The House is Almost Ready

The place needed a little bit of work and that is what I have been doing since my father decided to move in with my sister. The simple things we took care of pretty quickly. I repainted the plantation shutters, which were not looking that great and aside from that the color did not match on all of them. I suppose that most people would not really notice, but when you put a place on the market it is the sort of detail you want to pay attention to. I spent a lot of time in the front yard, trimming the hedges and planting some new shrubs and flower beds. The idea is pretty simple, when the potential buyer pulls up you want to make a good first impression. Then I had the trim covered with vinyl siding which is a big deal if you are going to be taking care of the place.…

Vintage Decor For The Kitchen

When it comes to redecorating, the kitchen is a favorite by far. Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home and is certainly the room where we spend most of our time so it makes sense to give it a cool decorator style.

One decorating style that is becoming very popular is a retro or vintage style and adding vintage decor to your kitchen.

When decorating, one should consider wall color, flooring, window treatments, furniture and, of course, accessories. To accentuate your vintage decor, you might want to consider using vintage tile on the walls or painting in vintage colors. Some popular color combinations for vintage kitchens include cream and green, red and white, pink and blue. These days even the 1970's retro styles are popular so you might even consider going with a harvest gold or avocado green and orange color scheme.

Your window treatments can have a big affect on the look of your vintage décor. One of my favorite ways to accent a vintage kitchen is to use vintage curtains. You can still find nice curtains from every era without paying an arm and leg for them and if you can not find something suitable, you can always cut up some vintage tablecloths or dish towels and make curtains out of them.

Decorative items are key to pulling your vintage décor look together. Even if you can not replace any other items – you can get a new look by changing the decorative accessories! Concentrate on getting tablecloths, dishware and canister, in colors and patterns that match your particular vintage decor style. Stainless steel canisters and breadboxes are quite popular as are metal canister sets in patterns such as cherries, plain pink and powder blue. Make sure to incorporate lots of vintage yard sale finds along with old interesting items as well as vintage plates, tablecloths and dish towels.

Use wall space to really show off your vintage finds. You can display collectibles and odd items on shelves or hang them right on the wall in groupings. Remember when displaying items it is better to group them in odd numbers and vary the height to add interest. When hanging items on the wall, place them in a geometric pattern which you can try out by placing them together on the floor first to see how it will look.

It does not have to take a lot of skill or money to get a great vintage look in the kitchen. Smart shopping and a good eye for vintage accessories is all it takes to have great vintage decor you'll enjoy every day. …

Modern Boston Hotels

Boston is generally referred to as the cradle of modern America. While retaining the beauty and charm of the bygone era, Boston over the years, has witnessed great innovation and economic growth. This semblance of modernity and tradition has made Boston one of the hot business and tourist destinations.

To fulfill the expectations of modern business executives and tourists, there is a range of modern hotels in Boston. These hotels compete with each other to provide the best of amenities to the modern high tech traveler and people with a modern and contemporary style of living.

These hotels are marked with classic comfort and sophistication, with refined details and impossible service. Equipped with modern features such as robots displayed in the lobby and high tech décor, these hotels define class and modernity.

The modern Boston hotels are located from the hustle bustle of the city and are known for their quiet and peaceful ambience. Most of them are equipped with presidential and executive suites with gas lit fireplaces and luxurious bathroom with Jacuzzi. Other amenities include plasma television with DVD players, cable / satellite television, voicemail, well equipped fitness center, private kitchen and a large dining room which can comfortably accommodate 18 to 20 people. Some of these hotels have child policies. They do provide rollaway bed or crib, although on an extra payment.

Modern Boston hotels are equipped with business facilities, sports facilities, bar, concierge and restaurant to meet up to the expectations of the modern inmates. In addition, prompt room service, porter staff, dry cleaning, laundry service and safety deposit box at the front desk are facilities offered by them.

The hotels have outdoor pool, fitness center and sports facilities for leisure and also photo galleries for people with aesthetic tastes.

