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Kitchen First Aid – Foods To Heal & Soothe Your Little Ones

THE MASHED BANANA TRICK: the ouchless way to remove splinters! Instead of going after something embedded (splinter, glass, thorn) with tweezers (ouch!), Try some ripe, mashed banana on the area, covered with tape, overnight. The enzymes in the banana draw it to the surface for easy removal the next morning. Mashed banana also works for drawing out a pimple!

THE SMELLY ONION: for the sting of a bee, the bite of a bug. Been bitten or stung? Take away the hurt or the itch by rubbing with a freshly cut onion!

THE VINEGAR BATH: to soothe the pain of a sunburn put one cup apple cider vinegar in the bath (buy wood aged from the health food store, not chemically aged from the supermarket). Soothes and cools!

MRS. RABBIT'S SECRET: for tummy aches, sleeplessness and nervous upset. Peter Rabbit's heart went pit-a-pat as he ran from Farmer MacGregor. His mother knew how to calm him: a nice warm cup of Chamomile tea. When he could not sleep or had a tummy ache, good old Chamomile came to the rescue.

THE SMELLY ONION – AGAIN !: for bumps, strains and sprains. When my athletic boys have minor injuries, we tape on a sliced, yellow onion overnight. It reduces pain and swelling.

KISSED A FROG – GOT A WART ?: the Castor Oil trick. We do not really think that frogs give us warts but whatever does we can banish them this way: every night for 3 weeks, make a paste from baking soda and Castor Oil. Place on the wart and cover with tape. Remove in the morning. Stop after 3 weeks and then the wart will most likely turn black, dry up and fall off, never to return!

PETER PIPER PICKED A PECK OF PICKLED PEPPERS: If Peter Piper had taken Cayenne pepper he could have used it to stop bleeding! Putting powdered Cayenne on a bleeding cut not only does not hurt but stops the bleeding in 10 seconds! Apply and cover with bandage. It even stops the heavy bleeding that can occur with head wounds.

THE BROWN PAPER BAG TRICK: to stop a bloody nose put a small piece of a brown paper bag between the upper lip and gum as high up as it can go. The top lip will hold it in place. Bleeding will stop in a few minutes!

WINNIE-THE-POOH'S BURN REMEDY: Honey, the sweet and sticky solution to minor burns. Gently apply to take the hurt from a burn. Use only raw, natural honey from the health food store, full of enzymes. Winnie-the-Pooh would not have gotten his honey from a supermarket!

OIL OF EUCALYPTUS: Man / Woman and Dog's best friend! If you've got a cold and can not breathe, put a few drops of oil of Eucalyptus (found in health food stores) on a wad of cotton stuffed inside a small container. Every time you need to clear your head, open the container and breathe deeply. It's really a safe and natural …

Tips for Exterior House Painters

Anyone would want to live in a beautiful home and be the envy of the neighborhood. However, with the ongoing recession, the economy does not permit a homeowner to solicit the services of professional house painters. Thus, if he wants to keep the house beautiful, he has no other choice but to become the painter himself.

If anyone thinks that painting is a breeze, it usually is, if you follow the correct procedure of painting, otherwise, you would end up with bruises and bumps while your house looks like it was vandalized on Halloween. For all exterior house painters who want to do the job correctly while remaining free from injury, these following tips will surely be of great assistance.

The first thing that prudent exterior painters should do is to buy the necessary tools and high-quality paint for the job. Although this usually means spending money, in fact it is a wise investment as it saves you from paying the fees of a professional. Be sure however, not to scrimp on the paint and tools by buying lousy ones or your job is going to be a lot harder.

Once the paint and tools are in, all prudent exterior painters should really practice safety procedures at all times. What prudent house painters would do is to check if the ladders are sturdy and balanced enough, wear the appropriate clothing for the job, and be sure that everyone is at a safe distance when he works.

Prudent house painters also practice a lot of diligence and patience when it comes to painting the house exterior. Do not expect a job like this to finish quickly as there are some parts of the house exterior that need careful and careful painting. Painting such parts rashly will only make your house look all the more ugly than it really is.

