Day: December 18, 2018

Bathroom Remodeling Secrets You Won’t See On HGTV

Television networks such as HGTV have become very popular over the course of the last few years and with good reason. Not only do they do a very good job providing programming for those interested in doing work to their home, they also have shows showcasing the pitfalls of any project, namely that of bathroom remodeling.

While it can sometimes be a little entertaining to watch someone’s bathroom remodeling plans fall apart based on poor planning or maybe just an immature dislike of someone’s personality, it is important to glean some amount of caution when it comes to your own project. Bathroom remodeling is no joke, and it pays to really have a good reason to decide to go through with the plan.

But for all of the good information that comes from HGTV, it shouldn’t be the one place from which you & your family take pointers. You need to do some research and really dig into the planning of your perspective project.

For example, much of the information you’ll find on HGTV’s programming tends to start with the “vision”. Hosts want couples & families to think big-picture first so as to know what things would be on a homeowner’s dream wishlist. That sounds great, but it tends to cause a bit of a downer when bringing in reality soon afterward. It may be best to think in terms of what you need in your bathroom remodeling project rather than what you want. It allows for you to really think about what your new bathroom will offer rather than how it will dazzle.

One particular item that also pops up in the shows on this network is the idea that the bathroom remodel being undertaken will be a lasting part of the homeowner’s legacy. While this is a true statement in some way, it certainly becomes true when said homeowner may want to sell their home in the future. As you begin your own bathroom remodeling project, you need to think about what the future may hold in terms of stylistic treatment & marketability. In other words, if you choose to sell your home down the line, will the changes you make today still have an audience later? Many realtors often cite that families whom find dream homes will move on to other properties simply because they didn’t like the color of paint in a room or the way a remodeling project changed a room’s flow. Your remodeling choices now may leave a legacy but one of a home listing taking a while to sell.

Finally, one of the ways HGTV tends to be different from real life is that from start to finish, clients usually have one contractor with whom they work on their bathroom remodeling. Certain parts of the work get given to local companies to complete, but there is one contractor on hand to answer questions. At times, you can see genuine concern on the homeowner’s face, but in the end, things get resolved. In reality, …

Watch Out for the Awesome Fabric Print Porcelain Tiles

Fabric cross-stitch patterns work very well in the home or office decors! The light and the shadow beside the 3D patterns are breathtaking. Otherwise, fabric often faces problems like dirt and may be difficult to maintain clean. Porcelain Tile Collection takes away the fabric fuss and you enjoy the textures, a gift of inkjet printing. The patterns and colors will not fade through the years either. It tolerates wetness well.

Gray CrossHatch Porcelain

Will the bathroom backsplash be covered by fabric? Gray CrossHatch TekTile Porcelain tile represents crudely woven linen in soft gray, bringing a lavish surrounding. No problems with toothpaste and hairspray, cosmetics, and soaps. The surface is quite water-resistant and keeps out stains and mildew.

Ivory CrossHatch Porcelain

Create an illusion of a bathroom carpet with Ivory CrossHatch Porcelain tile. The 3D look resembles rough linen in gentle ivory shades.

Gray Lineart Porcelain

Certain areas and rooms in homes or businesses attract a huge number of footfalls in very busy areas. Designer floor coverings are quickly damaged in such a situation. Install Gray Lineart TekTile Porcelain tile and see the difference. The luxury fabric design and 3D texture are unreal of course. Keep it clean without effort and watch it tolerate years of feet and paws.

Ivory Lineart Porcelain

Witness the transformation in the drab spaces when you install Ivory Lineart TekTile Porcelain and turn it into an attractive environment. The big 12×24 tile is easy to install with straight edges that require thin seams. The similar 3×24 bullnose tiles fit the edges and corners.

Gray Hopsack Porcelain and Ivory Hopsack TekTile Porcelain

If you want a replica of utility carpeting used in industry for office and classroom floors, go for Gray Hopsack Porcelain. It is a tough floor covering that suits living rooms and playrooms too. Though the gray tile looks superb, use it creatively with Ivory Hopsack TekTile Porcelain tiles for greater effect.

Spaces in homes and offices feel comfy and elevated with carpeting and fabrics in several applications. Yet fabric and carpets are hard to take care of and maintain spick and span. The TekTile Porcelain Tile Collection provides the right choices if you are in search of contemporary styles, the industrial approaches or mid-century looks down memory lane.

Check out the web gallery to view the details and choices in the TekTile Porcelain Tile Collection along with several other exciting and inspiring inkjet-printed porcelain tiles. They look amazingly realistic indeed at copying fabric patterns without the hassles of real carpets.…

How to Safely Avoid the Flu

Preventing the flu, particularly during the flu season, is a big problem as most people believe. You can set an appointment for a flu shot, but with all the recent studies warning that the vaccine is unsafe, why take a risk when there are healthier and safer ways to beat the flu?

Vaccines, including the flu shot, have mercury and are frequently linked to the autism epidemic in children. Beside mercury, other hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde and phenol are used by pharmaceutical companies to concoct the flu shot.

Would you still want to be vaccinated against the flu knowing that you are injecting your body with toxic substances?

For those who are not comfortable with the flu shot, here are several tips on how to fend off the flu without using the flu vaccine:

Make sure that your hands are clean at all times. If you rub your eyes or nose after you come in contact with someone who already has the flu virus, you greatly increase your risk of catching the flu. By washing your hands frequently with warm soapy water, you greatly lower the risk of getting infected with contagious diseases such as the flu. It is best to wash up before and after preparing food, before and after meals, after going to the bathroom, or whenever your hands are unclean.

Keep your house clean. Be sure that surfaces and objects that you and your family come in contact with are clean and disinfected frequently.

Choose to live healthy. Prevention is always better than the cure. Improve your natural defense versus the flu by fortifying your immune system. You can improve your immune system's defenses by making easy changes to your daily routine, like switching from coffee to tea, shunning sugar, getting enough sleep and relaxing often.

Rest. Take a breath and rest if you feel like you are about to go down with the flu. The break may be as short as a couple of hours or as long as a couple of days, which is preferable than catching a bad case of the flu and having to stay away from the office for much longer.

Do not have unnecessary contact with other people. Stay clear from places that are too crowded, such asalls and airports. This is a must if you have issues with your immune system and for younger kids, who can easily get infected with the flu virus.

Consume plenty of water. Pure water is your best choice. Stay away from distilled water because its nutrients have been knocked away. It is ideal to drink at least a quart of pure water for every 50 pounds of body weight. Also, stay away from sodas, coffee, and energy drinks. …