Day: December 13, 2018

Interior Design: Achieving Harmony The Designer's Way

In the first part of this series, we deal with the interior design philosophy of "accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative". A good feature in a room should be accentuated or be given good attention while a bad feature should either be eliminated or camouflaged. Harmony in interior design can be achieved by creating a finished picture in your mind of how the room will look after the project is finished. By doing this you are simplifying the decorating steps and are right on track of putting things where they should be.

Once you have in mind the basic outline of a finished room, then it is time to start considering the decorative designs. Do you include decorative wallpapers, exotic rugs, beautiful upholstery designs and exciting draperies in your mental picture?

One basic rule of thumb in interior design is to feature only one dramatic pattern in a room. This pattern could be applied in the upholstery of a major piece of furniture or you could use this pattern in the rug or carpeting. Still another possibility is applying this featured pattern in the draperies or wallpapers. Although you can only use one dramatic pattern in a room, you can however repeat the same pattern in the room. Let's say, you might want to use the same pattern in both the upholstery and the draperies or in carpeting and draperies or in the draperies and wallpaper. Depending on how you want things to coordinate. The point being, by using the same pattern in different elements in the room you are introducing harmony that will otherwise be non-existent.

After knowing some basic philosophy and rule of thumb in interior design, where do you start planning that mental image of a finished room? Should you start with a decorative pattern upholstery or rug or should it be wallpaper or just simple painted walls? Should you match carpeting with the upholstery or with the draperies? All these questions and others can be endless.

Scale and proportions are the keys to creating good harmony in room d├ęcor. Where do you start using those decorative patterns then? You start by looking at the room's scale and its proportions. What is the scale of the room? Should you want to make it appear smaller or larger? An answer to this question will lead you to make the right choice of window treatments, upholstery, flooring, wall treatments and even furniture.

In a huge room, you can use fabrics with large decorative motifs on large pieces of furniture. In a small room on the other hand, small pieces of furniture are in better scale. You should also use small decorative patterns in the wallpaper, carpeting or window treatment.

Colors can make a room appear larger or smaller. Dark colors can make things appear closer together that's why dark colors are usually used in large rooms to make it appear cozier. On the other hand light colors can make things seem larger and farther away and these are …

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company or Clean Yourself

That's true that it's not easy to have a clean and well-maintained home when you have a busy life. With our everyday chores, we still are responsible for the cleanliness of our homes. No one will do it instead of us. Almost no one. There are always people ready to clean our homes, but we all understand that they ask money for this kind of help. And it's normal, it's their job. As there are so many people who prefer to hire professionals to clean their home, there is plenty of housecleaning companies that offer their services. In general it's privately-held companies that provide quality and affordable cleaning services.

You can hire a cleaner to clean your house once a week or twice a month. You will feel free of household chores spending more time enjoying life's pleasures. There are so many interesting and exiting things to see and do. With the outside help you will be able to sit back and relax in your clean and organized home. Be sure you will be satisfied with the work and customer service the cleaning company provides you with. The cleaners are highly skilled people who follow specific, detailed service procedures. Your home will be thoroughly cleaned, from top to bottom. Every corner and nook will sparkle. Professional cleaners will help you keep your home in perfect condition.

You should look for the cleaning providers that will offer you services within your budgetary constraints. It's important to emphasize all the details before the cleaners start their work. You should inform them what services exactly they need to provide and what areas should be cleaned. They can charge extra for some additional services, be ready for that. You can sign a contract and order exactly the services you require.

If you want to save money and (what is more important) you have time and desire, clean your home yourself. As a matter of fact, it's not so hard to spare some hour or even less to cope with one or two cleaning tasks. You can make a schedule and thoroughly follow it. This will help you always ensure that everything planned is completed. So, keep a schedule and clean a different room of the house every few days. Try to make all the rooms of your house spotless. You are strong enough to meet with all the mess in your house. All you need is time and desire.

So, you can save your free time or your money. It's up to you. Decide what is better for you. …

Soundproofing Techniques – Home Improvements With Big Payoffs

You can find soundproofing techniques both for individual rooms and for your own house, and the selections of which ones are most suitable for you situation will depend on three factors: where your home is located: what sort of noise you want to eliminate: and how much you can afford to spend.

Soundproofing Techniques For New Homes

If you are having your home built, you can get an early start on soundproofing it by having your doorways staggered so that none of them is directly across from another one. In doing so, you'll prevent the noise from one room from being transmitted across a hallway and echoing around the home's interior. You should also request that your contractor design each room so that at least 25% of it will be taken up with sound-absorbing materials like draperies, carpeting, or furniture. If you can afford it, also request that your walls and ceilings have soundproofing mats installed.

Soundproofing Techniques For Existing Homes

If you are trying to make an existing home quieter, and are bothered by noisy floors on the upper stories, you can remove the ceilings beneath them and add triangular wooden strips to both the floor joists and the floors themselves. You can also consider using a liquid adhesive to secure the squeaky floorboards so they move around less.

Another of the commonly used soundproofing techniques is to frame back-to-back walls with a double set of disconnected wall studs, and add some fiberglass insulation to deaden sounds. If you live in a traditionally framed home, your wall framing and drywall will allow sound to pass through your walls from one room to another. The wall studs attached on one side of the drywall will transmit the sounds from one room through it into the drywall of the other room to which they are attached.

You can dampen the sound transmitted in this fashion by installing fiberglass batts, but in order to eliminate it completely, you'll have to put up a separate set of studs for both the walls, so that the noise from one room can not be transmitted to the drywall of the other.

Soundproofing Techniques For Windows

In addition those you use on your walls, ceilings, and floors, you should find some Soundproofing techniques to employ on your windows. Think about using both vinyl window frames and double-paned glass, because although you'll pay more for double panes, you'll be rewarded with both quieter and a more energy-efficient house.

Finally, one of the soundproofing techniques which will not only make your home less noisy, but add an attractive privacy accent to its interior, is to install shutters on the insides of your windows. …

Making Garden Games Exciting

Why is it that many children seem to spend numerous hours sat indoors playing computer games? Is it because such games are so entertaining, or is it because those kids have not been shown just how enjoyable the alternatives could be?

It's natural that many parents worry about all aspects of their children's lives. In particular, we may worry about their health and what the future may hold.

This is important to consider in the current climate. An increasing number of scientific studies have shown that kids are not getting enough exercise. This is showing itself in many ways, with fitness levels falling and childhood obesity rising at a rapid rate.

This has some very serious consequences. Children who are overweight or unfit face many struggles. They may, for instance, be moreiable to face health problems in early life. Things may look equally bleak for them as adults too.

There can be no doubt that habits picked up in childhood will often continue into later years. Does this mean that a lack of exercise now is going to lead to serious health issues in later years? It's certainly increasing the chances, so why take the risk?

If you're looking for an answer to avoiding such problems then one solution could be to encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. Outdoor play tend to be active by its very nature. If you're worried about their safety then you could concentrate your efforts on making your garden a fun place to play.

Gardens are perfect because they are reliably secure. That means that you can see what your children are doing and make sure that they do not come to any harm.

It's important that you make garden games exciting, otherwise your kids might see them as something of a chore. Consider introducing some fun games or equipment. Trampolines, paddling pools, ball games and climbing frames are always a big hit.

By making your garden a fun place to play, you'll demonstrate to your kids that they do not need video games in order to have a great time.

You'll be helping them out and can help to create a better environment for the whole family. …