Month: November 2018

Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Packing all the essentials along with efficiency and style may require a lot of thought and creativity, but not necessarily a lot of space. With some smart ideas, you can do more in less space when it comes to bathrooms. Here are some smart solutions for small bathroom design:

1. Pedestal sinks are ideal for small bathrooms but they do not provide storage space. Add storage shelves nearby for more storage. You can also opt for wall mounted sinks to free up the floor area.

2. If the door swings to block a lot of space, consider pocket doors for your bathroom. Traditional swinging doors block a lot of wall space making the bathroom seem stuffy.

3. Recessed shelving can provide lots of storage space in a small bathroom without taking any of your free space. You can also opt for recessed shelves between wall studs as well.

4. Choose a single color or texture continuously through the bathroom to make it seem larger. Using a single color or texture blurs out the edges and ensures visual continuity.

5. Use white color for lending the bathroom an open feel. Continue the whites to the tiles, fixtures and ceiling and use bright colors in other smaller accents and accessories for a contrast.

6. Glass reflectors light and will make your bathroom seem larger. You can use glass in shower cubicles, wall accents and lights.

7. Construct a slender counter running along the length of the wall from your sink to the toilet for storage space and to partially cover the toilet area. …

Shop Around For Kitchen Decor

Finding the right kitchen décor can be as simple as choosing one item and then building on that theme. If you enjoy a certain food or group of foods then you may be able to develop your kitchen décor around these items and colors. Here are some examples of themes that you can add to your kitchen décor list.

If you enjoy pets and animals you can find many very inexpensive items at your local thrift store. They will often have cookie jars, dispensers, towels and other animal themes related kitchen décor items.

Safari animals are popular choices for kitchen décor that might be a great choice if you want something a bit different for your kitchen. You may be able to find some nice tigers and lions for a ceiling trim wall paper and then add some other cute items to add to your kitchen décor that are along the same theme.

If you are not into animals for your décor theme then you may want to think about some fruits or vegetables for a theme. The main benefit of choose themes types of themes for you r kitchen décor is the availability of décor items to choose from. There are literally hundreds of combinations. With so many choices you can still make your kitchen décor individual and not like a copy of someone else's kitchen.

The most popular colors for your kitchen décor are usually going to be reds and dark greens. These two colors can go a long ways to creating a great atmosphere for your kitchen. You may find that you like a certain item you found in a store and want to build your décor theme around this style.

You can often find many good kitchen décor ideas by visiting some of your larger local home improvement stores. They will often have displays set up to spur your thoughts. You may also be able to find some great ideas by visiting some plumbing supply or cabinet stores. …

Tips to Get Great Lighting For Every Corner of the Garden

Whenever anyone is redesigning or building a new house, very often they will forget about one important aspect of the whole set up and that is the garden. The garden is important since it can be used for many different functions and that is where the talents of a landscape lighting expert will come in very handy. Landscape lights can set the mood in the garden and this will make or break the whole design.

Of course, it is obvious that many people will know just how to set out their gardens to give some spectacular views or vistas through the year. However, for those who are not familiar with the plants and their habits it is very often down to the expert to advice on just what will fit where.

The same holds true for the illumination expert who will want to have a hand in putting in electrical outlets and conduits where they will be of most use. Getting these two disciples together, or in the same professional, is probably a good idea.

First it must be decided exactly what is expected of the garden itself. Is it just somewhere enough and pretty to relax and let go of the cares of the day? Or will it be used like an extension of the living space where dinner parties or family gatherings will take place? This is important to know so that the appropriate illumination can be put in place as and when the garden is being designed and planted.

If the garden is to give continuous color throughout the year, changing with the seasons, it is of vital importance for the illumination to be put in to show off the best features. Water features, for example, look wonderful when lit right right and if this can be seen from a great vantage point where guests will gather, then this could become quite a focal point.

On the other hand, low illumination may be what is needed to just make the whole setting glow when dusk falls so that the transition is not noticeable until the day has completely faded. The garden will literally come alive once darkness has fallen completely and this gives a wonderful effect to the finished look.

It may be that the garden is only going to be used by the family unit but this still means that it can be utilized as extra space as and when necessary. Electrical outlets conveniently located around the garden will enable several activities to go on at once and this means that the family does not always have to gather in the same spot all the time.

Dinner served under the stars is wonderfully romantic for the grown ups but the kids can go off safely to another spot and play their games and sports in the safety of the home setting. Whatever the occasion then it is very obvious that the way the garden is lit becomes very important if it is to be used to …

B&B Supplies – Supermarket Or Wholesaler

When it comes to running a B&B, every decision rests with the proprietor. How much to charge, how many pieces of toast with breakfast, what to have on your website, how much to spend on marketing, the list goes on and on.

