The House is Almost Ready

The place needed a little bit of work and that is what I have been doing since my father decided to move in with my sister. The simple things we took care of pretty quickly. I repainted the plantation shutters, which were not looking that great and aside from that the color did not match on all of them. I suppose that most people would not really notice, but when you put a place on the market it is the sort of detail you want to pay attention to. I spent a lot of time in the front yard, trimming the hedges and planting some new shrubs and flower beds. The idea is pretty simple, when the potential buyer pulls up you want to make a good first impression. Then I had the trim covered with vinyl siding which is a big deal if you are going to be taking care of the place.…

Exactly What Education Do You Need to Become a Chef Today?

In today's economy, it is hard enough to get a job, but if you are looking for a job that most people find somehow romantic and intriguing, then it is even harder. It has never been more difficult than right now to get a job high up in the culinary world, so what education do you need to become a chef in today's economy?

You might think that you need a full four-year degree in order to become a chef, but that is not true. Although there are certainly some very good four-year programs in the culinary arts, they are not really the way into the kitchen. They are generally designed more for restaurant managers or owners, rather than creative and talented chefs.

If you want to cook for a living and want to know what education do you need to become a chef, then you should be looking at some of the online and in-person culinary academies. These programs allow people with nothing more than a high school diploma the opportunity to get an advanced education and training in the culinary arts. Generally speaking, graduates from these programs go straight to the head of the kitchen in almost any restaurant.

You can spend years working your way up the career ladder in order to get a good job as a chef, or you can spend just a few months in a program that is designed to quickly and affordably teach you the skills you need. You will find that most graduations from culinary academies can actually write their own ticket when it comes to their career, and are able to quickly set about making a good living. It is the best way for people with all levels of cooking skills to find a job that they truly love. …

Interior Design-Feng Shui Values

Feng Shui is not a decorating style, nor a collection of ornaments for an interior design project. Feng Shui is an art, or a discipline that involves complex elements: religion, philosophy, astrology, aesthetics, mathematics and a "little something" called the "chi" (a person's inner energy or "cosmic breath"). Translated literally Feng Shui means "wind-water" and is the art of achieving harmony not only for living spaces, but also for day-to-day living and life. Feng Shui takes its inspiration from the natural environment.

In the traditional Chinese thinking, nature is balance and harmony. By following the patterns of nature the Feng Shui practitioner can achieve this balance in his / her home and in his / her life. While in China Feng Shui is a discipline, in the Western world this is just an interior design technique, with more or less clear rules and unambiguous patterns. The main concept of Feng Shui designs is based on "wind", "water" and nature's "chi". This is why Feng Shui practitioners will focus their decoration patterns on aligning the elements to follow the natural flow of nature. For example, among the guidelines for proper Feng Shui designs, decorators should avoid clutter, straight lines and sharp corners. Clutter is supposed to create a "bad energy" and shift the focus from harmony to chaos, straight lines are associated with the paths followed by evil spirits and sharp corners tend to attract dirt (cobwebs, dust, etc).

In the western world, the religious beliefs of Feng Shui do not matter. Interior designers do not use crystals, Feng Shui water fountains and mirrors because of their supernatural abilities, but as mood boosters. Planning a working space (office) so that the worker faces the entrance has a logical explanation: no one likes to be disturbed by unexpected visitors. Feng Shui decorators use colors, light, water and even music and sound to attain a space that contains a strong positive energy. For example bedrooms should always be free of bad "chi". When the energy in a bedroom is hostile it may cause problems within the couple. A messy room has a bad "chi". Clothes or other items scattered around the bedroom create clutter. Dirty windows increase the bad "chi". Lack of fresh air it's even worse. Believe it or not, these are basic principles of the Feng Shui as much as they are common sense aspects.

