Day: December 4, 2018

How to Find the Perfect Tuscan Kitchen Curtains

Fostering a sense of warmth and comfort, that is the raison d'être of Tuscan kitchen curtains. Of course, they do take immunity pride in their traditional proclivity of adding to the glam quotient of the room that they grace. And privacy? Sure, they do not disappoint in that regard too. Is not it remarkable how few yards of fabric can transform the stolid environs completely? It's almost as if the stoic calm of the kitchen has been banished into oblivion.

Greet These Choice With Glee

There's quite a dizzying array of choices that greets you during your relentless search for curtains for Tuscan kitchens. But there's a common thread that runs through all of them- that of adding dolphs of sunshine to a lackluster personal space. A sprinkle of Italian magic can do wonders to your otherwise insipid outing at the dining table. Created with passion, the concoction of rich textures, soul-stirring Mediterranean colors and very unique shapes and designs leaves onlookers in raptures.

While floral prints like roses and sunflowers have an ageless appeal, red cherries and apple orchard prints are the stuff that pastoral dreams are made of. Sheer print curtains etched with Tuscan hills promise absolute bucolic bliss.

For those that dare to be different, anything that's run-of-the-mill will not do. For them, the magnificence of bold stripes and checks in a plethora of vibrant colors seems too good to be true.

But for creating that quintessential Tuscan feel, the gingham and grapevine print is your best bet. It's sure to set the grapevine buzzing. Exceptionally attractive tier curtains with matching valances are another show-stopper. They certainly match your addiction for eye candy.

Create Your Own Style

If thinking creatively is an innate part of your DNA, then weaving magic at home with very banal items like fabric, paint, tape measure, brushes, scissors and a sewing machine does not sound preposterous. Just get hold of these items and give a free rein to your imagination.

Just like the Tuscan style, its sure be an ethereal work of art. …

Home Security – Major incentives For the householder

'Thief who carried out 420 burglaries is spared prison' – yes 420 burglaries!

Can this be right you're probably asking yourself?
I'm staggered to report that this is a quote from a news article published in 'The Mail on Sunday' on the 2nd September 2006. The article was about a 28 year old thief who had stolen an estimated £ 400,000 worth of property during a two year burglary spree, in order to fund a chronic drug addiction. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case, very few burglars go to prison and in this particular instance the thief was recommended for a drug rehabilitation program.

I'm prompted to write this article because home security is a particular passion of mine, as during the course of my 22 year Police career I've dealt with deal with literally thousands of burglaries. I know only too well the devastating effect that they can have on the average householder and how long it can take to recover financially and emotionally from them. This is a shame because I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of burglaries that, with a little thought, could not have been prevented.

You see, while investigating burglaries I've spoken to many burglars and know what motivates or de-motivates them in deciding on a particular house to break in to.
This information has proved useful in advising victims on the relatively simple and inexpensive measures that they can take to prevent themselves from being targeted in the future. This is particularly important when you consider that once a house has been burgled it is four times more likely to be attacked again -usually within the folllowing 18 months- than would be a similar house that has never been targeted before (this statistic is provided by the National Neighborhood Watch Association).

In many cases my advice has been taken up by the occupiers – very often to their benefit. Unfortunately, there has not been a similar take-up of my advice by victims' neighbors, who I would normally visit during the course of my investigations. I say unfortunately, because burglars have on many occasions returned to attack other vulnerable homes that they identified during their previous visit.

In this and the following articles I'd like to share my expertise in burglary prevention with you.
Before I write about about the best methods of putting off the burglar though, I'd like to provide you with a couple of incentives that should help spur you into making your home as secure as possible:

Firstly; Burglary is not inevitable. This is because burglars are not invincible!
They are only human and will do the least amount necessary in order to steal from you. Knowing this and a few other things about burglars should help you see that with a little bit of effort you can defeat them.

You probably did not realize that:

* The average burglar is a reliably unsophisticated youth;

* Often described as an opportunist, he will persistently look …

How to Use Canvas Prints in Your Next Interior Design Project

Canvas prints are a great way to add a splash of color to any room, display family photos or create a stunning wall feature. Here, we've listed some great ways that you can use canvas prints in your next interior design project.