When it comes to B&B Supplies of the toiletries nature there is a vast amount of difference in proprietors attitudes to what their guests want, need and expect. Take shampoo and shower gel for example. Some proprietors offer a regular tube that might be purchased at a local supermarket, some offer mini shower gels or shampoo’s and some offer none at all.

Now let’s explore the cost and impact of each of these decisions:

• Supermarket purchased B&B Supplies:

As an average, most supermarket shower gel / shampoo costs approximately 6-7 pence per ml, if you don’t believe me go and check it out at a supermarket’s website. At most specialist B&B Suppliers who offer mini tubes average the price is around 3.5 – 4.5 pence per ml but I have seen it as low as 1.8 pence per ml in the past. And that was not a particularly low quality fluid or low quality packaging.

The impact of using supermarket bought guest amenities is as follows:

Firstly there is a mild perception of bad hygiene. This is because the customer is forced to use the same item in the shower as a previous guest (or guests). Secondly, there is actually the perception that not as much care or attention has been put into the guest as could have been. Thirdly the proprietor has to remember to pick up a new batch every time they run low. Finally there is no control over how much product the customer uses. I know that in my home certain people (who will remain nameless) use about 10 times more shampoo than is actually needed for clean hair, the same applies to shower gel and toothpaste. Add this tendency to overuse to the increased cost per ml and you’re looking at spending around 4-5 times more on guest amenities if they are purchased from a supermarket.

• Miniature Tubes Purchased from a specialist B&B Supplier:

As I mentioned before with regards to cost, the average price of fluids from a specialist B&B supplier is around 3.5 – 4.5 pence per ml with it being available for as low as around 1.8 pence per ml.

The impact of using miniature B&B Supplies is as follows:

It comes in individual tubes which are usually pretty visually appealing, adding to the decor of your establishment. Your guest feels as if they are getting more value for their money plus they feel more hygienic and perceive your bed and breakfast to be more professional. At the same time you get to control the amount of product your guests use, if you get someone who insists on using a lot more then you provided, they can ask for more. Inform them at check in that if they …

Keeping Your Home Safe Using Mold Remediation Techniques

Mold is something that is always present and it does not need to have a health hazard. However, large amounts of mold need to be prevented and eliminated as quickly as possible by applying mold remediation techniques. Many areas of homes are highly susceptible to mold buildup, especially in places like the kitchen, bathroom and basement. These areas are likely to attract moisture and moisture is the ideal breeding ground for mold spores. Ignoring mold is the worse thing you can do because it will actually spread and invade things like your furniture and carpeting.

The best thing you can do as a conscientious homeowner is to maintain your home well. Walk around and look for any signs of mold growth. This is a very important task to do during the wet season because water is likely to somehow find its way into your home during this time. Check everywhere and look into ever nook and cranny for signs of moisture. If you find any, get rid of the source as quickly as possible.

After you have found and eliminated excess moisture or mold in your home, keep it dry by using dehumidifiers, fans and / or air conditioners. Do not give moisture a chance to return because if it does, mold is sure to start growing again. Adding insulation to your walls, in your attic and under your floors is another way to keep your home warm and cozy and less likely to attract moisture.

There are other mold remediation techniques that work well also. If you find mold, use a HEPA vacuum to remove it from the surface. Then, use a stiff brush to thoroughly scrub off any remaining mold. Once this is done and you're confident that the surface is mold-free, clean the entire area with a solution of bleach and water. Let it set for a few minutes and then wipe it completely dry.

To keep mold off of your walls and floors, try one of the mold-resistant paints that are now available. There are a number of brands for you to select from and this is an excellent way to avoid mold problems in the future. If your furniture has been invaded by mold, you may have to discard it. However, you might try washing it gently with very hot water and a mild bleach solution. Then, air it out in the hot sun which should kill any remaining mold spores.

Mold remediation is not extremely difficult but it must be done if you want to keep your home relatively free of mold. The most important advice is that you should always keep your home a dry as possible by ventilating it well and keeping it as clean as possible. …

5 Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Service In A Chapel As Opposed To Gardens

Are you having a wedding soon? Well, you have two options on where to have your service; a wedding chapel or a garden. Which one is better? For one, it will definitely depend on the weather! However, both of them do have their benefits and this article will enlighten more on the advantages of having a wedding service in a chapel.

• Best for cold seasons

If you are not sure of how the weather is going to behave on the most important day of your life, you are better off in a chapel. Some people may find it old-fashioned but the setting it creates is just right for a wedding. With a garden wedding service, the weather may turn on you and cause a disaster; strong winds, heavy rain, too hot or too cold.

• Perfect ambience

Wedding chapels have a great ambience for such occasions. From the architectural beauty, to the structural designs to the small details such as window frames and panels, all having unique shapes and forms. All these elements are what make a chapel special and holy place to have a special occasion such as a wedding.