Since business people frequent many of these hotels, the hotels do make arrangements for important business meetings. They have well appointed modern meeting rooms and pressroom fitted with electronic gadgets, audiovisual equipment, fax and photocopy service and oversized writing desks. Apart from these ideal business meetings rooms, helpful and professional staff ensures that every business trip is a successful one. A good business experience is further accentuated by the availability of conference and banquet facilities

In all, the modern Boston hotels with their innovative and contemporary ambience and facilities can be called high tech homes away from home. …

Clean and Dirty Button Dishwasher Magnets

Have you ever put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher thinking they were clean only to discover the dishes were not clean after all? Now what do you do? It would be nice if there were some way to stop guessing whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. Now there is! A Button Clean and Dirty Dishwasher Magnet.

A simple yet very effective solution is to use a Clean and Dirty Button Dishwasher Magnet! This unique kitchen décor accessory will save you time and frustration many times over. It will eliminate all of the confusion of whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. The handy button dishwasher magnet simplifies and eliminates the frustration from the daily dish washing routine. A quick glance at the button magnet, tells you if the doses have been washed or not.

If your dishwasher door is magnetic you want a button with a full strong magnet back (button magnet). However, if your dishwasher is not magnetic you can use a button with a Velcro back and this will stick to any surface.

Most button dishwasher magnets are round and are available in sizes from two to three inches. The high quality image is mounted on a sturdy metal casing and a sheet of UV / Mylar protects the image. The back of the metal button either has has a full-size magnet or Velcro (surfaces not magnetic) is affixed to the back.

How Do Button Dishwasher Magnets Work?

The magnets are easy and fun to use. Simply place a clean and dirty dishwasher magnet on the front of your dishwasher door. When the dish washing cycle starts rotate or spin the magnet and with the word CLEAN on top. After you unload the dishes, rotate or spin the button magnet with DIRTY on the top to get ready for the next load of dirty dishes.

Most dishwasher magnets are made from vinyl or metal buttons. Which is better? If you want the magnet to simply be a décor item to display then a vinyl magnet will suffice. If you intend to physically use the magnet each time you wash dishes then consider the button dishwasher magnet. The button magnet is far superior to vinyl because of its rigid all metal construction. Button Magnets will last a lifetime of handling, turning, spinning and washing. Vinyl magnets start fraying around the edges after just a few months of handling. Another desirable aspect of button dishwasher magnets is that they look better and integrate well into the kitchen décor. More simply put, they are classy!

Purchasing a Button Dishwasher Magnet …

When purchasing a button dishwasher magnet check to make sure that the magnet on the back is full-sized and strong otherwise the vibration from the dishwasher can make it fall off. Another thing to watch out for is to make sure the image is sharp and crystal clear. In addition, the image should be protected with clear Mylar for easy cleaning with …

Install a Car Tracking System Yourself

There are many reasons why one might want to install a car tracking system. Apart from the usual tracking purposes, it can also be used as an anti-theft device. It can also be used to monitor a particular driver and his driving habits. GPS devices have many professional purposes as well. In businesses like cargo delivery, car rental or ambulance service, these devices are indispensable.

Whatever might the purpose be, these devices work flawlessly and are actually easy to install as well. Once installed, these devices work with the global positioning system so they can deliver real-time location of the vehicle always. The direction of movement, the speed and of course, the location can be known remotely. The technology has reached such heights that these devices can also tell of the time spent halting at different locations. One can even opt for geo-fencing where the alarm will be activated once the car ventures outside the predefined route. All these data can also be stored in a central database for future reference.

Coming to the installing of such devices to your car, first thing you need is to find a power source for those. There are two ways to provide power to these devices. One can use dedicated batteries to power it, or one can also feed it from the battery of the car. If you want the second option, you need to go to a professional. However, if using dedicated power source, it is very easy to install and anyone can do it. You need to buy the device, and also a magnet-proof and weather-proof case to house it.

Now power the device using the battery cell and put the active device into the case. Put the case somewhere where it will not be seen easily. Next step is to test the device.

Once you have put the case into a safe and hidden area of the car, take the car out and drive for a while. Note the location, the speed, the direction and the halt timings manually. After the drive, check if the case is safe and secure where you put it. Now use the computer and check the data collected by the device. Compare it against your manual notes. If everything matches, you have successfully installed a GPS device yourself. If not, you better consult a professional. Also, keep a note about the battery so you don’t run out of power.…

Cage Vs Aviaries: Which One Should You Choose?

