Day: December 25, 2018

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The Unforeseen / Biggest Dangers Of Your Every Day Bathroom Products

If you washed your face, hair and body today you’ve probably already lathered yourself in dozens of dangerous chemicals and you haven’t even put your make-up on yet! Many of our daily rituals and comforts are possible because of chemicals. These chemicals may make our makeup stay on longer, or make our lip-gloss cheaper and our hair less tangled and easier to brush, but the long-term effects on our health are very frightening.

Here is just a short list of the chemical hazards in common, everyday personal products:

• Phthalates have been linked to reproductive birth defects, causing babies in utero to have indescended testicles and an abnormally placed urinary opening on the penis, low sperm count in the males born now and with hormonal imbalances.

• In a recent study, Parabens were found in the tumours of every 19 out of 20 women with breast cancer.

• Sperm counts have dropped by 50% over the last 50 years – and this is worldwide.

• Phthalate, which is found in most cosmetics, has been found to damage male sperm, which increases infertility and miscarriage.

• A study done in 2009 found a 93-year-old woman to have abnormal genital bleeding and breast cancer as the result of long-term use of her body lotion which contained ethynyloestradiol.

• In a report done by Not Too Pretty: Phthalates, Beauty Products, and the FDA tested 72 name brand beauty products for phthalates an independent lad found chemicals that have been linked to reproductive damage, birth defects and cancer in 3 quarters of the products they tested, and phthalates were not even listed on the list of ingredients!

• If you see the word “fragrance” on a label it is a hiding word in seemingly “safe” products. When manufacturers us the word fragrance they don’t have to disclose the chemical formula that is used in order to create the synthetic fragrance.

• Parabens interfere with hormone function. A European study found that women are exposed to 50 milligrams of parabens every day from cosmetics. And in Canada and the United States there are no restrictions with the use of parabens in cosmetics.

• Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Cancer Research. It is banned in Canada but deemed safe to put in cosmetics in the USA.

• Be aware of “natural” products, “natural” shampoos and conditioners as they have been found to contain high levels of 1.4 dioxane which is classified as a carcinogen, and 1.4 – dioxane’s as ingredients that forms during a process called ethoxylation, so the manufacture’s don’t have to list it on the ingredients! SNEAKY

• Many everyday symptoms are also linked to heavy metals and chemical contaminants such as head aches, dizziness, nausea, joint inflammation, eczema, shortness of breath, acne, hives and rashes. Most people just think, oh, I have a head ache because I’m stressed from work, or acne because I have bad skin, or a rash because I have sensitive skin, eczema because …

Starting Your Own House Clearance Business

Many of those who lose their jobs during a recession will find it tough to find another job and may start to think about investing in their own business with whatever redundancy pay they may have received. This can be a golden opportunity to become your own boss, but it takes hard work, determination and perseverance to make a new business successful and it rarely happens overnight.

It is always tempting when thinking about starting a business to do something you have always loved doing – make your hobby your job. But, sadly, in the majority of these cases the businesses just don’t succeed. This is mainly because they have been embarked upon with a personal bias and not from a purely business perspective. Whatever decision you might make about going it alone, that decision must always be a business one first and foremost.

The best approach to starting your own business is to research all those services or products that are required in both good and bad economic times.

A house clearance business is one such service that will always be in demand. More and more people are looking for this service sometimes simply to get their houses ready for sale. Or they might have moved and settled permanently abroad and now wish someone to clear out the house in readiness for selling it. Establishing a good business relationship with local estate agents can lead to regular business referrals.

But house clearance is most particularly required after a death in the family. The bereaved often do not want to clear the house at such an emotional time, and the act of disposing of a loved one’s belongings can be overwhelming. Relatives can struggle to sort out the belongings of the deceased whilst coping with their grief and the ongoing demands of work and family life. Or there may simply be no emotional ties and the deceased is a distant relative in another part of the country.

Whatever the reason, there is a booming business clearing out other people’s unwanted belongings.

Whilst local auctioneers do sometimes offer house clearance services, they are really looking for valuable items to sell in their auctions and are not usually interested in the junk. So if you are embarking on this type of business then you need to be prepared to clear everything and often to deal with people at a difficult time in their lives.

Many items that are unwanted by one individual can still be recycled or donated to charity so be sure to consider these options where possible.

