The House is Almost Ready

The place needed a little bit of work and that is what I have been doing since my father decided to move in with my sister. The simple things we took care of pretty quickly. I repainted the plantation shutters, which were not looking that great and aside from that the color did not match on all of them. I suppose that most people would not really notice, but when you put a place on the market it is the sort of detail you want to pay attention to. I spent a lot of time in the front yard, trimming the hedges and planting some new shrubs and flower beds. The idea is pretty simple, when the potential buyer pulls up you want to make a good first impression. Then I had the trim covered with vinyl siding which is a big deal if you are going to be taking care of the place.…

A Point by Point Comparison of Kitchen Versus Bathroom Remodelling

By: Nick Pateman

Bathrooms and kitchens have a cult following by millions of people across the globe.  A person can spend £24,000 on a cedar fence and no one will make a comment; however, if they spend the same amount on a bathroom or kitchen they will receive numerous compliments.  Bathrooms and kitchens have a cult following by millions of people across the globe.  A person can spend £24,000 on a cedar fence and no one will make a comment; however, if they spend the same amount on a bathroom or kitchen they will receive numerous compliments.

The areas are significant to a home for specific reasons – the kitchen involves sustenance, socialising with family and enjoy the company of friends.  A bathroom, on the other hand, deals with taking care of a person’s body.  The fact is that both bathrooms and kitchens matter to a person and their home.  Taking this into account, it can be difficult to determine which room should be remodelled first.

“It is often the case that people will choose the remodelling project based on resale value and if there are store discounts available.  With potential tax refunds burning holes in one’s pocket, we often get asked where to place the money and what to spend it on?” says the managing director of Zenstone.

To answer that question, this article will provide information on the considerations to make when deciding between a bathroom or a kitchen renovation.

1.  The Cheaper Room

The bathroom is undoubtedly the cheaper renovation option.  According to statistics, the average mid-range kitchen remodelling project will cost approximately £19,000 and major kitchen remodels will be in the range of £60,000.  If we utilise the same statistical data, mid-range bathroom remodelling projects will cost approximately £2,000 less than kitchen projects.  Moreover, a major bathroom addition will cost approximately £40,000 – at least £20,000 less than a major kitchen makeover.

While labour and materials are similar between the bathroom and kitchen renovation costs, it is seen that greater floor space in kitchen renovation projects will increase the cost.  Bathrooms, on the other hand, will cost at least 50% less than the kitchen remodel because they are smaller.

2.  The Less Disruptive Renovation

When considering which remodelling project is less disruptive, the answer is the kitchen.  Of course, this is a close call as all bathing and eating activities are equally significant; however, if you had to do without one of these rooms for a prolonged period it would be easier to live without the kitchen.  It is much easier to make concessions for eating facilities than it is for a bathing area, such as eating at restaurants or using a microwave outside of the kitchen area.  When it comes to a bathroom, there are no other options even if the contractor calls for a portable lavatory you will need to find another method of bathing.

3.  The Faster Option

Bathroom remodelling projects have been noted to be less time-consuming than a kitchen renovation.  …

A Few Reasons Why Relocating may be the Right Move

There are a number of people out there like you who are thinking of relocating. This may be an exciting idea but one that may scare you a bit. It is okay if you have mixed feelings about moving to a new place and leaving everything behind. Thankfully, there are a lot of perks to relocating like the ones mentioned here.

New Friends

Sometimes people take friendships for granted, but these relationships can enrich a person’s life. Good friends can boost your self-esteem among many other things. You might be losing some associates or friends by moving, but you are also being given the opportunity to make new friends.

Everyone wants a good friend, so you should be welcomed wherever you go. What you want to do is get involved in community events and use apps to help you connect with others. You can also visit local libraries or even local religious institutions if you are okay with that.

New Culture

One of the most astonishing aspects of this world is how different each environment can be. A perk of moving is the opportunity to experience something you might not have experienced before. Every region has something unique like its cultural makeup or some of the foods cultivated there. For example, there are a variety of apples you can try in the Midwestern area of the country.