Great way to display family images

Canvas prints have really become a new and popular way to display family portraits and fun photos of loved ones. Rather than having a series of frames, more and more people are opting for canvas prints for their vibrant colors, their modern style / look and longevity. Also, you can blow up family images to whatever size you like on a canvas print and turn your family portrait into a piece of art.

The canvas transforms your image into art

If you have any landscape images, portraits or images of holidays and trips away, printing them onto canvas can make them transform from a happy snap to a true piece of art. Printing onto canvas often converts images, transforming them into something more.

To add a splash of color to a space

Canvas prints are a great way to add a vibrant splash of color to any room. First, consider the other colors you want to bring out in the room. Then select an image that will compliment the existing colors and with a quality canvas print you'll have a stunning addition to your wall that will add color to your home.

If it suits the room, blow the image up even larger for more color and to create a focal point in the space.

Canvas prints are also a great way to decorate children's bedrooms. On a plain wall, a series of cute images of your child's favorite things or images of them, makes a great alternative to generic prints or wall stickers.

Multiple images

A great way to transform a room is to create a stunning feature by making one of the walls a gallery of your favorite images. These can be a series of family photos printed onto canvas or some landscape shots or holiday images. A feature wall like this can make the perfect focal point in a room and instantly transform it and create interest as well as adding color.

Look online

Once you have chosen the image you want to blow up into a canvas print you need to choose where you will have it printed. A good place to start looking is the Internet. Search for a company that makes canvas prints to suit your needs. Check out their gallery to see samples of their work and make sure your prints are made properly so that they will thank the test of time. Always choose quality over a lower price, as your prints will look better and last longer too.

If one of your family portraits turns our exceptionally well on canvas, you may even decide to blow up a few of them and give them to family members as gifts at Christmas or for …

7 Reasons You Might Want to Consider Using Hydroponic Gardening to Become a Hydroponic Gardener

Are you a gardener? Have you read about hydroponic gardening but are not quite sure if it has any advantages for you? Do you get discouraged when you cannot control the weather? Are you forever fighting pests? Have you learned how to control the amount of sunshine or light your plants receive? Then perhaps you should reconsider hydroponic gardening, as it has many advantages over conventional gardening. Here is what you will discover when growing your plants with the hydroponic methods.

1. Less time and effort: Yes, much less time and effort is required than with conventional gardening. If you have ever spent hours preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the plants, watering when nature does not provide enough water, then you know just how much time and effort conventional gardening can be. Once set up and running, hydroponics requires very little time to maintain.

2. Weed free: That is correct! Since you are not using soil, you have no opportunities for weeds to appear. This in itself has caused many a gardener to switch to hydroponics. And, of course, your plants will get the maxim nutrients from the solution because they are not fighting the weeds for it.

3. No more plant diseases: Without soil, your plants have no opportunity to pick up bacteria and parasites commonly found with conventional gardening. Again, you will have healthier plants.

4. Larger plants and higher yields: Because hydroponics relies on feeding the roots directly with a nutrient solution, the plants will develop much more quickly, grow larger, and produce bigger yields. This is because the plants spend their energy growing rather than searching for nutrients. Plants grown this way show much less stress than those grown in the conventional manner.

5. Limited space needed: Hydroponic gardening can be done in a very limited space. So if you have no access to a yard, or if you live in an environment not conducive to conventional gardening, hydroponics is your solution.

6. Clean: This is very clean gardening because no soil or dirt is used. Because you have such a controlled environment, no pesticides are needed.

7. Great for the elderly and handicapped: Seldom mentioned, but a very important advantage, is that hydroponic gardening is easy for the elderly or the handicapped. The garden can be built at any height so it can be accessed by someone in a wheel chair or someone who just cannot get on the ground any more. Avid gardeners who age and give up their gardening are missing out by not turning to hydroponic gardening.…

Japanese Home Decor – Balanced and Graceful

Japanese home decor is a little bit more than plain decorating a living space. It is about achieving a feeling of balance in the universe. This process is known as Zen, which is essential in true Japanese home decor. With minimalism in furnishing the Japanese home decor embraces space, and uses it as a way of balancing the Yin and Yang.