• Photogenic!

Today, people are going out of their way to take great wedding photos; near lakes, game reserves, on vintage cars, bikes, pools etc. Why not use a chapel for the same purpose? Of course, you have to take one with your parents and in-laws at the entrance; that has been there for a while now, but use the unique structure to lighten your photo session! Some ideas could be sitting next to the piano or standing at the altar, anything that will make your photos look out of this world! Chapels always have beautiful venues and well-maintained surroundings.

• Inexpensive

As compared to gardens, chapels do not charge as much when it comes to renting their venue. For members of the church, you are most likely going to be given the venue at lower rates than non-members. In fact, if you have been good to the church, you might have your service at your chapel at no cost! Therefore, if you plan on a low-cost wedding, you better start going to church.

• Welcoming

Unlike other faiths, the chapel leaders do not restrict people who are not believers of the same faith. This way, it is advantageous to the almost-married couple since they have the freedom to invite anyone! This can be an ideal place for couples of different religious beliefs.…

Sand From the Beach – How to Clean & Keep the Sand Out of Your Home & Car From the Beach!

Sand belongs on the beach and not in your car or home. Everyone loves the beach, but unfortunately the sand loves to follow you when you leave. Though it is virtually impossible to keep every grain of sand on the beach and not in your car or home, a few basic steps can tremendously lower the amount.

1. Always wear sandals on the beach and not shoes that can trap sand.

2. Always carry toys, magazines, snacks, towels and other beach accessories in a mesh bag to allow the sand to fall out verse getting trapped in the bag to eventually end up in your car or home.

3. Place a tote in your trunk to place all beach bags, towels and chairs. The tote can be taken out of your car when you get home to wash off everything inside it.

4. Keep a small hose with attachment to wash feet off before entering your home.

5. Keep a bowl with water by the door and a towel on a hook. Clean your feet off before entering the house when coming home from the beach by sticking your feet in the bowl. Remember to put fresh water daily in the bowl to prevent bugs from attracting like mosquitoes.

6. Consider buying the Hoover Nomad Cordless Pressure Washer. Great to keep in your trunk to hose off feet, toys or chairs before getting into the car. This small unit holds 3.5 Gallons of water and is great at the beach, sporting events and anything imaginable outdoors. Long hose, 90 PSI and long battery life.

7. Keep your doormats by your home clean and new. Doormats do a tremendous job in attracting dirt when newer. Shake out regularly and spray down with a hose periodically. Keep your indoor mats clean daily and wash them weekly.

8. Consider an outdoor changing area to allow sandy bathing suits to stay outside and not inside a bedroom or bathroom. Rinse off the suit before bringing in a home.

9. Have a good stick vacuum near your entry areas to the home to capture the sand quickly. The three best stick vacuums are the Hoover Platinum Stick Vacuum, Oreck Rechargeable PR8000 and Karcher Sweeper.

10. The best vacuums indoor for capturing sand once inside the home are the Oreck XL 2000, Hoover C1404 and Koblenz Upright Vacuum.

The beach can be a very relaxing experience. Following these steps can make leaving the beach less stressful by bringing less of the beach sand home with you.…

French Formal Gardens Employ Cast Stone Fountains

France is famous for its romantic cast stone fountains, but it's also rich in gardens that reflect its cultural taste, as those tastes have been from the Middle Ages to the present. What better way to breathe in the essence of the French than to wander outdoors in designed spaces where you can smell and touch the living displays, sit by a refreshing cast stone fountain and move freely and absorb at your own pace?

French gardens, particularly the French formal garden can engage all five senses. In the 16th Century, French courtiers built their chateau gardens along the Loire Valley fertile riverbanks. The homes were especially small turreted castles that reicked of charm. Many of these same chateaux and their formal French gardens with cast stone fountains are open to the public today so that the owners may qualify for government tax breaks and grants.

The French Gardens and Cast Stone Fountains Were an Inspiration for Other Countries

Italian artists who traveled through Europe were inspired by French gardens and their cast stone fountains where architecture took pride of place over nature. Very strict geometric perspectives were used to show buildings to their best advantage. The French formal gardens at Versailles, designed by Andre Le Notre, were inspired by the sun-symbol chosen by King Louis XIV, the main axes corresponding to the points of the compass. Flowerbeds edged with trimmed box hedges were planted. Garden specialist Gabrielle van Zuylen sees the influence of Versailles at Blenheim Palace in England, in St. Louis. Petersburg (Russia), at La Granja near Segovia (Spain) and in Caserta near Naples (Italy). Le Notre's radiating garden paths even served as inspiration for the town plan of Washington DC The cast stone fountains appeared in many of these palaces and estates.

