Day: December 17, 2018

Chives Are A Wonderful Addition To Your Herb Garden Or Container Garden

Garlic, leeks, and shallots have a little cousin, the chive. It is the smallest and non-odorize member of the onion family. The leaves sprout from a bulb that is planted in the herb garden or in a container garden. Chives are a wonderful way to spruce up omelet's or soups, even stews, chicken, or fish and its fat free, a healthy addition to your diet. A sunny windowsill can also be used to grow the chive herb. An added bonus, if you grow chives in your "in ground" herb garden, you are in the fresh air and are getting a little exercise. Can not hurt, huh?

The chive has been a native of Asia and Europe for over 5000 years. They grow much like grass, in clumps. They send up graceful hollow leaves that will flower into lovely purple puffballs. If you allow the chive in your herb garden to flower the flavor of the chive becomes harsher.

It is not hard to grow the chive in your herb garden or container garden. It needs six hours of sun, well drained soil, moisture, fertilizer and pinching back. The pinching back will make the plant bushy and lush. Always use a high quality potting soil when growing your herb in container gardens. If planting the chive in an "in ground" herb garden, add some organic mix. A seaweed based fertilizer is best for feeding. You can use your old coffee grounds to mulch around the base of the chive in your herb garden. When it's time to harvest the herb cut from the base to encourage more growth.

It is recommended that you harvest the chives before it flowers. If your chive does flower you can eat the chive flower but they are intense and should be dropped apart before use. They have a spicy, peppery taste.

As your herb garden or container garden ages, you will want to pull the plant up and divide the roots and then replant. The chive prefers a cool atmosphere so if you live in a hot area it is best to grow the chive in pots inside.

If you have an abundance of chives, make an herb salt by mixing one cup of sea salt with one cup of snipped chives. Bake in an oven for 45-60 minutes, seal tightly in a jar and place in a dark cabinet. This is a great way to spice up any culinary dish.

To dry the chase harvest snip into inch inch pieces, lay in thin layers on trays. Take them outside to a sunny spot and allow drying for 8 to 10 hours. An alternative method is to snip the chives, spread on a cookie sheet and dry them in a 110 degree oven with the door propped open for 4 to 6 hours.

Fresh chives can be store in the refrigerator for up to one week in a plastic bag. Do not wash or snip until ready to use.

Here is a recipe for an …

The Dummies Guide to the Different Types of Interior Paints

Once you've taken the time to properly prepare the interior that's about to be painted you can finally get to the painting itself – at long last! But it's not simply a matter of throwing paint up on a wall and hoping for the best. You do need to be careful about the type of paint you use – the finish might not be what you expected otherwise.

It does not matter whether or not you choose oil based or water based paintings there are still a lot of choices to make. You can have glossy, satin, flat, semi-glossy, eggshell or a matte finish. What type of finish does each one give? Well it does what it says on the tin – so to speak so the actual descriptions will save you a lot of guess work.

Gloss paint, as the name suggests, leaves a shiny finish that's very easy to clean but they do tend to get dirty very easily too. If you have little feet running around you might spend a lot of time cleaning handprints off the gloss on your newly painted walls. If you use this type of paint it will mean the room will reflect a lot of the light coming into it. This can be ideal for rooms that do not get much natural light. Semi-gloss is basically the same type of paint but not as intense in terms of the sheen from it.

Satin paintings are generally good for use anywhere in the house – they're very versatile in that way. Walls painted with a satin paint will be easy enough to keep clean and have a low gloss look to them.

Eggshell paintings … well … try to imagine what an eggshell looks like and you'll have an idea of ​​the type of sheen you'll get from this type of paint. Not too glossy and not too dull – because of this it works well in most rooms in a home.

Matte or flat paint is exactly what it sounds like. You do not need to apply a lot of it and it reflects almost no light. This might make it sound a bit gloomy as a paint choice but it's far from it. It can look really well in bedrooms – where minimizing light is usually the idea. One of the main places you'll see matte paint in use is on ceilings – have a look at your house or apartment now to check.

Now all you need to do is pick out a color scheme and you're good to go – you'll be picking the perfect type of paint for whatever room or painting project you have in mind! …

A Guide to Bathroom Vanities

The basic bathroom vanity includes a mirror or medicine cabinet above, a sink or basin and counter or ‘top’ below, and a cabinet beneath. In some cases the sink and top are one unit. To call the bathroom vanity an important fixture in the bathroom would be an understatement. Everyone stops at the vanity upon entering or leaving the bathroom, whether it is to wash hands, fix hair or find lotion. Homeowners today often use vanities to set the tone or motif in decorating a bathroom. Bathroom vanities are available in a variety of styles and sizes dependent upon taste, functionality and financial commitment.

Bathroom vanities can be made according to the priority of style and design, function and practicality, or cost. For example, a bathroom vanity focused on style might include leather wrapped wooden doors with leather loop pulls and a leather wrapped mirror, with a form-flowing vitreous china sink and top, or a hand-carved gilded Louis IV mirror above an Italian marble top and marble sink set in a cabinet with ornately carved doors, for a more antique look. If homeowners place function and practicality as the top priority, they might choose faucets set high in the wall for easy washing, a raised basin made from easy to clean materials and a scratchproof top with splashguard.