It's aquariums for most but for some, its aviaries. Pet lovers tend to relax more and feel calmer when they watch their pets in action and nothing promises more action than watching colorful birds of different species take flight and belt out a cacophony of sounds in birdsongs.

The thing is, people tend to confuse aviaries with bird cages, thinking that they're one and the same thing. For the clueless and for those who want to know the difference between each, aviaries are large enclosures for confining birds but have larger living spaces than cages. Aviaries also allow birds more space to fly and are usually designed to mimic a bird's natural habitat. Because these cages allow birds to fly, they are sometimes referred to as flight cages. Plus, aviaries will also allow you to house a number of bird species.

Bird cages on the other hand, are cages designed to house birds as pets. They are often considered too small to house more than two complimenting species at a time and are more often than not, used more for home décor without live birds in it, unlike aviaries. Cages are also too small for birds to have any flying space and choosing cages also depends on the size and species of birds you want to get.

Whether you prefer to get a bird cage or a bird aviary, there are important things you need to remember if you are to ensure that your birds will live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. For one, your cages or aviaries will depend on the number of bird species you want to breed, the weather conditions where you live and the kind of birds you want to breed. Gardens are usually the best places to build your aviaries in while indoors would be the best place for bird cages.
If you're in a quandary about whether to get a bird cage or an aviary, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each in order to make the best decision. Cages offer you more flexibility and freedom to control your birds, allows you to create specialized diets and monitor them closely for any signs of health problems. However, birds are more prone to escape cages than aviaries so if you want more security and safety aviaries may be your best bet.

Aviaries on the other hand, allow birds to fly and live more happily because it is specifically designed to mimic their natural habitats. Since you can house more birds in them, it also gives them the opportunity to socialize, form their own flocks and choose their mates. Some breeders even attest to the fact that having aviaries actually lets you form a closer bond with your pets and is a constant reminder of why you love birds to begin with.

And lastly, aviculture experts also believe that if you want to concentrate on one or two bird species at a time, then cages would be more practical than aviaries. …

Feng Shui and Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

When considering feng shui principles in the bedroom, remember that the bedroom is a key area that we focus on when applying Feng Shui to a house. The bedroom is important as it is the place where you rest and recuperate. As such we need the feng shui of the bedroom to be calm, peaceful, restful, and supportive to one’s health.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Health and Well-Being

The health aspect is key. When analyzing a house, the priority for the remedies in the bedroom should be the health. In xuan kong terms (flying stars) this means that the people or mountain star should be supportive for the health of the person. If it is not, then the correct elemental remedy should be applied. For example, if the mountain star of 2 is present in the bedroom, then we need metal to reduce the ill effects of that star.

If you do not know about the flying stars, then you should focus on the environmental aspects of feng shui for the bedroom. Here is one point from a discussion that was very interesting. Master Larry Sang of the American Feng Shui Institute suggested that you should not have circular and rectangular furniture mixed in a bedroom as it can create discord. In fact, circular shapes promote activity and square and rectangular shapes promote stability and rest. So it is best not to have circular beds and to use more square or rectangular shapes in your areas that you are trying to achieve a peaceful and restful environment in your bedroom.

The bedroom should be a place for rest and recovery. It should be designed with peace in mind. Do not have a lot of clutter and haphazardly collected furniture, books, electronics, etc. Make it a sanctuary away from the rest of the crazy world. Use soft designs and avoid using sharp colors or patterns. Of course the great debate is whether a television should occupy the room. If it is a sha (negative influence) to getting rest, then it shouldn’t be there. Additionally, the screen should not be directly across from you as it acts as a reflective object that can create another form of sha. If you wake up and see your own movement in the screen, you might think it is someone else and get startled. As such, you should not have the TV directly across from you.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

  • Keep the bedroom clean and fresh (open the windows if need be)
  • Avoid placing the bed to a corner. Always use a flat wall behind the headboard
  • Do not place your bed under an exposed beam if at all possible. You should have a comfortable sleeping position
  • Avoid having a mirror at the foot of the bed facing the bed

Keep in mind that the bedroom should be calming and peaceful, thus you should not have a lot of work going on in the bedroom and do not keep an office in the …

Peonies – A Perennial Garden Favorite

Peonies are my favorite flowering perennial; just one step above roses for cut flowers. They are very easy to grow and once established can tolerate long periods without rain. Besides, unlike many other flower varieties they are quite disease resistant.

