front door on the porch as well.

Spring-cleaning can be moved from the inside of your home to the outside. Doing a few easy home improvements does not have to cost an arm and a leg and can really make your home look sharp. …

Getting Ready For Cabinet Installation – 5 Tips To Prepare Your Kitchen

If you are planning a cabinet installation in your kitchen, it is important that you have the area prepared. There are a few things you need to have completed before the workers come in to set up your new cupboards. Let's take a look at some of the steps you can take to prepare your kitchen.

Prepare The Area

The first thing you want to do before the cabinet installation is to remove the old cabinetry. Make sure you clean the floors and surrounding areas, removing dust and debris from the kitchen. If there is any damaged flooring under the space, this is the time to repair it. You can also touch up paint, install a backsplash, or add any other decorative touches you desire.

Make Sure The Floors Are Even

Next, check to see if your floors are even. You can do this by using a traditional level, but most installers recommend that you use a laser level to ensure the floors are completely even. Level floors are important because there may be gaps benefit some areas of the new cupboards if the sections of the floor are too low. On the other hand, you may not be able to fit them in properly if the floor slopes unevenly.

Make Sure The Walls Are Even

Walls have a tendency to sag over time, which can affect your cabinetry. Some cupboards have diagonal notches that require the walls be even and straight. You may have to add filler pieces to certain areas to even the walls before your new fixtures are put in.

Install Flooring If Necessary

If you are installing new flooring with your cabinet installation, you should do that before the cupboards arrive. This will save you from making odd cuts or dealing with other difficulties that arise when measuring the flooring around counters. This also allows you to have fresh flooring under your new cabinetry and appliances.

Install Appliance Outlets

If they have not already been installed, be sure to install all of the envelopes for your appliances before your cabinet installation. The company that sets up your new cupboards should provide you with a blueprint of the project so you will be able to see where these outlets belong. Be sure to contact an electrician or someone with expertise in outlet wiring to help you with this.

Cabinet installation can be a daunting process, but preparing ahead of time can prevent many headaches. Finally, make sure you have contingency plans, because you will likely be without use of the kitchen for a week or more. …

Finding a Quality Home Improvement Company Less Costly Than Professional Painters

Homeowners are constantly looking for deals and ways to save a few bucks whenever they can. Saving money on home improvement projects is a priority for many homeowners, as many contractors demand a high price. College Works Painting and Student Works, which are separate companies offer affordable painting from motivated and ambitious college students without sacrificing any of the quality ,homeowners expect from professional painters.

Companies like these train all of their college painters to ensure that each student provides their clients with high quality work held to the utmost standards. Students are put through extensive training that teaches them the ins and outs of exterior house painting and gives them the experience necessary to get a firm grasp on the craft. Students are sometimes trained during the company’s Charity Paints program that gives some families a much needed paint job while giving their painters adequate experience.

Homeowners hire painting contractors because they expect the very best from their painters. If they expected any less, they may choose to do the work themselves. Companies understand this and does everything necessary to properly train their painters and give them the motivation they need to do their best work for every client. Homeowners are rewarded with a high quality paint job at a cost below most painting contractors in the community.

Not only are homeowners getting an excellently painted house, they are also helping these student painters earn money for college. College students often turn to associated college companies as a way to earn some extra money for school. They are also given the chance to develop skills necessary for their future careers. The students know the importance of the opportunity they are given and are instilled with the motivation to give each client a satisfying experience.

Homeowners may find some painting contractors apathetic towards their work and the projects they are working on. This may be a sign that the contractor will not put all of their effort into their house. Homeowners will not find this with the companies mentioned above. They will only find ambitious young men and women looking to provide clients with the best paint job possible. They may not end up being professional painting contractors upon graduating from their college or university, but while they are working with the company, they provide the work of professionals.