Less is always more when it comes to Japanese home decor. The same principle goes to color or lack thereof – Japanese interiors are usually a blend of neutral and natural colors, which will provide a simple background. Black is considered a necessary element in the color palette, but it is used more for defining form and aligning structures more than for actual color. Since black does not clash with anything, the Japanese culture uses it as part of bringing a harmonious feel to a room. Vivid colors are used, but generally only in a single form. If you select a red piece of art, do not mix it on the same wall with another vivid color. A colorful piece is mean to stand out as a focal point of the room. If you use the same color in other parts of the room, the original piece will lose its potency.

Instead of mixing different colors together, you can select contrasting finishes and textures for various items – this is how you can achieve an integral part of balancing. Japanese home decor has many textures such as long grained cedar wood, rice paper, lacquer, bamboo, wicker, and beautiful fabrics of different silks.

To add objects with an Eastern influence to your Japanese home decor, you can try a few of the classic and beautiful bits and pieces. A finely made kimono can add art to a room without any effort at all, because a Japanese kimono is considered to be the canvas of the Japanese artist. Wedding kimonos and fans are considered extremely valuable and decorative. Even hanging a kimono on a clothing stand or decorative bar can make a statement in any room with Japanese home decor.

A wide sash worn with a kimono is called an obi – it can make an excellent table runner or be framed as a piece of art. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, you can group a collection of obis behind your bed to make a fabulous headboard. A Keyaki is a gorgeous antique door that can be used as a desk top, or coffee table top. Lastly, a cake keg can double as a plant holder. Depending on the size, you could also use it as a vase, end table, or lamp base.

If you want your home to look unique and exotic, choose Japanese home decor style. Your imagination and widespread eastern influence can help you create a room that is both beautiful and well-balanced. …

A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Who doesn’t like birthdays when it comes once in a year. Be it a party, be it food/drinks, be it games/activities- one enjoys the day like never before. Other than that it involves expenditure too which needs to be planned in a certain way. The ultimate aim is to make the people happy so that they shower their blessings of health/ wealth/love unto you. And age is just a number, when a child grows, his maturity also grows.

1) A great cake: It is the most attractive part which will be kept in the centre. Everyone would love to taste it when it gets cut and be divided. It can be made according to the theme for example you put red theme or pink theme. That’ll be great when it will match the dresses. It could be prepared from the local bakery or home-made too. A better cake denotes another year added to person’s life.

2) Food/menu: What is that, that will mouth-water the people’s tastebuds. Punjabi or Chinese cuisine, continental or Indian, or Thai. Will there be soups, salads, seasonal cooked vegetables etc. Just ponder over it and let the party be memorable. Like marriage the arrangements could be made and waiters could be there to serve it. A special chef could be hired that will suffice all the requirements and satisfy the gluttony. Wasted food can be discarded.

3) Gathering: Decide on how many people you want to call and take care of their sitting arrangements. They will all mingle up while you can play the music behind. Tambola also can be planned just to engage whom you have called. People should not be more or less than the one which you can’t handle. Choose carefully!

4) Introvert nature: Only those kids can talk to each other and be involved when they’re asked to mingle with each other personalities. These are type A personalities who are confident enough to grasp and understand the human behaviour. Push them to have a conversation with each other. They will talk about family, habits, experiences, their positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses, insecurities etc. Let them have their own time to make interesting talks/gossips with each other.

5) Games: games like musical chairs, lemon on spoon, little games and dancing damsel can be played just to engage the children whom you’ve called. Chits game can be played where everyone would be asked to share their best experiences of life till yet. Just make sure everything is clean and available. Washroom is clean and has good soap just to avoid germs.

So you did you best in organizing the party, just to end it you can give return gifts and let it be dolls, keychains, pens, laughing Buddha etc. Other option could be to give the party at a hill station like on mountains away from homes, changing of place/ changing of weather could be a nice idea to spend time with children and their friends.…