Day: November 12, 2018

Top 3 Ways On How To Enlarge Your Penis

Most men want a bigger penis because it’s nearly a status icon to society. You better believe that if someone knows you have a big one, it’s going to get whispered around your group of friends until it reaches back to you. They’re going to want to see it because, believe it or not, it’s rare for a man to have a big member.

Here’s a few tips on how to enlarge your penis by either appearance or physically

Tip 1: Trim or shave your pubic hair.

Your pubic hair takes up a lot of length real estate. If you trim it, it can appear to be an entire inch longer!

How to trim your pubic hair?

Simple. Get some small scissors and simply cut it down to your desired length. Make sure you do it over a trash can or the toilet. It makes a huge mess and it’s embarrassing for someone to find your pubic hair clippings all over the place.

How to shave your pubic hair?

This is a little harder, but it’s only hard the first time you do it. First, you need to trim it (read above paragraph). You need to trim it first because a razor can’t cut longer hair very well. After you trim it, get some shaving cream or gel or some type of oil and smooth it over the area real well, then simply run your razor over it a few times, rinse & repeat. Only go with the grain, not against it. If you go against the grain, you’ll most likely get ingrown hairs (little red bumps that look like acne) and that isn’t very attractive when your pants come off. You’ll look like you have an STD.

If you really want to go against the grain, just make sure you go with the grain first, then re-apply the shaving cream/gel/oil and shave against it with a nice razor. After you’re done, put some kind of after shave on it (it’ll burn) and then examine your newly pre-pubescent groin!

Tip 2: Take a hot bath or shower

I know it’s not going to be easy to hop in a hot shower before someone sees you naked, but it works and that’s all that matters. Hop in the shower, get it pretty hot, sit in there for a little bit and then get out. You rmember will be swollen a bit and will most likely look mighty fantastic compared to it’s normal size. This way works best on pre-sex showering.

Tip 3: Buy an enlargement device

Don’t you dare just buy any thing that says “penis enlargement” on it. You’ll want to read up on reviews and see prices before you buy.

Isn’t it all bull?

There is a lot of bull out there. Let me explain a few of them:

  • Enlargement pills: They don’t work by themselves, that’s for sure. What I mean by that is you need an enlargement device to truly get any benefits (I’ll get to that).

Italian Kitchens with Real Style

Italian kitchens are famous around the world for their high level of style that does not compromise in the slightest on functionality. But what makes a truly Italian kitchen?

There are two distinct types of Italian kitchens – classic and contemporary. So once you've decided you want an Italian style kitchen you then have to make the choice as to whether you want it to be more traditional or ultra modern.

Classic Italian kitchens are warm, inviting spaces that take us right back to old Italy. They're the kind if kitchens you can see large families all cooking together in. They typically have wooden cupboards and a table in the middle of the room which adds to the family orientated quality of the kitchen. These kitchens are better suited to families and people that enjoy the more rustic style.

A contemporary Italian kitchen is ultra sleek and modern. The surfaces and cupboard doors will be much smoother and have cleaner lines. These kitchens are considered to be ultra hip and are often found in young couple's homes or fitted in expensive city apartments.

What all Italian kitchens have in common is that they all obey a very basic principle and that is that they're spaces you want to be in. An Italian kitchen is a joy to work in because everything looks and functions so well. Of course, there are certain features and materials that are traditionally used but it is this principle that underlies them all.

So if you really want to be authentically Italian, pick which type of kitchen you want and be sure to stay true to the one golden rule. …

Chase Away Rainy Day Blues With HD Movies

The weather often impacts people’s emotions, feelings, and energy level. Rainy days with overcast skies can make some people feel down in the dumps, especially when there are very few sunny days to break the grey monotony. If you are looking for something to do to chase away the rainy day blues, there is nothing better than grabbing some tasty snacks from the kitchen, getting comfortable on the couch, and watching a movie in stunning high definition.

If the weather forecast is not looking good, your best bet is to find an exciting or intriguing series of films that can maintain your interest over a few days. ‘Star Wars’ is a great place to start, especially if you have not yet seen the original trilogy. The very first film to be made is episode IV in the series, and it originally appeared in theatres over three decades ago. It takes place in a ‘galaxy far, far away’ and tells the epic tale of Luke Skywalker, a common farm boy who is spurred to action by the unfolding political events. He decides to join in the fight for control of the galaxy and sets off to save Princess Leia, leader of the rebels.

While the special effects of the original three episodes might seem small compared to the HD action and fantasy films made in recent years, ‘Star Wars’ was groundbreaking when it was first released. Furthermore, filmmaker George Lucas has worked hard over the years to enhance the image quality and add dimension to re-released versions and the special DVD boxed sets. In addition, following the original trilogy, another series of three episodes found success at box offices in three-year time periods beginning in 1999. Although images quality differences are certainly notable, if you watch the enhanced version of episodes IV to V on your high definition screen, you will definitely enjoy all of the action.