You want to try to go to the farmer’s markets or local farms nearby. Enjoy discovering what makes this new place unique and share some of your discoveries with friends who are eager to hear from you. You can send people gift baskets full of goodies and make your relocation an experience worth sharing. Take plenty of pictures to post on your social media accounts.

A Better Environment

Another reason to consider relocating is the possibility of a nicer neighborhood. There are a number of great communities to live in. For example, the Charleston homes for sale are located in a great little community. A good neighborhood creates a small culture that can help nurture a sense of togetherness that is sometimes absent in other communities.

Making sure you are in a community that truly values its residents ensures that your family fits in and that strong values are protected. Strong communities like to ensure that each member feels responsible for each other, which makes the neighborhood safer since everyone is looking out for everyone’s safety. You also get additional pairs of eyes from concerned parents watching over your kids if they ever go outside to play.

Now, you know a few good reasons why relocating should get you more excited than nervous. This is not to say that you will not get nervous at all, but you should be able to have a few exciting pros to keep those cons under control. Be sure to talk to local residents when you get to wherever you are going. This should help enrich your new life experience.


Fail-Proof Tips for Controlling Summer Pests in Rural Areas

As the temperatures begin to heat up, the bugs start to come out in droves. In search of food, shelter, and a place to reproduce, these creatures will take over inhabited areas. For those who live in rural homes or neighborhoods, the pest problem can be a little more difficult to control.


To successfully fight off mosquitoes, keep all sources of water emptied when not in use. Rain barrels should be covered and treated, open containers should be flipped so that rain water cannot collect, and mosquito pond treatment should be applied to larger bodies of water. Mosquitoes will travel in search of food, but reducing their ability to reproduce will significantly reduce their numbers. With the risk of illnesses like West Nile Virus or Zika Virus, mosquito control is very important.


Ticks are another concern for humans and pets during the warm growing season. Ticks are known for spreading diseases as well, and they can also cause anemia in pets with heavy infestations. Ticks have a very long life span, and will feed in three cycles. Just a few ticks can be a big problem. To control ticks, make sure that the grass is always cut short around the home. Purchasing guinea fowl and chickens for tick control is also an excellent idea. Pesticides can be used in the yard, but chickens and guineas will do a far better job controlling the ticks in many cases.


Spiders can become a big nuisance on porches and decks, with webs all over everything. Sometimes, dozens will infest even the smallest porch in search of a good meal. To keep spiders at bay, keep outdoor lights off to ward off prey, such as moths and beetles. Spiders will congregate in the same places that their prey does. Bug zappers are also excellent options when outdoor lights need to remain on.

Controlling bugs will keep the family healthy and happy, while keeping indoor infestations at bay. Bugs can quickly breed out of control without natural predators or population control.



3 Benefits of Natural Gas in Your Home

There are a lot of benefits to using natural gas in your home. Even if you don’t have natural gas, you can easily obtain natural gas piping installation. Natural gas can easily be run to stainless steel, carbon steel, fiberglass, and more. From there, you can experience all of the benefits for yourself.


There is a significant amount of convenience involved with natural gas. You will never run out of fuel. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having fuel when the power goes out. If you are still using electricity for everything, you know the frustration of not being able to cook when you lose power.


You will quickly find that you can save a lot of money by using natural gas in your home. You can choose to heat your home as well as cook your food using gas. You will use less electricity and therefore see a savings on your energy bill each month. You may be surprised by all of the ways that you can use natural gas, and each option will help you to save even more per month.

Environmental Benefits

You will also be able to take advantage of various environmental benefits. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, making it environmentally clean. It doesn’t leave behind soot or ash. If you look at power plants that produce electricity, there is a significant amount of soot and ash. It also causes an unpleasant odor to enter the atmosphere. By choosing natural gas in your home, you choose a cleaner option that doesn’t contribute to smog and acid rain.