To distinguish your business from the rogue element that operate bogus house clearance services it is worth joining the UK House Clearance Association.

Every member of the association makes some key commitments, which are simply good business practice:

· To provide a clear description, price and timetable for the house clearance to be carried out.

· To guarantee full liability insurance.

· To hold a current waste carrier’s license issued by the Environment …

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For the Spa Feel at Home

Consider these bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom more enjoyable.

No matter how old and outdated your bathroom, there are thousands of great bathroom remodeling ideas for every situation. The bathroom is also one of the best rooms of the house to remodel when it comes to adding value to your home.

The ultimate goal for a spa-like bathroom is for the environment to be inviting, relaxing and tranquil. Keep busy décor patterns for another space. Sure you'll want to keep your newly remodeled bathroom in the same tone and style as the rest of your home. However, just make sure to choose floor patterns, wall covers and accent pieces that do not overload the senses. The idea is to relax.

So what are some bathroom remodeling ideas that can make your bathroom a little more enjoyable? In order to truly enjoy your bathroom you need to consider whether or not the new design will fit in your home. You not only want the look to be nice but it should also be functional for your family.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Heated tile is a great way to enhance your bathroom remodeling ideas. Just think no more cold tile touching your feet. A walk in tiled shower is another great way to create luxury in your bathroom. Just upgrading appliances and painting your bathroom can go a long way.

If you are looking to replace your shower or tub, check out all the options on the market. There are showers combined with whirlpool and steam options. You could even replace a tub with a luxury bathtub or even adding a simple television to make your bathroom more relaxing.

For furniture ideas take a look at adding a relaxing chair, his and her vanities and more. Glass fixtures such as vanities or bow sinks are very modern. Buying new thick towels and even a towel warmer is extremely inviting.

The best places to find more realistic bathroom remodeling ideas for any bathroom is to look through home magazines, project books from your local hardware store and of course browsing the internet from home. …

Designing With Beanbags and Inflatable Decor

Anytime you find yourself decorating a child's room, you can really have a lot of fun, because many of the elements that you include in the design for a child's room are wacky and whimsical. For example, you can brighten up their room by adding inflatable furniture and beanbag chairs. With a variety of colors, styles, sizes and textures, both inflatable furniture and beanbags offer a lot of versatility and snuggly comfort to a child's room.

Beanbag Benefits
Beanbag chairs have been around for about a half of a century, and over the last decade they have regained popularity. Perhaps the children of the sixties are using them to decorate their children's rooms. Regardless of the reason for the beanbag chair resurgence, the new beanbags are even more soft and comfortable than the originals. While the originals were filled with foam beans and covered with vinyl, the updated models are filled with even softer foam stuffing and they come in just about any fabric imaginable from soft plush, to denim, to the original vinyl. So as you are selecting the perfect beanbag for your child's room you will have a few choices to make. First decide what covering you want on the chair. While vinyl is easy to wipe clean, it is hot and sticky in the summer and cold in the winter. A better cover selection may be a removable, washable cover that you can spot clean and occasionally throw in the washer. Then you want to decide what size of chair you want to get your child. You can get them in the tiniest, child sized, round beanbag to jumbo beanbag sofas. Beanbag chairs are great for reading, watching TV or playing video games.

Big Designs with Inflatable Decor
Adding inflatable furniture to your child's bedroom is a great way to add furniture when they have friends over, because when everyone is gone, you can deflate it, fold it up and store it in a drawer. They are lightweight enough for a child to move, and you can find chairs, sofas, ottomans and beds. Inflatable furniture is comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate. Inflatable beds are handy to have on hand when your child has a slumber party. It also offers them the opportunity to reconfigure their rooms by themselves, which builds a sense of pride and ownership.

Great for Adults and Kids Alike
Inflatable furniture is a great addition to your teen's dorm room as well, because they can use it to lounge when visiting with friends and tuck it away when they need more floor space. Also adding the inflatable bed to a dorm room gives their friends a comfortable place to sleep when they visit.