Next, good exterior house painters follow the directions of the paint can when painting. There are some types of paint that can dry quickly in high temperatures, or can fail if the temperature drops too quickly. Good house painters for the outside should know the proper time to paint, which is usually the early summer or spring, when the temperature is either too cold nor hot.

If you want to become a good exterior house painter, then just follow these simple instructions, and in no time at all you'll be joining their ranks. …

Moving With The Ages With Mosaic

When we take a look at history, we notice one common factor prevalent in all walks of life and that factor is 'revival'. Whatever is 'in-vogue' today will revive or resurface after some years. Taking this survival factor into consideration, people generally hesitate to throw out old items that they are fond of, often convoking them that the item will resurface as the in-thing sometimes in the future.

This revival factor can be observed in the field of commercial and residential architecture as well. Traditional and historic styles of arched facades, tapestries, pillars etc. are often seen resurfacing over the ages.

One such work of art which has revived itself over the years since the 4th century BC is the art of Mosaic. Mosaic art is often associated with designs in bathrooms made of tiny square tiles, installed in monochromatic sheets. However this is a very restricted view of mosaic art.

Ancient mosaic work composed of pictures, landscapes or mythological events initially staged out of water-smoothed pebbles and later from non-symmetrical pieces of scrap material and pieces of broken pottery. Intricate mosaic work illustrating events from the bible have been observed in floors, walls, pillows and even ceilings of European churches.

The ancient art of mosaic has grown in popularity over the ages. Although its origin can not be specifically established, there is enough evidence to prove that various civilizations have actively used this art form. The first school for mosaic artisans was developed by the Greeks and initially this art was used to decorate floorings. The Romans however started using mosaics to decorate walls so increasing its popularity. In Pompeii, archaeologists have uncovered evidence showing homes of common people exhibiting mosaic work on walls.

Modern mosaic works depict revolutionary revival of this art. The décor of any structure can be enhanced by the use of mosaic patterns and scenes enveloping the primitive as well as the contemporary ages to create much valued and accredited art works.

The ancient art of mosaic faces competition not only from ceramic tiles which are practical and offer varied choice of colors and patterns but also from hardwood floorings which are visually appealing and make a style statement. Even then, mosaic medallions or 'emblemata' used for floor covering make a house look distinctly exquisite.

Persian rugs which were used in formal areas and foyers are being replaced by mosaic carpets which are easy to maintain, practical and resilient. These mosaic carpets prove especially beneficial and safe in areas facing heavy traffic and convenience issues.

Using mosaic indoors in places like kitchens and bathrooms adds beauty, practicality, ease of maintenance and a stylish appeal of its own. Similarly, an outdoor pool, fountain, lawn or patio can be enhanced using this work of art. …

How to Pick Bridal Shower Favors Everyone Loves

Bridal shower favors should be small, portable gifts that can be easily taken home by the guests at the end of the day's festivals. Ideally, they will reflect the theme of the shower or the personality of the bride herself in some way. Bridal shower benefits are actually quite easy to pull together on a shoestring budget with a bit of creativity.

Keeping in mind the unique shower theme or décor, you can organize lovely favors by visiting your local craft store. You can get potpourri and gather it in fine netting, then tie it up with ribbons and a tiny sprig of silk flowers in colors to match the décor to make bridal shower favors. Scented soaps are also nice. Wrap them in squares of pretty cotton floral and tie with a ribbon. If you go to a fabric store, you can find great remnants in a variety of colors.

Check out the cost of miniature, jeweled frames that can be used as place card holders. Mark each person's place by writing their name in script and tucking it into the frame, then let them take the frame home at the end of the day.

For a garden or kitchen bridal shower theme, tiny potted herbs are a thoughtful favor that each guest can put on their kitchen windowsill and use in their own cooking. A starter plant such as a potted bulb or vine is also nice if the bride is known for her green thumb.