The discerning customer should be aware of the vanities’ height. Many people end up with vanities that are too short for many adults. Remember to measure your space before ordering or making your bathroom vanity.

If price is the deciding factor you may have to exchange marble, hardwood, enamel glaze for particleboard, foil, polypropylene, fiberboard, and acrylic paint, and a basic ceramic sink instead of a Tuscan marble basin. However, price doesn’t have to compromise style or aesthetic quality, as there are a myriad of excellent antique reproductions and contemporary vanities to choose from and if you are handy there is an array of home assembly kits available on the market. The variety of mirrors and vanity lights available will easily fit into any budget. The bathroom vanity can bring warmth interest and drama to any bathroom and should be carefully considered as part of any home decorating plan.…

An Easier Way to Contemporary Bathroom Design

If you are a homeowner grappling with the nuances of bathroom design, your intense experience is enough to tell you that these very functional and fashionable designs do not exactly fade off your radar that easily. While it's hard to resist the hypnotic power of a classic retro design, a country design too make sure that it gets the pound of flesh that it describes.

But if there is one singularly scintillating design that manages to win brownie points in every calculus it just has to be a contemporary bathroom design. Warm, inviting and blessed with a seductively intense passion, it has an aura that can not be dated with time. Needless to say, when it makes a stylish entry into your home, the resale value of your property is sure to zoom north.

Make A Style Statement

So what is a contemporary design for the bathroom all about? Does it bear allegiance to sleek, delectable contours or do geometric shapes burnish the enduring mystique of the design? Whatever it is, your insrutable affinity for it is really beyond reproach.

Here are a few more fascinating insights into this awe-inspiring design style:

  • Whether flooring, mirrors or storage cabinets, the presence of neat, straight and uncomplicated lines is unmistakable.
  • The soul-stirring combination of shimmering metallic tones like gold and silver and a glowing color scheme with a cauldron of both warm and subtle shades creates an air of peace and harmony.
  • Cabinets, fittings and fixtures are simple yet can not exactly be straitjacked in stereotypes.
  • There is an earnest attempt to embellish the space with accessories, but they act as only adjuncts to the place, and never really hog the limelight.

New Ways For That 'It' Look

If you are woefully starved for bright ideas to create a contemporary styled bathroom, here are a few simple tricks that could put your bathroom design firmly in the saddle:

  • Let dark and bold colors highlight the innate personality of the bathroom. Here, less is definitely more, so every minute detail is designed in a manner that elicits piquant reactions from onlookers.
  • This design also helps you make a departure from the norm and gives you the freedom to be as wild and whacky as possible. So vibrant colors, queer shapes and unique fixtures take center stage.
  • Intricately layered walls plastered with a plethora of patterns cause quite a stir.
  • Throw in a chic and trendy towel rack and drench the space in a new coat of paint, and watch the glam factor reach dizzying heights.

With a contemporary design it's easy for your bathroom to look exceptional in a very ordinary sort of way. …

February Fever

Welcome to the top 5 organizing projects for February. As of the 1st of the month there are only 48 days until Spring!!! I’ve got spring fever already. Did you know that a 2013 survey showed that over 72% of households in the U.S. engage in some kind of spring cleaning? The trend seems to increase incrementally each year. See, you are not alone.

If you are like me you are getting antsy to get your hands in the dirt and start growing those precious seedlings of flowers, fruits and/or veggies or maybe your dirt looks like getting a jump on cleaning the garage or attic or perhaps you are ready to make your to-do list for all the exciting possibilities Spring has in store. Let’s jump in here and get to our next top 5 organizing projects:

Our 1st item on the top 5 list is to focus on the rest of our closets from January and add cabinets.

“Originally, the cellar served primarily as a coal store. Today it holds the boiler, idle suitcases, out-of-season sporting equipment, and many sealed cardboard boxes that are almost never opened but are always carefully transferred from house to house with every move in the belief that one day someone might want some baby clothes that have been kept in a box for twenty-five years.”

Bill Bryson, At Home: A Short History of Private Life

I read the above quote one day and had to share because OMG I actually do have those baby clothes boxes in my attic. Honestly, I saved them for when my children had children so they could share their baby clothes but now I just visit those boxes simply because I need to reminisce. Psst, I think it’s time they go to a better home.Now, I do understand that cleaning out all of those closets and cabinets might be a daunting task however, imagine how surprised and free you will feel each time you open any closet/cabinet and see all the space available and how neat everything is stacked, hung, boxed and/or stored. I try to just work on at least one cabinet and closet per day. That way I don’t feel overwhelmed.

This seamlessly leads to the 2nd item on the organizing list: Pots, pans, brooms, sheets, towels, or boxed items found in the back of the closet that you have absolutely no idea as to what is in them. And let’s not forget the kids’ closets. Here is where the fun really begins because now we can separate it all into boxes marked keep, discard, and donate. Keep a blank pad of paper near you at all times so that you can make your own list of what needs replacing or mending. Last year I found that there were a few mechanical items that needed to be donated like the Roomba we never used and the fish cage for the BBQ and I was able to repurpose old kids’ t-shirts by collecting enough to have …