Out of the all rooms in a home, the kitchen is the most sensible to bad "chi". Smells are important for a good "chi". The kitchen has often not so pleasant smells, especially when cooking. Although for the senses a steak's aroma is delicious for a short time, how would you feel to breathe each day an air that smells like meat? You'll lose appetite. So it is important for a kitchen needs to be permanently clean, free from garbage and broken plates and cups, aerated on regular basis and neat. The predominant smells in the kitchen should be related to fresh fruits of herbs. While …

When Bigger Is not Better: The Penis Enhancements Myths

Bet you were not expecting that, were you, mister? The growing (darned pun!) Fetishistic tendency for penis enhancements is fast becoming one of the most popular trends the world over. Although very few men openly admit it, they look at themselves in the mirror and secretly desire to have more than what they already have. While in some cases this may yield better results, we can not just ignore the many cautionary tales told by doctors, experts, researchers, and the very men who tried it and did not like it.

Starting the dreaded revelations is the penis pump. Among the many penal enhancements sold in adult stores and on the Internet, this suction device claims to naturally and permanently increase your tackle's size and length with proper and frequent use. Okay, where do we figure out the "natural" part? You're putting a foreign object to literally suck your privates until they swell. It's one of the most unnaturally bizarre things man can do to himself. Sure, the pumping and suctioning does increase blood flow into the shaft and head, but have you considered that it could permanently damage you?

The increase in size bought about by this penis improvements product could very well be a ruptured vein or damaged tissue … NOT a pleasant result if you want to give and get more with your penis. After this, many men still think this will help them look and perform better, while daring to risk a medical malady the nurses and interns will be giggling and grimacing about for days!

Still, men try it out to see just how far it could go for their own satisfaction, so they purchase it for a couple of dollars in some discreet motel shop. Then, like a schoolboy doing something terribly mischievous, he goes to the bathroom and drops his pants, getting him prepped up for the main event. A few pumps and he feels and sees a difference in size … this inspires him to speed up the process irresponsibly, popping a blood vessel and causing permanent erectile dysfunction.

Still appealing? I think not. …

Why You Need A Realtor When Looking At Houses For Sale

Sure, there are tons of houses for sale in the United States today. You can even find at least ten in your neighbourhood. But coming across the type you are looking for in the kind of environment you prefer is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of research and ocular inspection to start a list. And as a professional or an individual with other obligations, you might not be able to find time to execute house hunting as fast and effective as you want to. And then, there’s the gruelling task of finding contacts, negotiating prices, and filing paperwork. This is where a realtor comes in handy.

A realtor is someone who represents the buyer looking to purchase a property and acts on his or her behalf during the early stages of real estate transactions. They take into consideration all of the client’s request and then spend their time looking for that estate that meets all the criterions. It takes about a week for them to turn out results – usually a minimum of five at a time. And depending on the arrangement, they usually do not ask for upfront payments. Instead, they take commission only after a deal has been made, guaranteeing satisfaction minus the requirement of having to invest effort. The best part about getting a realtor to work for you is that you can seek advice regarding certain questions and issues; things you would not normally know about like lay-out and piping systems. And on top of that, you can get them to help you find extra financing or manage payments terms. As such, you can rest assured to go about the buying a house as smoothly and orderly as it can be.

Now, a lot of people have this misconception that a real estate agent is merely an accessory, not a necessity, in finding a perfect house. There are several listings online and on newspapers of houses for sale one can refer to for information. And they can basically enlist friends and family to help them in their cause, free of charge. But a research done by the National Association of Realtors have shown tremendous productivity when a realtor is involved in the location, selling and buying of houses, with clients going over three more properties than those who don’t. If anything, this proves that there is some sense to acquiring there services other than convenience.

But then again, every agent is different, which is why it is vital that you go over your realtor choices carefully before you settle. As much as possible, ask questions pertaining to their qualifications, experiences, specialties and schedules so you could have a clear gauge of the possibilities. It would be great as well if they could provide you with supplementary information on the properties they present like a comparative market analysis. This should imply that they are professionals and they know what they are doing. To get you started on finding that complementary agent, ask …

How to Make All Natural Beef Tendon Dog Treats

With all the current safety recalls of dog treats, why not make homemade treats for your pet? For those that are concerned about ingredients in the treats they feed their dogs for health, this recipe is a winner! There are only two ingredients, beef tendon and olive oil. Beef tendon is a popular addition to Asian meals and can be easily obtained at your local Asian foods market.

