Day: December 8, 2018

Bathroom Design – The Call of Nature

Many people like the idea of ​​bathroom design that spotlights nature. TV advertising shows a person washing hair or showering under a pristine waterfall, and it strikes a chord within us. Nature is, to most people, linked to ideas of cleanliness. Clean and green.

A nature bathroom design focuses on this inner response. It builds on the theme, incorporating water, trees, rocks, grass, and flowers. It may include fish or seashells. Anything that is a part of nature is potentially a part of a nature bathroom design.

Private Spa

A nature bathroom design can achieve the feeling of a private spa. It is said that the word "spa" comes from the town of Spa, Belgium. That town has been known for its deep, soaking baths and relaxing atmosphere from the reign of Julius Caesar. Achieve that relaxing atmosphere with nature's designs. Keep your colors warm, your design quiet, and your spirit free.

Natural Lighting

Natural, soft lighting is relaxing. Work skylights into your bathroom design, if possible, to let in the natural light. If skylights are not possible, use long, narrow windows in the upper part of your walls. Make the bathroom airy.

Halogen lighting is more natural than more conventional incandescent bulbs. Install dimmer switches so that you can enjoy relaxing light for a deep tub soak, or bright light for personal grooming.

Natural Walls

A nature bathroom design originates in the back of natural walls. Make them set the tone. Grasscloth wallpaper, treated to withstand the humid conditions, is a textured natural wall treatment in muted tones of green and tan. Consider using marble wall tiles on the lower part of the wall. Choose colors that resemble nature's rocks. Alternately, choose warm wood wainscoting for the lower wall to give the feeling of trees in your bathroom design.

Natural Floor

Your floor, too, should be natural. If you have used light colors on the walls, use dark flooring. If your walls are dark, use light flooring. Skip the carpeting and vinyl. Choose ceramic tile or laminate wood flooring for a more natural look in your bathroom design. If the budget allows, consider natural stone flooring such as travertine or marble.

Natural Showers and Tubs

Your nature bathroom design should be mirrored in your choice of shower or tub. A marble or imitation marble tub is a good choice. Use warm, deep brown shades of marble. Where price is not a consideration, look for a natural wood or stone tub.

If you want a shower stall instead of a tub, choose a clear glass stall with swinging door. Install rock wall tile inside the shower, and a rain shower head.

Natural Vanity and Sink

Wood and stone are important to carry the nature bathroom design into the vanity and sink. Your vanity is the bathroom's focal point. Bamboo would be a good choice of wood. Mount a stone vessel sink on top of the vanity for a clean, natural looking bathroom design.

Natural Faucets

Look for faucets with a …

Choosing A Home Loan – Not Just a Financial Decision

When looking for a home and eventually a loan, the first thing that comes to mind is finances; can we afford this home? This very important question is often forced to the side when the desire for the house overshadows the practicality of owning it. People say all the time that they love a house and can envision raising their family there, "but, it's really too expensive for us" or "it's an ideal home, but it's at the top of our price range." The realtor's response or that of a trusted lender is, "we'll find a loan that will get you the house you want."

Over the past few years, lenders have become more and more creative with their loan options, either to get us the house we should not be in (but want), or to get us in any house, because (depending on what part of the country you live in) no one can really afford a home the way the market is. They want you in the home you want, and of course, they want to profit from your decision. While they may create a loan that gets your in the house, will it really be the wisest choice for your family financially and emotionally?

As home owners, we seldom think about the emotional aspects of our financial choices. One of the major causes of divorce is financial strain. I'm curious whenever the rate of divorce in our country will increase with the rate of foreclosures. Why? Monetary stress eats away at even the healthiest of relationships. You may have a beautiful house, but is it a home? When considering a home purchase, choose one that you will be able to enjoy on every level, not one that you will have to sacrifice family time and peace of mind to maintain.

Back to loan options … I bring this up because I now find myself in a home I certainly could not afford it when I bought it. Can anyone really afford a half million dollar house that looks exactly like everyone else on the block and was issued in two weeks without any true workmanship involved? Forgive the cynicism, but I live in a Southern California tract home – you'd have to live here to understand the monotony of housing tract after housing tract of uncreative edifices. Anyways, the home was great and the sellers were desperate, so we bought. We chose an option ARM loan that basically lets you "pick a payment" each month. Are there really people who are responsible enough to actually choose the full principle and interest payment? If you could have done that in the first place, you should not be in an option ARM. What people do not understand is while the payment may be comfortable, you are actually increasing your initial loan amount monthly; the difference between the payment you make and the full interest payment is added to your loan. Say your full interest payment is $ 2000 and …

Thanksgiving is a Great Family Holiday

Pre-boomers were taught the first Thanksgivings was a day of gratitude expressed by the early settlers nearly 400 years ago in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims thanked God for delivering them to the new world where they could live free of religious persecution, for surviving the first year, and for the harvest to sustain them in the winter months ahead. We also learned that they shared their food with the local Native Americans.

This national holiday has become a secular celebration of parades, football games, and overeating with the next day marking the official start of the Christmas shopping season, overshadowing its true roots. However, most pre-boomers have seen and remember Norman Rockwell's series of Thanksgiving paintings which appeared in "The Saturday Evening Post" during the war years of the 1940s. The warm feelings we get when exposed to those magazine covers remains with us to this day.

