Day: December 22, 2018

Family Relationships in "A Doll’s House"

Torvald Helmer, one of the main characters of the play, is somewhat “righteous.” He prides himself for earning a comfortable living for himself and his family, and for earning a high status in society, all through honest, hard work. His wife, Nora, is a moral woman, so much so that in the opening of the play, she had this childlike innocence and naivety. Her worst lie could easily have been sneaking macaroons to eat, disobeying her husband’s rules against sweets.

It is emphasized that a parent is obligated to lead a moral life to set an exemplar lifestyle for their children. Throughout their marriage, Nora and Torvald have tried to ensure to nurture their three children that type of environment. With the way they uphold their moral beliefs, it seemed that they have accomplished their parental responsibility quite well. It remained so until, Nora revealed that at the time of her father was on his deathbed, Torvald fell ill. She was forced to borrow enough money to travel south to Italy, where Torvald could nurse back his health. She committed two crimes–first, she borrowed money without her husband’s consent, and second, she had forged a signature. The second crime she was guilty of mirrored Krogstad’s, and she was likely to follow his fate. Krogstad became a moral outcast in society for his felony, and lost his career as a lawyer along with his credibility. He was left nothing but a tainted name.

To justify Krogstad’s dismissal at the bank, Torvald revealed to his wife the aversion he had with a corrupt man like Krogstad. Torvald explained how Krogstad passes his immorality to his children, “…Because an atmosphere like that infects and poisons the whole life of a home…And for years this fellow Krogstad has been going home and poisoning his own children with lies and deceit.”

Nora believed that she, too, would bring similar corruption to her children, bringing destruction to her entire home. Nora’s innocence and morality shone when she was willing to sacrifice her life or leave her home just so that her husband will not suffer the consequences of her crime, and also, in order to sustain her children’s purity. However, Torvald was blind from rage and from his sensitive concern for what society thought, therefore, he forbade her from raising their children; he could not trust them under the care of a “shiftless woman.”

In a parallel situation, Dr. Rank has fallen ill and it worsens by the minute, a disease is ravaging through his body. In the days of his prime, Dr. Rank’s father had enjoyed his many mistresses, now Rank has taken the punishment. Dr. Rank considered it an injustice to “pay for some one else’s sins. Yes, indeed, the whole thing’s a joke! My poor innocent spine must pay for my father’s amusements.” The disease he has, consumption of the spine (syphilis), is an enduring symbol of his father’s depravity and indulgence. Rank possessed the physical representation of his father’s lifestyle–it is what …

Considering Wicker Furniture – Things to Consider When Buying Wicker Furniture


Wicker is available in many styles and colors. You can also choose between natural wicker and resin wicker. Natural wicker is made from either rattan or bamboo and is more appealing because of its natural beauty, strength and flexibility. The only drawback is that it requires some cleaning and maintenance. If you want less maintenance and more durability, poly resin wicker is a good choice. This is especially true if it's exposed to the weather. Colors choices include white, mocha, tan, black or natural. Many styles are available including Victorian and Contemporary


When choosing wicker furniture you will want to consider the location the furniture will be placed in. For instance, if your furniture is going anywhere inside your home, like a bedroom or closed in patio, natural wicker is a good choice. If you intend to use it outside where it will be exposed to the sun and rain, you may want to consider resin wicker. However natural wicker has proven to be very durable in whatever area it is placed. It just may require a little more maintenance.

Either way, natural or resin wicker is a good choice for indoor or outdoor use and will last many years. Space is also a consideration as you do not want to purchase pieces that are too big or too small for the area.


Wicker made from Rattan is generally considered more durable than bamboo or other natural materials and can better withstand the elements, like rain, snow wind and humidity. Synthetic wicker or resin wicker is considered the most durable and does not degrade. It is also flexible and can be made in many styles and colors that match the beauty and uniqueness of natural wicker. Both natural and resin wicker furniture requires low maintenance. Usually dusting or wiping down with a wet cloth is sufficient.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this article will give you enough information that you can make an intelligent decision on what kind of furniture you need for your home. Color, style, design and space are important factors in deciding on the choice. Wicker furniture, either natural or synthetic, can be an ideal choice for your patio, porch, pool or garden area. It is lightweight and it's durability, flexibility and environmental friendliness make it the best choice you can make for your home. Also wicker is more affordable than most furniture. There are many places you can buy wicker furniture. Shopping online is the best way to get the best deals. Now that you know a little more about Wicker, you can see that it is a great option for those who want great looking and durable furniture for their home. …

Kitchen Cabinets – A Growing Market for the Perfect Kitchen?

The kitchen cabinet is simply a box with a door, usually made of wood that is affixed to the wall of the kitchen. They are prevalent in the kitchen due to the need for storage space and the fact that they can also be erected on the floor and the top affixed with a work surface, maximizing storage efficiency.

Kitchen cabinets are manufactured by a massive variety of companies. Famous companies exist in Canada and Sweden but shopping for kitchen utilities can be done anywhere, so long as you take precaution to shop around for a good price. It is becoming prevalent for people to buy things like cabinets in kit form and construct them at home, making transport easier, and simply requiring a little DIY skill. Cabinets of a huge variety of designs and sizes can be found in this form or ready made.

You can find base cabinets, built for the floor, with drawers fixed above the cabinet, two cabinets side by side, tall thin cabinets for kitchens with low floor space, and of course wall mounted cabinets of various shapes. Triangular cabinets that fit snugly into a corner make maximum use of the space and give the shape of the kitchen a smoother look. Some companies make two cabinets one above the other, with a space in between making a small shelf.

To make your kitchen fit your ideas, many cabinet companies produce a variety of special molding strips for the corners of your cabinets, and panel covers in a different colors. If you can not find the cabinet you want in a certain color, you can just customize one with these new covers, or new feet, handles, and plinths, also meaning that the height from the floor is changeable. When buying any cabinets or covers make sure that they are made from durable woods and will be easy to wipe down. Some companies even allow you to order samples, so that you can envision the perfect kitchen without any risk. …