Ingredients & Supplies

You will need; beef tendon, olive oil, a kitchen brush, a good sharp knife, a cutting board, some tin foil and a drying rack/drippings pan combo for the oven. Before you start anything, turn the oven on to it’s lowest possible setting (usually 200F)

STEP 1 – Preparing The Beef Tendon

Tendons naturally occur in pairs. Find the part of the tendon where you can easily pry them apart. Taking your knife, gently fillet the tendons apart.

STEP 2 – Oiling The Tendons

Taking your kitchen brush, lightly coat all the tendons in olive oil. The oil will prevent the tendons from getting overly dry. Place the oiled tendons on the drying rack. Make sure that the drippings pan is coated with tin foil, this will make clean-up easier.

STEP 3 – Baking Time

Place the pan in the middle rack of the oven and let the tendons dry for about 2 hours. The tendons will shrink by about 50% with the drying process.

STEP 4 – The Final Touches

Allow the tendons to cool down for a few minutes and then trim off any excess fat. Cut the tendons into appropriate bite sized pieces for your dog and you’re done! Store these treats in the fridge to prevent spoilage. Shelf life is about two weeks.…

Container Gardening 101

Container gardening is a great way to grow flowers, herbs and even some vegetables in a small space. Containers come in all different shapes and sizes; they can be plastic, cement or ceramic; and they come in a variety of colors.

Here are some ideas I've used successfully in my container garden.

Bulbs and spring flowers

One of the nicest ways to utilize a container is to plant bulbs and spring flowers in the fall. Now, as I've said before, spring bulbs are really something that are the most effective in gardens that have winter temperatures that dip below freezing.

This is what I do with bulbs in my containers. In the fall, I'll take a variety of bulbs like daffodils and tulips and grape hyacinth and I'll plant them deep in the container. Check your bulb packet to see how deeply you should be planting them.

Then, to top off the container, I plant pansies. Pansies are a kind of flower that can easily go from fall to spring without having to re-plant.

Even if you live in the harshest winters, you can still plant pansies in the fall and throw a load of mulch over them for heavy winters. Your spring garden will overflow with pansies starting to bounce back and you'll have pretty color around your tall bulb stems.

If you love tulips and live in an area populated with moles, voles and squirrels, container planting is the answer. Interplant them with daffodils and hyacinth for a gorgeous display.

Herbs and Annual Flowers

Another terrific application for container gardening is to grow herbs and annuals in them.

I love to plant window and deck boxes with colorful varieties of annuals, herbs that I use frequently in cooking and bunches of trailing plants like licorice and ivy. Just remember that window and deck boxes will dry out much faster because they are more shallow than other containers. Use a good water retention potting mix and keep an eye on dryness in the heat of the summer. Water in the early morning for best retention.

Look for colors that not only go well together but complete your landscape ..

Container Vegetable Gardening

I have grown vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, peas and bush beans in containers and raised beds. Sometimes, I've even grown them in between flowers and bulbs and this gives your container some texture and makes things interesting as well as being useful.

If you'd like to grow tomatoes in a container and your space is limited, make sure you choose a container large enough to hold a couple of plants. Use tomato stakes and garden Velcro to keep everything upright and growing well. You can find tomato containers that are self-watering in home centers, catalogs and on the Net. They're great for a deck or patio.

And, when growing tomatoes in a container, spring for an extra one – they're not pricey and should last many seasons – so you can rotate your tomatoes year to year. …

It All Began in a Single Vacuum Cleaner

The history of the Electrolux Corporation did not start with the mighty "dollar" if one would ever interpret it this way, although there was a start of a big corporate organization with a handful of well-pocked gentlemen ready for turnover of big incorporated capital stocks to Start on a highly sophisticated corporation.