Peonies were one of the first perennials to populate American gardens because of their large, showy and fragrant flowers produced in mid-to late spring. Peony flowers may be single, semi-double, or double and are commonly 6 to 8 inches wide. A mature plant can have in excess of a hundred flowers and these can be up to 10 inches or more across. The flowers range in color from crimson, scarlet, various shades of pink, to pure white. There are also new hybrid and tree peonies with yellow or purple flowers.

Most gardeners are familiar with the large, double-flowered peonies. Garden peonies are also available in single-flowered, semi-double, Japanese, and anemone-type blossoms. Double-flowered forms often get so top heavy from the weight of the blooms that they bend over the ground and sometimes even break off the stem. These to me are the most spectacular, but should be staked so the flower stalk is not damaged. Tree peonies also come in single, semi-double and double-flowered forms, and the color range includes every color of the rainbow except for blue. Single flowered varieties seem to do better in shade than doubles. Semi-doubles have multiple rows of petals surrounding a cluster of yellow stamens. For many years these large double-flowered hybrids dominated the cut flower market, and were the most popular choices for garden planting.

Peonies have not been readily available in nurseries until recently, and even now, it is not easy to find much beyond generic pink, white, or red unnamed varieties. But, a huge variety of peonies exist. One may have to scout out what is available locally and fill in with more interesting, unusual types by ordering. Peonies come in two varieties: tree and herbaceous. The Chinese have about 1,000 varieties of tree peas and 400 varieties of herbaceous peonies. The English also tinkered with peonies and introduced nearly 300 varieties by the turn of the 19th century. By planting early, midseason, and late varieties you can expand your peony blooms for most of the summer.

Probably the most difficult part of growing peonies, like many other perennials is the time it takes to establish them in your garden. Most do not produce many flowers until the second or third third year and should not be cut for indoor use until the third year. Usually do not cut flowers from plants less than three years old and mature plants of five years or more should be left with about 50% of its flowers intact. You should, however, remove the fading and dead flowers to prevent seed development which uses up food reserves.

Soil should be well-drained and excess moisture can lead to the development of fungus. Peonies thrive in sunny locations, tolerating a wide range of soil types. Best growth …

The Need for National Guidelines and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry

It is time for Washington to step up and put legislation in place that will force states to better regulate the home improvement industry. Up to now Washington has left the regulation of the home improvement industry up to state regulators, and for whatever reason (s) many states have fallen significantly short.

There are still some states that do not even have contractor licensing in place for home improvements. For some of the states that do have licensing, the license requirements do not include that the applicable demonstrate the ability to do any type of home improvement work. (That is like saying I will issue you a license to cut hair but you do not have to demonstrate that you know how to cut hair ……… ouch!) Then why do states bother issuing licenses if there are no requirements to demonstrate competence? Revenue? Or could it be that they need more consumer complaints for Consumer Affairs and BBB to handle? The unfortunate consequences of this problem are that homeowners are the ones who are paying the price by receiving poor workmanship and a cascade of home improvement problems.

Let's be honest, the home improvement industry does not seem to attract the most reliable, honest and competent individuals. The lure of a quick buck and the relative ease to "qualify" to do home improvement work, brings many a "character" to your door. When I was a contractor I needed to hire people for a variety of field positions. Most of the people, who I interviewed and sometimes hired, appeared to have the same type of problems with past employers. These problems consist of substance abuse issues, honesty issues, and reliability issues. The labor pool never seemed to have an over abundance of talent and employability to pick from.

I remember always reading article after article that deal with the significant manpower shortage in the home improvement industry. The bottom line of each article would always be the same, "If you can find an honest, reliable and competent person to work for you, pull out all the stops to keep them !!!! Do whatever you need to do to keep that person happy because you'll never know if you will be lucky enough to find someone to take their place. " As an owner, it was a very constant and stressful problem to deal with. You were almost afraid to try and increase project production because you knew you would have to try and find someone to do the additional work. Finding employees was always an adventure, an adventure that I never looked forward to.