For a holiday wedding, bridal shower favors with a Christmas or Hanukah theme are terrific. Christmas tree ornaments, dreidels, or festive cookie cutters are charming tied with ribbons and attached to place cards at each table setting.

Pampering your guests is always a nice idea, too. Scented candles, bath crystals or samplers of nail colors and manicure supplies are unusual ideas that will be sure to be appreciated. The nail color kits are very nice if you're having a "spa" shower. Choose colors that can be worn the day of the wedding and they'll love using them on the big day! …

Silver and Chrome Wedding Favors

The chrome-like shine of silver makes a sleek and sophisticated statement at weddings. Silver complements the dazzle of crystal and glass perfectly, as well as sets off dark velvets. It also goes nicely with the soft whites and creams at traditional wedding reception decor. Matching your wedding favors to your silver décor could be a stylish gift to your guests. So, if you would like to wow your guests with a touch of class in the form of silver wedding favors then here are some tips.

Silver bottle stoppers and silver bottle openings are what oze class at your wine themed wedding. If you are having a champagne themed party, how about silver champagne buckets? Giving your guests favors like silver corkscrews and silver goblets or even wine glasses that are personalized with etching in silver will really be treasured wedding favors.

Giving your maid of honor and bridesmaids sparkly, chrome finished makeup kits will be something they will thank you for. Your silver makeup kit could contain accessories like a heart shaped mirror and compact party favor or a heart silver manicure kit. You could also include a silvery lipstick holder and what not. Just see what suits your budget and compile some great chrome items in a cute metallic pouch that is personalized for you and your friends.

If you are having a very formal affair, packaging your wedding favors in sophisticated personalized silver favor boxes that are initialed in decorative lettering, decorated with organza bows, again in metallic finish, and silver roses is just the thing. Silver photo frames available in different finishes and desk clock card holders with bookmarks and paperclips in chrome are very good men's gifts that you can give to the groom's friends. Silver luggage tags with engraved lettering and if your groom loves chess, you could give away mini silver chess sets in travel cases.

Silver plated candies and silvered Jordan almonds are edibles that your guests will appreciate, especially if you package these in silver wire baskets. Silver and crystal sun catchers are perfect silver wedding favors for garden themed parties. Victorian parties can look back to the era with silver tea spoons, little teapot silver place card holders, silver spreaders, silver tea infusers and also silver whisks. A set of silver salt and pepper shakers monogrammed with the bride and groom's initials are perfect for your wedding reception tables.

Luminous votives that are placed in personalized boxes are two as bright when lit and reflect their glow from the lids of the silver boxes. Silver scrolling wraps for candles, be it your uniform candle or personalized ones for your guests, are beautiful and exquisite looking on pillar candles.

Finally, not only do they look classy and elegant, but are also extremely affordable if you are buying them from the many online stores that offer you a host of silver and chrome wedding favors. Silver décor items that are available in a host of different silver textures include silver tone, silver …

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Pest Management: Questions to Ask Before You Choose

If you are tired of pests getting into your house, you might be ready to hire a pest management company to take care of the issue for you. This has many benefits over doing it yourself, including saving you time and ensuring that it gets done the right way. Before you hire a company to do this job, know what information you should find out first.

One of the first questions to ask is what kind of pests the business in question gets rid of. Some only take care of the most common issues, such as ants, roaches, spiders, and mice. Others also include pests that are more difficult to eliminate, such as termites, scorpions, or any other animal or insect that cannot be killed as simply as some. Of course, if you only need to get rid of common problems like ants, you will find that nearly any company can help you, but you may need to look a little harder to find companies that can take care of more complex infestations.

You should also make sure that the chemicals used by pest management services are pet-friendly if you have cats, dogs, or any other pets that roam free in or around the house. Pet-friendly chemicals are usually not harmful to domesticated animals once they are dry, which means that you should still separate your pets from the substances used while they are wet. The business you choose should educate you on what steps to take to keep your pets safe.

