Day: December 20, 2018

Nine Herbs You Should Not Be Without

CAMOMILE (Anthemis nobilis) The English variety of camomile makes a beautiful ground cover, for it grows low and spreads gracefully over the earth. It blooms from midsummer until the first frost, producing small white and yellow daisy-shaped flowers. It has light green pinnate, or feather-shaped, leaves, and should get plenty of sun even though it does well well in shade. Plant seed, and camomile will self-sow from then on.

CARAWAY (Carum carvï) With its delicately finely cut leaves and small creamy flowers growing in umbrellas similar to Queen Anne's lace, caraway is quite lovely. Dry the seeds for use in cakes, rye bread, kraut, cabbage, pickles, cheese and stews. Bake a sprig of caraway with fruit. It grows to about 2 feet, but if planed in the spring, it will only reach 6 to 8 inches the first year. If sown in the fall, seed may be harvested early the next year. Buy your first seed and it will self-sow thereafter.

CATNIP {Meþeta cataria) Catnip produces downy, heart-shaped leaves which are green on top, gray underneath. It has purplish flowers. Catnip tea is still used medicinally, and you may also want to grow a clump of this herb for the delight of your cat. The plant is rather weedy and does best in a rich soil without lime. Start catnip from seeds in the spring or the fall.

(I) CHERVIL (Antkriscus cerefolium) For culinary use treat chervil as an annual. Even though it is really a biennial, replant it each year. Chervil produces flowers like those of miniature Queen Anne's lace, with foliage similar to parsley. If allowed to flower, chervil will set seeds in the second year of growth. If kept from flowering by cutting, the anise-flavored leaves can be used until the frost. Start chervil from seed and give it a shady spot in which to grow.

(Allium schoenoprasum This plant is a "must" for it is delicious in any food which is enhanced by an onion taste. a few bits whenever you need them. Start chives from bulblets or plants (from the grocery) in a rich soil and in a sunny place.

CICELY, SWEET (Myrrhis odor aid) Sweet cicely is often called giant sweet chervil. It has small white umbrellas of flowers but it is more to be accredited for its downy fernlike leaves. It has a licorice taste, similar to that of fennel. Older plants form a decorative mass of lacy foliage up to 3 feet high, a graceful background for the lower-growing herbs. The hard, large seeds should be planed early in the fall to secure germination in the spring. Also, the roots of old plants may be divided in the spring. Sweet cicely thrives best in semi-shade.

CORIANDER {Coriandrum sativum) This may have been one of the first herbs ever used in cooking. More than 5000 years ago the Chinese ate the root boiled and used the seed for flavoring. Although the seeds are unsuitable when fresh, they are delicious when dried. Use them …

Your Guide to Gynecomastia (Male Breasts) Correction

Do you often find yourself staring at the bathroom mirror and feel deeply miserable due to the way your chest looks and think life would be different only if you could sort out your chest problem- a condition called gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition of over developed breast area in men that resembles to female’s and is a common problem in men of all ages.

Men always try to get rid of it but due to obvious reasons but the excess breast tissue can make it impossible to achieve a toned, flat chest no matter how many push-ups or bench presses you do because breasts tissue cannot be decreased through diet/exercise or any creams/oils. Male breast (Gynaecomastia) Correction surgery by an expert plastic surgeon makes sure that men don’t have to live with fatty breast tissue or puffy nipples.

Is it Gynecomastia or just fat?

Almost every third man faces this condition called “Gynecomastia” during puberty and it usually disappears with time. The excess breast tissue that develops in some men during their adolescence stays even as they enter adulthood and this is when it becomes a genuine and confirmed case of gynecomastia. This is not normal process because the excess breast tissue should have flattened out by this time. In a nutshell, if you are in adulthood and have excess breast tissue or puffy nipples, then it is gynecomastia and will not go away naturally. You will have to do something to get rid of it.

Why do you have Gynecomastia?

While heredity, puberty, use and abuse of certain drugs, steroids, obesity or hormonal changes can be one of the various causes of gynecomastia, the answer of the question “why” is still uncertain because the reasons are usually unknown and many researches are still going on to find out them.

Gynecomastia is not just a cosmetic issue.