Watching all six episodes that have been made to this date will take time, especially if your satellite TV channel broadcasts some of the behind-the-scenes coverage. But if it is still raining outside, you do not need to worry – there are plenty of other quality trilogies out there. For another group of films that will transport you to another reality, check out ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ They are closely based on the book of the same name, written by J.R.R. Tolkien in the period leading up to and just after World War II. Multiple Academy Awards were given to the different movies.

After you have had your fill of fantasy adventure and space travels, you might be in the mood for something entirely new. The ‘Godfather’ series, if you have not seen them already, is an intriguing and exciting change of pace. With actors Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino appearing in the different films, the quality of acting is quite high. With a satellite TV signal streaming the films down to your living room, you can enjoy all of …

History of Lanvin Fashion House

Founder of the world famous Lanvin Fashion House, Jeanne Lanvin is considered to be the most influential designers of her time. Her work spans almost 2 decades which were filled with the most innovative works that her generation has ever seen. Jeanne Lanvin was born in Paris in January 1, 1967. The eldest in a brood of 11, she worked as an apprentice milliner or hat maker for Madame Felix at the age of 16. After that, she came to work as a dressmaker in Talbot , one of the most famous dressmakers in Paris at that time.

It was not until she 42 years old that she finally got the formal title as a couturier at the Syndicat de la Couture. This was a name given to people who actually designed and made garments to supply to private clients. But her genius in designing was not really recognized in the fashion house itself but instead on the dresses that she made for her daughters. She was a genius in embroidery work and created plenty of such designs on her daughter's dresses. Her work used the eye of many rich people in Paris and in no time, the couturier was making beautiful dresses for mothers and daughter of noble families in the area. She was most well known for creating wonderful mother and daughter attires and for the kind of edginess and modernity that she incorporated on to her designs.

Another creation that brought Jeanne Lanvin a few more times more into the limelight was her "robes de style" creations which were full skirted dresses that highlighted small women's waists. This was considered to be the perfect fusion between feminine poise and sexiness. Jeanne Lanvin was also a genius when she worked with silks and linens on women's evening dresses. Her choice of material was influenced from the Orient and made her to create elegant works of art, different from the usual materials used during the times.

In 1926, Jeanne Lanvin opened her doors to designing men's apparel and she became the first ever couturier to design for whole families. Over the years, her customers included famous celebrities and even queens and princesses from different countries. Her designs were ageless as her mother and daughter designs showed very little or no differences at all. For this couturier, dresses are made to make women look young and feminine which captured the hearts of many fashion lovers. Her wonderful taste and combinations of different materials – from silk, ribbons, ruffles, satins and many others set her work apart form all of the designers of her generation. Jeanne Lanvin died at the age of 79 and the fashion house was taken over by her daughter, Marie Blanche. At present, the house still dresses many of the rich and the famous, including presidential first lady Michelle Obama.

Up until today, the many designs created by Jeanne Lavin still reappear in the catwalk every now and then and many of the top designers today are …

Using Premade Decor When You Make Your Own Invitations

You do not always have the luxury of time when you make your own invitations. Sometimes people have to resort to making the cards themselves because the pre-ordered batch of cards are not going to arrive on time. Then again, some people simply enjoy making their own invitations at home. But no matter what, practical people like to save time when they engage in such activities. In this particular activity, you can save time by buying premade decorations to accentuate your cards.

Using premade decor when you make your own invitations comes with its own risks. Depending on the kind of affair you might be holding, premade decorations can be tacky. Or, they could be just the thing they need to spice up a boring, plain design.

Premade decor is actually widely used on invitations for affairs like weddings. Some are tasteful without going overboard, after all. Lace paper doilies are among such decorations. You can buy paper doilies that have already been cut into different designs, then cut them again to fit the surface of your card, if they are too large, or to snip them down into shapes that would better suit your invitation. If they are just the right size, you can simply glue them on. No matter what shape your doilies will take, make sure to arrange them carefully so that they will not look like they were simply thrown in together.

Some lace paper doilies come in white, which would allow you to paint them to suit a color scheme, in case your invitation happens to be following one. But if you want to save time, choose doilies that already come in colors that match your chosen theme.

Ribbons could also come pre-arranged so you do not have to fix them up yourself. Fraying the ends of gift box ribbons, then using them to decorate invitations (usually by threading them along the edges of the card) is quite an old-fashioned way to make an attention-catching piece. But this method is still a classic! Some commercial ribbons already come frayed at the ends, or cut into fancy shapes that make them resemblance lace.

Christmas party invitations also make extensive use of premade decor. You could buy small Christmas tree ornaments and paste them on your invitations, to give them a fancy three-dimensional look. Round ornaments could be a hassle, though! There are flatter motifs that could be found, like gingerbread men and candy canes.

In fact, you could buy entitation kits, which include ribbons, lace, blank cards, and coloring materials, and then just have fun creating your own designs. One advantage to using premore decor when you make your own invitations is that you could customize the look of each card for every recipient, without having to take long with conceptualizing unique designs. Simply mix and match the materials you have at your disposal, and voila! …