More and more homes across the United States are choosing to implement natural gas. You can have it installed in your home to start experiencing the benefits right away.…

Three Tips for Making Sure Your Home is Ready for the Spring

As winter comes to an end, many people look forward to all of the joys that come with spring. The days get longer and sunnier, the flowers start to bloom, and the spring rains start to fall during this lovely season. However, all of that rain and other spring weather can also have a bad effect on your home. If you’re a homeowner, make the smart move and start now to get your home ready for the spring season. Here are three things that you can do to get in shape before the rains get really serious.

 Make Major Repairs First

If you’ve been waiting for winter to be over so that you can make major repairs to your home or yard, now is the time to act. Too often, homeowners delay making major repairs because they are either unsure of where to begin or they are worried that starting a big project will cause problems. Avoid this by hiring local pros to take the guesswork out of your major repairs. For example, if you need dredging equipment Porter TX, look for a reputable company like Sandling Inc to help you get your property in good shape for the spring.

 Check Your Roof and Gutters

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is a flood. You can avoid this happening by making sure that both your roof and your gutters are in good shape before the rain starts. Even a small leak can lead to serious and lasting problems in your home, thanks to water damage that leads to black mold and mildew problems. Get your gutters cleaned out and repaired if necessary to make sure that water goes where it needs to.

Remove Damaged Tree Limbs

Avoid a major catastrophe by cutting down any seriously damaged tree limbs or branches on your property. Winter snows often damage trees. Then, spring winds and rains can cause these branches to fall and hurt someone. Take care of your home now to avoid bigger problems later.…

All About Bi-Folding Doors and Other Patio Door


Natural light works to make a home feel more open. Rooms with small windows or now windows at all can feel more than a little cave-like. Patio doors represent one of the most effective solutions to the lighting problem. They are large enough to let plenty of light in and allow for quick access to the outside. Ideal for anyone with a garden or any kind of patio area. The only downside is that choosing between the many varieties can be confusing and even overwhelming. Here we have detailed a couple of different types for you to make the decision easier.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors, which are also known as bi-folding doors, glass sliding doors or folding sliding doors, function by folding into panels at evenly spaced seams. The final cluster rests against the wall and takes up very little room. Depending on the size there can be any number of panels, though there must be at least 2. It is also possible that one of the panels will contain what is known as a “traffic door”. This features like a regular door and is put in place to allow instantaneous access between two areas. Some of the benefits include their energy efficiency and the value they add to a property.

Patio Doors

Patio doors have become a term that encompasses a wide variety of door styles. The first thing that needs to be understood is the difference between patio doors and French Doors. French Doors are hinged and usually open outwards, while patio doors involve some kind of sliding system. This allows patio doors to be effective in a wider variety of spaces. Since the panels that make them up can vary a lot they can be adapted more easily than a traditional hinged door. The only downside is that you may not have access to the entire door space once open since the open doors still take up space.

French Doors

French Doors act like a pair of traditional hinged doors that open either outwards or inwards to an external area. This means that once both are open, you have access to a wide opening area. The only downside to French Doors is that they are constrained by their maximum leaf size, usually about 90cm per leaf. This would give a total opening area of 180cm. Being able to access the entire opening can be particularly useful if your property features a narrower garden or patio.

Which Type of Door is Best

Ultimately the type of door best suited to a house or apartment depends a lot on the requirements of the building as well as the connected area. The best thing to do is to visit a showroom and consult with the design experts they have on hand. Companies like Arkay Windows will be able to take the information about your home and ask all the other questions necessary to gather all the important date. They will then be able to work with you to find …

Benefits of Custom Home Design

More people are opting to build their own custom home. While building a custom home can be a tedious process, it has a number of benefits. There are several reasons that you should get a custom home.


You may not be able to find the home that you want in your area. If you have a custom home, then you will be able to get a home that fits your style. You will be able to choose a home with the appliances that you want. You will also be able to choose the color that you want.

You Will be Involved in the Process

Custom home building can be a long process. It can take several months or years to build your home. However, you will be able to give your input throughout the entire process. Your custom home builder will be able to accommodate any changes that you want to make.

Custom Lawn

Not only can you build a custom home, but you can also build a custom lawn. Established homes often have lawns with serious problems such as bug and impacted soil. This can devalue your property. You can plan the landscaping, hardscaping and build an irrigation system. If you have a nice lawn, then you will be able to increase the value of your home.