It is best to find out policies before you hire anyone. For example, find out if the pest management business you are considering sprays both inside and outside the house, and what their reasoning is. Get to know where they concentrate most of the chemicals, and why that is. Many pest management businesses have different philosophies on this job, and you should know them to help you decide whether you agree with their policies and principles.

Choosing a company to get rid of insects and other pests is usually easy, but finding a good one can take some research. You need to make sure that you understand and agree with the practices, and know how to shield your pets from harm during the procedure. If you want the best results while also knowing that the domesticated animals in your house are safe, you should find out the answers to these questions before choosing a local business to get rid of household pests.…

Healthcare Interior Design Trends

By now everyone knows that the baby boomer generation is graying – the first wave of baby boomers has turned 60. Their expectations of healthcare will be vastly different than those of their parents. Yet one thing is for certain – healthcare will continue to be a growing market for years to come.

Over the last few years, we've seen the emergence of what we call "retail" medicine. Have you not noticed surgery centers, ambulatory care centers, and specialty clinics popping up in your neighborhood? As much as 75% of surgery is now performed on an outpatient basis. The convenience factor of having medical services available close to home is becoming more and more important, as well as expected.

As a result, hospitals are often left with the sickest patients. Staff members are overworked, and they need to manage interrupts and multitask while still giving the patient the best possible care. Stress becomes a fact of daily life. Many hospitals struggle to attract and retain staff.

These factors create an opportunity for healthcare design specialists to make an impact. Knowledgeable architects, interior designers, and engineers can help a facility use design as a key component in the excellent care continuum. By incorporating flexibility into a design, the hospital can be sure new technological advances will fit in their facility.

It's an exciting time to be a healthcare design professional. Many new trends are emerging and as an interior designer specializing in healing environments, I find it very rewarding to see so many tremendous advances in this area.

One trend that's making strong inroads into healthcare facilities is evidence-based design. This is a process that researches and measures how deliberate design factors affect medical, safety, financial, and staff performance levels – or "outcomes." Good design can affect outcomes related to privacy, noise, access to nature, lighting and ventilation, wayfinding, and staff stress. For example, patients will typically heal faster when they have a beautiful view and a quiet place to rest. They may even require reduced pain medication. Patient falls can be reduced by improved lighting and room layout. Staff is less stressed if they are working in an efficient, functional, and appealing space.

Evidence-based design is largely supported by The Center for Health Design – a non-profit group based in Concord, California – which initiated the Pebble Project in 2000. According to its website, "The purpose of the Pebble Project is to create a ripple effect in the healthcare community by providing researched and documented examples of healthcare facilities which design has made a difference in the quality of care and financial performance of the institution. "

To date, 44 healthcare institutions have partnered with the Center for Health Design in this research effort. Examples of the findings cited on The Center's website include: patient falls are down 75% due to the unit's decentralized design; overall patient satisfaction has increased to 96.7%; nursing turnover rates have decreased to 4.7%; unit design has helped reduce the caregiver workload index, resulting in …

Gourmet Kitchen Tips for the Ultimate Cooking Area

The kitchen is the one room that needs to function really well. After all, good food is one of the most basic needs of the family. The kitchen is the place where you rustle up those delicious meals and keep your family and friends entertained. Thus, the kitchen has to be clean, clutter free and convenient.

If you are the kind of person who cooks gourmet food, (or just likes the occasional ham sandwich), you know that you need the proper ambience in a gourmet kitchen. You need more utensils, more space, more tools and basically more control. A proper gourmet meal takes time to prepare. So, if you have to spend awhile in the kitchen, you need to make the place look good too. It should not only look good, but also be a convenient and comfortable place to work in.

