Day: December 26, 2018

Make Your Lawn Beautiful With Garden Waterfalls

Many people today spend more and more time in their homes and realise the importance of making their surroundings beautiful and peaceful. In this aspect they take care of their houses as well as their gardens.

Indeed gardens are one of the best ways to make your life better in many ways. They have many advantages as people that spend time taking care of their gardens are said to be calm and able to cope with stresses of everyday. In this procedure one thing that we all think of is a way to make your garden more beautiful. Garden waterfalls are one way to make this happen. It is not true that you need to have big space to install a waterfall. Of course it is going to be better if you are not limited by space. But the fact is that you can have a garden waterfall of any type that can fit and improve your own space. Once you install your waterfall, you will see that it will become the main point of the garden. You will also have the chance to listen to the sound of the water that will calm you and soothe you. Water is known to have this effect. Spiritual seminars also say that a waterfall is something we should have in our house as it increases positive energy and limits negative energy. Install your waterfall in the place you think best. This can be the middle of the space you have or at a more discreet and private area to create a serene and private environment.

One of the things that you will certainly need to have for being able to sport garden waterfalls is to have a pump system. You are not required to buy a system that is very expensive, but you need to make sure that it is one that suits the waterfall you want to install. Another thing you might need is lights. Lighting can make the installation look much better and give a distinct character. You can have many types of light. This means that you can have a standard kind that turns on every night and some special ones. You can have blue or green lights that are said to have a serene effect and comply with the whole character of the waterfall.

You can also have other colourful lights that focus on specific parts of the waterfall to make them more prominent. This is especially useful for small waterfalls or very big ones that need more light. You should also know that there are many materials you can use ranging from luxurious to less expensive so you will certainly find something that you like. Most of the waterfalls manufactured are made of concrete stone, but even if you can’t afford this type, you can use some stone to decorate it. Common pieces can be used. You can choose natural colours or match different colours according to the character you want to give. Whatever you do, remember …

How to Decorate a Console Table to Catch Everyone’s Attention

Interior decoration trends are rapidly changing, inspiring, and consuming. These are like creative riots that are leashed on to just one aspect- quenching the thirst for a visual delight. Every frill and every curve lead to an oasis of beauty that devours an individual’s imagination. One spark of imagination results in the creation of decor themes that were never even imagined. Playing on the same tunes, the decoration of furniture plays a pivotal role in rounding off a decor theme. Start with an ever-so-gracious console table that graces an empty wall and brings life to otherwise ignored spaces. A table is a like a dark knight of the furniture world. It stands still in one corner while playing an important role in the whole setup. The table manages to make its importance felt in numerous ways. It acts like a memory boat with an array of photo frames sailing on its top surface. It becomes the centre of attraction when placed under a classy artwork or a chunky mirror. Sometimes, it hides behind a sofa to create space for accent pieces.

Decorating a console table depends on two factors- decor theme of your home and the placement. When it comes to a decor theme, you need to be very clear about the same. Before you start the process of placing home decor items on a table, ensure that you have chalked out a rough plan. The best way to go about it is by jotting down what all needs to be placed on a table. If the table is placed in a foyer or a hallway, then it will be decked up in a manner to facilitate easy access to day-to-day items. When placed in a living or a dining room, the console table is used for placement of decor items or decanters.

With the following steps, you will be able to easily decorate your console table:

  1. Placement: Place the table in an apt area such as a foyer, hallway, living room, or a dining room. If it is a wall-leaning table, then secure the same to the wall using screws. A freestanding table will not require any kind of securing. But if your household has little members, then curving the edges will be a good idea.
  2. Adding an Element of Attraction: Mount an eye-catching artwork or a handcrafted mirror just above the table to draw attention. Ensure that the wall decor piece is fully secured and is mounted in a correct manner. If you don’t wish to mount a decor item, then place the same on the table. Let the element lean against the wall to induce an arty feel.
  3. Stack Up the Table: Take out your favourite reads and decorative boxes and stack these in a clean pile on the surface of a table. Make good use of the shelves as well but try not over-stacking the items.
  4. Raise the Bar: Place some tall items such as a candle stand or a figurine to give the table a

Friends and Family and Tuscan Decor

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, famous for its hills (two thirds of the land is hilly and the rest of it is divided between mountains and plains), it's wines, and its art. Its capital is Florence, home of the famous Uffizi Art Gallery among hundreds of other galleries and museums, and its other "cities of art" include Pisa (home of the Leaning Tower of Pisa), Lucca, Siena, and San Gimignano. It's also famous for the island of Elba, where the Emperor Napoleon was exiled for nine months in 1814, before he escaped back to France for the "hundred days," finally being defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815, and then being exiled to the French island of St. Helena, where he died six years later, in 1821.

But enough of the history lesson (fascinating though it is). Let's get back to Tuscany.

The Tuscan style of decor is very popular around the world, with its rustic simplicity and emphasis on family and friends.

In any decor, care is taken with the lighting, the windows, the walls, the floor, the furniture, and the accessories.


Sunlight is free, and in most places is to have had in abundance! However, sunlight can damage furniture and artwork by fading it, so it's always best to ensure that these items are kept out of direct sunlight if at all possible.

Everything in the Tuscan style is rustic, and this would include the lamps, whether they are the stand alone kind behind chairs, or on the occasional tables. This does not mean wrought iron posts with fat white candles guttering at the tops of them, but rather lamps with ornate, metallic bases and shades of a warm hue.


Lighting and windows are really intertwined, obviously, as you'll get your sunlight through the windows. However, window treatments will vary depending on the size of your windows, and the view outside of them. If your view is of a green lawn or a beautiful garden, you'll want to be able to view that whenever you like, whereas if your view is of an uninteresting stretch of street you will not care how much of the outside you can see.!


Your walls are where you can really go to town with the Tuscan look. Colors of warm tans, light browns and beige give the proper look, but there's no need to stop there. Texture the walls to make them look rustic …. or paint a mural on one wall. You can also purchase wallpaper with Tuscan designs as well.


Hardwood floors give the appropriate rustic look to a Tuscan-designed home.


Large, overstuffed furniture is the order of the day. Antique furniture of disturbed wood, with floral-patterned upholstery, provide a warm, homey atmosphere in the living room.

Accessories would consist of an abundance of flowers, or of replicas of classic statues, bowls of fruit, throw rugs, and so on.

If the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTuscan decor sounds intriguing, surf the web where you'll be …