It was the other way around, for it started very humbly on "sales" some 90 years ago on one of the most celebrated appliance-unit, the "vacuum cleaner" of today's giant Electrolux Corporate Groups.

The Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner is the solid core of today's Electrolux business conglomerate. Less than a century ago, Axel Wenner-Gren, on a one-time window-shop-stroll through the busy streets of Vienna, Austria, he saw a vacuum cleaner in one of the shop windows.

An insight immediately came into mind, "What if every household will have the good chance to own one like it, life will be easier and happy." Leave the rest to history, for that single idea in selling the vacuum cleaners "house to house" has revolutionized into what is at present quality brand in appliance, Electrolux.


Combines beautiful designs, best technical innovative features, and credibility in function, it tackles all tasks in the home to make easy and happier lives of people. Electrolux prices are far below the ordinary cost of other vacuum cleaners comparing in levels of its remarkable quality.

* Electrolux Oxygen 3 Ultra Canister (New Model) – This model features a full-sized power head with automatic electronics that leads the vacuum to adjust tasks to type of floor or any surface. Cleans 99.97% of all dusts and allergens and picks up the smallest particles. Price: $ 429.99.

* Electrolux Oxygen 3 Canister – made with a low-profile nozzle specifically to clean hard floors, and low level carpets. By pressing the vacuum handle chord automatically rewinds. Price: $ 348.

* Electrolux Oxygen 3 Upright – best for all kinds of modern-day floors. It's electronically adjusted to reach out heights. Push buttoned, nozzle for cleaning all types of floors. Price: $ 379.99.

* Electrolux Harmony – considered the quietest of all vacuum cleaners, powerful sound insulated motor with low nozzle, and turbo nozzle to clean pets' hair. Catch 99.97% dust and airborne allergen. Provided soft ergonomic handles for comfortable touch and grip. $ 274.

* Electrolux ProntoTM "2-in-1" – a model feature that allows you to reach anywhere. It has a 180-degree swivel head that allows cleaning anywhere around and under. Price: $ 99.99.

* Electrolux Trilobite – a robot vacuum made on a three sound navigation, and has three cleaning modes, the normal, the quick, and on the spot vacuuming. Has a charging station where the cleaning docks automatically. Price: $ 1,699.99.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners are the best selling items. They specialize in this kind of appliance-unit. Non-stop researchers for new and better designs and best in features are primary Electrolux concerns ever since. …

Tips on Starting a Bathroom Furniture Design Project

Bathroom projects can be very fun and rewarding, especially for newbies. It can serve as a practice field, to getting accredited to home decor and interior designing, and be the pride of someone's joy in it's finished work. A few tips on preparation and getting started on the project are as follows:

Choose Your Theme : Think of what you like and what would make you comfortable, if you had to be in there for a long period of time. Think of your favorite colors, certain shapes that you like, etc.

Get To The Stores : Go to local department stores and ask to see their selection on home decor. More often than not they will have several floor plans on display, in the bathroom design section. These prototypes are good for inspiration, if you do not have your own idea set in mind yet. It gives a sense of direction on where to start with a project, while advertising various vendors. Look through them all and check the quality, compare samples, etc. Patience is a value in this step for it is you, that will be seeing your finished work day in and day out, so be resilient.

Budget : be sound wit your budget, but leave some sort of margin. For instance, you may set your budget within a certain price range, to compensate for products that may be a little under or over your fixed price. Remain disciplined however, in your price range. Excitement and nifty dialogue by merchants can quickly carry you way beyond your means, so set goals and stick to them.

Below are some ideas on furniture and amenities to begin your bathroom furniture design project:

  • Space savers are good ways to fit many items within confined space. They come in many different sleek styles and colors, and traditionally set up behind the toilet seat tank or catacorner about the bathtub / shower, as they extend from floor to ceiling, with various sections or shelving to place toilet items. Some newer model space savers are designed like mini cabinets that can be freely mounted throughout the bathroom.
  • Storage benches are another hot commodity on the market. This ingenious invention serves two purposes. One as a sitting spot, for larger bathrooms that offer company. The material is usually of a suede or some other soft cushioning. It also serves as storage space, to discretely place items.
  • Lounge chairs are typically single functional, simply offering comfort for inviting company. It can also serve as style to compliment the theme of your project.
  • Vanity mirrors are another crave of the general public. People like to see themselves when preparing for the day, and what better way to do that than with a stylishly designed lighting structure that illuminates bright lights and makes you feel like a star.