Each room includes a balcony, a coffee / tea maker and a hair dryer. …

The Truth About Timeshare – How Will I Be Sold

You've waived your entire life to invest in a vacation property, so you deserve to have all of your questions answered. Real Property is just that; it is either land or improved with a single dwelling or multifamily unit (condos). A deed is recorded at the local courthouse and you pay real estate taxes and other holding costs each year. You have the sole right to use the concessions and dispossess it (sell) at any time throughout the year. If you choose to derive some income from the property, then you can lease it or rent it on a vacation rental program. Under those circumstances you will loose the right to occupy at any time; although you still remain in control over the entity unit and can dispossess at will (so long as you are not violating any liens on the property, which include leases and management agreements).

Most people look for a vacation property in an area that they are familiar with and have visited often. Of course, because you are comfortable with the resort and you have a desire to continue returning again and again. So, once you make the decision to purchase a vacation home, you have done at least a small amount of research and are familiar with the price ranges. At most resorts that range would be $ 250,000 (condo unit) to millions (oceanfront or ski in luxury home). You find a realtor who is an expert in the resort area you love and on you go. That realtor will show you many fine properties in the price ranged that you agreed upon. He / she will be able to answer many questions about location, rental income, finance options, and carrying costs.

The first day is overwhelming, so you decide to wait and make another visit and leave instructions to email you as listings come on that meet your criteria. Mr./Ms. Agent happily oblige and keep you on their prospect list, which will alert the MLS to notify you any time there is an addition to inventory or any change that affects your criteria.

Well an overwhelming day needs one thing, a great meal at your favorite restaurant. You head to the restaurant and plop yourself on the bar stool and order up. You guest it, everyone near you is a real estate expert, so you tune them out, just in time for the bartender to mention that he could not help but overhear you and your spouses' conversation about whether or not to purchase a home this trip. What do you know, but Mr. Bartender has a second job as a timeshare salesman (or as I like to refer to them, crime share). His information looks unbelievable; that you could own a vacation home in this lovely resort for 10% -30% less than the cost of the house. You make an appointment to meet up with him in the morning.

I can tell you that if your first action is to sit through a …

Wall Murals As Accents For Kitchen Wall Decor

Consider the following two scenarios:

Jackie lives in the suburbs and is a devoted wife and soccer mom. She lives in a 4 bedroom colonial on a lovely tree-lined cul-de-sac. She recently upgraded her kitchen with matching appliances in beautiful stainless steel. She also painted the walls a lovely earthy clay color with green undertones. Finally, her husband installed track lighting to add much needed brightness. Still, she wanted to add some 'umph' to her kitchen, something really unique to make it stand out.

Jason is a single, young attorney who lives on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. He runs a small one bedroom apartment. He lives on the 27th floor and has a doorman-a fairly standard and desirable living arrangement for a young professional with an upwardly mobile career. He works long hours and when he does have time to relax, he enjoys entertaining friends with dinner and cocktails. His small kitchen is functional but dated. Since he rents, he is limited in what he could do to add some pizazz to his tiny kitchen. Still, he wants to do something to that blank wall opposite the counter.

Although Jackie and Jason seem to have polar oppositional living arrangements and lifestyle demographics, they do have one thing in common: a decorating dilemma in the kitchen! They both have options, and one that will work nicely for both of them is the addition of a wall accent.

Wall mural accents are fun and add decorative interest to small spaces. They trick the eye (trompe de l'oeil) by seemingly adding three dimensions to a two dimensional space. They are easy to apply and can be cleaned with mild cleanser on a soft sponge. They are also easy to remove and therefore will not harm the undering wall (a word of caution: be sure to follow the manufacturers' instructions for application as some wall murals are peel and stick while others need to be applied with adhesive paste). The fact that there are so many fantastic choices is a sure sign that there is something for everyone here. Probably the best thing about wall mural accents is that they are affordable and can work within anyone's decorating budget.

Although cost is not a major factor for Jackie, she certainly wants the best deal for her money. Her primary concern is quality. On the other hand, Jason knows he will not be living in this apartment long, since he plans to move to Paris in a few years. He is not going to spend a lot of money on decorating.

Because of the uniqueness, ease, functionality, and affordability of wall mural accents, both scenarios have happy endings. Jackie chose a mural with a Tuscan view to add to the end of her kitchen counter. It is an arched stone lined entry with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan Hills.

Jason chose a faux cafe window mural and applied it to the wall opposite his kitchen counter. He is facilitated because it now …