The Thanksgivings of my childhood remain viable in my mind. As a young child it was the Gimbel's Parade in downtown Philadelphia. Later the football games took up the morning. Then it was home from college for the long weekend. And later it was the quick train rides from Manhattan to get there in time for the mid-afternoon dinner. Then, many years past before the family got together again. The kids had grown and the first grandchild had arrived before my parents finally moved to the West Coast, after years of prodding. So they were able to enjoy the day each year with all of us and we with them before they passed on a few years back. For this I am most grateful.

I have fond memories of Thanksgivings past and am fortunate to have family close by, so we can enjoy this day together each year. In fact, recently the family took a cruise over the holiday: grandparents, adult children and their spouses as well as the grandkids. It was different and lots of fun, but I missed the "home cooking."

No matter were you or who you're with this Thanksgiving, try to recall those magical days gone by when you woke to the alluring aroma of the turkey roasting in the oven. Be quiet and you can almost here your mom and maybe grandma and your aunts talking as they worked for hours to prepare this family feast. And, even though you were shooed out of the kitchen, you managed to catch a glimpse of the vast array of food to be served and knew this day would be good.

Of course, we ate leftovers for days to come: turkey platters, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey ala king, turkey hash and turkey croquettes. Nobody ate turkey burgers back then or we would have had them too. Even though we grew tired of a week of turkey, everyone looked forward to having another feast at Christmas. Thankfully this meal was at another family member's home, so we were spared the endless days of leftovers.

This Thanksgiving it's appropriate to reminisce about …

Tips For Successfully Growing Roma Tomato Plants Indoors Or Out!

If you like the idea of making your own tomato sauces and ketchup then you should consider growing roma tomato plants. If you are new to gardening tomatoes then this is probably one of the best varieties to start with as regards to ease of care and tasty results.

Roma Tomatoes have a mild flavour and they are not very juicy but they are ideal to use if you are looking at making your own tomato paste such as pasata, ketchup or salsa. They are just as easy to grow outside as well as indoors. Just remember to keep the one simple but important rule in the forefront of your mind: “Make sure they get plenty of sunlight”.

Growing Roma Tomatoes from seed can be fun. Especially when you can see little by little and day by day they are getting bigger. It can be rather time consuming to quite literally start from scratch this way, but the feeling of achievement you will get when you see your very own fully grown fruits is something to be relished. If you’re a bit impatient (like I was) and don’t have lots of time on your hands, you can shorten the process by buying seedlings that are mature enough to be planted.

Growing your plants indoors will alleviate much of the worry you have with the usual problems associated with outdoor gardens. If you plant your tomatoes outside, even though you treat them with lots of care, you are still leaving them open to the risk of being attacked by pests and diseases. If the location for your tomatoes is going to be outside you should treat them with an organic pesticide before you get any plant destroying insects.

Using containers to house your Roma Tomato is a handy way to grow them indoors. Perhaps you have limited space. In which case, hanging them up in containers such as buckets or old water barrels is an ideal solution. You should make sure that wherever you decide to place or hang your containers that they will have adequate access to the vitally important nutrient giving sunlight. To ensure optimum growth they will need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day.

An added bonus to placing your Roma tomatoes in a container is that if the area you chose to locate your plant looses sunlight at a certain part of the day (not every situation is perfect); you can easily move them around in order to gain sufficient access to the sun. Growing them indoors makes it virtually impossible for any pests such as horn worm to get to your precious plants.

Watering you tomatoes regularly is something you need to get into the habit of right from the beginning. You need to keep a close eye on the soil. It doesn’t want too be too dry, but if you over water your plants it can cause damage to the roots. If you are growing in a container, be sure to …

Little Bit About Grass in the Garden

We are all happy that the spring is almost here. A bit of winter is still with us but we are more likely to think about warm, sunny days and green grass in our garden. But what do we know about the grass – do we know how to take care of it to make it look stunning? Let's find out.

The most important are beginnings. There are two times when it is good to start the grass growing – one is between April and May, and the second one is between August and September. Before we seed the grass we should prepare the soil. Most when the soil is with good pH and with enough of deceay we can just dig it over and this will do.

Next thing is to choose seeds. It is worth to pay a bit of attention and time to think this matter trough – what will be the best type needed for us. The choice depends on the purpose that we have for our grassed yard. If we have children and animals the grass might be in worse condition this case we should choose a sport type of grass, if we only want the grass to look good we can decide on the park one mixture.

And not without a meaning there is a way of sowing. Popular method is to sow on the cross – first we split seeds on two parts and than we sow one part in one direction, till the end of the field and another part in different direction, crossed to the first one. After sowing we have to cover seed with soil. We can make using in example rake. In the end we water the soil checking if the flow is not to intense.

If we already have seeds sowed important is a good care. The biggest problem for all gardeners is the cutting part. There can be a lot to say on this subject. We have to have good methods, tools and spend a lot of time. The best time for cutting is in the morning and in the evening and using electrical lawn-mower and smaller, hand one that can be used in harder to get places.

First cutting should be when the grass is about 6-10 centimetres and not making it too short – the correct length should be about 4 cm. The next problem is how often the grass should be cut. It is commonly said that we should do it once a week. If we do it fewer there is a possibility that pests will appear. And we should not cut the grass when it is wet – there is a more chance to make plants sick. …