French Formal Gardens Represent Extreme Formality

The most favored style for great house gardens in Europe during much of this period derived from the influence of the French designer Andre 'Le Notre, creator of the gardens at Versailles. The French style represented an extreme of formality, with box-edged parterres (elaborate and geometric beds) typically placed near the residence to provide an arranged view. The cast stone fountain was usually set in the center as the focal point of where it all came together. Trees were grouped in neat plantations or in bold lines along avenues, with terraces and statuary carefully placed to emphasize the architectural symmetry of the grand manner. The widespread adoption of this style among the European nobility and gentry reflected the potency of French cultural influence at the time. It was also related, on a practical basis, to the limited availability of planting materials, especially those offering autumn and winter display.

The change to a more natural style of gardening came about when, in the latter part of the 18th century, the opinion anose among leading gardeners, particularly those of the English gentry, that the French formal garden manner greeted with it a certain monotony. The increasing importation of foreign plants also …

Your How-To Guide On Protecting Your Wooden Garage From Pests

A wooden garage is an awesome addition to your property. It adds value and marketability to your home, looks great and has additional benefits like sturdy construction, better design and good insulation compared to metal counterparts. But they come with one drawback: they are a beacon for pests.

Because a wooden garage tends to be warmer, made of a consumable material (thanks to termites) and more natural looking, it is an inviting environment for spiders, insects, small mammals and other creepy crawlies that will take refuge there if allowed.

Here is your how to guide on protecting your wooden garage from all the little critters that might find their way in.

Restain The Wood Regularly

The first step to avoiding pests is to make sure they have to way to get in. The most common gateway it through damage to the external of your garage, mainly in the wood itself. Over time your lumber can crap, form gaps between plants, warm or rot. This allows pests to get in. Restaining the wood every three to five years will keep it healthy and free of openings.

If you find some damage has already occurred, fix it as soon as possible to avoid an infestation taking hold.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters on your garage can be a refuge for insects and spiders during the drier months. Keeping them clear is a good idea as it gives them less places to hide out before making their way into your garage.

Every season to a cleaning to make sure there are no nests, hives or webs. Get rid of debris where they could hide. You may also want to put on gutter covers to keep them from getting in in the first place.

Clear Outside Bramble

Bramble and debris around your garage is another place where pests might make their home. This includes old, dead plants and bushes, old trees, overgrown patches of flora, etc. Clearing these out periodically won’t just keep pests away, but it could make your house look a lot better in the process.

Make sure before winter to do any clearing of old, dead gardens and other areas around your garage, so it is ready for the coming winter months.

Fix Damage Promptly

As mentioned above, any damage to your wood can let in pests. It might have even been caused by them. Often when there are holes in lumber it was eaten away by termites. Other critters can get in through these holes or hide in the walls. The last thing you want is to go about your business in your wooden garage and not realize that there is an infestation all around you, just waiting to pour out.

Check for any external damage regularly. The moment you see it, even if it is a tiny crack or fracture in the wood, take care of it immediately. That will give pests less time to find it and move on in.

Do Seasonal Checkups

A seasonal checkup is always a …

Redo Your Bathroom For Less

With these few simple tips you can take your bathroom from dull and tired to bright and inviting with little cost.

Start off your bathroom with a nice deep clean, and sort the things that you need and throw away the stuff that you do not use. Getting rid of clutter doesnt cost anything! You can find great clear plastic boxes, bins, drawer dividers, and clear cosmetic bags for things out of sight. (available at any discount store, craft stores, major retailers, etc.) For the items that will stay in sight put them in nice decorative storage containers to help with the decoration of your bathroom.

Tip: If your tile still looks dull and dingy try re-grouting it, fresh grout can make your tile appear new and is unbelievably less expensive to do rather than putting in new tile.

Add a little color to your space with a nice bright semi-gloss made just for bathrooms and kitchens. These semi-gloss paints are not only easy to clean, but the ones made for your bathroom are also mold and mildew resistant.

Tip: Try neutral colors for warmth, or try to match the color with the patterns and fabrics you already have.

Third, add new towel bars. Towel bars discourage piles of used towels on the floor. You can hang them behind the door or behind the toilet.

Tip: Decorative hooks work if you do not have the space for a towel bar, they do not take a lot of space and keep things off the floor.

A regular window curtain backed with a shower liner looks luxurious and very rich looking. Discount stores and department stores almost always have curtain sets that are reasonably priced.

Throw rugs, bath mats, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, and pictures are easy and low cost add-ons for any bathroom. Candles in assorted sizes are very attractive and also low cost.

Tip: Scented bath soaps not only smell good but have a luxury feel to them.

If your on a budget it does not mean it has to look cheap. No one has to know how much it costs, as long as your bathroom is bright and fresh. …