Given below is a list of must haves for the ultra gourmet kitchen:

o The Food Prep Zone: Gourmet kitchens need to have knife drawers with special tools to keep the knives straight and sharp, cutting boards that come out and disappear into the cabinets when required and counters with lower height. Marble countertops help to retard the growth of bacteria.

o Cooking Zone: Many homeowners now prefer separate ovens instead of freestanding ranges, a selection of tall cabinets, base cabinets and ones with special pull out systems.

o Baking Zone: Cooks who are serious about baking like counters with less height, making them easier to knead bread on. Nowadays, you can also get pull out box cabinets, special tiered cabinets, cake decorating kits and various other items.

o Specific Storage Zone: Instead of having a pantry that stores everything in one spot, gourmet kitchens have work-specific storage areas. For example, there can be a 'breakfast center' where you can store cereals, syrups, bagels, mixes, and so on. Similarly, you can have lunch and dinner centers where you can store equipment appropriately.

o Dining Zone: Gourmet kitchens often have built-in cabinets that double as buffets, used to separate the kitchen from the dining space. With proper lighting and aesthetics, you can make this area look very luxurious.

o Wet Bar Service Zone: This area can be used as a transition area between the food preparation and serving zones. Wine racks can be built in and combined with under-the-counter wine coolers and beverage centers.

o Meal Planning Zone: You can have built in books or cabinets that can be a perfect corner for planning your meals, searching for new recipes, mulling over cookbooks and similar activities. You should have all the modern appliances required for cooking – starting from microwaves to ovens to dishwashers and similar. Having all of your appliances in Stainless Steel, or built into the cabinets gives your kitchen a clean, streamlined look.

In order to have a well-planned gourmet kitchen, you may want to use the services of an interior designer that specializes in kitchens. You can also visit special gourmet kitchen showrooms – they …

Dealing With Racquetball Injuries

Playing any type of sports always entails risks of injuries. Racquetball is one sports activity that can be risky looking at the speed of play and the equipment used (racquets and balls).

Neverheless, it is presented with that sports injuries C severe, wonderful or critical C can always be avoided, if you take safeguards. Apart from the protection gears you need to wear, the next are some reminders for you to deal with your racquetball-related injuries.

Eye protection

Racquetball is reckoned a lightweight sport when equated with others which can produce some serious critical injuries. Alternately, it is one of the most outrage-prone sports because of the speed of the ball traveling within the small confines of the playing court.

Ninety- 5% of these injuries contains being hit in the eyes by the ball. Interior bleeding in the eye socket, lacerations, bleeding eyelids, abrasions, swollen eyes C These are the a lot off the most commonplace eye injuries.

Wearing correct eye gear prevents fundamental injuries to the eye. Be sure to check if your goggles are the right way recommended by the American Standard of Testing and Materials, and the Canadian Standards Association.

Feet protective cover

Racquetball is one game where you do a lot of running. It follows that you need to maintain your feet all during the game.

Ankle sprains canideline you for in any case 7 days and disrupt your activities. Achilles tendon injuries are rare but they need correct medical care.

Blisters and calluses occur most often if you possess the wrong footwear or if they are a new pair and had not been broken in yet. Dont throw the old pair until you have the new ones fit your feet just right. Afterwards, you can play a hard game with them.

Elbow protective cover

They may call it tennis elbow, but this injury also happens to racquetball players. (Only 5% of all cases happen to tennis players.)

Manifestations incorporated pain around the elbow joint, with tendering occurring on or underneath the bony bump. Natural expansive arm movements (even simple grip movements) can lead to pain and exacerbate the injury. Follow your doctors advice.

Next, talk over with your racquetball expert for incorrect technique in racquet handling. Is your grip wrong? What about the mass and type of your racquet?

Shoulder protection

Shoulder injury is caused by utilizing the shoulders C and not the right way using the side of the body C in swinging your racquet. These injuries generally develop from a past fall or a slam on the wall.

Remember: Use the entire side of the body in swinging the racquet, NOT the shoulders.

Knee protective cover

All the running and pivoting around on your feet is tough on your knees. In racquetball, all kinds of knee injuries are possible.

These injuries are sneaky, too. They stay with a dull ache somewhere around the sides or back of the knee right after playing. Later, the anguish arrives before, during, and after your play.

Get …