With these ideas set in mind, you can now go into your project with a little stimulation and confidence for achieving your bathroom furniture design goals. …

Plastic Garden Storage – Is a Deck Box Right For You?

Deck boxes are a popular type of plastic garden storage. These containers provide a convenient place to stow garden tools and supplies, making your yard look nicer and keeping paths clear for pedestrian traffic. But not all deck boxes are created equal. And depending on your needs, a different type of garden storage may be a better fit. So before you buy a deck box, consider the following six questions:

1. Is a deck box the right type of storage for your needs? If you're looking for a storage device that also provides a place to sit, consider the Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench. The seat of this clever device lifts up to offer 44 gallons of storage. Or if you have a lot of stuff, you might be happier with an outdoor shed.

2. Will it give you enough storage? Before you can find the perfect solution, you need to define your storage needs. Pretty simple, right? But it's worth an extra measure of care to avoid unpacking a deck box, only to learn that it is not big enough to accomodate everything you want to put inside it. Deck boxes come in various sizes, ranging from Suncast's 50-gallon Original Deck Box all the way up to the Deluxe Deck Box, which holds 127 gallons. If even that is not enough storage, it's time to consider a storage shed.

3. Will it be in the sun? If so, choose a deck box that's made out of UV-resistant plastic. But even if it's UV-resistant, you can extend the life of any plastic garden storage product by placing it in the shade.

4. Will it keep your things dry? Because your deck box will be stored outside, it will probably be exposed to water from rain, sprinklers, or both. If you're storing plastic items, a bit of water may not be a big deal. On the other hand, items made out of metal, wood, or paper require protection from the elements. If this is the case, make sure that your deck box does a good job of keeping water away.

5. Is it aesthetically appealing? The bad news is that most plastic deck boxes come in beige, so you do not have a lot of choices. The good news is that beige is a neutral color that offers to recede into the background. This is a good thing because even an attractive deck box is more utilitarian than decorative.

6. Will it last? No matter what kind of plastic garden storage product you buy, you want one that will hold up. Unfortunately, you can not always believe manufacturers' claims about the durability of their deck boxes. And reviews on sites such as are not always reliable, either. Still, I believe that consumer reviews are useful, especially if several reviewers point out the same item. A single complaint may be attributed to the reviewer's idiosyncrasy, but a dozen complaints probably point to a defect in the product.

By asking the six questions …

Staging Versus Decorating

Most of us have taken great care and thought into making our homes an environment that reflects our unique personality and lifestyle. This is decorating. But when it comes to selling your home decorating does not work. Decorating allows people to see the "you" in your home. When preparing a home for sale it is important that the potential buyers can easily see "themselves" in the home.

Start by removing those personal touches like family photos, collections, mementos, sports trophies, souvenirs, awards, degrees and other private items.

Distinct paint colors can also detract. Make sure your back drop is fresh, neutral and has a broad appeal.

Religious, political and seasonal decor may be offensive to some as can artwork with nudity. Take care that none of your possessions has the potential to create a negative reaction in a buyer.

Remember the things that make a house a home may actually hinder its ability to sell. With potential buyers spending very little time making a decision, it is important that we create an environment that is easy for them to imagine themselves enjoying the space.

Any type of purchase is an emotional one, so be sure that potential buyers can make an emotional connection with the home. Staging will arrange items to see the homes potential pluses like architectural features, so buyers do not get talked up in how you decorated your space and not be able to see themselves and their things.

Make sure you are staging your home for potential buyers for a quick and profitable sale and not decorating your home for you to live there. …