Creating a positive environment that spills over onto every job site, the company is proud to employ some of the most motivated and talented young college students in the community. Homeowners should feel confident that by hiring these students they will be given a professionally painted house at a price less costly than most contractors.…

Mirror For All Ages

Probably the first mirror was a reflecting pool of water. Later humans developed a method to create and manufacture mirrors. Human as we are there is a self consciousness to be able to identify the image we see in a mirror as ourselves. Other species are not able to make that connection. Have you ever watched a dog bark at itself while looking into a mirror along the floor?

When did man mind develop the first artificial mirror? Perhaps this is not possible for us to pinpoint. Over the test of time mirrors remain a focal point in human lives. We know that image we see is our self, but humans also take this rudimentary concept to a different level to create beauty, grace, elegance, mystery / fun and a scientific use in our lives to compliment the functional value. Let's take a look at some of these features.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My style may not be your style, but what you envision, whether by shape or design, can be a beautiful mirror. Round or square, ornate or simple it is beautiful to you.

Grace is an attribute often associated with humans as in the "graceful ballerina". But how does the ballerina become graceful. Most often it requires hours of practice in front of a full length mirror to achieve this goal. The material used to create the reflection can distort or enhance the reflection. It can be made of material that brings out the gracefulness in the actions reflected.

Elegance is a more formal view. The framework around the mirror wherever wood, metal, or a composite material can be painted, gilded or polished to name a few finishes to enhance the mirror itself. The elegant flourishes that a frame brings can be ornate or perceptible Venetian. Hanging on the wall or standing against a wall they adorn the room with pomp and circumstance.

Mystery rings to mind smoke and mirrors of the magical side of mirrors. Illusion has long fascinated the human mind. The Fun House of yesteryear brought a smile or a fright to the face observing the illusions created by the positioning of mirrors. The magicians illusion is what still fascinates us today. The hand may be quicker than the eye but the mirror is what creates the illusion that you saw something different than what was really there.

Science uses mirrors for many applications. Over time humans have developed ways of exploring the universe using reflecting telescopes. Legends tell tales of using mirrors to generate fire. Early lighthouses used concave mirrors. Otherventions using the concept of mirrors include the microwave, generators, solar ovens to name just a few.

That which is so common in our lives today, the simple mirror on the wall, is also far more complex than it originally appeared. Mirrors are functional, decorative and create space in a crowded room. But the reality is that they are not just for home decorating, but also for thrills and pleasure …

Keep That Bathroom Clean This Summer

Summer is almost here and that means high traffic through the house. The kids are in and out all day, having fun in the sun and causing TONS of dirt and mess. The most occupied room in a home over the summer is most definitely the bathroom. Between the sprinkler, pool, water balloon fights and mud sliding the kids and all the extra friends over the kids really over use the bathroom. Most moms complain that during the summer months its impossible to keep the bathroom clean. Every time they clean it another kid comes in, covered in dirt and sweat, and all that hard work is down the drain. So I figured this year us housewives should come to the battle prepared. I thought of a few ideas that would help you keep the bathroom slightly cleaner (every little bit helps).

-My first good idea is to make sure you have proper storage space in the bathroom. A big bathroom vanity, with plenty of drawers and cabinets can make a serious difference. If all the band aids, deodorant, antiseptic, bug spray, etc. have a place to go, that the kids can easily access, it takes away all the clutter. Make sure that the vanity in the bathroom the kids are using is a darker color (to hide small spots, till the next time you have the opportunity to Windex) and very easy to clean. Try more for a contemporary style vanity rather then something ornate and hard to keep up.

-If you do not have room in your bathroom for a large vanity try installing a medicine cabinet. It's not as practical for children as it's hard to reach but it will for sure help you stay organized and provides extra space to stay neater.

-Another idea I had is a BIG bathroom sink. I tried it this past summer and it worked marvels. This way the grubby children can soap up easily before dinner without getting the bubbles and dirt all over the place.

-Easy access towel rods are a must. Hang them low enough so that it's easy for your kids to reach and teach them that towels have to be re-hung after using. I can tell you from experience it takes time till it becomes natural but, after about 500 reminders they should remember.

Good luck and enjoy the summer! …