For the last 10-15 years the number one problem in the home improvement industry is the lack of manpower. Many contractors are training and hiring minorities to try and solve this major problem.

If you were to talk to your state authorities about what is being done to improve regulations and screening in the home improvement industry, they will probably tell you something is in the works …

The Benefits of Skip Hire

Whether you’re clearing out your shed or garage, renovating your property, or conducting an office clearance, one thing’s for certain – you’ll need to dispose of large quantities of waste. This can be a messy and time-consuming job, and endless trips to the rubbish dump can end up costing you valuable time and money, especially if you live in the capital.

One excellent alternative is skip hire. Here are some of the main benefits you could enjoy.


Making multiple trips to the dump or recycling facilities is time-consuming and it can leave your car in a right old state. The main benefit to hiring a skip is convenience.

A skip hire company will deliver your skip to the desired location, arranging any permits where necessary, and collect it once it’s been filled. All you need to do is work out where you would like it placed, and when you want it delivered.


Multiple trips to the dump involve wasting unnecessary time and money, especially with the rising cost of petrol. However, by hiring a skip you won’t have to pay a penny extra for transport as that’s built into the cost of hiring a skip.

What’s more, with a range of skip sizes to choose from you will only pay for the size that you need, making it a cost-effective solution.


All reputable skip hire companies have a range of skip sizes on offer so their service can be tailored to your exact requirements. Skips are classified according to the volume of waste they hold, which is measured in cubic yards.

They range from a mini skip for light domestic use that holds 2 cubic yards of waste (approx. 20-30 bin bags of rubbish) to a maxi skip for large house clearances that holds 16 cubic yards (or 140-160 bin bags of rubbish). The average skip size is a builder’s skip, which is 8 cubic yards (or 60-80 bin bags of rubbish).

Correct Disposal of Waste

Hiring a man with a van to dispose of your waste may sound like a good idea, but legally waste is your responsibility so if that man decides to fly-tip your waste you will be liable for a huge fine. By choosing a reputable skip hire company you can rest assured that your waste will be dealt with professionally, and your reputation, and bank balance, will remain intact.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, skip hire companies are responsible environmentalists. Your waste will be transported to a processing plant where it will be sorted, with as much as 90% being recycled.

For further details on skip hire, contact Waste King Skip Hire today.…

How to Choose a Snow Blower for Your Garden

A snow blower is a good investment. It may possible reduce doctor's bill by going easy on your back. There are some considerations to be thought about before you go in the market for a snow blower, (also called snow thrower in some areas).

  • Consider the amount of snow and the density of snow that you will have to deal with. Take into account the total number of days of snow and the inches of snow per day. Also consider if the snow is fluffy or hard when you have to deal with the snow.
  • Take your machine for a test drive. Some showrooms have arrangements for testing the snow blower in their back yard. Going for a demonstration gives you the feel of the machine.

Snow blower costs

The following discussion gives you an idea of ​​costs involved. Remember that the costs change significantly as it is a market play that determines the cost.

A single stage machine can be purchased from $ 350 to $ 800. A two-stage machine would cost you upwards of $ 1000. The costs would change depending on the throw distance of each machine and capacity of the machine. Information on prices at

Varieties Of Machines In Market

Apart from the obvious variety of single stage and a two-stage machine, there is the variety of drive. The gasoline powered drive and electric driven machines are available in the market. Gasoline engine driven machines are generally two stroke engines and are noisy and polluting. Electric driven machines have the disadvantage that their power is limited. They can not be made as two-stage machine. Where the snowfall is heavy, the electric machines will not be useful as the gas machines.

Snow Blower Safety

Safety is an important consideration while operating a snow blower. Take following precautions while operating a snow blower.

  • Never allow children to operate the snow blower. Serious injuries and even amputation of hands can take place if it encounters the rotating impeller of a two-stage machine.
  • If the blower is electric, the normal precaution when using electricity should be taken.
  • When a two-stage machine is working, it is as if there is magnet for children. A powerful throw from machine creates a good visual impact. If children are present, keep them at a sufficient distance so they do not come under the snow being thrown.