Boys and adult men suffering from gynecomastia are often hesitant to share their plight with family members due to embarrassment because sometimes they are laughed at and are asked forget it and just move on with the life because they think it is normal to have a little bit of breast tissue compared to the other boys but, that’s no big deal as it doesn’t harm you physically. However, gynecomastia is a big deal for young boys and adults because it crushes their self esteem, pulls them back from a rich social life, it is like an insult to their masculine identity acting as a mental barrier for them because, deep in mind they have this insecure feeling that they will be ridiculed by others when they take their shirt off and people will think that they are not man enough. Many men experience emotional turmoil and alienation because of the dissatisfaction with their not-so-manly appearance.

By improving the shape of your chest; gynaecomastia surgery installs confidence and adds to the sense of well-being.…

Interior Design School – What Is It All About

The field of interior design is always changing. Not so long ago, you had to go to a formal design or art school in order to learn the field. Today students can attend almost any college or university and major in interior design.

Professional interior designers today must be licensed by the industry in order to practice their trade. Much like an architect, they must undergo intensive study and testing before even being allowed to take any licensing testing. The NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification), requires all testers to have a combination of six years of work experience, two years of schooling plus four years of work experience, or four years in a FIDER accredited university or college plus two years of work experience in order to qualify. This intensive procedure ensures that trade licensing helps to create responsible, educated designers.

At minimum, student designers should look for a college or university that is FIDER accredited and works towards a bachelor's degree – required for commercial work. However, most high-end designers also obtain a master's degree or a doctorate in design.
What kind of classes should would-be designers consider? AutoCAD by AutoDesk, is an excellent computer aided drafting course. Those with some experience and knowledge of this software program can command a higher starting rate than those who have not taken the time to learn anything about it.

Business classes, as well as a variety of marketing courses are also a plus that many students do not consider. Interior design is 90% networking, marketing, selling, and knowing the right people; 7% paperwork and 3% design.

Some professional designer's even suggest taking an acting class or two to help you learn how to make better sales pitches.

Art classes too can help you be better prepared when taking with clients. People are visual and you'll have a better shot at convincing a new client of your ideas if you can sketch them. Also consider taking an art, furniture and antique history class. They all come in to play every day in the design industry.

Design school can be very intense. Not only do you have traditional classes and a normal workload of reading, tests and other class work, but you will be expected to complete very large-scale design projects along the way also

One important aspect of your new career that design school can help make clear is what area of ​​interior design you will find most successful and rewarding. They're many different fields to enter in the design profession. There are residential interior designers who sole purpose is to serve homeowners, and there are commercial interior designers who work on offices, restaurants, banks, malls, hotels, and on and on. Within each of these specialties, you could have a project manager heading up the entire project or a draftsperson or even a product sales representative.

Some designers decide that they'd rather own or operate a drapery workroom or fabric warehouse, a design firm, be a partner in a firm, …

Kashmir Gardens – The Realm of Beauty, Treasures and Creativity

'I am on cloud nine'. This was the heavenly feeling that embroidered my heart when I stepped into the land of Kashmir. This tourist destination warmly greets you with a dream-like environment that exists only in dreams, and gently puts you in the lap of Mother Nature. Come to this paradisaical place to catch up with your dream and transform it into reality. Spend your holidays amidst one of the world's most beautiful mountain range, the mighty Himalayas, in this arresting North Indian state. Flooded with beautiful and colorful flowers, the gardens ohere are both fascinating and overwhelming attraction.

Complimenting the surrounding snow-capped mountains, romantic lakes and gorgeous landscape, the gardens of Kashmir drag you into a hypnotic state. Capturing the attention of almost all tourists, some of the famous gardens in Kashmir are:

Shalimar Garden
It is one of the most beautiful and oldest gardens of the state. Laid out around four hundred years ago, the garden teems with colorful flowers and wonderful fountains providing a great ambiance. Visitors can also treat their senses to the light show in the evening.

Nishat Bagh
Known for its beautiful chinar trees, flowers and the twelve terraces representing twelve zodiac signs, Nishant Bagh is truly worth a visit.

Gardens of Chashma Shahi
Steeped in royalty, this garden was laid out by the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The most striking feature of it is the fresh water spring, which is believed to have medicinal properties.

Pari Mahal
Once a Buddhist Monastery, this park boasts of well manicured terraced gardens, observatory and a school of astrology.

The beauty of the Kashmir gardens seems to be eternal, the beauty, which never fades away from memory. …