Many homes have space in them that people cannot use. If you have a custom home, then you can put things in your home that you actually need. A custom home builder can help you make the most out of your home.


If a home is built with poor materials, then it will likely deteriorate more quickly. A home cannot be properly constructed if it is not made with the right material. However, if you hire a custom home builder, then you will be able to rest assured that your home will be made with quality materials.


Many homes today are built close together. If you have a custom home, then you will be able to build it in a secluded area. You will be able to enjoy more privacy if you have a home in a secluded area.

If you are interested in getting a custom home, then you will need to contact John Marion Custom Homes. They will listen to the goals and concerns that you have. They will also help you get the home of your dreams.…

The Advantages of Jacksonville pool features

A variety of advantages can be gained with a screened Jacksonville pool enclosure around your swimming pool. If you’re interested in this home improvement feature, understand the advantages and make the right choice for your home.

Blocking Debris

The enclosure prevents debris from trees and other plants from blowing into the water. Nobody has to regularly clean up leaves, seeds, pine cones and other organic matter from the water.

Making the Property Safer

An enclosure with a locked door prevents exploration from kids who shouldn’t be near the pool unsupervised. The enclosure itself stops roaming pets or wildlife from getting into the water.

 Keeping Out Bugs

Swimmers and people lounging by the swimming pool aren’t bothered by pesky mosquitoes, gnats, black flies and other bugs. You won’t find dead June bugs and other insects floating in the water.

In fact, a screened-in pool area becomes something of an outdoor room, just as a screened patio or gazebo does. It’s a great place to relax without having to cope with annoying insects.

Beating the Elements

A non-screened roof on the enclosure means nobody has to deal with ultraviolet light shining down on them unless they choose to move into the sun. This type of roof also stops the water from heating up throughout the day due to the effects of hot sunshine. That’s an advantage during long summer days in sunny, hot climates.

You can even have a pleasant swim when it’s raining if there’s a roof over the pool. If the house roof is extended outward over the pool, the area becomes more like an extension of the home. Ceiling fans can be installed under the roof away from the water. These fixtures create enjoyable breezes for people who want to sit on the pool deck on hot days.

 Providing Decorative Options

These structures come in a variety of shapes and roof styles, along with a range of colors. Homeowners can choose to color-coordinate the enclosure with the house or pick a complementary hue.


Be sure your home insurance covers pool screen enclosures. That may require adding a rider to the policy at an extra fee.

Concluding Thoughts

Understanding the advantages of a screened enclosure will help you decide whether to have this home improvement feature installed by a company such as Core Outdoors. The enclosure can boost enjoyment of the swimming pool and keep the area safer.…

How To Select The Right Cleaning Firm For Your Residence Or Office

when your is a occupied proprietor else banian from the company, class primary or home owner at some point you need to have to outsource some of the cleaning tasks to the outdoors cleaning business. The next query you ought to ask is no matter whether you require signing a contract and what are the procedures for canceling it in case you are not happy with the cleaning solutions you get.

Then set a time to meet with them once again so you can get quotes, cleaning specifications and ask them the right questions. Let’s say you are looking for a floor cleaning companies that will come in to clean your workplace 5 days per week. 1st of all ask representatives of the cleaning organizations how they got their numbers. In this case, initial issue you need to have to do is invite representatives of the cleaning organizations to your workplace, show them the building and explain to them what you want.

The next query you should ask is regardless of whether you want to sign a contract and what are the procedures for canceling it in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning solutions you acquire.

Then set a time to meet with them once again so you can get quotes, cleaning specifications and ask them the proper questions. Let’s say you are hunting for a cleaning company that will come in to clean your office 5 days per week. Initial of all ask representatives of the cleaning organizations how they got their numbers. In this case, the initial thing you need to have to do is invite representatives of the cleaning companies to your office, show them the creating and explain to them what you want.

The subsequent query you should ask is no matter whether you need to sign a contract and what are the procedures for canceling it in case you are not happy with the cleaning services you receive.